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6/7/2006 4:59 pm
because of you

The darkness beginning to crush me, my face was getting torn as I ran through the thick dense woods, I slipped and my shoe came off but I could hear them behind me so I carried on stumbling through the darkness as their voices just got louder and louder as they drew ever closer.

All I remember is a heavy blow to the back of my head and then waking up here, well just know where was here.

I looked around the room and noticed it was a very plain small dark room a dirty old mattress shoved on the floor, no covers no nothing,,,,, then it dawned on me,,,,,,,,I knew where I was, I remembered running through the woods oh no it cant be please don't say its true,,,,,,,,,,,,, they had captured me.

Being a spy for British intelligence this was the worst possible outcome for me, I knew I should never have pushed my cover but it was the only way I was going to get the co-ordinates of enemy weapon stocks, now look at me,,,, tattered cut bleeding striped of every possession even my hair band. My blonde hair ran down my back in tangled strands and my shirt and skirt where torn beyond repair.

I sat and wondered at the predicament I now found myself in I huddled up into a little ball on my dirty mattress and waited.

I jumped with a start as the door of my little room banged open and in the doorway was a huge woman dressed in the usual German attire brandishing a long riding crop which looked well used. She marched into the room and grabbed me by my hair I struggled and kicked out to no avail as she lashed my bare thighs with the crop over and over till they were red raw and bleeding, then dragged me down a long dark corridor into a huge room with a small metal cage hung from the ceiling and all sorts of unimaginable things hanging from the walls a selection of every whip and torture device I had ever known and a few I had never seen neither did I wish to meet.

She pushed me to the ground and ordered me to strip, I just sat there horrified I dared not move I had such a small frame and she was huge tapping the crop on the side of her leg she came towards me and hit me with it across my back over and over and I writhed on the floor in pain.

She moved away "strip" she ordered so I took my clothes off one by one and my face redden with embarrassment as she stood there ogling my naked reddend flesh.

"Stand" she ordered and I did as I was told, the door opened and 3 large heavily built men walked into the room and proceeded to sit down in a little row of chairs near a funny looking slanted table.

"feet in the rests face down on the table" I just stared at her I didn't have clue what she wanted not a clue, then I felt the cold used leather of the crop on my naked flesh again and the men sat there and watched as she cut open my back with every blow dealt.

"feet in the rests face down on the table" she looked at me I hobbled over to the table and noticed small rests at the foot of it and arm places engraved into the wood along with the shape of the body so I was nestled inside it unable to move the men moved forward and pulling out leather straps from the table near my arms and feet tied me tightly up to the table my body slanted forward I could see nothing my head buried inside this wooden contraption and then strapped down tight so I couldn't move a muscle.

I felt their hands pawing my back and my bottom then I shudder as I felt something cold and wide inserted into my bum hole. I tried to wince and move as I felt this horrid cold liquid pumped deep inside my rectum,
My whole body started to cramp up as this foul liquid was pumped deep inside me and my face redden as the reality hit me of what it was they were doing. I clenched my buttocks tightly as I didn't want to embarrass myself by letting the liquid out of me and at the same time letting anything else slip out with it, the men who were there stood and watched as the plug was removed and I was left there trying in desperation to clench as tightly as I could so as not to let a single drop out, but the time passed so slowly and the cramps inside me began to get much more painful and intense, then from behind I felt the immense torture of a whip or lash hit my bare buttocks making me wince and scream, and for that one split second I relaxed my buttocks and the whole disgusting lot came pouring out of me, I could hear the lumps as they hit the floor and the cramps in my stomach got less intense as the liquid was pouring out from my hole.

I could here the men behind me sneering and making comments and the blood rushed to my face as the sheer embarrassment of it all crept across my burning cheeks.

I felt a large hand untie me and I saw their faces as the laughed at me, just sitting there smiling. In my hand was thrust a mop I was slapped cruelly across the face and told to clean my fucking mess up, I looked at the women,,,, then I looked at the line of men and I was going to for one second protest to my treatment but the thought of the crop against my cruelly battered skin made me think twice, I swallowed my pride a little and began mopping as the remains of the enema were still trickling out and running down my leg.

