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diseberang hati

He fixed a romantic dinner, candle light and wine, and spent the day cleaning the house to perfection. Mistress has very high standards. As he started to fill her glass, he heard her at the door. Softly, he sat the bottle down and hurried to greet Mistress. "Good evening Mistress" he says as he kneels at her feet. He leans down reverently and kisses her feet one at a time. "May I please take your coat for you?" "Yes", she replies.

He rises and takes her coat and hangs it in the hall closet, returning quickly to her. Mistress walks walk past him to the dining room, and sees the beautifully set table with a steaming dinner. S gives him an approving nod and waits by her chair looking at him silently. He moves to her seat pulls her chair out for her. Mistress nods and sits. He adusts her chair for her.

"May I serve you Mistress?" "Yes, please do" she replies. He prepares her plate with great care and attention. He then places it in front of her and finishes filling her glass. "Join me", she says. "Thank you Mistress he says as he seats himself. As he starts to pick up the bottle, she stops him. "No wine for you today pet. Tonight you will have champagne." A smile crosses her lips. "My champagne. Get your special glass dear."
He rises and returns with the ornately decorated glass used for "special" drinks and places it in front of Mistress, kneeling again at her feet. Mistress pushes her seat back and slides to the edge of her chair. "Are you worthy of my champagne pet?" "I strive to always be worthy of you Mistress." "Have you attended to your duties?" "With great care Mistress." She glances around the room. It is sparkling and dust free, and dinner is perfect. "All is as you ordered Mistress." She smiles warmly. "You have earned your reward pet," she says as she picks up the glass and places it between her legs just below her shrine. As he stares into her eyes, he hears the trickle start, then the full flow; the cup is filling with her golden nectar. He smiles, knowing he is being blessed with a precious gift.

When her flow stops, she places the glass on the table and points her finger silently to her wet slit. No words are needed, he knows his task. He licks her tenderly and lovingly, cleaning her, lapping up every trace. When she is satisfied, she tells him to return to his seat. As he sits, he fills his plate. They dine and she tells him the details of her day. He listens attentively, absorbing every detail. It is his love and devotion that push him to please her in every way. "May I Mistress?" he asks as he gestures to his glass. "Yes, pet, you may." "Thank you Mistress", he quietly replies. He sips slowly from the glass, savoring it's heady flavor. Her vegetarian diet is evident in its taste. It is slightly strong, but delicious. He quickly finishes his meal, and continues to sip his champagne. The liquid crosses his lips and over his tongue. He savors the taste. He is thirsty for I, knowing it is hers and it is a gift.

Mistress finishes her meal. As he looks up, he notices her glass has emptied. He quickly rises and refills it. She smiles at the gesture. He is so attentive. "Finish and clean up this mess. I will call you from the bedroom when I require more from you" she says. "Yes Mistress." She takes her glass and retreats to the bedroom. He quickly cleans the dishes and tidies the dining room, then kneels to finish his champagne silently. He is peaceful, Tranquil, but an excitement rises inside. He knows when she gives him this direction, there is more to come. He finishes his drink and washes the glass, then returns to his position kneeling waiting for her to summon him.

After what seems an eternity, he hears her call for him. He rises and moves gracefully to their bedroom door, and knocks softly. "Enter", he hears. He opens the door slowly, the lights are off, there are two candles lit on the dresser and a single chair placed in the middle of the room. She enters the room from the bathroom. His eyes open wide and his jaw is slack. He has no words. She is dressed in thigh high black boots, a short gray skirt, and white blouse with a gray blazer, with insignias on the collar and on her head, a military looking hat, her makeup is immaculate and her lips, full and deep red. He recognizes the outfit. She is a nazi. She looks at him and smiles silently. A sinister smile.

"Sit", she says. He moves to the chair and sits. She moves behind him and then approaches him. He feels something being fitted over his head. It is a restraint. The leather strap around his head is attached to a metal rod below it. Further down the rod are two eyelets. She fastens leather restraints around his wrist then binds them to the pole.

His head is now secured in place. She moves in front of him and binds his legs to the chair legs. Now, he is helpless......immobile. She moves in front of him and sits on the side of the bed, crossing her sexy legs.

