free at last  

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5/30/2006 6:32 pm
free at last

She stared at the blinking cursor. He couldn't be serious. But serious he was and something deep inside her jumped at the thought. Carefully she reread every word. "You will receive in the mail in the next few days a package, a present if you will. A butterfly especially for you. I know you know what it is since we discussed it only yesterday." He didn't wait for her to answer but merely continued on."You will wear it all day everyday for two days. You'll wear it to work at home and to bed. On the hour you will begin turning the dial on high for ten minutes then med. for the next ten then low for the last ten. You will repeat this every hour on the hour from 7am till midnight." The cursor sat blinking at her waiting for her reply.
Tentatively she typed the single word answer, "OK" she was nervous worried what if they could tell at work or what if she was held up in a line at the store! Now it was her turn to wait for a response.

"Oh and my dear one more thing" he began. " There will be no masturbating of anykind. From this point on, and under no circumstances are you to have an orgasm unless you're on the phone with me and I give you permission." Her mouth hung open. They had never spoken on the phone. She wasn't even sure she would give him her number. But worse no masturbation? How was she to endure constant clitoral stimulation without an orgasm? Her IM's beeped again. "You should receive your package on Wednesday and we will begin at seven am on Thursday, continue through Friday and I should be back by Friday night hopefully. But if I am not continue on to Saturday just in case. "

"Saturday? You won't be around Thursday night to chat? But that means no release after a day of constant teasing?" she was become so aroused at the thought she knew there was no way that she wasn't going to come the minute the thing arrived.

"Don't worry I expect to be home Friday late only a storm would keep me away from this phone call." she could almost see him laughing on the other end and turned beet red. She was about to argue the phone call when he sent his last message.

"Bye Bye for now talk to you Friday." And then he was gone leaving her totally conflicted and completely aroused. She started pondering her options. She didn't have to do this. Hell she could change her screen name and disappear. But the whole idea of this little exercise was the thrill the unknown the depravation. So she stood up took off her clothes and hit the first of many cold showers.

Wednesday came all too quick. She sat on her bed staring at the torturous thing. He had sent her a note simply stating I know you can do this. He had also sent enough batteries for and army. But she figured she would probably need at least new ones every half a day at her rate. Her curiosity winning out she finally took the devise form its package and began to explore it. She placed fresh batteries in and turned it on. Placing her finger where her clit would be in the morning. Low would be pleasant nothing to over taxing. Medium was a little more exciting more like a motorcycle humming between your legs. She imagined it would be a bit more intense directed right on her clit. The high, it made her jump. She glanced at the clock and waited for ten minutes to pass. Her finger was almost numb from the stimulation. How could she make it through the day like that? But she knew she would do it, the wetness in her slit gave her away. She was excited. Leaving the bits and pieces of tomorrow torture on the bed she fell asleep. Only to dream of herself lost in an expansive orgasm that seemed to last forever.

The buzz of the alarm jerked her from a sweat. But the dream faded out of her grasp. The Butterfly on the foot of the bed calling to her. Deciding to do her first cycle before her shower she adjusted the devise against her clit, and watching the clock turned the knob on high at precisely 7 am. It was like a bolt of electricity. Constant at first it was almost to painful to fast too much then as the ten minutes wore on she could feel herself wetter. Medium that was lovely. Twice she had had to shift her weight in her chair to keep from coming. Sweat beading on her upper lip. Then low, low was almost worse then high. She wiggled trying to get back that intense thrill while only having a small tingle. When the time was up she contemplated the exercise it was like going from a man to a boy. The man knowing where his tongue need be and the boy always just off the mark. She took a freezing cold shower only to find that by the time she was ready to leave it was time for her second round.

She made it to work with 15 minutes to spare before round three and luckily her boss was out till lunch. Watching the rest of the staff pass her office door she was concerned whether she could do this here in her office. If she closed her door there would be a lot of whispers. So at 9am she flipped the switch and as calmly as she could gripped the arms of her chair for ten minutes not looking out into the outer office.