"get back on the table" the women said to me, I looked at her and my body began to shiver the faces of the men didn't tell me anything they just sat and smiled.

I winced in pain as the full force of the riding crop was once again bought down on my pale beaten skin and I hit the floor out of sheer shock and pain,

"get back on the table" she said again looking at me, I arose slowly and proceeded to mount myself on the sloping table again, just as before face down knees open and the men stood up and secured me to it.

Again I felt their hands roll over my skin, slipping deep into every crevice, I could hear them mumbling to themselves but I couldn't make out what they were saying,

This time I prepared myself for the cold feeling of the enema plug and clenched my buttocks appropriately in absolute anticipation of the cold intrusive liquid.

I winced in pain as the riding crop came beating down against my skin I felt it cutting and lacerating my back at every stroke I was screaming and screaming pleading for release begged her, my entire face screwed up in excruciating pain,

Tears flooding down my face as I felt each and every individual blow cutting deeper and deeper at my back, at that moment if they had asked me for information I would have willingly provided it.

After what seemed like a decade although in reality was probably just a few minutes I was untied and my limp cut and bruised body fell to the ground with a thud. I had nothing left no energy nothing. My body was dragged to the outer room where the cage was and I was placed inside it. It was so small my body could barley fit even though I was bent in half my knees up to my chin I hadn't an ounce of room to move, but for the moment I wasn't bothered about moving I just wanted to be still and let the agony and the pain subside.

I must have slept as when I came to my senses my body ached so much and I had severe cramp in every muscle in my body due to the confined space I tried to move and find a comfortable position but the limited space prevented any movement to alleviate my ongoing suffering, I called out for help I pleaded for release I sobbed and cried and wailed like an infant but there was no-one there.

No-one to come and release me from this torture.
In agony I lay there waiting for someone to come and when they finally did I started to rethink what my wishes were.

2 large men entered the room with the huge female guard from the day before, the men were at least 6/7 foot tall and massively built and dressed like they meant business.

They approached the cage and stared at me muttering something beneath their breaths I couldn't quite catch, one of the guys grabbed my face through the bars I couldn't even move my head away there wasn't any room, he forced his fingers into my cheeks prying my mouth open wide then the other guy came over and unzipped his trousers grabbed his cock in his hand and began to urinate into my mouth. The thought disgusted me and I was gagging and spitting and spluttering, but I couldn't move, I couldn't get away from him and he just stood there and relieved himself inside my mouth as the other held my mouth open, then he tilted my head back so I could do nothing but try and spit it out, failing miserably I had no other choice but to swallow and gag on his piss.

He moved back once he had done and the other who was holding my mouth open let me go and took his trousers down then began to piss all over my sore cut lacerated flesh I could do nothing to prevent his hot steaming piss from leaking into the cuts in my skin and stinging every inch of my body as it splashed over me I closed my eyes and just whimpered as there was nothing else I could do.

Once they had done they moved over to a long flat wooden table and began what looked like preparing it,, on a little table at the side they placed several implements none of which I got a good look at and the began bolting things to the side of the table I was so scared I was in so much excruciating pain I wondered if it was physically possible to get any worse than it already was.

In my precarious position when one of the men moved behind me I couldn't see what he was doing, I felt a long warm finger caress my butt crevice then I felt something slipped inside my anus it wasn't large or warm just something small I hadn't a clue until I felt something deep inside me fizzing, my face redden again as the thought that they've put a suppository inside me to rid me of anything else which the enema may have left, ran through my mind.

The sheer embarrassing fact crept over me as the fizzing got worse and I could feel it doing its job and my stomach began to cramp up yet again aching as I tried to clench my buttocks tight but in this small confined space it was impossible.