As she stares at him, she does something he has never seen. She picks up a golden case and opens it. It is a cigarette case, but she doesn't smoke. Ah, for effect, he reasons. She withdraws one cigarette and it is very long and all white, feminine. She places it between her red lips then lights it, inhaling slowly. Her eyes riveted to his the whole time. She exhales. His excitement is rising. She rises and walks to his front again. Standing there, she lets the cigarette dangle from her lips. She is a mixture of Marlene Deitrich and Frau Braun, a vision to be sure. As she looks at him, her eyes narrow. An evil look crosses her face. There is no love or happiness there. It is sinister.

"Now, you will tell me what I want to know. You will answer me quickly and truthfully. If you do, this will be over quickly and you will not be harmed. If you lie or hesitate, it will cause you pain beyond what you know pain to be." They have played with bondage before, but pain has never been explored. He is slightly nervous, wondering where this is going. "I found certain information in your briefcase today, and I want an explanation. There are phone numbers there which were traced to American operatives. Who are you working for?" "Um......they are just work numbers Mistress. She slaps him hard on the face, her leather gloved fingers stinging and leaving a deep crimson print on his face "Mistress!" What do you think I am, some whore who does this for kicks? You are a fool!" He is confused, unsure what to say. "You will address me as Frau Hilder. Understand?" "Yes Frau Hilder", he replies.

"Now, tell me about these numbers. Understanding the role he is to play now, he replies

"They are nothing, they are just numbers to my work." "You lie", she says. "We traced the numbers. You are working for the enemy. You have lied already and defied me. Now you will learn that is not a good course to pursue." She turns and walks to the desk in the corner and picks up a surgical scalpel then returns. "I am going to show you what it means to betray me." She places the blade to his chest, above his nipple. It is razor sharp as she pushes the blade in slightly. It pierces the skin, and a drop of blood wells there. She slowly draws the blade down. He jerks in his bonds and a painful groan comes from his lips. The blade continues down, making a 2 inch cut. As she pulls the blade away, the blood trickles down his chest. He is in shock. He knows he can say red and end it yet, something inside won't allow it. He is silent. A tear forms in his eye.

"Now, I will ask again", she says. She takes a deep drag and blows the smoke in his face then flicks her ashes on his lap. "Perhaps you prefer the heat of my cigarette?" "No, please!" "Talk! Tell me what I want to know." He hesitates in his confusion. She picks up the blade and with her free hand, she lifts his testicles, stretching them. She places the blade at the top of them and stares at him. "It would be a shame to remove such a nice fine specimen of masculinity", she says. He is not sure how far she will go with this, his mind thinking quickly. "I uh.......I will talk." She removes the blade but squeezes his testicles firmly, making him wince. She releases her grasp on him and folds her arms, placing her cigarette between her lips again.

I was sent here to collect information on your movements." "So, you are a spy. You admit it. The penalty for spying is death, surely you know this." "No, not a spy. Not your troop movements. Your movements." "Oh? And who am I to believe sent you?"

I cannot say, but it is from your own government." She turns and leaves the room. He thinks the scene is over, she is tired of it and will release him after she changes. He hears her in the bathroom, but cannot tell what she is doing. After a long wait, she returns

She has changed outfits. Instead of the uniform, now she is dressed in a leather teddy with stockings and boots. His eyes are drawn to her crotch. Dangling there is a large black cock strapped to her waist. His eyes bulge in fear. They have spoken of anal, but he is not comfortable with that idea. It seems a threat to his manhood. Her long hair now hangs loosely around her shoulders, a stark difference from the bun hidden under her uniform hat earlier.

She releases his legs and helps him stand then leads him to the bed and has him lie face down, with his knees drawn under him. She fastens a link between his ankles and his hands. He is effectively hogtied now. She gets on the bed behind him. He feels her weight there, then he feels something cool and wet dripping onto his ass; it is the lube.

