ain't got no  

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5/31/2006 5:14 pm
ain't got no

I was sitting in the bar inside the Holiday Inn in St. Louis, and i was very nervous about meeting my Mistress. As You instructed very clearly, i wore my black jeans, a blue oxford shirt, black briefs, running shoes and socks.

You strolled into the club and whispered “Hello, slave” in my ear and Your cock got instantly erect. You are as lovely as you described. You are dressed very beautifully in a black smoker jacket with a simple strand of pearls around your neck, black stockings which show off Your extraordinary legs and black pumps.

You kissed me right away at the bar and groped what was my cock, and is now Yours through my pants, handed me a pair of pink panties and told me to go right away to the men’s room and put them on. I returned and you checked quickly to see that i had done that....and then handed me another pair of panties, and told me to put them in my pocket.

I ordered a drink at the bar and you slapped my face gently, just to remind me that I was not to do anything at all without asking your permission! You tell me to ask You first before getting a drink. In front of the smirking bartender i ask You in a very small voice if it is all right for me to have a drink. You allow that small pleasure and i order a beer. You again chastise me, telling me that i may only speak to someone with Your express permission. You change my drink to a Shirley Temple, saying quite loudly that i don’t need the alcohol. “ It will affect your performance “, You declared. You have a glass of champagne and tell me to pay for it.

I followed you to a booth in the bar with our drinks, (I carry them naturally). You tell me to show you the pink panties again that i am wearing. Your erection is poking up the top of them and you are angry saying that i did not inform You immediately that i was hard as instructed to me so many times.I felt that so far, i could not do anything right for You. It is a terrible feeling knowing that You are disappointed and i feel like I am about to cry.

“ Tell me your five most important rules, SLAVE”, you say to me rather loudly. I respond to you in a quiet, very humble voice “ Rule one, Always obey Mistress. Rule two, always inform Mistress when slave is hard or wet. Rule three, Never ever argue with Mistress. Rule four, Mistress is in control at all times. Rule five, Mistress controls everything sexual over slave.” “ And what rule did you break, slave?”, Mistress said quietly stern, “ Rule two Ma’am”, i reply, very afraid, yet somewhat aroused.

You tell me that i am to be punished. You lean over and unzip my black trousers and touch the end of Your cock, and scoop some of the pre-cum from it. You tell me to open my mouth and suck your finger. I do, and you are smiling at me, gazing at me as you would an obedient pet.

You reached into your purse and pull out a small jewelry box. You gave it to me and told me to open it.
It is a gold bracelet engraved with the words `Owned by Mistress S`. “Give it to me, My slave”, Mistress said and i did, quite willingly.Mistress clipped it on and as just as She did, the waitress came over to our table. She saw Mistress put on the bracelet and asks to look at it. You tell her to go ahead and she reads the inscription and just smiles sweetly at Her. She asked You what Her slave can have to drink. You tell her to get something really fruity because he will be dressed that way later. You order another glass of champagne for yourself and tell me to go upstairs and prepare a bath for your Mistress while she talks to the young waitress. Unknown to me, Mistress slipped her the hotel room number and the phone number for the room.

I went upstairs to the hotel room which you booked for us and was very beautiful. It had a four poster king size bed, a whirlpool bath, a large bathroom, a separate sitting area with big screen television, and another
television in the bedroom. I opened Your overnight bag and unpacked some candles, and a variety of sex toys, including ankle and wrist straps, a collar with a leash, a 4 inch vibe, a 6 inch vibe, a 9 inch vibe, a vibrating butt plug with remote control, a nipple restraint with chains, oils and lotions.

You opened the door of the room and entered. You lookedso beautiful, my Mistress, and yet you look very angry indeed. In my haste to unpack, I have forgotten to run the bath for you................

“Bend over the toilet, bitch, and accept my punishment”, said Mistress. I did not run the bath as you TOLD me to. I am naked except for the pink panties and you are fully dressed. You had intended on having your slave undress you. I bent over the toilet seat and my ass is in the air exposed to you. You slapped my several times and made me count each stroke and ask for another. Then you greased up a small dildo and had me insert it deep in my asshole as punishment for disobeying you (again)! You pull up the pink panties very tightly ensuring that the dildo is secure and will not come out. I have a very large erection and my cum is leaking out and staining my panties. You looked at me very cooly and said nothing.

I ran the bath for you and i put in oils and bubble bath and the water was nice and full of bubbles.You said, “ Turn around, cunt. You do not deserve to see your Mistress Naked.” You undressed and got into the tub. You were still displeased with me and I tried so much to do everything I could to make You want me again. I was so pitiful in my pink panties standing in the bathroom trying not to look at Mistress. “Look at the floor,” You said. “ Pick up what you see there and sniff them!” I looked down and saw your beautiful white lace panties on the floor.“ Now lick them SLAVE!” you said, “ Lick my wetness from the crotch of my white panties!” My cock jumps at your scent and leaves a bigger wet spot in my panties.

