rain wouldnt stop  

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6/1/2006 6:04 pm
rain wouldnt stop

I’ve always had a weakness for redheads; that’s how the trouble started. Since I acquired this particular redhead, she’s been nothing but trouble–talking back to me, trying to run away, refusing to follow orders. I’ve decided it’s time for the kid gloves to come off. With the help of my maid, I’ve brought the redhead down to my private punishment room in the basement. Her hands are bound to hanging chains at arm’s length to her sides. She is blindfolded, but not gagged. The maid stands to one side, silently holding a tray full of my tools.
I start off circling the red head, occasionally caressing her ass or her tits. I slide my fingers in between her cheeks and up her back. I slide my fingers in her mouth, down into her throat. I pinch her nipples between my fingernails, eliciting little gasps and yelps. She trembles helplessly.

My hand slides back down her back, landing on that bubble ass. My hand rears back and delivers a stinging swat. Her body tenses a moment, then the trembling intensifies. I give her one more openhanded swat, then turn to The maid.

I inspect the tray and select a nice cat o’ nine tails. I thank The maid with a deep kiss and turn back to my subject. I wind up with the cat, then snap it onto her ass. She jumps and squeals. I give her ten fast lashes with the cat, causing her to yowl in surprised pain.

I stop to inspect her ass; the first signs of redness are showing. I run my hand along those pink cheeks; she shudders at my touch.

I return the cat to the tray and select a well-worn, varnished wooden paddle. I slide the paddle down her back and rub it in little circles. Her breathing intensifies; helpless little gasps accompany every breath. I slap her across the ass with one hard swat. A scream forces itself out of her throat. Five more hard smacks follow, nearly knocking her off her feet.

On a whim, I take two clamps off the tray and attach them to the redhead’s nipples. She squeals as I put them on. I stop to inspect my handiwork. Her ass is really quite red now, and swollen like it’s about to burst. Her head hangs low, tears glistening on her cheeks. Her tits stick out prominently, even more than usual thanks to the clamps.

Now it’s time for the last part of the treatment.

It’s so long that The maid wears it around her waist rather than carrying it on the tray. It’s a fine, long, smooth riding crop, with a leather loop at the end. I run the loop up and down her back, along her ass, down her thighs. She’s moaning weakly now; she knows what’s coming.

I bring up the riding crop and let loose a savage whap that resounds across her wounded ass, raising an even redder weal across the already scarlet cheeks. Another, even harder slap with the crop catches the smooth, untouched skin of the small of her back, leaving another satisfying red mark. My hand goes up and down several more times, almost of its own will. Before long I lose count, and when I am done, bright, satisfying red lashes cover her ass, back and legs. She has screamed herself silent now, and would fall unconscious if not for the chains holding her up.

“That was the pain portion of your punishment,” I whisper in her ear. “Now comes the humiliation.”
At my signal, The maid puts down the tray and joins me. We begin to tease the helpless Redhead, first tonguing her ears, then taking turns kissing her pouting, trembling lips. I continue kissing her while The maid moves down to her tits, then finally to her pussy. She probes the Redhead, her tongue and fingers thrusting deeper and deeper than the Redhead thought she could hold.

I step around behind her and tease her sore ass with my dick. Her strength mostly gone, she can barely croak at the exquisite pain. Finally, I ease my dick into her ass, which is almost too tight, but loosens as she accepts me. At the same time, The maid reaches up, grabs one of the nipple clamps, and gives it a twist. Surprisingly, the redhead musters up one more scream, as I come in her ass.

She goes limp as I pull out, still occasionally writhing with pleasure from The maid’s tongue. A few moments of watching are all it takes to get me hard again. At my signal, The maid stands up and unchains the Redhead. I grab a handful of her hair and force her to her knees.

She stares downward, demurely. Her tits heave provocatively with her hitching sobs. I hold my dick to her face. She takes it, fully, willingly, making no attempt to bite it. She knows she is beaten. She is truly mine now. She sucks me until I feel myself coming. I push her head away and allow my come to fall, some onto her face, some onto her tits, and some onto my feet and the floor.

“Clean it up,” I command.

Wordlessly, she collects the come on her face with her fingers and licks them clean. She holds her tits to her mouth and licks it off. And finally, almost eagerly, she lowers her head and licks the come from my feet and from the floor.

She raises her head and finally looks at me like a dog that’s done a trick. I slap her, gently, across one tear-grimed cheek and order her taken away.

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6/2/2006 3:14 am


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