all night long  

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6/5/2006 5:13 pm
all night long

Mary answered a response I made to her ad in which she was looking for male slaves. She wrote with instructions to call her which I did. She sounded very mature on the phone and told me to meet her at a coffee shop to check me out. This was fine with me because this was my first encounter with a dominant (since Gloria) and I wasn't sure what to expect. I met her in Ontario, California and when I first saw her I could not believe she was a Mistress. She looked very matronly and quite a bit older than me. After we talked for about an hour she said she and a friend would see me at her house the following week while her Army husband was out of town. She explained that her friend was a very large but attractive young (early 20's) woman who Mary was "in" training. I had no idea what this meant. This was all very new to me.

I was still not sure who or what Mary was because she looked and acted very ordinary, but that changed the minute we left the restaurant. In a very stern voice she told me to get into her car. As we sat there she unzipped my fly, grabbed my cock with one hand and started fingering herself with her other hand. Within a few minutes I could see she was having an orgasm. She removed her fingers and had me suck them clean. She then told me to get on the floor between her legs and suck her clean. Her vagina was so wet I thought she peed in her pants. She locked my head between her legs and wouldn't let go till I licked her till she had another very juicy orgasm. After she released me she said that from this point on I could only address her as "Mistress". I said "you have to be kidding" and she slapped me very hard and said I needn't call her again. My attitude changed immediately and I begged her to reconsider. She finally did and said I would be punished severely for my indiscretion. If I agreed to what ever she had planned I could see her. I meekly said, "yes Mistress". My first observation of her changed dramatically, I could see she wasn't play-acting. This was to be my first true encounter with a life style Mistress.

I met with Mary and her friend for the next few years every other month or so. The only price of admission was a bottle of Vodka she had me bring each time. Her friend was always present and often seemed as much of a slave as I was, but not always.

Sessions usually lasted a few hours. I was always told to undress immediately after arriving at Mary's house and then was blindfolded and bound in various configurations. I then had to service both women as they sat on me. When not serving the two women Mary's friend was always either sucking my cock, playing with it, or tying it up. They would not let me go till I had two orgasms. This was easy at first because I was extremely aroused. Mary always made her friend drink my sperm which was very exciting. She would also have her friend and me swap my sperm after I had an orgasm by kissing each other numerous times, but her friend would always have to swallow it. I say, "had to" but she really seemed to crave it. Probably the most disgusting thing Mary made me do was suck on Tampons. The first time she brought a used Tampon she said it belonged to her daughter. I didn't believe it really came from her daughter so I sucked it (as if I had a choice). A few sessions later while I was in a 69 position with Mary's friend, my tongue played with a string in her cunt. Mary told me to get hold of the string and pull out it out. It was a Tampon. It was wet and juicy and I was told suck it for the next thirty minutes. It tasted the same as the Tampon Mary had me suck a few months earlier. This is when I realized that first Tampon really came from her teenaged daughter. Another time Mary stuck a Tampon in my ass and then had me suck it after I had been wearing it for about an hour.

Eventually Mary told me of another Mistress she wanted me to meet and said she was going to "prepare me" for her. I had no real fetishes at the time but Mary said she would make me into a foot slave. I actually had a bit of foot contact with Gloria, the girl who lived across the street from me when we were about thirteen. She sometimes liked to lick and suck my toes. It felt funny but also stimulating. We (Carol, Gloria and sometimes did each other's toes at the same time. Mistress Mary however succeeded in making me into a true foot slave. She started by making me suck her toes and her friend's toes. Mary's feet were relatively clean but her friend's feet were unbelievably dirty. I could smell and taste her toe jam that I was forced to eat. Mary would not let me cum unless my tongue was between her or her friend's toes. She would often have me open my mouth so she could spread her friend's toe jam on my tongue. She would stick her fingers between her and her friend's toes and pick out all the toe jam she could get and smear it on my tongue. She would often make me leave my tongue out for long periods and keep smearing it with "jam" before making me swallow. It was very gritty.

As time went on Mary humiliated me further. Nothing seemed too gross. She would have me lie on my back with my mouth open and drop all sorts of things in my mouth. I was usually blindfolded so I had no idea what it was other than what she told me but it most always included toenail and fingernail clippings. I could hear them using clippers as the clippings dropped into my mouth. Finally she told me that she "sold me" to her friend Nan and that I would not see her anymore.

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