I was released finally from the cage and dragged over the, well what now looked like a torture device and they dragged me down and roped me up tethering me face down on the table knees bent up so awkward it was humiliating and extremely painful after my night of confinement I needed my muscles to be stretched out to ease the cramps.

Here I was left for sometime while they prepared things, most of which I couldn't see, that which I could I didn't enjoy the sight of much. Again my pitiful and now severally marked body was beaten and flogged with every type of flogger I could ever have imagined and some I wouldn't have thought of in my wildest dreams, or rather nightmares.

My head pulled up high as to increase to me discomfort made it impossible for me to resist the surgical vice which they placed inside my mouth to wrench it open and secure my teeth out of harms way this I dreaded as one of the men approached me yet again dropped his trousers and knelt down on the floor in front of me and forced his throbbing hard cock deep inside my mouth, he rammed it as deep as he could till I was gagging and literally being sick but he just kept going slapping my face if I tried to pull away forcing himself deeper and deeper inside me my mouth with so much force it was hitting the very back of my throat. Once he had finished the other man came up and repeated the same procedure on me, by this time I couldn't breath he was so much longer and wider than the other one and he rammed it inside with just as much force I could feel my throat open and close trying to make me sick the intruding object out, it was impossible all I could do was lye there and except my torture as I couldn't even verbally ask for release.

Finally once they had finished they untied me much to my relief but I wasn't relived for long as they pinned me to the floor and began roping me up gagging me and dragging me over to the corner of the room where the lavatory was all I wanted to do was scream and plead but I was unable due to the massive ball gag in my mouth then the tied me up the wall and began to hose me down covering my split tortured skin yet again opening the cuts and washing them I guess with the hose.

By now all I wanted to do was lye down and die, every inch of my body either ached or stung and my calf and thigh muscles had been cramped up that long I could barley feel my feet.

I was glad of the rest when they left me tied to that toilet my body slumped to a heap on the floor and I must have either fitted or fainted I don't know but I was out of it for a long while.

I curled up in pain as I was kicked cruelly in the stomach but my eyes lit up when the small meagerly plate of food was thrown on the ground in front of me, I sat up and started to shovel the leftovers into my mouth then looked around and remembered where I was right at the side of the toilet which, now it was damp and the heat of the day had hit, was stinking and rotten but tethered to it I had no choice but to eat there and licked my plated clean, scraping the last scraps off with my fingertips into my mouth.

I noticed the men watching me eat but I didn't care I was so hungry, but looking round I noticed they had made a few modifications to the table which they had me tied and tethered to earlier and my heart sank now it looked even more horrific with a large wooden block placed at the end my whole body shudder as I studied the details.

The men noticed me studying the new table modifications and laughed at me trying to imagine what cruel possibilities this one had.

Soon they approached me and dragged me to my feet, I was dreading this moment and fought out wildly kicking and scratching at them, but they just laughed till I caught one in the chest with a good swift kick they walked away from me and rang a large metal bell on the side of the wall. In no less than a few seconds the huge built women appeared with the dreaded riding crop tapping at her side and my heart sank through the floor I tried to stand and show my willingness to co-operate but she didn't care she took the crop firmly in her hand and lashed at my already torn and lacerated skin, I sunk to the ground and tried to curl up into a tight ball but it didn't stop her from beating my back further.

"Stand" she demanded I dare not defy her and so although it pained me greatly to do it I stood up my legs shaking like they were made of jelly, she smiled an evil wicked smile at me turned and left the room.

The guys came towards me and led me over to the table again spread my legs and lay me down on my back so I was face up. They placed the huge wooden tower between my legs and hoisted and tied my arms above my head, then they placed two pieces of wood at the side of my head and clamped my head tightly so I couldn't move, then they tied my feet tightly around the wooden tower taking away the only bit of movement I had left .

My breast were tightly bound open with coarse rope which cut into my skin, then one of the guys moved forward and blindfolded me.

