i believe that it was destiny  

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i believe that it was destiny

Francesca was His collared slave. She was a petite raven-haired beauty with bright shiny eyes and a fiery soul. He, Michael was her Master. He was strong, dark and handsome, His voice was like music to her ears. He had a deep, lilting British accent, which never failed to arouse her when He spoke. Her Master adored her she was His angel. However, He was not like her other Masters, she could not persuade Him to relent with her usual sexual charms. Once, promised punishment would be dealt with and administered to the fullest extent. This was day three of her discipline, the leather chastity belt which was lined with small silver studs had aroused her and pricked her countless times. She had been forbidden neither to reach orgasm nor to make love to Him since He applied it. Now, almost desperate for release she planned on having it removed at whatever price.

Michael?s work was varied and as mysterious as He. He held a high profile position in a town on the outskirts of London. He frequently, was unavailable and, as such, she never really knew his precise daily schedule. So she planned with a hopeful eye that after twelve consecutive hours away, He would return to her loving arms. She had left work early that afternoon, after a grueling and stressful day. Although, she loved her work as a director of a Manhattan Medical Malpractice company, she craved relinquishing her power in her personal life and as such, she was a submissive.

Awaiting His arrival she had prepared their dinner. She lit scented candles, bathed and dressed in her most provocative black, short, tight dress. She wore a black satin bra, and the chastity belt which was forever on her. She donned her sexiest shoes. Her tanned legs were bare. The scotch decanter was placed just so. The champagne was chilling in the silver ice bucket next to the set dining room table. She waited nervously sipping her wine ever aware of the prickly chastity belt?s presence.

Around 9 p.m. she heard His vehicle enter their driveway. Leaning into the back seat, he removed His black gym bag and a large bouquet of peach colored roses, her favorite. She smiled as He walked up the driveway. She greeted Him at the front door as He handed her the lovely bouquet. She melted at this gesture as she kissed Him warmly smiling brightly. His heart melted when He saw her; lifting her up into His waiting arms He kissed her deeply. How was Your day Master? I missed You so much, she cooed into His ear. ?Fine, pet (or bitch lol) but not as much as I missed You my angel?, he said. Surveying the room, noting the candles and the wine a wicked evil smile crossed His face. ?You?ve been a busy one today love. Hummmm. What have you been up to girl?? Smiling she poured a glass of His favorite scotch into the crystal cup and offered it to Him, as he sat in His comfortable leather chair by the hearth. Pulling her into His lap He kissed her deeply. She could taste the liquor in His mouth and it blissfully warmed her. ?Have you been a good girl today my sweetness?? He asked. ?Oh yes Master. I have been a perfect angel.? She winced at the thought of her last strapping, the welts almost all having healed. She cuddled on His lap a long time watching Him drink His
second scotch. As the amber liquid was being drained from the glass He visibly relaxed. She would make her move now.

Rising from His lap slowly, she stood and turned sexily lowering the zipper of her tight black dress. He watched as it puddled to the floor around her feet and she stepped out of it seductively. His eyes took in every curve of her body, the taught ness of her belly, the roundness of her breasts. His fingers instinctively went under the lip of the chastity belt that He had administered during her last punishment. ?Ah, my love have you been enjoying your little punishment this week? He asked. Thrusting out her hips until her sex was almost touching His mouth she said, ?Well Master that is something that I wished to speak to You about tonight.?
Glaring at her cautiously He said, ?Well sweet slave if you intend on begging a reprieve from your well-deserved punishment, your pleas will fall upon deaf ears.? ? No, not at all Master.? she said. ?It is only that I have not been able to use the lavatory properly, nor have I been able to adequately clean my private area to Your satisfaction. I only ask that You remove the belt temporarily to assist me with these functions, Sir.? Looking at her He stated that He did not see any harm in removing it, though temporarily. While kissing her smooth tummy lustily, He slipped His hand into His coat pocked and removed a small, sliver key. With half a turn she was freed, the belt falling with a thud to her feet.