She made it through the 9am call and again through 10 & 11. She had just started her noon High hum when her boss entered her office. He stopped looking directly at her face. "Juleana I have to say you look fabulous today. You're positively glowing." She had always found her boss Bill an attractive man and had held a glimmer of hope that since his divorce she might have a chance. But for him to notice her now was almost unbearable. Desperately she tried to cover her embarrassment while keeping watch on the clock. " Thank you Bill it must be the rest I got last night." He smiled handed her some notes. "I have a meeting coming in at 2 and I need you to take notes." She nodded keeping her panic at bay. When he left the office she changed the knob to medium fear disrupting any stimulation and finishing with low she let out a groan.

After her 1pm calling she ran to the bathroom how was she going to adjust her wires to be able to do this during dictation? Her own juices were running down her leg and it was becoming evident that her clit was perpetually swollen now. She cleaned herself up carefully and formed a plan. Running the wire up her side and down her sleeve gave her the ability to adjust her dial as if she were checking her watch. This could work.

At 1:50 PM she entered her bosses office. He seated her to his left facing his two guests. One was a tall black man very well built and attractive. She had seen him in the office before Ed was his name. The other had dark hair Irish not as tall but broad shouldered. His name was John. Very different to her blond blue eyed boss. They began discussing the business at hand. The chime on he corner clock might as well have said Juleana turn on your vibrator for the fear that clinched her as the clock struck 2. Nonchalantly she looked at her "watch" turning the dial to high. All day her desk had hidden her and now she was out in the open legs crossed the infernal butterfly flicking at her clit. She took notes blindly almost mechanically while looking from one man to the other. Her thoughts started to wonder wishing it were the black mans tongue flicking at her clit. Or her boss holding her down while both men ravaged her. The stimulation was almost too much she was on her way to a huge orgasm when he Boss cleared his throat and she jumped. " I am sorry Bill did you say something?" The two men looked at each other and smiled. But she didn't notice she was already rereading the last comments on the paper and adjusting her dial to medium. She made it through the meeting and the rest of the day.

She canceled all her plans for that night knowing she wouldn't make it through a night with people and took a freezing shower when she arrived home. The shower massage sending cooling cold water to her poor tortured clit and by now her tortured pussy too. Everything throbbed. She didn't eat dinner everything revolved around the hour and the too small time in between. She hovered online hoping to find him home early to relieve her torture but to no avail. Then at last the final torture of the day over she fell into fitful sleep again dreaming of an all-encompassing orgasm.

Friday began the same but evolved quickly into the levels she had ended with the night before. It was like drugs you take it and before long you're there faster every time. By noon she was out of control at work. Snapping at the woman and almost crying to the men. After her noon ritual she tried to cool herself with ice in the ladies room but by 3 it was worse then ever. And to top it off she had gotten three requests for a date. She must look like a fuck hungry slut. Men were hanging near her office all day. Did they smell her juices flowing shamelessly forth like ice cream in the heat?

She had finished her 5 o'clock buzz when Bill came flying into the office. "Thank God your still here!" Oh I am here all right she thought dripping pussy juice and salivating at the sight of a penis. Basically that was what was happening she had become one giant clit. Her whole body was alive and everything revolved around coming or the idea that she would once she got in touch with he friend. This was why he hadn't worried about the phone thing he knew after this shed give him anything to cum. "Juleana? Are you with me?" She stared bill in the eye. "Yes I am what do you need. " Bill rattled off a dinner order, and several files that she would need. Blindly she gathered everything called in dinner and even managed her 6 and 7 o'clock regimes. As she stood in the bathroom at 7:30 she didn't think she would make it. Tears of frustration were welling. She removed her skirt and blouse and looked in the mirror. Her black lace bra and garter were askew the infernal butterfly glared at her like a . Drying her face she fixed her clothes and headed back to the office. "What doesn't kill me will make me stronger." She mumbled.