You tell me to start washing you, but not to touch your private parts. I got a washcloth and started soaping your back. I wash your neck and your face, and your legs, making sure that every spot is clean. You told me to wash your breasts. They are such beautiful creamy breasts and I was very gentle with them. You took Your breasts in Your hands and start rubbing Your nipples at the same time as you smile at me. Oh my God, You have nipple rings! I stared at the gold rings, fascinated because i had never seen nipple rings before. Your nipples got so hard with your manipulations.

You stood up and told me to wash your ass. I gently turned you around and I very gently washed your beautiful rear. I massaged and rubbed your behind and i could feel myself panting with anticipation. You
spread your legs and tell me to wash your asshole, which I do, with lots of soap. You took the cloth and started to soap Your shaved pussy. I had never seen a shaved pussy before and i caught myself staring again. Mistress has such a wonderful and beautiful pussy with full lips surrounding Her vagina.

After you finished washing, I bent over to dry you with my tongue, but you pushed me away and told me to sit on the tub. You took out scissors and proceeded to cut away my pubic hair, cutting the hair very short. With your touch, my cock started leaking more and more pre-cum, and you rub it on your hand. You put Your hand to my lips and told me to lick and savor it, which, of course I do. I am your slave. You own me and i am Your property.

It was very uncomfortable for me sitting on the edge of the tub as the dildo kept pushing up my rectum, but it was also strangely arousing. Your slave’s cock was rock hard and most of my hair was gone. You then
asked me if I will now obey all of your instructions. I said `Yes` and You removed the dildo from my asshole leaving me with an empty feeling in my rectum. You sit on the toilet and peed and told me to come over and dry you with my tongue!

I did that for you, wiping slowly my tongue from Your asshole right up to Your clitoris, and then back down to your asshole, licking and cleaning You with my tongue. You moaned and spread your legs wider and told me to continue to service your Mistress.I then start to nibble on Your clitoris, and make You very wet with yours
and my juices. You were sitting on the toilet and I am between your legs and sucking on your clit, Your beautiful clit and licking Your sweet juices with my tongue. You grabbed my hair and pushed Your cunt against my face as I thrust my tongue deep into the folds of your vagina. You pushed my face downwards to make me connect with Your asshole again!!

I licked and sucked Your asshole with wild abandon, licking and sucking and rubbing my tongue around your most private part. I moved to Your very wet cunt and sucked Your hole, getting all of Your juices onto my tongue and tasting and licking You. Your hands were on your breasts, pulling at Your nipple rings while your slave is on his knees trying to suck you dry! When You were satisfied, You lifted me up to my feet and told me to start playing with your tits. They are big with nice little nipples on them and the nipples are rock hard. I gently took one of them into my hand and squeezed gently feeling your nipples harden even further in my hand. I love your breasts and I sucked on the nipples and they are so hard! I rub my hand on Your pussy and put some of Your wetness onto the nipple making it very wet. You moan and your hips start to move as I suck the wet nipple. Your hand is busy working on Your clit as I suck your tits.

I stood beside You and you pushed my legs open and rammed the dildo back into my greased asshole! You started fucking me as i am sucking your tits and you fuck me hard, and You cummmmmmm and cummm and cummmm as your fingers finally give You the relief that you so desperately needed.You pulled out the dildo from my asshole and left me standing there with a very large erection. You did not let me cum.

You stood up and went into the bedroom carrying an ice cold bottle of champagne with You. You poured Yourself a glass and called for me to join you. You handed me a pair of red panties and told me to put them on. As I put them on, you also handed me a pair of black fishnet stockings and commanded me to put those on as well. I try to line up the seams as best as I could and slid them up my legs. Next, you gave me a garter belt and commanded tell me to put that on and attach the tops of the stockings to the garter. The lacy black bra came next and I put that on for You. You complete the ensemble with a long pink floral dress that you had me put on.I put it on and sit down on the bed awaiting our next command. You took a sip of champagne and look at what you have created with Your slave.

“Now I have my lesbian fuck-toy!”, You announced. You looked at me...and nodded towards the living room. “Mistress, may i have a drink please” , i call to her from the living room. You answered that i may have a diet 7-up and i went over to the wet-bar and poured one and waited quietly for Her. Some minutes passed and Mistress arrived from the bedroom. Her golden hair reflected in the candlelit living room and she looked radiant in her black dress, thigh high boots, and She had a belt around Her waist. The belt had a leather quoit attached to it, and She was beautiful in all regards.

