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mr telephone man

She stood before the mirror, stunned at the sight she beheld. He lingered behind her. He was dressed sharply in all black; silk shirt, silk tie, shiny shoes and dress pants. Tonight was another one of her Master's infamous parties. Tonight he had something dramatic planned. She was mesmerised at her appearence. She was used to her bondage attire, and enjoyed it. She wore black always. Tonight she was dressed in white.
He stepped closer to her, his soft breath warming her neck. "I know it looks a bit dramatic, but what are we but dramatic people. My pet, my treasure." He kissed her bare shoulder. Chills raced through her. His arms encircled her waist, pulling her closer to him. She stared at the white elbow length leather gloves encasing her arms. The thigh high, four inch spiked, white leather boots on her legs. Even her collar was white leather. What made the sight so amazing to her, was the set of white wings attached to her back by thin leather straps that looped over her shoulders. They had beautiful white feathers that extended to her bottom. Her blonde hair, grazed her shoulders, creating an aura of the divine. "My angel," he whispered. "Fallen from the heavens, into hell." He took her by the hand and lead her out of the bedroom and down the two flights of stairs to his "dungeon". A very large man, dressed in a tight black tee-shirt and black jeans stood at the bottom of the steps. The door to the dungeon was closed, but she could hear voices from within. His guests had arrived, awaiting the evening's host and entertainment. "Martin, keep her here, until I call for her." Silently the muscular man agreed. Her Master handed him a pair of handcuffs and entered the party, to boisterous cheers.

"Arms out," he paused to sneeringly add, "angel." She complied and felt the steel cuffs snap around her trembling wrists. He took the short chain between the cuffs in his left hand and forced her to her knees. She bowed her head and tried to focus on the part she was "playing" that evening. An angel, fallen from the heavens into the depths of hell. He wanted her to resist, to fight, to make it all dramatic. It was like a play to him and she couldn't help but enjoy being his star as he directed.

She listened carefully as her master spoke softly to his guests, trying to assertain the mood amongest them. Suddenly he shouted, "Martin, bring out the angel." Martin roughly pulled her to her feet and threw open the door. It was very dim, except for the many candles that were burning around the room. She couldn't tell how many had gathered, except that they were dressed in black formal attire. Her master strode forth from the back of the group that had gathered, his shirt unbuttoned to the waist, and a devilish smile on his perfect lips. He took her from Maritn's care and forced her roughly into the middle of the room.

"Such a beautiful creature that has fallen from the heavens only to wind up here in hell. Tsk tsk, you must have done something terrible to end up with us." They laughed softly, as she glanced around. Her master grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back quickly. "You are ours now, fallen one." She shook her head no and pleaded for her innocence.

"No, please, I don't belong here," she whimpered. The Master forced her to her knees and knelt next to her. He unlocked and removed the handcuffs from her wrists. She sighed and looked up to him gratefully. "Thank you for your kindness, sir." He laughed and pulled her hair again.

"You will know no kindness from us, fallen one." He quickly attached black leather wrist cuffs with rings on them, while someone else attached similar cuffs to her ankles. He then took chains that hung from the ceiling and secured them to the rings of the wristcuffs. Her arms were pulled up and apart. She remained on her knees until the chains began receeding into the ceiling and pulling her erect. She could feel her pussy growing warm and sticky with excitement.

"Please, you don't know what you are doing. Release me, please. I beg of all of you." Again, soft laughter came from the group. She felt her legs kicked apart from behind and secured to chains that were on the floor. She was helpless and again begged," Please, please..."

"Enough of that," snapped her Master. "There will be no more pleading, unless, those that casted you out are listening." A tall muscular man with shoulder length black hair and the greyest eyes, stepped up from the group holding a leather penis gag. "Open," he commanded. "Open that cherry red mouth of yours." She heistated for a moment, only to have her hair pulled sharply. She let out a scream, allowing the gag to be shoved into her mouth and locked behind her head. She moaned softly and shaking her head, trying her best to push the gag out.

"I bet she was thrown out for being a slut," purred a red haired woman, sliding up to her. "We should see. I'm sure she's soaked." Murmurs of agreement circled the group and she felt her Master's fingers dance along her shaved pussy and plunge deep inside her. He held up two fingers that dripped with her decadent wetness. Cheers erupted from the group as she hung in the center of the room, struggling in her bonds. The red haired woman easily leaned into the angel's ear and whispered loudly, so that all could hear, "I told you she was a slut." The red haired woman ran her tongue along the fallen one's ear and she jerked away. The red head grabbed a handful of her blonde tresses, and sneered, "None of that, fallen one." She saw her Master hand the red head a black leather hood. She shook her head violently, no no no!! The red head snickered and grasped her hair unmercifully tight. She felt two hands pull her hair into a sleek ponytail and then hold her head still. The woman and all the party guests vanished from sight as the hood was pulled over her head. There were openings for her ears, nose mouth and one in the top for the ponytail. She felt the lacings pulled snuggly and tied secure. She trembled. She was at their mercy. Gagged, blinded, and bound. Her legs were sticky from the torture so far.

