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6/5/2006 5:12 pm
make it go away

Mistress Nan loved having her feet and toes licked and sucked. She told me that is why Mary had trained me in this manner. She said she paid Mary for the introduction which in a way made me feel special even though I realized slaves are bought and sold. Nan's modus operandi was to always blindfold me and occasionally tie me up. I would spend hours under her desk sucking her toes while she conducted business with people I never saw. They certainly must have known of my presence. Nan said I could not see who was present because many were rather famous movie people who I might recognize. She told me of the many movie stars who were into this life style. I was surprised there were so many and some with very recognizable names.

Mistress Nan had beautiful feet and kept them immaculate. When Nan got to know me better she had me suck her secretary's toes and others I never saw. She would also have me service her secretary who would giggle when I ate her. Unfortunately Nan's secretary was not as clean as Nan which I am sure Nan was well aware of. Her secretary's feet were always dirty because she wore sneakers but no socks. She also did a poor job after using the bathroom. She always tasted salty. Nan was much cleaner. Of course Nan always told her secretary to remember not to wipe herself, I was the one to do that. At first I heard her secretary protest, but eventually she enjoyed "her personal toilet". I saw Nan on and off for ten years and to this day have no idea how old or what Nan's secretary looked like. I was always blindfolded in her presence as well. I did know however what she smelled, tasted and sounded like.

Nan belonged to a BDSM group called Janus. She took me to one of their events in Los Angeles. It was in a private home. What I saw that night could be the subject of a book. Mistress Nan was in her element and demonstrated her skills by suspending and torturing slaves of both sexes. Upon entering the home one was given the choice of wearing a green, orange, or red badge. A red badge meant you were only a "looker' and would not participate in any activity. It was also the badge all the dominants wore. An orange badge meant you would participate in an activity if asked, but the final choice was yours. A green badge meant you had no choice if told to participate in an activity. Nan gave me a red badge to start, but changed it to orange after about an hour. She said she might change it to green before the end of the night. I protested after what I had seen, but since I was her slave had no choice. Fortunately she never made me wear the green badge. It would have been too much even for me. It was at this party where I met someone who told me he saw me in a video and asked for my autograph. It was a video made by the next Mistress I would serve and who I was introduced to by Nan. I served both Mistresses at the same time for about two years.

Nan was the first woman who's pee I was forced to drink. At first I thought she was kidding when she gave me a glass of liquid to drink and told me it was her urine. I had no idea what it was but did not think it was pee because it wasn't salty. However Nan finally peed directly into my mouth and the liquid tasted the same as what I had been drinking out of a glass. Nan then had her secretary pee into my mouth and I could taste the difference. The secretary tasted very salty. Nan said she was going to "sell" me to another Mistress who would only take a slave who would drink urine. And just like Mary prepared me for Nan, Nan was going to prepare me for Nancy. Just like Mary who would only let me cum with toes in my mouth, Nan eventually only let me cum when I had urine in my mouth.

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