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5/31/2006 5:49 pm
naughty boys

As I lay in the tub thinking of You, the water is very warm. I also have the jet machine in the tub. Shooting the water inside my cunt, and over my clit. Now, I know I am not to play, but I am so horny that I can't sleep. I also know that if I am caught I will be punished. But I am willing to pay the price. As I am laid back with closed eyes in the water with just my face above the water. My legs spread over the side of the tub, one hand holding my cunt open and the other hand pulling and teasing my clit as the water shoots into my cunt. As I am teasing myself You walk in, now I am unaware of You in the room. So I connotation to play with myself. As I feel myself getting closer I stop, so I will not cum as I know that is a major rule with You. As such I am not willing to pay that price for cumin without asking.

As I am trying to control myself to keep from cumin, with the water still shooting into my cunt. I feel Your hands touching me. I shoot up out of the water in shock in getting caught. You where to be still out of town for another day. But instead You are standing nude in the bathroom, with me. You smile at me as I sit there shaking. I expect You to say something to me, but You don't. You just push me back down into the water with gentle soothing touches. I can tell by Your smile You want to watch me play.

But, I am unsure if I am allowed to cum so I give You a small smile while asking, "May I cum? Will You watch me play?" At those words a large smile spreads across Your face as You reply, "Yes, little one I want to watch you cum. More then anything." At those words from You I lay back and relax. Letting the water help me relax as I stare into Your eyes I can see Your excitement at watching me, it also makes me excited. I feel as if I am on the edge of cumin. As You play with my breasts while I pull and pinch my clit, as the water shoots over and into my cunt. I am so close to cumin, as You see me gasping, my eyes rolling back, sliding closed, as I cum. While I am cumin, You pull and pinch really hard on my nipples, making me cum even harder and in waves.

As I slowly become aware of other things besides the way I am feeling, You are climbing into the water with me, putting me between Your legs. Holding me with Your hands while I shake from both how hard I came and also that You caught me. As, I wait for my punishment, You hand me the soap and wash cloth, As You state, "wash Me." As I look at Your face, I know I better do a good job. So I slowly start at Your feet and let my finger slide between each toe, making sure to get all of it clean. Moving to the other foot I do the same, slowly making my way up Your calves and knees. Letting my nails drag a bit over Your skin as I scrub You clean. Now I can see what my scrubbing is doing to You, You have a very large hard on, licking my lips I deliberately avoid it. Moving instead to Your hands and on up to Your arms. Making my way slowly over Your chest, pulling at Your nipples, which earns me a slap on my ass.

But as You slap my ass, You are also laughing. So I know I am not into too much trouble for pinching Your nipples. Then, You say, "come little one finish the job." So I quickly wash Your hair, neck, and ears. Saving the best for last Your cock. As I soap up my hands, You see the twinkle in my eyes, which makes You laugh at me. Now, as you lay back I let my hand run down the entire length of Your cock in a soft smooth stroke. While taking my other hand and cupping Your balls soaping them up so that You cant see the hair on them. As I am soaping up Your balls, I am letting my hand move even faster up and down on Your cock. You know I want to tease You, so You stop me by saying, "rinse me little one then get on top of me. Ride me like You would ride a horse."

I quickly rinse You off and climb on top of You. Bouncing up and down, leaning back, while holding onto the side of the tub. My knees are up against my chest, As You pinch and pull on my clit. I want more, I want You to pump up and down as I bounce. By this time I am begging You to let me cum, to please move with me. But You just laugh at me as You say, "Come on little one the water is cold, lets go to the bedroom." I give a little moan, but I do as I am told and get out. I grab a towel to dry You off, but you stop me by taking the towel. As I look at You in amazement You start to dry me off. Teasing me with Your hands and the towel. I spread my legs wide, grabbing hold of Your shoulders to keep from falling down. Just as I am ready to cum You stop, and start drying Yourself off. Saying, "go lay down on the bed, I will be there in a minute.