Her pussy throbbed. It was very red and covered with hundreds of little pinpoint pricks, as were her hips and other places that the belt crossed her flesh. He could see that she was already quite wet and aroused. Her breathing was ragged. His cock stirred in His pants. Excusing herself she asked to use the lavatory. ?Not alone my dear.? He said as He took her hand leading her down the hall. ?W/we certainly can not chance the fact that you may not be able to resist pleasuring yourself without permission, can we my slut?? Sighing she said ?Oh, no Master.? as she lowered her eyes in submission. She felt a blush of embarrassment as His
eyes bore into her as she urinated on the toilet. ?Good girl.? He said. Next He led her to the large tub, which He had filled, with warm water. Lifting her gently into the bath he ran His soapy fingers into the soft folds of her sex. She moans, and pressed against the palm of His hand, her eyes pleading for Him to enter her. ?No, no my dear, it is not that easy.? He said raising her to her feet, wrapping a large towel around her before carrying her back to their bedroom.

Once there He sat at the foot of the bed. He ordered her to stand naked in front of Him. He reached for the chastity belt. In a desperate attempt to persuade Him not to reapply it, she reached her hands around the back of His neck pulling Him toward her. Her fingers ran through His hair, she clutched at His strong shoulders bringing His face into her wanting sex. His warm mouth unable to resist traced down the length of her wet slit. ?Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.? she said arching her back. She felt His skilled, hot tongue dart into her dripping slit, lapping at her sweet wetness. His teeth raked harshly across her throbbing clit, softly then roughly. She moaned and bucked her hips to meet His tongue. He teased her clit unmercifully with His hot
mouth. He ravaged her pussy. Suddenly, He bit down softly on her clit causing her to rise up on her toes. Then He began to nibble her pink pearl in between His lips. His mouth kneading her clit roughly. He sensed she was close to orgasm and He wordlessly stopped pleasuring her abruptly. Her eyes sprung open widely, feeling empty, as His mouth was no longer on her sex. She watched Him rise from the bed, towering above her. Moving her hair to the side, He whispered into her ear, while nuzzling her neck. Her arms circled His neck, she kissed Him passionately, her body molding to His.

?So you want to cum. Don?t you my sweetness?? He stated. ?Oh yes Master, very much.? she said. ?Well I thought as much My little bitch but as you know everything has a price.? He said. ?Are you willing to be thrashed again so soon pet after your last spanking?? He chided. Understanding immediately that this would primarily be a pleasure spanking as opposed to a punishment spanking she shuddered. She had to carefully weigh her options& In the end her desire to climax would win, T/they both knew that. She lowered her eyes and nodded her head in agreement and said, ?Yes Master, I understand?. He smiled as it has been awhile since she had received a pleasure thrashing; it varied greatly from those given to discipline her. The spankings given in pleasure were always more carefully administered, more painful, more humiliating, and very ritualized. Frequently, He would let her choose the weapon of implementation. This time she would not be given this luxury. Once completed, she would be rewarded with anything she desired. Today her desire was for release, even temporary release of the chastity belt, and at least one earth shattering orgasm.

?Very good pet, I am pleased.? He said running His fingers down her heart-shaped ass. He always smiled when He viewed her ass from this angel as it looked like a perfectly shaped flesh colored heart knowing that soon it would be crimson red and fiery hot. She felt a familiar stirring again in her groin. Suddenly and without warning. He reached into His black gym bag, first retrieving His dreaded leather braided riding crop, and then something even fiercer. He extracted from His bag a long, thin, whippy looking cane approximately the thickness of His index finger. He had purchased it that morning knowing that should would not be able to
tolerate her lack of orgasms and the chastity belt longer then seventy-two hours. He smiled ever so smugly satisfied that He had planned out her fate more cunningly then she.