I couldn't wriggle but I could cry and beg for mercy ask for my release ,but I knew it was no use they didn't care they probably couldn't understand me so I lay there bound and tethered. Although it wasn't as painful as the previous positions in which they placed me it was the most open and vulgar and embarrassing as now my whole body was at their mercy to ogle and to touch but they didn't come near me they just left me there while they bustled about around me, up to what I did not know.

I suddenly felt a burning sensation all over my stomach I could see what it was but it was painful, just for a second then it eased the thoughts running through my mind of what it was, was more unbearable than the torture and the pain its self, what if they were scaring me what if it was something horrid to maim me for life??? Would I ever find out?

I heard the door open after a while and the heavy footsteps of someone approaching, "untie her, and stand her up" she ordered I was shaking I knew the voice well it was the female guard I was promptly released from my capture and was forced to kneel in front of her.

She held my face in her hands" what a pretty little thing, such a shame to loose such a face" I started to quiver and shake in her hands and she felt it.

"please, please I beg you let me go" I said to her with the most pitiful expression upon my face.

" I shall my dear I shall, all I want to know is where your army is based the co-ordinates that is it and I promise I will release you." She looked into my eyes and I could see the was this sick women enjoyed doing what she was doing to me I knew it would make her happy if I didn't say a word as then she could continue to punish me all the more get herself off by watching the horrific things they were doing to me.

I thought about it for a while and decided that they had probably moved on or made themselves known by now anyway so if I gave them to her it wouldn't hurt the only one getting hurt here was me.

I looked her in the eyes and tears started to flow down my cheeks and I spat them out at her then I sunk to the floor as she smiled and left the room.

The two men were laughing as they picked me up and shoved me into that god awful cage again then they left me, it wasn't long before the cramps took over everything I could think about and I had to urinate through the bars feeling it dripping down my legs.

It must have been more than day or so I was left there no food no air no stretching of my poor cramped aching muscles, during the afternoon it was very hot, the sun shone through the bars on the windows and heated the room to a stifling temperature, every now and again someone would walk through and use the toilet in the room then hurry out again because of the over powering stench, and several times I was sick which only added to the smell.

I was crying bitterly in pain as they came through the door and opened my cage, dragging me out, they stood me up and held me there as I was writhing in their hands in excruciating pain a man one whom I had not seen before looked at me then prodded and poked my body. After he was satisfied with whatever he was looking for he nodded to the guys and I was blindfolded and gagged and hauled away down the corridor into the courtyard, into what must have been a van of some sort and driven for what seemed like miles.

When the van stopped the door opened and my blindfold removed but not my ball gage that was kept on and I saw a large building with huge wooden doors which I was led through.

I was walking down a pristine white corridor with loads of doors on either side the floor had sky blue tiles on it and there were people walking around wearing masks looking like doctors and nurses, my heart skipped a beat as I was led into a medium sized room with a bed right in the middle and a few chairs on either side the bed was definitely a hospital bed I was chained up under a shower which was placed in the corner of the room and it was turned on I stood there as the frozen water flowed over my battered body.

Once I was clean I was dragged over to the bed and my naked body was hurled onto it, thick straps where bought round from each side and they tied me down fast my hands and arms were pinned down tightly then they bought out the surgical stirrups for my feet, my legs were tied and bound around the metal arms of the stirrups and my feet secured inside them holding my legs wide open leaving my entire body open and exposed to the elements.

I watched as a man dressed like a doctor flicked a rubber glove on and rammed it deep inside my pussy using his other hand to press my stomach down firmly he was muttering under his breath then he nodded to the guards and they left the room, while he stood there looking at me taking it all in.

He buzzed a bell at the side of my bed and a nurse appeared he told her to fetch me some food and the equipment needed for new arrivals.

When she returned she was carrying a tray which was covered with a cloth and a bottle of some liquid which she placed above the bed and into my mouth forcing me to drink it. It was foul, tasted like rotting fish I spat it out immediately, she laughed at me then went over to the tray and fetched a long tube which was forced right down my throat and the other end she poured in the foul tasting liquid, well at least this way I couldn't taste it but I hated that pipe, made me feel like wrenching.

