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sexyasianangel70 37F
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5/23/2006 5:09 pm
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Come inside my dreams tonight my love, taste a sip of what i feel, see what i do hear and follow my streaks of tears. Look a little closer darling, lest you lose the understanding. Touch but just my heart my love, memorise each jagged cut and mended repair. Know that my belief in you has played a part in my recovery. Learn the truth 'fore it slips away with the passing darkness. See the blazing light of my love. Run not from what you see, instead embrace the image with the morning, and carry it to your heart. Don't lose sight of the little things love, for they mean the most to me.
Come inside my dreams tonight my love, feel the ache of my wishful heart, know the aim of my devotion. See the knowledge of my open heart, hear the beating of my ache. Be as you are, but ... step inside my hopes and view the real me.

Come inside my dreams tonight my love, leave your doubts of falsity behind, take just an open mind to difference. Open up your own dreams to permit my desires for you inside. Allow me only to pleasure your sought after, yet still vague and unsure ideas of love into reality.

Come inside my dreams tonight my love, see my own uncertainties, feel my in decisiveness. Taste my fear and live my dreams for but a moment. Share my hopes for us. Slip into my heart You posess... so you may teach your own, watch me love you from inside.

I too was hesitant and fearful of you, and a part of me remains so. Hesitant... because the nightmare is believing again... and fearful... because i know You have the power to destroy me. Yet i hold no truth back, i give You all of me.

Come inside my dreams tonight my love, help me dream reality.....

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