When she entered Bills office John and Ed had finally arrived. Thank God I can get out of here finally. They were chatting and going over papers when the clock chimed 8. Checking her "watch" while making sure the men where occupied Juleana started her nine o'clock buzz. Closing her eyes she didn't even realize that her hips moved she absently adjusted the dial right on time. She had begun to know when it was time by her own body's reactions. Never opening her eyes she finished almost the last one. With luck shed be home and he'd be online. She opened her eyes to find the men smiling and toasting something. Thanks God they have agreed. She was handed the papers and made copies for each of them and one for the files. The men all thanked her profusely for staying late. Commenting to bill what a great assistant he had. Glancing at the clock she noted she had only 15 minutes to get home before the bell tolled. She could also feel the wetness from her last little joyride starting to run. As she turned to go Bill called her back.

"Juleana," he started slowly, "wouldn't you rather stay here and perform your little regime for us?"She stopped dead in her tracks all the color draining from her face. OH MYGOD he knows he could tell had they been laughing at me all alone? She hadn't notice Ed coming up behind her and locking the office door. "Excuse me Bill my little what?" but before Bill could answer. Ed had grasped her by the arms and was whispering in her ear. " You know what. I bet your poor little clit is just begging for a real tongue" Was Ed big black Ed her secret IM buddy. She felt a twinge in her clit. "Well I know I would love to see her poor swollen clit tortured some more." Her eyes darted to John who had started walking toward them. He began unbuttoning her blouse and removing her skirt. She was stunned yet wanton. She was one giant raw nerve and in the flick of an eye she new she was going to do it. "Now gentleman wait just a minute " it was Bill. "We haven't gotten her OK yet. I am the only person she agreed to." Smiling he took her arm and moved her toward the conference table. " My dear you struggled so lovely I had to release you before midnight. " seeing her confusion he continued. "Yes it has been me all along. I wasn't sure you'd mix business with pleasure. And I so hoped you would. But now we need to decide something would you like to perform that last little ritual for us, and then have my friends and I satisfy every little hunger?"

It took her exactly two seconds to decide. She left her garter belt and heals on removing her bra, and the remnants of her clothes. She sat up on Bill's mahogany desk and spread her legs wide. All three men could easily see her pussy behind the butterfly as it glistened in the light. As the clock chimed 9pm she started the butterfly on high her body jerked slightly from the stimulation on top of the drooling audience. She leaned back on her arms griping the back edge of the desk and let the feelings wash over her. As each level passed she grew to an even higher level, sweat beading on her body. When the time was almost up Bill took the dial from her hand and stood in front of her between her legs. Ed moved behind the desk and grasping her head laid her on her back. John joined Ed and the two men removed their very hard, very large, penises form their pants. Juleana grasped a hand around each one and hungrily began sucking them.She felt the buzz quicken on her clit as she realized Bill was not stopping the butterfly this time. Once he graduated it to high he slid her slowly off the edge of the desk so her ass hung slightly over. Removing his own rock hard cock he felt for her juices and lubricated himself. With one thrust he shoved his hard cock deep into her throbbing pussy. The butterfly hummed on. Leaving her impaled there he played high low with the dials as he watched her hungrily suck both cock. He developed a rhythm of keeping all three of them at bay. The higher he turned the more she sucked the closer they all got to orgasm. Then he would slow it down and she would gasp moan beg for more. All the while her body writhing on his cock, her pussy sucking him in deeper. When he knew the men could take no more he turned it up full. While he pounded her their eyes met and she came again and again amid a shower of cum both inside and out.

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5/31/2006 12:03 am

That was so HOT I have to go and pull my cock out and make it squirt hot cum into my hand - and then I'll lick it off imagining the taste of kissing your sweet pussy with my spunk dripping out of it with your engorged clit still throbbing from our fuck........

Naughty Georgie.

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5/31/2006 3:27 pm

wow..very..very..very!!! nice

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