He knew that she would be horrified when she saw the cane. His Yankee city girl slave, what would she know about this wicked instrument, nothing&.He smiled. He having gown up in the heart of the UK on the other hand had been on a first name basis with the cane. He was also aware that by now she was almost desperate to cum at any cost and her ass would soon know the meaning of what ?at any cost? really meant. He felt her trembling in His arms. He lowered His mouth to her breasts kissing and sucking them tenderly. He reassured her that He adored her and that He would not giver her more then she could endure.

?Shall W/we get on with the task at hand my precious slut?? He said turning her around so that she stood facing away from Him. This was the part she hated, the ritual of having to be instructed to part her legs, to bend all the way over, having to move her long raven hair in front of her trembling shoulders. Knowing all the while that He would not be satisfied until her ass was ?well presented? for punishment to Him. At first He picked up the dreaded crop and slapped it across the round twin globes of her ass with a THWACK! She moaned and clenched her teeth as the crop rained down again and again over her reddening backside. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! ?Now girl, get in position right this minute or your punishment will be doubled!? He bellowed . He reached for the whippy menacing cane. Testing it in the air high above His head it whistled as it met the air frighteningly. He repeated ?Now!? as His fingers impatiently tapped at the end of the cane. She could feel the anger in Him rise at her hesitation to get into the well-rehearsed and familiar punishment position. One arm reached around her waist, as He angrily cupped her pussy almost lifting her off her feet, her toes barely touching the ground. Yes Master she said as she unclenched her now pink bottom and thrusted it out wantonly in acceptance of her punishment. He smiled as she felt the blush rising in her chest.
Her buttocks quivered as He traced the tip of the cane between her thighs and across her upturned still creamy white ass.

Without warning she felt Him raise His arm high above His head. The cane whistled as it descended squarely across the lower fleshy part of her ass. The enormous pain didn?t register for a split second as the whip landed with a WHOOSH! CRACK! She screamed and tried to kick her legs wildly as she felt the burning of 100 hornets stinging her bottom. Before she could even catch her breath, His hand rose and fell again and again, as He thrashed her with the cane repeatedly. He was expertly covering every inch of her writing bottom. Long, thin, red lines quickly changed to angry, raised, scarlet, welts appeared over the cheeks of her once creamy white ass and the backs of her soft thighs. WHOOSH! WHOOSH! THWACK! CRACK! CRACK! echoed the cane as it assaulted her until she sobbed breathlessly. She begged Him to stop, she begged for mercy she promised Him the world if only he would&to no avail. Her voice now a horse whisper she was no longer able to plea for leniency. the only sound was that of her ceaseless sobs, her occasional high-pitched yelps and of course the WHOOSH! AND THWACK! of the whistling cane as it rose and fell across her punished bottom. As the thrashing progressed, she was surprised that the force of the strokes did not decreased but to her horror increased. She was helpless to escape the cane no matter how she tried to wiggle away. He had succeeded in trapping her by raising her by her drenched pussy and by restraining her with one strong leg. One when He felt fully satisfied did He stop her whipping, dropping the cane.

It took a moment for her to realize that her whipping had stopped before she collapsed in his arms spent. Pleased with Himself, he smiled as he retraced His finger over each and ever welt that covered her bottom. He turned her around facing her away from Him. He again sat at the edge of the bed. He kissed and soothed her crimson, red ass. He licked and caressed the fiery pain from the angriest of the many raised lines that striped her bottom. He ran His cheek over her buttocks, soothing every mark lovingly. Slowly her tears subsided and He turned her to again face Him.