"Nadine, that was lovely," she heard her Master say. "There are a few more things left to add before we take something away." She was confused, not knowing what he could possibly mean. She felt slender fingers dancing over her soaked lips. Slowly they invaded her, managing to brush past her clit.

"Hmmmm, she's soaked, David. And her clit is getting very hard," another female voice said. The fingers moved slowly in and out of her, causing her hips to instantly grind down on them. She heard the wosh of air as a hand swatted her ass. She bit down on the gag, relishing the pain.

"Not yet, slut. No, definately not yet. Mistress Katrina is only warming you up." The fingers pulled out, much to her heated disappointment. Then she felt a medium sized vibrator thrusted in their place. She arched againist her bonds, screaming beneath the gag. It was turned on low, the vibrations stirring her base instincts. The slender fingers went to work on her clitoris, pinching, rubbing, flicking it until it was rock hard. Another set of hands, larger, rougher, began doing the same to her nipples. She rocked against the vibrator, only to feel the hand across her bottom again. As her nipples and clit grew harder and more erect, she felt clamps simultaneously bite down. She screamed again. She felt the chain connecting the three clamps against the bare flesh of her stomach. Someone hooked the ring in the clamp chain to the ring in her collar. If she were to move her head back, the clamps would pull, causing violent pain to shoot through her body. She next felt her arms and legs being stretched further as the chains were tighened. She felt her feet begin to lift from the floor, until only her toes were touching the ground.

"She looks so beautiful, David," she heard a gentleman say. She didn't know how she looked. On tiptoe, hooded, gagged, suspended spread eagle, a vibrator in her quivering vagina, clamped and in white. She felt a hand caress her bare bottom and move up her back. The fingers touched her wings, she felt comfort for a moment. Then she felt icy metal, thin steel following the hand. It had to be a knife. They meant to cut off her wings. She tried to protest, but as soon as she shook her head, pain seared from the clamps being pulled.
"Fallen angels do not have wings," her Master whispered to her. "You," he hissed, "do not deserve your wings, slut." She felt the knife slice through the thin leather straps. He did it slowly, making her suffer for the pain of the loss. She whimpered through the gag. He sliced the second strap and she screamed as the wings fell to the floor. Even though they were merely a prop, she truly felt that she had lost an appendege. She trembled, struggling to keep her neck from pulling the clamps. "It is time that this fallen angel, this slut be punished for what she has done." The vibrator was turned up to medium, sending her into uncontrolable quaking. She squeezed it tight, moaning. She knew she could not orgasm, no matter how badly she wanted until. She had to wait until her Master allowed her that privlege.

She felt cool leather of a flogger being run along her back, exactly where her wings had been. She cried out again, but the gag, sadly silenced her cries for her lost wings. The first stroke lashed at her back, forcefully pushing her forward. She swayed for a moment, then the next stroke hit. She screamed with each blow, moving with it. After ten lashes and feeling the welts rising on her pink flesh, they quit for a moment. She heard whispering and the chains lowering her to the floor. Her wrists were freed, her arms rubbed for a moment, and her ankles released. She wanted to crumple to the ground, but didn't have such a chance. Her wrists were roughly pulled in front of her and she was dragged five steps across the room. She felt a hand on each wrist, pulling her arms up and apart again. She heard locks closing this time and instantly screamed. A swat on her unmarked bottom, silenced her quickly. Her legs were moved apart and the ankles once again secured, locked into place. She was locked into a X-frame. They were not finished preparing her for the next round. The hood she wore had a ring in the top which they slipped a chain through and was attached to the ceiling, rendering her head immobile. A thick leather strap was placed at her lower back, pushing her torso and chest tightly againist the wooden frame. She wiggled, trying to give herself some resistence and room from the clamps, but found herself being held down while the strap was tightly secured, locking her down.
This time she felt thin, leather traced over the back of her legs. She knew it was a cat o'nine tails. She bit down on the gag, sucking it harder with each stroke. Ten strokes and her legs were on fire. She would have collapsed if they hadn't bound her to the frame. Next was her bottom with a stiff leather flogger. She started to slip into her slave space, floating The pleasure and pain becoming one. The welts covering her back, legs and bottom. The vibrator humming away in her pussy.

"She 's too quiet," Nadine, the red headed woman said.