The doctor lifted the cloth and produced a speculum which he inserted inside me and he had a good look inside my sore throbbing cunt.

Then he dropped the leaf of the bed so my bottom end was hanging and rammed a pipe up my ass and gave me an enema yet again. He held a bucket beneath me while the lumps and liquid poured out of me.
I turned my head as this was going off the embarrassment was too much I felt so humiliated and dirty, I was glad when he had done and had left but I was still tethered to the bed.

It wasn't long before the door opened and a line of men entered the room the door was kept open and the line seemed to disappear out of it, they were all naked and some had massive erect penises I looked at them and my body shook in terror, tied as I was there was no escape and gagged as I was there was no refusing,
the men did exactly what they pleased some of them fucked me, some fucked my ass,some of them pinned my mouth open and fucked my mouth hard and cruelly and some of them either sat there or stood there and masturbated but before each of them came he would approach me and insert his cock deep inside me and filled me with his cum,

over and over they did this loads of them abused me every which way sometimes 4 or more at a time in each hole grasping at me pawing my body as they talked and laughed some of them even slapped me or grasped my breasts so tightly and ground them horribly till they were as sore as every other part of my body.

By that stage my ass hurt and was wet through from all the cum which had dribbled out of my pussy, which was so sore after having god knows how many men ram me as hard as possible.

I was so wet and felt so dirty and used by so many men, too many to count had totally abused me inside and out, when they were gone I was relived and yet so fed up, as I was left tethered to the bed with the flap down my legs hanging there and the bucket beneath me for when I had to go embarrassing wasn't the word for it, it was totally and utterly humiliating.

What little sleep I did get that night was interrupted by screams of pain coming from down the corridor, women screaming out in absolute agony and the patter of feet as the doctors and nurses hurried around they didn't scream for long as the screams turned to muffled sounds, and it fell relatively quiet and I would try again to get some sleep.

In the morning the nurse came in and pushed the tube down my throat again and force fed me that vial liquid then she got a bucket and some cold water and washed my genitals down which where stinging as the water rushed over them.

The doctor came then and again he inserted his hand deep inside me and tuted telling the nurse I was far to wide down there and he would rectify that today, she smiled and looked at me then went and fetched some more surgical items on a tray and placed them on the small table near the doctors chair which he placed right in-between my legs so as to get a good view.

"Well" he said "first things first" and using what looked like a cotton bud felt around under the hood of my clitoris "nurse will you please replace the ball gag I don't wish to listen to her complaining" he said and the nurse came over and put the restrictive gag on me, I couldn't understand it I hadn't said a word I knew it was pointless asking these people not to do whatever they were going to do but it all became very clear to me.
He took a scalpel from the tray and then the waves of pain that came belting through my entire system were unbelievable as I felt him cut off the skin of the hood of my clitoris, my whole body wanted to writhe in agony but I was so securely tied up I couldn't even close my legs to restrict his access and I lay there blood dripping down my pussy lips and an immense throbbing pain surging through my body. Tears filled my eyes and I looked at him trying to beg him with the look of agony and pity on my face, but he just smiled and used a cold damp cloth to wipe away the blood from my pussy lips. His torture over and the bleeding subsided she rang for the doctor once more again he placed himself between my legs and I could feel him touching my now raw exposed clitoris then using the speculum he open my vagina up to its fullest extent my head fell back as I could feel the skin stretching and tearing as he did this, then the pain, Christ the pain as he sliced me inside from the back of the opening to the front my head banging against the bed over and over trying to relive the agony I was going through as he did this twice then I felt him pulling and tugging as he removed a long clean cut piece of flesh from my virginal canal, he inspected the piece of flesh then he inspected me and closed the speculum a little and got a needle and thread and sewed the raw canal up so the entrance was a third its normal size, the whole time my eyes streaming with tears and my head being launched in every direction trying to relieve the pain.