Pulling her to Him, His mouth once more sought her throbbing pussy. She arched her back and moaned as He dug His fingers into her very sore and very red bottom. She pressed her sex hard onto His mouth, riding His tongue as it danced over her clit. She looked down upon Him with loving adoration, and stoked His rough cheek. He looked up at her, so needy was His slut to have what He offered. He grinned up at her as He pulled on her pink pearl of a clit with His lips and teeth. He took turns alternating between biting on her clit and sucking on it until she screamed and moaned for release. He placed His finger into her slit, teasing her wet pussy before inserting only the tip of His finger into her vagina. She tried to bury His finger deeper, but instead He withdrew the wetted finger and inserted it into the right ring of her anus. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, she begged as His finger entered her tight hole to the first knuckle and then to the second. Her sex was ready to explode as His mouth hungrily ate her pussy and His finger probed and assaulted her tight, hot ass. Again sensing that she was again nearing climax He pulled away from her leaving her panting and wanting, a pout planted on her sweet face. he rose to His feet. He kissed her full mouth passionately as He whispered&?Very soon my Love. Be patient!? But first&&

Lifting her by her arm He marched her over to the corner of their bedroom. ?Now bend over my dearest and show your Master your well-punished backside!? He said matter-of-factly. Oh, the humiliation of having to display her naughty, thrashed bottom to Him was almost too much for her to bear. Adding to her embarrassment, He proceeded to bark order over to her while he lay contently upon the bed sipping His aged scotch and enjoying a pleasant cigar. ?No bitch, bend over further. Now! Do it! Spread your thighs wider! Wider I said! I want to see that glistening naughty pussy peeking out from between that red ass of Mine. Yes&.that?s it! Now arch your back! More! Ummmmmm yes that?s it girl, He said while lying on the bed smiling wickedly at her discomfort. He began to pity her after her cries in the corner increased and her shoulders wracked with her unrelenting sobs.

Finally, he lifted her up in His strong arms, cradling her gently. He lifted her onto their bed. She winced as her sore bottom hit the cool sheets, but soon forgot the pain once He began showering her will a million kisses over her entire body. Reaching down she felt his rock hard cock. it was freely dripping cooling precum over and across her thighs. His cock, now throbbing, had begun to stir hour?s prior when He first tasted her sweet wetness. He had felt the first urgency to cum just after He saw the fear in her eyes as He lifted the cane before giving her the thrashing of her life. Later as His hand rose and descended as he blistered her ass, welting it severely, His cock had all but begged for release as it strained against the restraints of His trousers. He longed to fuck her.

Still clothed, He removed His shoes and socks. He slowly unbuttoned His shirt never taking His eyes off hers. She helped Him to strip, unbuttoning and lowering His zipper with her teeth. Her mouth grazing over His belt, the leather crop still hanging from it, and the long snaking flogger. He lifted His hips high permitting His trousers to be removed effortlessly. Her mouth sought His hardness wanting to devour Him whole. She sucked savagely on His throbbing cock, licked and sucked at the pulsating vein before taking His swollen testicles into her mouth and kneading them softly then more firmly in her mouth like two ripe plums. She bite
down wickedly on His cock. Periodically spanking it with her hand, and she slapped His balls, grabbing them authoritatively. Smiling wickedly He pushed her back onto the bed, and plunged His hard cock into her waiting cunt. Almost instantly she came. His fingers again explored her tight anus, probing deeper and deeper, assaulting her tight hole as He fucked her. Waves of pleasure riding deep within the walls of her pussy, down her thighs, into her ass and across her breasts washed over her. She screamed, raking her nails down the back of His legs, digging her nails into His ass, leaving small claw-like marks behind. Before she could recover, He lifted her legs high above her shoulders in a ?V? fucking her again and again, as she shuddered and twitched below Him. Her pussy spasmed. Raising her to her knees he pushed her head to the mattress, lifting up her beautiful ass He now plunged His cock into her tight hole again and again, as He stroked her clit. She lost track of just how many times He pleasured her after the fifth orgasm wracked through her. Finally, he let out a low animal-like growl as He whispered, ?I love you my sweet angelic slave? as he filled her tight, hot, pussy with bursts of His warm cum before collapsing exhausted on top of her. ?I love You too,
Master.? she sighed contently. She smiled before falling off to sleep thinking about her latest whipping, and the cane.

He never did reapply the chastity belt.

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