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sexyasianangel70 37F
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5/23/2006 6:00 pm
holla & shout

I have a secret and I'm not sure what to do about it. Last week while my man was away I bought myself an outfit without his permission. I never asked because I knew he would say no. Here inlays my problem. I very much want to wear these new clothes but I know I can't without telling him how I got them. I am thinking I need to confess to my man although I know I am surely going to be punished. But I deserve to be punished for disobeying my man and I hate knowing that I have disobeyed him. I am also scared he will find out about my disobedience before my confessing to him. This will be worse and it is what makes me realize that I must confess tonight.

After serving my man a nice supper I tell him that I have a confession to make. He is very quiet and this worries me. I am losing my nerve and now I don't know if I want to follow through. But I know it is too late. I kneel in front of him and tell him I bought my forbidden outfit. I dare not look up but the silence is killing me. When I do look up I am struck and I bow my head quickly. I am in tears now because I know he is displeased with me. He tells me to go put on my outfit that I bought along with my collar with the leash attached. I do so quickly. I am very scared but I also feel a relief knowing I will be punished. By being punished I know I will be forgiven. It is in knowing this that I will accept any punishment my man sees fit. Although I know I will not enjoy tonight, I am looking forward to my submission to him and for the chance to show my regret for disobeying him.

After I have dressed in my new outfit and attached the leash to my collar I go and again kneel in front of my man. Without a word, my man gathers up my leash and roughly leads me on my hands and knees out of the kitchen. He continues to pull me through the house and into the bathroom where I am forced to sit in the tub as I am. The leash is attached to the faucet and the cold water is turned on. The water is so cold that it feels as if it is burning my skin. I am left under this cold water spray for what feels like hours but what is probably ten minutes. Finally the water is turned off and I am again yanked by my leash out of the tub. As I am standing cold and dripping in the bathroom, my new outfit is ripped and torn from my body. Even my bra and panties are ripped away from me. I am now totally naked. Without allowing me to dry off I am ordered back on my hands and knees and led into our bedroom. My face is awashed with tears as I am so ashamed.

I am brought to the bed and made to kneel on all fours upon it. Wrist and anlke cuffs are placed on me and secured to the posts on the bed. The leash is tightened which pulls my head flat against the mattress. I am totally unable to move but this is the point. The spanking starts. The force of the blows make me cry out in pain. But my man will have none of my squawking tonight. He quickly opens the drawer and pulls out the dreaded ball gag. It is quickly and firmly attached. The spanking then continues while all my screams are muffled by the gag. He stops and goes back to the dresser drawer. I can not see what he has but between my burning ass and not knowing, I am truly worried.

I feel him make his way back to the bed and I feel him rub something over my ass. At first it is cooling but as the rubbing continues my panic sets in as I feel the liquid warm against my already hot bottom. He stands and I wonder what he is doing when I hear the unmistakeable sound of him removing his belt. I try to call out and protest but it is all muffled and this only makes him laugh. He knows I am scared and sore already but this only seems to urge him on. The feel of the belt on my hot and tender bottom is almost unbearable. The tears I cry are real and now I am truly sorry for my disobedience. When I feel I can bear no more, it is finally over. My relief is short lived. Before I can catch my breath I feel my man behind me. With one swift movement hi empales his cock into me. He fucks me so hard I am in tears again. His pounding me is fierce but the banging against my tender bottom is torture. Finally he erupts in climax inside of me.

If I thought my punishment has come to an end, I am mistaken. Instead my man climbs from the bed and leaves me still gagged and bound to the bed. I am left alone while his cum empties out of me. After what seems like forever I hear him return. On one hand I am glad for his return but on the other hand I am fearful again. What now could I expect?

I feel my man kneel in front of me and the leash is loosened from where it was tied. The ball gag is also removed. I feel my man grab my hair and lift my head to his crotch. At first, he rubbs my face against his crotch whilde making me lick him through his jeans. Then while holding my head against him, he unzips his pants and thrusts his now free cock into my mouth. As I am made to pleasure him this way he reaches between my legs and rubs my still cum soaked pussy and legs. He rubs his extracted cum all over my face while plunging his cock deep down my throat. As he is thrusting in and out of my mouth, his hand continues to play with my pussy. He is purposely making as much noise with my wet pussy as he can because he knows this embarrasses me and that adds to my punishment. All this time he is alternating his wet fingers and his cock in my mouth.