"It's time," said the unknown gentleman's voice. Hands covered her body as she was released from the frame work quickly. She felt someone pick her up and carry her to a table. Her arms were secured together, above her head and to the bottom of the table. The clamps were slowly removed and she screamed as the blood flooded back to the areas. She wanted to orgasm so badly, yet she couldn't not disappoint her Master. Her legs were spread apart and secured to the table. The hood was removed, but she heard her Master whisper, "Do not open your eyes, slut." As soon as the hood was gone a blindfold took it's place. The gag was removed and she gasped for breath. She wanted to scream, she wanted to cry, but she felt lips hungerly kissing hers. She melted into the owners mouth, and let her tongue dance with theirs. As the lips pulled away she felt a ball gag being forced into her mouth and locked behind her head. Finally, the vibrator was pulled out of her pussy, gleaming with her wetness.

"She is ours now. This fallen angel that was crashed into our hell. This divine slut. Take her. Make her cry to the heavens in the orgasms she was so craving to have. The very reason that she fell to hell," she heard her Master say in a grave tone of voice. She felt the first one slam into her causing her to arch her back; lifting her body off the table. Her back was on fire against the leather of the table. The welts burned, as she could not help but sweat. She heard the woman whispering close to her.

"We are letting the men have their way with you, slut, but we will enjoy your body in other ways." She felt the the first drip from a piece of ice land on her throbbing nipple. She writhed in her bonds, wishing the ice was cooling her marks from the whips. She felt their warm, soft tongues lap the cold water from her flesh. The ice was rubbed on her nipples, the aeriolas and her firm breasts. Then she caught a faint scent. The familar scent of melting wax. The first drop splashed across her left breast. She bucked wildly. Hands held her down at the shoulders. "Stay still, slut, we don't want to hurt you," Mistress Katrina ordered, then added, "much." The wax fell faster, quickly scolding, then cooling and covering her skin. She screamed as the first orgasm rolled. The gentleman was slamming into her. He was huge, much larger than her Master. She squeezed and released over and over, milking him to orgasm. She tried to focus on this alone, but the ladies continued to ice, wax, remove the wax and begin all over again. She was in overstimulus mode and wanted to scream for peace.

The gentleman exploded inside of her and removed himself from her aching vagina. She gasped for air through the gag, her chest heving. The next one easily slid his way into her soaking pussy. He came quickly, but he wanted her to orgasm. He pulled out of her and inserted one, then two,three, four and then his entire fist into her. With the other hand he rubbed and roughly pinched her clit. She tried to squirm from him, but it was useless. She came on his hand as he fisted her. She heard him chuckle, as he pulled his hand from deep inside her. Before he left her, he flicked her clit quickly and she moaned as another orgasm escaped her. This continued for what seemed like hours to her. The two women continued on her savagely tortured breasts while, penis after hard penis was shoved into her. She felt she was going to be torn into pieces. Tears followed down her face from behind the blindfold. Her master had never had her subjected to so many in one evening. She felt broken. Her body trembling and aching. The orgasms coming at the mere touch of her clitoris.

"Remove her gag, please, Mistress Nadine," she heard her Master request of the red headed woman. "I want to hear her scream for me." The ball gag was pulled from her mouth. She gulped in huge lungfuls of air. Then, instead of a scream or begs of mercy, she began to whimper and cry softly. She felt his hand on her cheek, his lips gently kissing hers. "My angel, my slut," he whispered. He entered her, his familar cock molding with her sensitive vagina. He thrust gently at first, but picked up speed, thrusting faster and deeper inside her. She screamed as she clinched him tight, pulling her deeper inside. She felt the warmth of his orgasm shoot inside her, as he collapsed on top of her. He kissed her face, her neck and held her as close as her bonds would allow. She didn't want him to leave, she wanted him close to her, but knew better.
"Martin, remove her," he shocked her by barking for the large man. She felt the restraints removed and she was sat up on the edge of the table. The blindfold remained. "Take her upstairs. I will take care of her in a moment." Martin, with his huge arms, scooped her into his arms, where she lay like a ragdoll. She trembled as he carried her out of the room. She heard her Master's voice as she was being taken away. "I hope you all enjoyed this evening. Next month, my friends, we shall all meet again."

A warm bath awaited her. Martin gently lowered her into the bathtub and ordered her to bath, but to not remove her blindfold. Her body was limp, yet she relished the warmth of the water, the light scent of lavender and rose that filled the air and completely relaxed her soul. Ten mintues later, as she lay on her Master's large bed, she heard the door open and close. Footsteps followed. She felt his hand caress her marked body and she couldn't help but to whince at the pain. He removed her blindfold and she opened her eyes to the dimly lit bedroom. He was showered and wearing nothing but a lovely smile. He stroked her lovingly and said, "My treasure, my pet, my angel. You have made me so proud tonight."

"Thank you, sir," her voice was sleepy, almost a whisper.

He pulled her close and held her in the most intiment of embraces. "In taking you to hell, I hope that you have found heaven."

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I like this; I’m hard as a rock.

Ladies, my dick his ALWAYS available, let me know when YOU want it for a good ride.

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