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5/31/2006 5:07 pm
fill my little world

I wake up early Monday morning to get everything done that Mistress has set out for me to do. Then for the rest of the day I can sit out in the yard and get some sun. I decide to start by cleaning the kitchen. I clean the kitchen spotless and look in the oven. I think to myself, its not that bad, I can do that next week. OK, now it time to go over the living room. I look around and decide it just needs straightening up and a quick vacuum. I go down the hall and decide the bedrooms are next. Looking in the kids room, I decide that they should do it on their own and I can come in later and do the finishing touches. Now the bathroom. The bathroom has always been one I do thoroughly. I scrub the tub, toilet, sink, the floor, everything that I could think of. Nothing worse than a dirty bathroom.

OK, finished inside. I go to the front window and look around the yard. It wasnt on the list of things to do today, but I will do a bit outside anyway. There are a few weeds that can be pulled around the roses and I will mow the lawn since it didnt get done on the weekend. Igo to my room and put on a tank top and shorts. Too hot out there for sweats. I decide not to use sunscreen since I wont be out too long. When I finish outside I can come in, shower, apply sunscreen and sit in the backyard for a while.

I go straight for the rose garden. Mistresss favorite place in the yard. I begin to pull the weeds and decide to do a good job to please Mistress. I take extra care to do a good job. I stand up, take a fewsteps back and admire my work. Perfect, Mistress will be pleased. I goto the back yard, to the shed where the lawn mower is. I get it out,and take it around the front. I try to start it a few times, I never could get the damn thing going on the first try. OK, I finally get it going. I usually start from one side and work toward the other side. I mow the lawn carefully because I want it perfect. I get near the end and I am distracted by a child playing to close to the road, but I keep walking, not watching what I am doing. A noise comes from the mower, almost like something that shouldnt have has gone through it. I stop, look down and just about faint. One of Mistresss roses has been run over by the mower. She is going to be pissed. She knows every rose in that garden and will notice if one is missing. What am I going to do??? My heart is racing. I stand there for a few minutes and think. Maybe Mistress will understand that I was concerned about the child across the street. Thats it, thats what Ill tell her.

I gather things up and take them to the shed out back. Just as I am getting everything put away, Mistress pulls in the back from work. I great her with a smile and a hello. I dont want to hug you Maam, I am sweaty and need a shower. Thats OK little one, I want a shower too, its been a rough day and I think a shower is what I need. OK Mistress, I will shower when you are done. Mistress looks at me with that smile and says, why dont we have one together? I look at her beaming and agree that is a great idea. That way I can I can wash her and she can just relax. I quickly put everything away and escort Mistress inside.

I go to my room and take my clothes off. I walk into her room to make sure She is ready. She is. She takes me by the hand and go down the hall to the bathroom. She walks inside and notices right away how clean it is. She even noticed the freshly washed towels. She looks back at me and gives me a kiss and tells me what a great job I did in there. I lean in the shower, turning on the water as Mistress reaches over and starts to play with my clit ring from behind. I smile and I mean a big smile.

We get into the shower and just hold each other for a bit. We kind of play with each other with the soap and start to discuss the day. Mistress tells me to go first. I tell her everything that happenedduring the day. I decide not to tell her about her roses. She may not even notice anyway. I tell her that after I shower, I want to go lay out in the sun. She says, Thats a great idea, I think Ill join you. I ask her how her day was. As Mistress talks, I wash her all over, using the puff and making sure I get every inch of her body, concentrating on her pussy. I can tell she is enjoying it because there are pauses in her speech. I lean down, turn off the shower and grab a towel. I dry Mistress off so she can get ready to go outside. Once she is off to her room to dress, I dry myself off.

By the time I am dried and walk to my room, Mistress has her sun suit on. I go to my room and Mistress walks toward the other end of the house. From the kitchen I hear Mistress mumble something about the kitchen looking great. I hear the oven door squeak. Uh oh, I didnt think she would look. Mistress says something loud, Babe, why didnt the oven get done? I yell back from the bedroom that I would do it tomorrow, that I wanted to get the garden done. Mistress seems OK with that.

I hear her move around a bit. All of a sudden she screeches from the living room. BABE she calls, get in here right now. I yell back that I am not dressed yet. I dont care, get in here now! I walk to the living room, but not all the way as I am not dressed. I havent had a chance to put my swimsuit on yet. Mistress tells me to stand beside her. I go, shyly, but I go because I know she is upset. She grabs a handful of hair and points to her roses. What the hell happened there? I dont say anything. She pulls harder on my hair and demands to know what happened. I start to talk but it comes out quietly. As she pulls harder, my voice gets louder. I explain to her that I was careless mowing the lawn because I was watching a child playing close to the road. Was there a parent with the child Mistress asks. I told her there was, but the mother instinct in me made me watch. She said she didnt care about the mother instinct, that there was a parent there and that I shouldnt have been so careless. I tried to look at Mistress, but I cant move my head. I am truly sorry Mistress, I promise to be careful from now on. Next time you WILL be, but that doesnt excuse what happened this time. The worst part is that you didnt even bother telling me, you let me find out on my own. I start to speak and she puts her hand over my mouth, I dont want to hear it.