I feel him reach into the drawer and pull something out. I can tell that it is the dildo when he inserts it into my pussy. He is fucking my mouth and pussy at the same time. Then he begins to laugh at me. He tells me that I look like a whore right now...that only a lwhore would do this to get a new outfit. His is trying to shame me and it is working. I will never disobey him like that again. He pulls the dildo out of me and positions himself behind me. But his lecture is not over yet. He asks me if I agree with his assessment - do I think I look like a whore? I answer yes. He then tells me I must want to be treated like one - again I can only answer yes. Without warning he plunges his cock deep in my pussy and starts to pound me again. As I start to protest, the dildo is shoved into my mouth. I am at the mercy of his punishment. I feel him climax inside of me but he does not stop fucking my pussy. Instead he keeps himself inside of me while his cum leaks out and down my legs again. Finally he stops and kneels in front of me. I know my duty...I clean up my man with my mouth...it is the rule. When I am done I am grateful to feel him release me from my restraints.

It feels good to be out of them but I soon realize my punishment is not over yet. With the leash still attached to my collar, I am ordered onto my hands and knees again, this time on the floor. My humiliation is not done yet. He leads me around the bedroom, around and around. Finally he stops me in front of him. He tells me to apologize. I do. I am sorry. I only want to please him and I know I did wrong. He tells me he is closer to forgiving me, but not yet. He believes I must suffer a bit more before I truly understand how wrong I was. He asks if I agree and I say yes.

He sits on the bed and tells me to stand up. I do this, he then tells me to turn around. Again I feel him playing with the wetness between my legs. But he is not to stay here. I feel him use my wetness to plunge his finger into my ass. He knows I do not like this but he wants this punishment to mean something to me. He reaches over to the drawer again and I turn to stop him. His wrath is quick. He throws me down on the bed and starts to spank me again. I am instantly sorry I made any attempt to stop him. He is not appeased so easily. He spanks me until my ass is burning again. When he feels like I have had enough, he again reaches for the dresser.

The butt plug...how I hate that thing. But I have already felt what his wrath can do and I do not want more. I feel him start to insert the plug into my ass. He is still angry at my unsubmissiveness. I can tell this bu the unrelenting way he is forcing me to take in the plug. Finally he inserts it fully and he turns me around. He wants to see the uncomfortableness on my face. He says something is missing. He looks for the ball gag and refastens it on me. He says that now I am starting to look like I am sorry...but not yet...still something is missing. He reaches into the drawer again and pulls out the nipple clamps. He starts to laugh at the look on my face. He tells me that I deserve it and that I know it. And the truth is, he is right. The nipple clamps, the butt plug and my burning bottom bring tears to my eyes. This does not phase my man. He knows he is doing this to better me for him.

He pushes me to my knees and leads me out to the living room. He sits on the chair and makes me climb onto his lap facing him. This way he can play with the plug in my ass while biting and playing with my clamped nipples. The ball gag in my mouth is unattractive but he says he likes it. He says it shows his total ownership over me. I love that he feels this way. I am totally devoted to him and now all I wish to do is prove how sorry I am for my disobedience.

After he is done torturing my nipples he tells me to assume my position on the floor. This means on my hands and knees. Leaving the nipple clamps and ball gag in place he comes behind me and takes out the butt plug. Instead of finding any relief I am treated to his cock being shoved up my ass. I would cry out but the ball gag stops any attempt at that. He shows no mercy with me. This is a lesson I won't soon forget. I feel him reach his climax as he shoots his load into my ass. He continues stroking my ass with his cock while he undoes the ball gag. He grabs my hair and turns me around to suck his cock clean. After I am done, he leaves me chained to his chair, all sore and dripping, while he goes for a shower.

When he is done his shower he grabs my chain and starts to lead me to the bedroom. He tells me I am not allowed to get cleaned up...I must live with my shame til morning. The leash is finally released from my collar but I am not free from my ties. He tells me to place my hands behind my back and he places my wrist cuffs on and snaps them together. He does give me a reprieve in removing the nipple clamps though. The rest I will wear til morning. In the morning, he tells me, everything will be forgiven. He then makes me suck him off once more for good measure, to make sure that I have learned my lesson. I do this for him because I am sorry and because I love him so. This time he blows his load down my throat and I am made to swallow every drop.

I am made to sleep tonight with my face down in his crotch. And although I am uncomfortable with my hands bound, I am totally happy my man has corrected my behavior and forgiven me.

interbev 40F

5/24/2006 8:09 am

Well I was going to say, maybe you need to be punished by a woman, but ya kinda blew that one at the end honey. (Gives faint smile. Walks away feminitely with head down. Looks back with a smirk.))

jd29992z 54M
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5/24/2006 8:47 am

That was very exciting I will send you a stroy like it to your profile let me know if you like it JD

zorgnot2 60M

5/24/2006 7:37 pm

Very exciting- if fantastic, in the full sense of the word- but I could never be that cruel to a woman no matter how she may feel the need for such humiliation.
But if you enjoy it, more power to you.

rm_vixenflir 58M
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5/27/2006 5:42 am

Whew! I need a cigarette after that one and I don't smoke! Always fun to discover yet another who lives to please! Keep up the good work my dear

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