"God, she is really going to do this", he thinks. She runs her fingers up and down his crack. He flinches each time her nails cross his rosebud. Then, she slides one finger in him slowly, deliberately. He moans softly, feeling himself open. Slowly, she inserts a second finger. She is giving him time to adjust to the intrusion. A moment later, the fingers are withdrawn. He feels suddenly empty, missing the caress of her fingers.

She rises on her knees and moves forward, her cock head touches his hole and he tries to move forward away from it. She grabs his hips and pulls him back. Her cock presses into his opening slowly. He feels the pressure as his hole slowly starts to open to accommodate the intruder. It is large. A pain is growing in his ass as it is stretched. Just as he thinks he cannot bear it any more, the head slips in past the ring of muscle and he relaxes a bit. She slowly presses forward an inch at a time until it is buried deep in him.

She pushes in to the hilt until her thighs are pressing against his ass. He is impaled completely on her pole. She reaches up and grabs his hair. "So, my government wants you to watch me do they?" She slams forward to accentuate the question. "You expect me to believe this story?" "Ungh!" He feels the pain as she pushes forward, stretching his insides. "Yes, it is true, I swear." "And why would they want you to follow me?"

She starts to slide the cock back out slowly, then pushing back in, establishing a slow in and out rhythm. His mind is foggy. The cock is stretching him, but the pain is turning to pleasure. He cannot stay focused. Her patience is wearing thin and her passion is rising, her pussy dripping its dew over the harness. She is soaked. Each forward thrust presses the base of the cock against her clit and sends ripples of pleasure through her body. She starts to push harder and quickens her pace, her cock sliding in and out quickly. She is fucking him like a common trollop, using his ass as though he were a street prostitute.

"Now, tell me who sent you!" As she pounds into his ass, he struggles to talk. "Tell me or I will rip your ass apart and you will have a colostomy bag for the rest of your life.

"It was Herr Gimler." She can feel her orgasm approaching and starts to pound into him mercilessly. It is rising within her. "Gimler? Gimler sent you here?" "Yes Frau Hilder." A vision crosses her mind of being taken in by the Gestapo for crimes against the government. Gimler is the SS agent who runs the regional area.

She cannot hold it back any longer. She screams as her pussy contracts and her orgasm overtakes her. She humps erratically in his ass, driving him forward with each thrust.

As her orgasm subsides, she slows her thrusts finally stopping, buried deep inside him. She is sated. A glow covers her being as she slowly withdraws from him then releases his ankles. He stretches his legs out from under him feeling the relief as the circulation returns. "Oh my god babe that was such a hot scene", he says. "Hmmmmm you liked that did you?" "Oh yes, you were wonderful!" She moves to the head of the bed and sits in front of his face. Her cock is still protruding menacingly from her. "So, you like my cock?" "Yes, it was great!" "Good I am glad to hear that." She reaches to the night stand and retrieves another cigarette, lighting it and exhaling right in his face. She is in her zone. "Since you like my cock so much I think you need to clean it. You got it dirty with your worthless ass." He looks up at her. "I need you to release my arms so I can get the wash cloth." Smiling at him, she again blows smoke in his face then grabs his hair. "No, you don't need a cloth. Use your mouth slut. She pulls his mouth to her cock quickly. He has no time to react. It is in his mouth and he tastes himself there. It is musky and strong, tart.

"Suck it slut!" she commands. Slowly, he starts to slide his mouth up and down the shaft tasting the remnants from his ass there. He is fighting the urge to gag. She is making him eat his own shit and he is getting sick. Grabbing his head she forces him up and down fucking his mouth. "Lick it clean bitch boy, I want my cock taken care of."

He continues his ministrations. When she finally feels he has been properly humiliated, she releases her grip on him and pushes his head away. He looks up at her again. She puts her cigarette out then looks back smiling at him. "My, my, my, I think we have reached new ground tonight honey." He smiles. "Yes Mistress, thank you." "You are my pet, aren't you?" "Yes Mistress. "And you will do anything I want? Deny me nothing?" "Of course, Mistress." "Such a good pet." She releases his bonds then pulls him to her, cuddling him softly. Her fingers tracing patterns over his back, then softly strokes his hair. She kisses his forehead. "I love you pet." "I love you too Mistress.................

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