first time ever i saw your face  

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first time ever i saw your face

Claire knelt in the doorway of the large room, the time had finally come. She was so nervous, her heart was racing and her blue eyes wide. She had agreed to come here tonight, to meet Him at last. After their many months of conversation and sharing of fantasies, she would at last be able to fufill them. He had told her of His lifestyle, and of past experiences, but a part of her had always believed it was fantasy on His part also. As she looked around the room, the realization that He was all He had told her dawned in her mind.

The room was large, a huge fireplace dominating one wall, and the only illumination came from the roaring fire and the many candles that had been lit and placed around the room. From her vantage point, Claire could see the large oversized chair set close to the fire, a small table beside it, and many large comfortable cushions spread about the floor around it. She also noticed a large waist high table padded with what looked to be leather, with cuffs and restraints attatched to the top.

Claire shivered involuntarily, knowing that this was the table she would be bound to before the night was over. There was a mirror on the wall at the side of the table, and beside it a tall set of shelves. As Claire noticed the shelves contents, a little tremor of apprehension stirred through her, for what she saw excited and terrified her. There were cuffs, gags, toys, and a variety of whips, crops and other various implements she could not quite identify placed neatly on the shelves. "Oh god" Claire thought, "what am I doing?"

Keith stood behind her, His hands resting lightly on her shoulders. "Are you ready?", He whispered into her ear. "This is your last chance to reconsider Claire, for when you enter this room you will belong to Me." Claire trembled in fear and excitement, for she knew that when she stepped into this room, her life would be forever changed. She would never be the same, She would be His slave, and all of her fantasies would become reality. She would be giving Him her soul.

She felt His big hands tighten on her shoulders, waiting for an answer. Taking a deep breath, making her decision, "yes Master", she said softly. Keith smiled broadly, for this girl that knelt before Him was indeed everything He could have ever dreamed of.

"Very good pet" He purred, "now I want you to undress then kneel before my chair and wait for me to return. I must take care of a few things before I join you" Claire smiled softly, "yes Master"

As she walked into the room and to the fire place, warming her chilled body near the flames, she heard him say, "Don't dally Claire, I'll return shortly" Then He turned and left the room.

Claire removed her clothing and folded it neatly, her hands shaking and her heart pounding in her chest. Was she really going to be able to do this, could she please Him and not disappoint Him? Was she prepared to put herself at the mercy of this man whom she had come to care for so deeply? Doubts assaulted her mind, as the fear became stronger. She had met Keith in person only a few hours ago, yet she knew Him well. She knew she could trust him, she had seen into his heart and soul, and loved Him passionately. They had gotten to know each other's minds and hearts without ever having to deal with the distractions of physical interaction. He knew her better than anyone ever had, for she had bared herself completely to Him. Now was the time to complete their bond with the physical side. Claire knew she loved this man with all her heart and soul, and her greatest desire was to please Him, her Master.

Claire knelt beside His chair, spreading her thighs wide. She placed her hands behind her head and straightened her back, her breasts jutting forward proudly, just as he had taught her to do. Claire smiled to herself, my how different it will be to actually feel His presence, she thought.

Time seemed to creep so slowly, and Claire was getting stiff from holding her position for so long. She had just began to fear that He would not return for her, when she heard the door open. She turned to look at the door and gasped in surprise. Gone was the gentle man she had met earlier with the dancing eyes and smiling face. Standing in the doorway now was the Master she had only ever hoped to dream of, he was a breathtaking sight. His firm muscled thighs were covered with skin tight leather pants, and large black boots encased his feet. His chest was bare, and His blue eyes glinted mischeviously. His ebony hair shone in the firelight, the flames making it shine with golden highlights. He was truly a sight to behold.

