i look on the color of darkness  

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6/1/2006 5:51 pm
i look on the color of darkness

I should’ve known something was up when Kathy’s instant message shot across my computer screen in big bold letters, I NO HOW WE CAN GET ON THAT NEW KTV SHOW, TOTALLY PEOPLE!!!! “Oh Pleeeeeeeese,” I messaged back, “no one wants regular girls like us, only models. Besides we’re only 17.” BUT THEY WANT EVERYDAYERS WHO ARE COOL! DON’T YOU WANT TO SPEND TH E SUMMER IN THE HAMPTONS! MY MOM ALREADY SAID I COULD… SHE THINKS IT WOULD BE “NEAT” “So what do we do, blow up the school?” I GOT A BETTER IDEA, CAN U CUM BY @ 6? “Sure.”
As I walked up the driveway, Kathy’s mother waved to me from the car. “Hi Dana, I should be back around 11, have fun studying.” Kathy met me at the door, her jet black pony tail bouncing like a horse’s mane. At 5’ 4” and a 110 lbs, she was your prototypical field hockey player with thick muscular thighs, flat stomach and pert breasts that she stuck out at every chance. Kathy was a flasher who liked to pull her shirt up on unsuspecting old men on the freeway. Even though I was a good two inches taller then her, Kathy always managed to push me around and get her way. I guess I liked it.

“Stop dragging your ass and get in here,” she said, pulling me by the arm into the house. “What’s this all about, no one gets on KTV unless you know someone,” I said shuffling into the foyer.” “Look,” she said opening a bottle of wine. “I was in this chat room last night and these guys told me how a friend of theirs sent a wild tape into KTV and got on one of their shows.” “No way…” “It’s true, Kathy interrupted. “I called them and got the address and everything. That’s how they screen people. If they like your tape you get an audition. But the deadline is tomorrow”

“And what kind of stunt are we going to pull,” I said mockingly shaking my hips, “sing in our underwear.” “Don’t be such a bitch,” she said punching my arm. “I really want to get on this thing! My dad left his camcorder here for the weekends, I think we should give it a shot.” “But do what?” I said, taking her seriously for the first time. “Can you be totally open to being insane and go for this?” she said holding my shoulders and staring into my eyes. “Can you? For me, Dana.” “Sure, what the hell,” I answered, taking a long swig out of the bottle. “I’m in. Now what?”

“You promise not to weird out on me?” she begged. “Tell me first,” I said getting nervous. “Okay, spanking.” “Spanking?” I said caught off guard. “You mean like when we were little and for birthdays?” “Exactly,” said Kathy, grabbing the bottle from me. I started to laugh uncontrollably. “Spanking? How is spanking going to get us on Totally People?” “Don’t you ever listen to that radio dude, he’s always spanking girls on the air. Guys love it. If we send a hot spanking tape in every producer at KTV will see it.” “And who else?” I asked. “That’s the beauty, if they release the tape anywhere without our permission we can sue them for big bucks. It’s private, totally cool”

“I don’t know Kath, I mean I couldn’t hit you. You’re my friend.” “Well, I wasn’t planning on you doing the hitting.” “You’re gonna spank me!” I shouted indignantly. “Only if I put some padding in my pants.” “Come on Dana, if this is gonna work we have to strip. Everybody does it, it’s no big deal. Here let me show you this tape.”

Somehow Kathy had managed to rent an adult video with spanking in it. We sat quietly drinking the wine as we fast-forwarded to the spanking scenes. I watched curiously as the head secretary took turns putting each of the office girls over her knees, yanking down their panties and spanking their bare bottoms. “God that must hurt,” I said, curling my feet up on the couch. “I wouldn’t slap hard, honest,” said Kathy twirling my long auburn hair. Maybe it was the wine taking effect, but by the third scene I found myself getting slightly aroused and rooting for the girl’s bottom to be bared. ”What ya say Dana? Nobody else could top this?” “I… I can’t get nude in front of a camera, I’d be too embarrassed.” “Why, I’ve seen you in the showers, you’re hot. You got a Gwyeth bod. I wish I had your legs and boobs.”

Kathy started tickling me. “I could do it anyway you know,” she said starting to unbutton my blouse, “without your permission.” “You wouldn’t dare,” I managed to say between giggles. “Stop it,” I laughed. Kathy had pulled my blouse off and had my bra wrapped around my neck as we both fell over the back of the couch in a heap of laughter. Before I knew it, my jeans and panties were around my knees.