Once he was satisfied with his work he had the nurse untie me god it felt so good to be able to close my legs the sheer pain inside me was unbelievable and several times I thought I was going to pass out(which would have been a blessing I guess,)

They proceeded to tie me they bound my hands and feet together with restraints and curled me up into a ball then he inserted some kind of thing into me sore raw pussy and left me there.

How horrible it was to be cramped up again and still unable to move what I wouldn't have given for a night with no restraints, the searing pain rushed through my body and my pussy throbbed all night the implement didn't help at all either just made it worse but it had several drilled holes at the tips of it and so it dried my poor pussy out this was probably for healing but I hated it, it was so invasive and it made the pain so much worse.
Each morning the nurse would come and force feed me that horrid liquid and wash me down then leave this went on for about 5 days, I was left there like that every muscle cramping up over and over I wept bitterly all the time and tried now and again to roll over but for fear of falling off the table I didn't try too hard.

The doctor made an appearance on the fifth day and tied me back down eagle spread on the bed my legs were placed back in the stirrups and he inserted specula inside me to check me, satisfied he nodded to the nurse and they left the room.

After a little while the door opened and another long line of men entered the room my heart sank inside me as I saw them getting themselves ready for their 'long hard day' ahead, I so wanted to scream but I knew I couldn't, I couldn't even turn my head as one of the guys grabbed my face and forced my mouth apart to bring him off but as before they all shot their cum right inside my cunt till I was dripping and sore my cunt had only just started to heal and there were traces of blood on some of the guys penis's as they left I cringed in horror at the thought of the mess they were leaving but the pain soon overcome any worries I had and I was glad when they had left the room.

The doctor came in and checked me over and smiled then left, the nurse cleaned me up and left me tethered again all night.

The next day and the next and so on where pretty much the same over and over occasionally I was let up and made to shower in the ice cold water sometimes even made to pace the room as they changed the sheets but each night and day were the same strapped up and continuously .

After about two months of this horrific treatment the doctor came in one day to inspect me as usual and he had a massive smile across his face, he ordered the nurse to release me and I was finally taken out of that room, they led me down the corridor into a large room with many mattresses on the floor and lots of women in the room none of them bound but all looking rather miserable along the ceiling was a metal bar which I noticed ran the length of the room then disappeared into a room at the far end.

What I did notice however was we went down in grades I was left on the floor near the entrance where the women looked the same then the further you got towards the door at the opposite end the bigger and more pregnant these women were I didn't know if I was pregnant or not but it was clear the doctor thought I was and this was exactly what they wanted.

I spent every waking in that room one toilet in a corner for about 60 women all crammed in one room, occasionally one of the more heavily pregnant women would go into labor and they'd fetch her and sometimes they'd come in and pick a few and lead them out on that metal rail, but once a week we were all rounded up and shackled, hands up, tethered to the rail and queued up to go into the doctors room at the side, here he would open us up and look inside us, feeling around.

Every time we were taken into what looks like a room with a drain in the middle and shackled to a wall and given enemas the water would run constantly from the floor across it washing all traces of mess away down the drain and then wed be shipped back in line using the rail.

I watched my belly growing confirming that I was pregnant and every now and again I was moved on further down the room with the others at the same stage as me, I felt ill and horrid but at least I wasn't fed by that horrid pipe anymore, each morning they bought us individual bottles of fowl smelling stuff and handed them out we had nothing else to eat and knew we must eat it but there was a tap at the end for drinking water at least.

I grew quite big and knew it must be close, then the doctor came round and picked me out with about seven others I was chained to the ceiling with them I was about number 3 in the row and I just thought it was another check up.

How wrong could I have been, we were queued up like before then each of us released I had to watch as they took the girl in front of me and tied her down to a table then the doctor felt around inside her, then he took out what looked like a crochet hook and rammed it up inside her fiddled around and then her waters broke and the water went gushing into a bucket he had ready for it then he ordered he to be taken to a bench in the corner and tied there.