Claire trembled...a little from fear and a little from anticipation. Keith walked towards her, his booted footsteps echoing in the large room. He walked to the chair and sat down in front of Claire, admiring her nakedness, the beauty of her. He gently brushed a lock of her honey blonde hair from her face, as he gazed at her. Claire lowered her eyes nervously. "Look at me pet" He said softly, his smooth deep voice soothing Claire's nervousness. She felt fingers tracing the outline of her cheek, leaving a warm sensation as they wandered down. His fingers continued down the length of her neck, and down over her collar bone, causing goosebumps to form on her skin. Claire looked up into His eyes, as He smiled down at her. "I want to be clear with you before we begin pet. You know why you are here don't you Claire?" she nodded slowly. Leaning forward He spoke in a voice that chilled her,"you are here because you submit to me, because you have given yourself to me willingly. I am going to take you to a place you have only dreamed of Claire. I am going to teach your body and mind to feel, to be pushed to their limits and crave for more. I am going to pleasure you, punish you and use you for My own pleasures. I want all of you Claire. Your mind, your body, your heart, and your soul. Do you understand me My pretty one?" Claire looked deep into His eyes, "yes Master, I understand"

Keith smiled and reached inside the table drawer. He pulled out a leather collar and fastened it securely around her neck. Pulling her closer to Him by the collar, he whispered her safeword in her ear, then captured her lips in a soul searing kiss. Claire melted against His warm soft lips, feeling the beginnings of warmth grow between her parted thighs. Her sex beginning to awaken. He slowly broke the kiss, leaving her trembling with desire."On your feet slut" He chuckled.

Claire rose and stood before him, his eyes roaming her naked flesh hungrily. Keith stood and led her to the padded table, pressing her thighs against its side and placing His palm in the small of her back, pressing firmly as a sign for her to bend forward. She lowered her upper body against the padded table top, her head clearing the side to move freely. Keith walked to the head of the table, trailing His fingers along her soft skin, down her arm where he attatched her wrist to the cuff on the table, then turned and fastened the other in the same manner. He then made his way behind her again, squeezing her rounded ass firmly, tapping her ankles lightly with his boots as a signal to spread her thighs. As she did, he trailed His fingers down her smooth legs to atttach her ankles to the cuffs on the legs of the table, rendering her helpless.

Claire felt like her heart was going to leap from her chest, she had waited so long for this, but now that the time was upon her she was scared to death!

He slowly trailed his fingers back up her legs, moving between her thighs, barely skimming across her swollen lips, and across the cheeks of her rounded ass "Mmmmm, very nice" he whispered as he took in every detail of Claire's backside. She was spread out on the table wide open for Him, under His control, helpless before Him, a delicious sight he thought. Keiths big hands were wandering over her bare ass, kneading and squeezing the firm flesh. Suddenly, CRACK, Claire jumped from the surprise of the slap, a slight tingling sensation where his palm connected with her tender flesh.

She hears him chuckle as he walks over to the shelves and returns with a leather strap. "Now we will see just how hot you can get from having your ass spanked pet" he says. He begins by tracing the leather strap across the firm mounds of her ass, then slowly between them, moving to tap lightly against her swollen lips. Claire's breathing is now shallow and fast, her body tense in anticipation as the first slaps are administered. SLAP! SLAP!SLAP! Claire jumps and moans as she feels the heat spreading across her bottom, stinging but not excruciating. The slaps begin to get harder and more frequent, a beautiful pink glow beginning to form. She whimpers softly, and he stops to rub the soreness. In a deep soft voice he tells her "good girl, very good indeed. Now stay still for me."

The spanking continues, more severe than before, the strap trailing its blows down to the backs of her thighs. Claire lets out a soft moan...gasping as the licks continue, trying not to cry out, wanting only to please Him. Finally the spanking stops. He trails his fingers across the hot flesh of her backside, and into her wet heat. Claire can hear the wet noises His fingers make as he slips them slowly in and out of her, making her body sing in response. He brings his wet fingers to his lips, sucking them, savoring her taste and scent. Claires legs are wet with her own juices, her body alive and hot.

Keith returns the leather strap to the shelf, this time returning with a leather crop. Claire shivers nervously, and He just smiles and leans in to brush his lips lightly against hers. "Can you handle more for Me pet", he asks. Claire nods nevously, knowing she will do whatever He asks of her, because she wants to prove she is worthy of His affections.

The first kiss of the crop makes Claire scream out as it bites into her tender flesh, the pain radiating through her body. He works the crop silently, including her inner thighs this time. Claire squirms and moans, her ass burning and her sex wetter than it has ever been before. He smiles at her control, very pleased with how well she is taking what He is giving, as he continues with the crop....alternating back and forth between those beautiful cheeks. Claire felt as if her bottom were on fire, grunting and clenching her teeth as each blow lands, never crying out after the first time the crop landed.

