and there you were oh boy  

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6/1/2006 5:38 pm
and there you were oh boy

I walked in the door.. it has been a long hard day. But it hasn't ended yet. I knew what was in stall for me and I know I deserve it... There you sat waiting for me. Without a word, you take my briefcase away from me. My heart sank, not even a kiss or a 'hi!'. You then led me to the bathroom. Candles were lighted and placed all over and a hot bath was drawn with lavendar oil in it... "Take your clothes off and get in" you commanded.. the first words you've said to me all evening. I turned to you to say something, but the look in your eyes said it all.. do not say a word, just obey. And so I complied... it was easy too.. I like a hot bath when I get back home from work anyway. But I knew that this wasn't supposed to be relaxing. I got in, and you sat on the edge of the tub with the wash cloth. You allowed me to soak in the warm bath of a while, then you begin to 'scrub me down' with the cloth. You rub my back first, then my front, brushing against my nipples without stopping at it.. between my toes and under my knees... you didn't miss a spot. "Stand up and bend over"; you said. "spread your legs". You opened my folds between my legs and washed it thoroughly. I shivered as I
felt your fingers inside me.. but then I felt you move up to my rosebud and I cringed. Suddenly I felt a spank, a very hard spank, the second came as quickly and unexpected as the first.. "Relax!". I tried. I then felt your
soapy finger slip in, cleaning me. Soon the washing was over and you rub me down with a large white towel.
"Go to the bedroom and wait for me" you told me. Meekly I walked in, and stood by the bed. Before long, I heard your footsteps. You sat by the bed, and I stood between your legs, acutely aware that I was totally naked whilst you were fully clothed. Then you started to reprimand me... reminding me of what I've done, and why I deserve what is coming. I knew better to protest.. and I knew that this time, I was wrong, but it didn't stop me from dreading it.

You took my hand and then put me across your knee. My nipples brushed against your pants, my pelvis hard across your knee. You placed your left hand across my back. "Do not kick" you warned me. I felt your right hand move up, caressing me feeling the softness of my freshly bathed bum.. so white now, but not for long. You kept me waiting, and as my bum cheeks relaxed... "Swat!" the first smack came upon me... Oh it stings.. your hand is merciless as it rained spanks upon me. I tried not to kick, but I couldn't help it.. you got mad and stopped, only to hook your right legs above mine, so that I will stop kicking. I was trapped between your legs! "Spank!!".. I can feel my bum getting hotter and hotter. You stop between spanks to feel my bum, stroking it, feeling the heat.. and it somehow reassures me. I stop trying to kick. You lift your leg and put mine back across both knees and nudge my knees apart. Your fingers slip between my legs.. Wet! As usual.

I felt my bum cheeks being spread really wide. Then I felt the warm oil dribbled down, your fingers rubbed the oil in.. you inserted first one, two, pouring more oil in. Next thing I knew, I felt your fingers replaced, replaced by a harder tip, it pushed in, insistently but slowly.. you knew it was new for me. I gasp, as I try to adjust to the new feeling.. as I struggle not to push against it. It burns... Then the plug was in. You continued to spank me...harder this time. Or perhaps it felt harder, 'coz I can feel the plug in me.

"Please stop, I'll be good" I tried to plead. Of course it didn't work..Only got me more spanks. With my legs spread, you sometimes aimed the spanks on my pussy... I tried not to kick... you get mad.

"Go and kneel on the bed. Head down and legs apart," You helped me up. I climbed on to the bed and got into position. "Since you cannot stop moving, I'm gonna have to restrain you", and you tied me up. Legs spread eagled and hands to the other sides. Then you blindfolded me I can't see what you're doing. And so I strained to hear you. I waited and waited, getting more and more anxious. You move around the room. I hear drawers being opened.

"Swwwish" I heard it first, then I felt the first stroke of the cane! "OOOOHHH!!" I cried out. "You are going to get six strokes of the cane," you warned me. "SIX!" I thought to myself... how can I endure it? " You will
learn to take your punishment".

"CraaaccK!' went the second stroke. Gawwd it does hurt. Your hands run across my bum feeling the lines of the cane.

The cane met my bum four more times. Sometimes it hit the plug and that jolted me. By the fourth stroke, tears had come into my eyes and I was softly crying into the pillow. After the sixth stroke, you dropped the cane and released my bonds. You then gathered me into your arms. "Did you learn your lesson?" you asked me whilst wiping away my tears. "Yes," I softly answered. I was crying even harder now, but not 'coz of the physical pain, but from my need to be held. You knew... and rocked me in your arms, cooing at me, telling me everything is alright.

Soon I calmed down. You laid me down on my tummy, but slipped lots of pillow under it to raise my bum up high. You slipped the blindfold back on again, but this time, I wasn't anxious.. You rubbed some lotion onto my sore bum. Soon, your fingers slipped downwards, touching me, feeling my wetness. As your fingers opened my cunt lips up wide, I felt your lips kissing me. Softly at first, teasing me.. I strained not to move. Then your tongue came out, caressing me, drinking me in. Hmmmm, I can feel your tongue probing me,
then you flicked across my clit... and I moaned. You alternate between flicking, licking and sucking... you know I like it. You paused occasionally to tap on my butt plug. That sends tiny vibrations within me. You pull it out slightly and slip it back in again, causing the ring of my anus to clasp even tighter against the plug. Your fingers rub all around my cunt lips, teasing the entrance, and wet and hungry entrance.

Then, I heard the buzz, and you slipped the vibrator into me... I'm rocking...I feel so full, both of my holes filled up... ohhhh but it does feel strangely good. You slip it deep into me. It's so big, and I can feel it rub against the plug inside my other hole. Your tongue continued to lick at my clit, my erect clit as you began to pump the vibrator in and out of me. Harder and harder until, orgasm hits...waves after waves of electric pleasure soars through my body. I'm flying.


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