i'm mesmerized by the way that you keep lovin' me  

sexyasianangel70 37F
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6/1/2006 5:13 pm
i'm mesmerized by the way that you keep lovin' me

Senses reeled from the deprevation of light and sound, somewhere she could hear the faint heavy breathing of her Lord and Master. Darkness filled the silence like a sunset takes over the skyline. She could feel his presence as he circled her slowly, air brushing lightly at her sensitive nipples. Sharply and fiercely a blow was rained down upon her throbbing red upturned ass, she jingled in her bonds to for the sweet surrender of movement but to no avail. Hands fixed tightly to the wardrope bar , clothes being not its only captive. Shoulders ached at the stretch placed upon them and leg muscles screamed for release.
She tests the movement in her head only to find the rope around her neck tightens. Leg chains clang against the spreader bar holding her legs apart with sweet vulnerability. Again the whip falls upon her tenderness, again and again. Each blow brings a new sensation as the realisation dawns that there is to be no movement from the torment. Two hours of this achingly relentless posture begged relief from every muscle. The blows continue till she reaches the point of no return, her body feels the need to rest, her mind is weary and her senses heightened. He senses her limits, releases her bonds and pulls her to his strength.

She wraps herself in his power and feels the serenity of sweet surrender!!

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