heart of mine  

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6/6/2006 5:08 pm
heart of mine

"Her Tits spoke to themselves." Mouth pressed against them.
"Hello, Boobs." he said.

"Do you have a honeynipple? That definitly good," he sucked on her nipple some more; Then paused, and finally stopped." "Not bad if you wanna taste..." Master offered the women.

"Please do tell me more. The Left Boob spoke to the Right one." Mister said to chick, "Generally speaking, I wish you would suck my ass." The Canadian police officer stuck the younger girl's hot nipple into her succulent lips."

"Mmmmmh." she moaned.
"Keep going." she commanded.

The white master jumped over the white girls buttocks and ran past the white flowing semen into a torrent storm of brownfood. The wrinkly old man plunged into the depths of her asscrack; his purple headed shroom dived deep into the sea of the baby girls' tailfeather. But soon became thirsty for water.

"I also visited her pinkyspot." The Commanding officer said in a low tone, while pressing middle, index, and ringfingers to part the flesh bitch's bum. "Its not dirty, You'll see...". He was exhausted from "fucking" her in the woods outside of the Bootcamp barracks. Sucking, licking, fingering, reaching, humping, nevermind hauling.

"Master, hats off to you for getting through this. I couldn't even get past the first suck." She retched.

"And asses and "tits" stories like this can, I suspect, be found at the back of the naked girls of most misunderstood tastes. To wrinkly mature women, from curvy ovoid babes, Breasts say nothing to me about my reason for filling her rectum with unholy spirits. It would also appear to say it's far more stormy in her pussy than it actually is. "Her asshole is dry from being fucked by a Greek god."

"Where? ",for fuck's sake, "Where".

Yes. That noise you hear is the honeynipples switching conversations. It goes up to a foursome.

"One of the first rules is show, don't tell, So don't tell her that she is being fucked by two men on their beds. Tell her she is watching a thunderstorm in a movie on tv. When she is being pressed up against the metal bedposts, don't let her know you are shafting her with your pole... Tell her you are walking by the creek and you see a whirlpool near the rock over by the hill around the cliff."

"Where? ",for fuck's sake, "Where". I asked?

"She'll fuck the whirlpool later tonight!"

"In an imaginary world were pubic hairs are swirled around by the saliva of your tongue." "Where?",for fuck's sake, "Where". I repeated!

It doesn't matter where, just wait, take a walk into the woods after you eat her pussy."

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