As she squirms against the binds holding her down, she feels each kiss of the crop take her higher and higher, trembling harshly. When Keith hears the long low whimper torn from her throat, he stops, not wanting to push her to far this time. He rubs his hands across her bright red ass, admiring the healthy glow her skin has taken. He leans low, close to her ear and she hears the rumble of his deep voice as if through a fog, "you did very well pet, such strength and grace will be rewarded My love"

His hands stroke and soothe her burning flesh, his gentle lips kissing away the pain. His hands spread her cheeks apart and His tongue slips between them, licking firmly against her tight little rosebud, pressing His tongue firmly past the rim, tonguing it deeply before slipping down to her wet opening. "Oh God yes!" Claire moans low in her throat, the pleasure coursing through her, intensified after the pain. He licks up and down from one end to the other as she trembles beneath Him, her body wracked with pleasure. Keith sucks her swollen clit into His mouth, rubbing across the tender nubbin with the tip of His tongue. He feels her body begin to tremble and buck as her release begins to consume her. "Cum for me pet" He growls low. Claires body respondes immediately, crying out as ripples shoot out through her limbs, her body humming and vibrating, as her wetness floods against His mouth. Claire pants and gasps for breath, she had never exploded like this, had never felt it to the core of her very being.

She relaxes against the table, her body trembling and shaking as Keith removes the cuffs. Slowly he picks up her limp body, cradling her gently in His strong arms, and carries her to the pallet in front of the fire.

Claire snuggled her face in His neck, her soft breath against the side of His face. He lowers her gently to the pallet and brushes her lips gently with His own. He moves down her body trailing light kisses over her soft skin, telling her in a tender voice "you pleased me greatly little one"

Claire smiles softly, basking in His praise. His lips move down to capture a hardened nipple, nipping at it, making the coral peak tingle in response. He takes the other between His finger and thumb, squeezing firmly, as Claire whimpers softly. He releases her nipples and stands above her,stripping His clothes off, revealing his long thick shaft. Claire watches Him intently, loving the sight of his naked form. Her body responding to the sight of His rigid cock. Moving back to her,He presses her body down with His own. He kisses her firmly, grasping her wrists, pushing her legs apart, as He touches her moistness with the head of His cock, teasing her gently. He looks deep into her eyes and at the same time plunges His length deep and hard into her heat.

Claire gasps as He plunges into her, his roughness exciting her even more. Keith slams hard and deep into her willing body, as she moans softly. Each thrust sending electric jolts through her body as He slams against her cervix, her need consuming her. Keith pulls out suddenly, grabbing her ankles and placing her legs on his shoulder. With a low grunt, He presses back into Her....taking her rough and savage as he watches his cock slide into her wetness. He thrusts harder and harder, his breathing getting deeper with the physical effort. Smashing his hips against hers, he rocks her body roughly, her moaning and grunting urging Him on. He releases one of her wrists and presses a finger into her pussy beside his cock, wetting it with her juices, then slowly presses it against the tight pucker of her ass.

He presses firmly, slowly sliding into her tight ass, listening to her little gasps of pleasure. Keith fucks her brutally, pounding into her with all that He has, thrust after thrust with His rigid cock as His finger drives deep into her ass. Claire is panting and moaning as He takes her to the edge. "Oh Master! I'm going to cum! Please may I cum? Oh God, please MASTER!" Claire shouted.

"CUM!....NOW PET! CUM FOR ME NOW!!, he yells as he presses forward, filling her with His hot seed as her body convulses and spasms beneath Him, as her release takes control of her, the intensity causing her to cry out His name.

Keith lowers Himself to lay on top of Claire for a brief moment, His energy spent as He kisses her softly. Keith rolls onto His back,wrappin g His arms around her, clutching her tight, rolling her trembling form on top of Him.

Claire rests Her cheek against His muscular chest, listening to His heartbeat, her exhausted body relaxing against His. "I love You Master" she whispers. "and I love you my sweet pet", he says softly. They both know this is right, that they belong together as Master and slave.

Keith smiles to himself, yes he will recieve much enjoyment teaching her, molding her into what she desires to be most...His obedient submissive. He already knows that she will be His best pet ever, just as he knows He is already deeply in love with this incredible woman.

As Claire drifts off to sleep, she doesn't feel His big hands caress her lovingly, nor hear his softly whispered word "Mine"

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