“No fair,” I gasped, as she yanked my jeans all the way off. “Why am I the only one naked.” Kathy sat with her knees pinning my shoulders as she stripped to the waist. Suddenly, she jumped up and ran into the other room, “I got it!” she shouted, returning with a ski mask. “Now what?” I said, standing foolishly with my panties around my knees. “You can wear this, no one will know who you are, it’ll be like a slave thing!” “I don’t know…” “Dana, I’ll spank your ass so hard right…” “Okay, okay,” I said finishing off the bottle. “Let’s do it.”

We only had another two hours before Kathy’s mom came home so we acted fast setting up a little studio in the corner of her living room so no one could tell who’s house it was. We did a couple of shots of vodka before Kathy finished stripping. She was cute and I was feeling more comfortable being naked around her.

We started the scene with me taping Kathy nude walking down the stairs. “Hi, I’m Kathy, Mistress of Misfits,” she cooed sliding her hands up her hips and over her breasts with a nipple pinch. “I spank the bottoms of all the naughty girls who do their homework every night instead of watching KTV. Pick us and I’ll show you how we’ll treat our bad little roommates every night.”

“That was great Kath!” I said shutting off the camera and following her to where we set up the chair. I watched her taut cheeks flex and juggle as she walked ahead of me. When Kathy bent over to fix the tripod I slapped both her cheeks. “That’s for future pay back,” I smirked. As Kathy sat down, I suddenly realized I was moments away from a real spanking and I became frightened. “I’m afraid,” I blurted out, as she pulled the ski mask over my head. “Trust me Dana, I won’t hurt you see.” With that she slapped my cheeks several times to show me the intensity of the blows. “I know you can take it,” she said kissing my belly.

With the tape running, Kathy grabbed me roughly by the shoulders into the view of the camera. “My girlfriend has been very naughty lately, haven’t you?” demanded Kathy. I meekly shook my head. “What did I say would happen if you didn’t watch KTV?” “I’d be spanked?” “How?” “On my bare bottom over your knee.” “Beg” “Please Mistress Kathy, spank my bare bottom till it’s red and sore.” “I’ll do more than that!” said Kathy as she sat and yanked me head first over her knees. I never felt so vulnerable and helpless as I did laying across her thighs with the cool air of the room flowing over my exposed bottom. I awkwardly twitched my legs and clenched my cheeks waiting for her first blow.

“What a sweet, firm bottom,” purred Kathy, cupping each of my cheeks and then separating them with her hands. “Too bad they’re going to be all red soon.” With that I felt the first quick slap on the center of my right cheek. Then a stinging blow to the left, followed by six straight on my right and four more to my left. I started to squirm on her lap when Kathy slapped the backs of my thighs to make me stop. “No kicking those legs or I’ll get the strap,” she shouted, with a rain of random blows to each cheek.

“Don’t you think (SLAP. Lower right cheek) all the naughty girls (SLAP. Lower left) on Totally (SPANK High right) People (SPANK. Center right) should get (Center left. SLAP) this treatment (SPANK. High left)?” asked Kathy. She repeated the question three times as she spanked me again and again. As I clenched and unclenched my cheeks with each spank, it became a game between us. Kathy waited for me to relax before slapping me and I clenched anticipating her spanks. Looking back over my shoulder, I could see the slight jiggle of my bottom with each blow as my calf muscles tightened and relaxed. Tears ran down my face as moisture dripped out of my pussy. I tried to lift my legs slightly off her thighs so Kathy wouldn’t notice.

“Ohh, that’s so hot,” she said stopping to feel the warmth of my bottom. “Well KTV, if you don’t choose us this poor girl is going to have her bare bottom spanked every Friday night. You wouldn’t want to see that, would you?” pouted Kathy to the camera. I sled off her lap as she helped me to my feet. “You were great Dana,” she said, pulling off the ski mask and seeing my tears for the first time. “Did I hurt you?” “I’m okay,” I replied breathing deeply. Kathy rubbed my face and kissed me on the lips as she moved her body between my legs. “No Kath, don’t. I’m not…” ‘Oh shut-up,” she said pushing me down on the floor, “neither am I. Just enjoy it.”

That was the first, but not the last, orgasm we shared from a spanking. The last one was on the beach at the Hamptons that summer!

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