As I look at You over my shoulder as I walk down the stairs, I am a little worried but yet so happy. As I know that You will never hurt me. So I walk into the bedroom and apply my favorite scent, which is a soft vanilla. after that is done I climb into bed. I pull the covers up around me, waiting for You to come to bed. I have turned on the radio, playing a country station. I lay back and relax, letting my eyes slide close. My hand down between my legs, with a finger deep into my cunt as I wait for You. Now, I am so excited about You benign home early, and because I am so horny, I dont hear You walk into the room.

You walk in and see my hands are under the covers, so You grab the edge of the blanket and pull it away from my body. As, the blanket is pulled away and cold air rushes across my body, making my nipples stand up. As You look over me You smile at me. I have no ideal what You have planned for me. But I smile back at You with all the love and trust I have in You in my eyes. I open my legs and let You see that I am playing with myself. As You see this You say, "Turn over little one. But first put the blind fold on and insert these ear plugs." I put the ear plugs in first as I see You moving around behind me. Then I cover my eyes with the blind fold, tying it tight so it may not slip. As I go to turn on my stomach, You place a hand on my shoulder to stop me.

As I am blinded and deaf, I am totally dependent on You. I feel You running Your hands over my breasts, pulling and pinching them all over. As you do that I am spreading my legs. Pulling and pinching my clit in the same manner that You are doing to my nipples. I am so close to cumin again, as I feel You pull my nipples out and attach clamps to them. I moan deep in my throat hoping that You have not heard me. As, I feel Your hand brush my hands away from my clit, Your hand replacing mine. You pinching , twisting it in slow motion. Making me spread wider for You. I feel Your blowing on my clit as You attach a clip to my clit, I try to move away from You.

Which has earned me a punishment, as Your hands guide me onto my knees, ankles crossed, with my ass in the air. You pull my hands down between my legs. As I lay still in this position, wondering what is too happen to me. I try to touch my cunt, but You slap my ass really hard, so I know I am not to do anything but be still. As I am kneeling with my shoulders down touching the bed. Ass in the air, I feel You tying my left ankle to my right wrist, and my right wrist to the left ankle. Then tying all of them together so I am unable to more.

As I am tied up and kneeling, waiting for You to use me for Your pleasure, I get even more wet and excited. I can feel your hands running over my cunt lips teasing me. I try to thrust my ass up even high to get You to insert Your fingers into my cunt. But instead I feel Your hands slapping my ass, each smack getting harder till I am ready to cry. Then You stop and walk away from me. I am left gasping, want, needing to cum. But instead I feel something cold dripping over my ass cheeks and down into my cunt.

My ass is so cold now, and I am so close to cumin that I can feel myself almost slipping over the edge. As I feel You behind me. I think to myself , "oh what could be next?" Then I feel something land on my ass, something that conforms to my ass. It feels like a belt. Each strike harder then the one before and increasing in small degrees. As I start to feel myself enjoying it. You can see just how much I am enjoying it so You stop for but a minute. Just long enough to slowly stroke my cunt with a very large vibrating dildo. Turning it on high. It is the largest I have yet to have in my cunt so I scream as I feel it pushed into my cunt. You can see and hear just how hard it is for me to accept the toy so You gel it up with K-Y jell.

Then as it is jelled up and I am still spread wide for Your usage, You push it all the way into me. As I squeeze my mussels to keep from cumin, I am shaking and sweating from the effort to keep from cumin. You have start spank me again with what I think is a flogger this time. I can feel it bite into my skin, then the soft teasing softness of it as You drag it across my skin repeating it many times. You can see it is becoming harder and harder for me not to cum. Also my ass is covered in many stripes and hand marks in varying shades of pink and red. So, You leave off on the spanking and come around to my face, guiding me to Your cock. Letting me suck You for only a few minutes. Teasing me with it as You know just how much I love to suck on Your cock.

