looked up into the television sky, tonight  

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looked up into the television sky, tonight

He sensed her behind his chair before he heard her . The sight of her mirrored in the eyes of his friends was enough to tell him what he already knew. He could feel her breath on his neck and knew she was out of bed again. Looking down at three Queens and up to his bet, he reached back and pulled her around to his side.
Catching her neck in the crook of his arm to pull her close for a kiss atop her head. The scent of her hair sent a message straight through, down to his now stirring manhood.
Keeping her close he murmured in her ear, " Whatchya doin up pretty girl?"

Her silence expected, he scooped her up into his lap and she leaned back. Her eyes shifting past each man at the green felt table covered in ash and poker debris. The smoky haze causing them to shift in and out of her blurred vision. Unable to meet their eyes, filled with intent and desire. Knowing in her heart they could see the very thoughts she had in her eyes.

She let he self relax as he held her to his chest with his large snug right arm, it's fingertips tucked near under her left armpit. Though somehow she didn't feel the least ticklish . His left hand continued its task of cards and betting.Getting lost in the rhythm of his hugging her to him as he leaned in for money, he added to the pile in the center. She knew not to touch the fan of painted faces he was careful to let only her look at with him.

His cheek at her ear he murmured to her, asking if she woken with bad dreams, while the thumb of his hand bushed her soft pale nipple through the fabric of her nightie. A small shudder rippled through her body as the caress became a rub . In half inch increments he slowly moved across the hardening nipple till she felt it annoy her and shivered.

In minutes the small pale nub began to ache and sing down through its private tract of nerves, waking her to where they connected. Her sex. The very thing she didn't want to have happen while the eyes at the table took her in with increased interest.She could see them in her periphery.

Closing her eyes as tightly as she could didn't help, as Daddy's game progressed down her gown. She felt his dimensions take shape beneath her on his wide muscled lap. His hand slipped beneath the horizon of table and hiked up her gown with a practiced slide up her thigh.

The rough deft hand drew a barely smothered gasp, she was suddenly trying to breath with greater effort as he shifted her onto him, across him. With one firm push of his fingers at her plump secrets she lost her control and mewled in distress. The hush that settled on the poker table was like a roar to her. The only sound left was the thwap of a shuffle in the air.

The sensations that danced up through her were taking over her reasoning , her sanity , her sense of propriety , her black and white now was gray.Tiny hips now answered Daddy's practiced fingers, rolling on their own, pushing, pushing the distended lips that opened to him forward. Her eyes closed so they could not see her.
Writhing slightly between her bare held breathes, till she heard the chair across from them screech back, startling her to reality. As she saw the man lean down to fetch his errant card she knew; knew he could see under there; see what Daddy was doing and her composure left.

Small arms turning clutching Daddy as his finger cleaved her, knifing in to the slippery cleft. Pressing the tiny pale clit too hard, so hard sensations fired through her. Still clinging, panting then inarticulate sounds painted his neck. Hot breath against his skin as her tiny body contorted, twisting. His hand near totally beneath
her , suspending her a fraction as she rode down. Locking her thighs on his hand and arching to him in the waves of spasms.

At last he let her turn to him. Face burrowed in his neck as he raised her gown, just enough, to softly rub her bottom, she slept against his chest. The men smiled at Daddy and dealt him out of the next hand.

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