I knew I was next and sure enough I had to endure the same ordeal and I was also tied to the bench my feet tethered to a bar on the floor my movement was severally restricted but it was restricted further when all the girls where sat down and another bar bought across our chests to keep us there and I could feel the contractions start, one by one they got stronger and more intense and my insides felt like they were crushed.
Occasionally the doctor came round and in turn opened our legs and rammed his fingers up inside us to check how much progress we had made. each of us were led to a room with a drain in the middle much like the enema room with a metal bar running down the side of it and large metal rings sticking out the ground we were led to the bar and sat down on the floor the water running behind us across the floor to clean it continuously our legs were chained to the rings in the ground then a metal bar placed between our legs to spread them wide open a slanted block of wood placed behind me and my head was tied to it like a vice between two pieces of wood restricting my movement to none and making the severity of each contraction worse.

Time moved so slowly and each and every contraction grew ever more stronger and painful I was screaming and so where the others some louder than others, I could see the women who was tied directly across from me and watched her face screw up in pain more and more she had been there longer than I had, much longer I could see her belly tighten up and contort with every contraction, I could see her face as she tried to bear down but the awkward position in which we were in made it so difficult to do anything positive, tears where coming down her face and she was gagged so she couldn't scream I had full view of her pussy but it wasn't crowning yet I wondered how it could in that awful position, mine got more and more intense and I would close my eyes and grit my teeth until each one had passed waiting for them to open again so I could see how she was doing, slowly but surely I watched as the head started to crown and appear at the opening and I saw the immense pain and frustration on her face as she pushed down as hard as she could at each contraction but the awkward position meant it was either out or slipping back in a little but she persisted with it and I watched as her fanny split open and tore and the blood came rushing down as the head was finally out, the nurse came up with a towel and pulled at the babies head and got it out then cut the cord and left with the baby the poor women just lying there still pushing with all her might to rid herself of the afterbirth, she never even got to see her baby it was taken straight away. once the afterbirth was passed she had to wait while the doctor came round and untied her and then he led her out of the room.

My contractions where getting much much closer now and much more intense I closed my eyes and tried to grit my teeth but I had no choice I screamed out as loud as I could "fucking get me out of here", I was about to wish I'd kept my mouth shut the nurse appeared with a ball gag and roughly threw me head into it then she rammed her fist inside me laughing,,, she left.

The pain of the contractions seemed to last forever, but I was starting to feel the urge to push when they bought another load of girls in and tied them opposite us so they were going to cruelly watch us giving birth before they did I could see the look of horror on this young girls face only about 17 she was as she looked at my sweat covered, gagged face and saw the immense agony and sheer look of pain and tiredness on my face.

I didn't know if it was time to push or not but I felt like I had to so I started to push with each contraction the pain searing through me and I could feel every little miniscule amount of progress the baby made down the birth canal ripping me wide open due to the procedure which was carried out months before to tighten me up, just another way of adding to the immense pain and torture of my ordeal.

I was bearing down with every ounce of my strength and I could feel every rip and every tear of its progress, my face covered in sweat from the agony and hours of pain and now the pushing as I bore down though I could feel the head start to emerge, all I wanted to do was reach down and stop myself from tearing wide open and feel my babies head but tied as I was I couldn't and all I could do was push with everything I had then it happened. I felt the head come out and I panted in relief, till I saw the nurse coming down the room I wanted to scream and hit her but I could do nothing I had to lie there and push as she tore my baby from me.

As the baby emerged she did the same as before and cut the cord and took it I don't even know what sex it was.

The doctor soon came and untied me once I had delivered the afterbirth and I was led down a corridor and placed back into a small room I remembered well it was the room I was in when I first came here, he examined me then had the nurse wash my down then tied me back to that bed again.

For a few days I just lay there the nurse came in and force fed me like she used to. Then it happened one day the door opened and it was that long line of men again,,,,, all waiting to have their turn with me.

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