Mistress walked over to the portable stereo and switched on the CD player.“Dance for Me, slave”, Mistress said.I love to dance for Mistress. Mistress sat back on the couch with an expectant look on her face and I start to sway my hips to the sounds coming from the stereo. The pink dress is very tight and i feel very sexy for Mistress. My Mistress looks like she is enjoying the dance and i rub my hands up my chest and pull on my nipples through the lacy black bra.

I became more bold as the next song began It was `For Your Eyes Only` and i reached up under my pink dress and took off my panties...very slowly...while dancing very sexily for you. I looked at Mistress and saw Her smile slightly. She took a drink of champagne...and watched her male slave dance.Your slaves cock was erect, but you could not yet see it, so i lifted up my dress over my hips to show you, and then pull the dress down again, and then took off my stockings to expose my legs to you. The song ends and Bob Seger comes on singing Like A Rock...and i showed again Your rock hard cock. i started stroking it, teasing Mistress, and then pulled my dress over my head, leaving me in only a bra...which quickly came off.

I start to really stroke my cock for you...and you are gazing at me very cooly and i realize that i have made an error. I did not ask permission to masturbate. I only had permission to dance for You.

You get up off the couch and crook your finger at me. We go back into the bedroom. As I lay on the bed, you put some ice cubes across my chest. I gasp as the coldness hit my nipples and made them stand out like little erasers. You quickly got the nipple clips and attached them to my nipples and I cried out in pain as they are attached. You find it very sexy to see me in nipple clips. You tell me to smile and took a picture.

You led me back into the living room and told me to dance again for you.Even though i was tired, there was no way that i could disobey Mistress.She truly had me under her spell by this time. With the nipple clips on,
my nipples were rock hard and it hurt a bit, but i do not complain. As a matter of fact i enjoyed the slight pain to my surprise. I danced for you some more to the sound of Paul Simon's Graceland CD and i asked You if i
may masturbate. You said `NO` and told me to dance while YOU masturbate! You started to play with Your pussy and cum while i dance in front of You. You were watching my hard cock bounce up and down in front of your hungry Eyes, but then, ignoring my hard cock, you get up to go to the bedroom once again.

From the bedroom, Mistress called to me “ Slave, put your stockings and panties back on”. I did that and waited for Mistress once again. When Mistress returned from the bedroom, my eyes got very, very wide indeed.Mistress bent down to me and whispered “It is time for you to lose your cherry asshole, my virgin slave boy”., and i got instantly hard.

I looked at You in awe. You were wearing a black bra, and black garter with black stockings. Your belt was still in place with the leather whip attached. Framed against Your golden hair, You looked like a severe Mistress indeed! But, in the center of Your body, was an 8 inch strap on dildo.I just about fainted as i saw that monster between Your legs and You proudly put one foot up on the couch and start stroking it in front of me.It was obviously lubed up and was glistening. You reached for my head and guided my lips over the top of the head of Your penis.

“Suck My Cock, bitch” , You said and i could only comply with Your wishes. Your cock felt very full in my mouth and You thrusted with Your hips and i started to gag a bit, and You pulled out slightly and laughed. You took out the small whip and started smacking me lightly on my back as i tried my best to deep throat Your cock. It was obvious that You enjoyed this because with every thrust You made, the base of Your cock touched Your clit. I I licked the shaft of Your cock right down to Your clit and You moaned softly.

You pulled my head away from Your cock and put me on my hands and knees on the carpet. Moving my panties aside, You straddled my asshole and with one thrust.....filled me right up! With that thrust, You start to call my asshole my cunt, and You had me refer to my ass as my cunt. You started to fuck me hard. I loved it! It felt so full, so right, to have Mistress fuck me. It was natural and good. I had never been fucked before, and i knew that this was what i wanted. Mistress proved to be an exceptional lover. Gentle, yet very forceful in what she wanted. With every thrust, she felt her clit being rubbed by the dildo. My cock was rock hard and ready to burst. Mistress told me very quietly, “ Don’t cum if you know what is good for you, slave”.
Mistress pulled her cock out of my aching cunt-ass and she had me lick it clean. I thought i would gag at the mixture of lubricant and my own tastes, but it was not as bad as i thought. Mistress then took off the strap on dildo, and went to use the washroom. When she returned, She had me clean Her pussy with my tongue. The scent of her arousal and the taste of Her pee drove me wild with desire!

Tossing my jeans to me and a t - shirt, You told me to get dressed and wait for you right there in the living room of the hotel suite.I could not believe that i still hadn’t cum. I thought that i was going to burst, but the aching of my cock subsided as i waited for You. I wondered what adventures would lie ahead! My curiosity would soon be over.

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