Mistress starts to pull me along by the hair. We walk to the kitchen. She forces me to the kitchen sink, facing me out the window. She lets go of my hair and I relax a bit. You move one muscle and things will
just get worse. I stand completely still as Mistress leaves the kitchen. I hear some rustling around in the playroom. My heart starts to race again. I have no idea what is in store. I hear footsteps coming toward me. I continue staring straight ahead because I dont want to upset Mistress any further. I can feel her behind me as she reaches up and puts on a blindfold on me, tight. Then puts my slave collar on me, tight, almost choking me, with a small chain attached to the front of it. She then grabs my right arm, pulls it back and puts the wide leather wrist cuff on, tight. She then does the same to the left arm. She hands me an ankle cuff and orders me to put it on. I do as I am told. Make sure its tight, I dont need you getting out of it. I do as I am told. She then hands me the other one. I fasten that one real tight as well. I can definitely feel them there.

Once again she grabs me by the hair and we start to walk. Oh no I think, we are walking toward the back door. Mistress, where are we going? Well you little bitch, you wanted to go out and get some sun didnt you? I reply by saying, but Mistress I have nothing on. I know that, thats the whole idea. You will get all the sun you want and more. I think a few hours in the sun will make you think about what you have done. A few hours Mistress? Tan lines Maam. I will have the tan lines on my neck, wrist and ankles. Mistress just says calmly that she doesnt care, that she wasnt the one that was being careless and ruin her roses.

We get outside and tells me to lay down on my back on the blanket that she has set out. I do so. She takes my wrists and attaches them to the posts on the patio. She takes one ankle and pulls it to the side and attaches it to another post, then the other ankle. I am laying spread eagle on the patio. Mistress, what about the neighbors? So, they will all see you, problem?

I dont dare argue with her and say, no Maam I didnt think so. I feel her hand on the chain of my collar. She pulls it down and attaches it to my clit ring. Oh great I think to myself, a tan line there too? Just when I think she is done, she pulls the chain a bit tighter. This is not only embarrassing, but uncomfortable.

Mistress takes a step back and looks at me. Very nice, but we are missing one thing. I hear her walk back into the house. A few minutes later she returns and I feel her bend down and insert a vibrator into my pussy. Ugh oh, and there is now something cold near my ass. Shes putting a butt plug into me too. She returns to a standing position and says, That should do it she says. Ill see you in a while. WAIT I cry out, you are going to leave me like this? Yes? But I thought you wanted to get some sun too Mistress? No, you made me lose my appetite for the sun. I hear he take steps away from me and then it stops. I hear her say, by the way, dont bother raises your voice, the neighbors will hear you. Oh good point, I dont really want them to see me like this.

A while goes by and I hear footsteps again. Its Mistress I can tell. I think, good, she has come to let me go. Without saying a word, she releases all the bindings including the chain leading from my collar to my clit ring. She orders me to roll over on to my tummy. I do it. Mistress attaches everything again making sure everything is secure. She takes the chain that is still attached to my clit ring and pulls it up my back and hooks it to the back og my collar. She notices the butt plug has slipped out a bit. I gasp as she pushes it hard inside me again. Then when I think she is going to leave again, I feel the leather strap hit my ass. Not once, but 5 times, on each cheek. That is for letting the butt plug out a bit. See you in a while babe. Spread eagle on my tummy now, she is really upset about the flowers.

Mistress has left me alone again. I lay there, trying to think of ways making it up to her. I cant think of anything. I guess this is my punishment. God I am never going to be that careless about her roses again.

Some time passes and again I hear footsteps. My blindfold is removed. I look and it is Mistress. I have just had about 6 phone calls from neighbors wondering what is going on. I explained that I have a slave that is being punished for something that was done. They all seemed to understand and a couple of them even wanted to come and play with you. I told them that that would be too good for you. I can feel my face turning red in embarassment.

Mistress leans down and releasing the bindings again. She orders me to stand. Once I am on my feet, a bit wobbly from being spread as I was, she grabs a handful of hair again. She leads me to the kitchen. Its cold in here Mistress. I know, I put the air conditioning on. Just get get dinner ready. She takes the foot long chain we have in the kitchen and attaches it to my ankle cuffs. She then takes the 10 foot long chain that is attached to the floorboard by the sink and clips it to the ankle chain. She warns me that I had better not try to undo it. Oh, by the way, the kids are going to a friends place for dinner and wont be here until 8.

I get dinner ready and serve Mistress her dinner. She straps me to a chair while she eats. She is enjoying her dinner, good I think to myself. After dinner she frees me from the chair and I clean up the dishes. She goes into her room. As she walks away, she tells me that once everything in the kitchen is done, I can unhook the chain for my ankles and to join her in her room. About 15 minutes later, I unhook the chain and walk down the hall. I get to her door, it is open but I tap on it anyway. She puts her book down and tells me to join her on her bed. I go to her bed and sit on the edge of it. Mistress instructs me to take off the cuffs, including my collar. When I have completed that, she tells me to lay down beside her. I do. I can feel her eyes all over me and she says. babe, you are beat red from the sun. I know Mistress, I can feel it. Mistress reaches over to her bedside table and grabs the lotion. Just lay still and I will help ease the pain. Than you Mistres. Mistress starts at my feet and rubs lotion all over me, it feels so good. Babe, you may sleep her with me tonight, Master can sleep in your bed tonight.

I hear the kids come in and Mistress tells me to keep still and she will get them off to bed. Twenty minutes later she returns to tell me they are down for the night and has left a note for Master telling him that I am hers for the night, sleep in Babes bed. We lay in each others arms for a while and we start to play with each other. We begin to make love, orgasming at the same time. We colapse to the bed. We laid there
for a while and ended up falling asleep.

I woke at first light to see Master over us with a smile.

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