As I have clamed down quite a bit while sucking on Your cock, You move behind me and start to slowly push the large dildo in and out of my cunt. Teasing me with Your finger pinching and twisting the clamp on my clit. Then all of a sudden I feel the claps vibrating. As You have turned them on, I start to sweat as I try not to cum. As I am keeping myself from cumin I feel You slowly pushing Your lubed up fingers in my ass. As You have me so excited that I am gasping and begging to cum. You remove the dildo and Your fingers.

Turning me over onto my back, untying my hands and feet. Removing the ear plugs, but leaving the blind fold in place. The first thing I hear is You saying, " little one, I am so happy with You today. You have taken Your punishment very well. Now I will finish it. I want you little one to lay back and spread your arms and legs. Without me having to tie you down. Do you understand?" I answer, "yes, Master, I understand." I lick my lips in nervousness. Waiting, for You to start the last of my punishment. I feel You remove each clip from my nipples, which brings tears to my eyes, but Your mouth is taking away the pain and making me want to push my lower body against You. But I did say I would stay still, so I hold myself stiff as I feel the clips moving over my stomach, slowly towards my cunt.

With Your mouth following in the wake of the clips. Your tongue teasing me as it slowly slips over my hairless mound. Not touching my clit at any time, it was making me gasp and beg to have Your mouth, tongue on and in my cunt. As I am trying to keep from moving, but instead I am slightly moving my hips back and forth, You remove the clip from my clit. As it is removed, I scream out as the blood rushes back to into my clit causing me to cry as I shake and drip even more sweat from my body.

I can feel the clips laying beside my legs which I am barely holding open. You can see how hard it is for me to keep my legs open as I am shaking all over. Digging my nails into the bed sheets as I arch off the bed in both pleasure and pain. You start to kiss my clit, not helping me in the fight in of not cumin. Slowly inserting a finger into my cunt. Letting it go in and out a few times. Then adding another as You suck really hard on my clit, adding yet more fingers till it feels like You are going to spilt me in two. Making me scream out that I am loosing it. At the same time I scream out my release You whisper, "cum little one, show Me how much you can cum." As wave after wave hits me, You slip Your fingers into my ass. Getting me ready for Your cock in my ass.

As I am laid back, unable to move even a mussel You spread my legs wide as You slide K-Y jell all over my star and inside it. Then, You apply some jell to Your cock, slipping it into my star little bit then removing it. Each time going a little bit deeper as You tease me to raise my hips up to You. But, I am not quite high enough so You have me raise my hips as You add three pillows under me. Raising me up to a level where it is much easier for You to enter my star. You hold my hands up above my head as You slowly reenter my star. I wrap my legs around Your waist pulling You into me. You say, "easy little one easy, or I will cum too soon." As I squeeze Your cock with my mussels, I feel You tense up. I rock my hips a little in a experiment in just how it feels. It hurts some what but it is also causing allot of pleasure to shoot threw me at the same time.

While I am laying there rocking my hips, You can see how much I am enjoying it. So You decide to add the clips back to my nipples. Making me scream as I feel myself slipping over the edge. You saying, "Yes, little one let go, let me feel You cumin on my cock." At Your words I scream and try to get my hands free. You release them letting me put them up on Your shoulder as I franticly start rocking on Your cock. As You start to go in and out of me faster and faster so that W/we both cum together. You deep in my ass, filling it. Making me cum in so many waves that I am only seeing stars.

While, You lay on me, I am gasping for breath. You remove the blind fold, smoothing my hair out. Kissing my eyes and face while asking, "little one, are You ok?" I cant reply as I just smile and nod my head yes. Slowly opening my eyes and moving my arms to wrap them around Your neck so I may kiss You. Whispering, "Master, was that real? I am fine." You slowly get up off me and help me into the bathroom as W/we clean up E/each O/other. Then W/we head back to the bedroom. Climbing into bed together, You with Your arms wrapped around me. My head laying on Your shoulder as I fall asleep.

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