hang up  

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5/31/2006 5:41 pm
hang up

Leaving the resturant and walking to the car , Daddy told her riddles that had both of them laughing hard. The cool evening air was invigorating, smelling of freshness . They rounded the corner of the brick building whispering conspiratorially about a passerby’s gaudy garb and pressed into the narrow walkway toward the parking lot.

Just room for 2 abreast and darker than the night. The heavy buildings blocked out streetlights, a long slim short cut she wouldn’t have dared walk alone. Just as her pupils accommodated the dark, the smile fell away from her lips as she saw them. Daddy did too because he stopped her with an iron grip on her shoulder. Making her grimace as his fingers dug in.

They stood there a moment while the scene played out in the back lit distance. Two figures black silhouettes were busy at the other end. What seemed to be a woman kneeling paying homage to her partners pelvis in lurid movements. Riveted, she watched his arms ending at her head where he held her against his wildly bucking hips. Guiltily enthralled by witnessing such wanton lust she backed slowly closer to daddy grateful for the cloak of night to hide her shame at staring.

Haunting primal groans echoed up from the coupling image hazily before her. Soft sounds really mainly his moans, so painful sounding . Peppered with her sounds muffled moans of feminine pitch.

Daddies hands began to turn her away from the sight to face him. She wanted to see more but flushed hot in humiliation at the idea of resisting his hands as he turned her completely away from the rutting passion. Looking up she saw him staring deep into her eyes. His hands in his pants pockets an enigmatic smile. Swallowing a burst of questions she realized now was not the time.

They stood, silent. He stared in calm assessment. She didn’t understand and aborted many false starts at whispering . She stood, eyes locked by his. Her skin began to crawl in the open look he had. Mutely she roamed a thousand things he might be thinking. Her hair stood on end when it came to her. Flooding rushing in with clarity. Oh sweet jesus no, He wouldn’t think that. His look never wavered or changed. Her gut wound in spinning knots. I can't. He wouldn’t want, the denial was a short lived hope. His smooth close stare confirmed it was more than her own dirty thoughts. He actually waited for it. Oh dear god like them. To kneel like the animals that seemed to have quieted.

Her lips parted to plead no as her knees turned watery. He watched her in silent assessment. The words never came instead she tried to figure out how. How could she ever cross the vastness of kneeling , here, now, like this, she couldn’t. His eyes said she would. She felt the resignation molding her into the the act.
Then he smiled and kissed her brow turning her shoving lightly forward. Propelling her shocked toward....the empty end of walkway. Where...When...Legs feeling weak and watery she walked toward the light at the tunnel seeming end. Stunned she wondered briefly did any of it happen.

Daddy moved briskly till she nearly ran to keep next to him. Scared by his urgent pace but seeing he was still ok his hand engulfing hers in its loving possession. Opening her car door he bundled her in and went to get in his side very quickly. So fast in fact she never saw him opening his pants . The streetlight illuminating his erection as he sat looking straight ahead at the shadowed parking lot. His hand deftly opened the seatbelt she'd just fastened and his hand cupped her head as he turned to her.

" Now , work my lil one . Feed on Daddy . ", in a calm but roughened voice. Never forcing merely moving her along into his lap. She lowered trance-like home to the cock she lived to answer to. Her mouth open filled with man taste salivating, sucking. The wet noises assaulted her ears as she made them all along his meaty cock. Starved she fed on Daddy deeper to her tight throat's retch.

"Suck 'lil cocksucker, more, hard smooth strokes cocksucker. My good cocksucker, Yes your Daddies cocksucker arent you ",his voiced caressed her , becoming husky urgent. Just like the tense bulb of dick she worked on eagerly.

"Thats it, thats Daddy's cocksucking girl. You will always be Daddies cocksucker. You will be Daddies best face fuck toy..", his proud encouraging tones contrasted in her head with the humiliating truth he crooned. Hand gripped the nape of her head by the hair as he slowly aided her pace. Then became the driving force of her bobbing head.

" Take daddy baby, thats it, suck daddy till you have his cum you hungry cocksucker, Thats a good girl. " The mantra sinking in her head a motivating truth. He hissed low, " Suck Daddies cock."

His hips thrusting heedless of her need to breath or swallow . She fought to keep her teeth covered and not choke as he began to cum.

"Daddy's cumsucker...yessssss....yessssss baby girl", the last words as he started groaning pumping all the load up through his dick to feed her. Balls tight, Fist tight. Strokes tight, He rifled it up into her mouth as she swallowed . Her throat twisting tighter on the knob as she did. Grunting with effort as she took every bit she could. She was Daddies cocksucker and her cumming cunt attested to this. Untouched she writhed beside him fucking air and shaking cumming. Ravenously suckling Daddy clean as she came beside him. Hearing him breath raspy , his hand still on her neck.

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