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6/6/2006 5:16 pm

Master sat down to watch a movie he'd rented, lesbian porn, my favourite, although somehow I sensed I wouldn't be seeing much of this one. I fetched him a can of beer and some tissues, which he laughed away - "We'll have no need of those tonight" he said. I already knew that tonight was going to be a lad's night in, and all the focus was on him, I was going to have to simply be a definitive sex slave, catering for all his needs, his wants, his desires..
I was already shaved, as always, and clean, you know, down there, just in case he wanted to explore that territory tonight. He saw me looking down at myself and told me not to expect much tonight, he wasn't in the mood for making an effort, although the porno might arouse a little energy in him, I hoped.

I put the tape in and pressed play, and went to sit down on the sofa next to him. He glared at me, grabbed at my nipple roughly and pushed me to the ground, "This is my night" he said fiercely, and proceeded to watch the opening credits. I could hear sexy female voices in the background but I didn't dare turn around to watch. Some small talk followed by that all familiar wave of music as one of the large-breasted blondes made their way to the other's nether regions. I could tell this was one of the better ones because my Master's manhood was bulging. I was just sitting there watching it grow and grow, becoming more and more aroused as the female groans began to emanate from the TV set. Did I envy that lesbian porn star getting all that attention, honestly not really, I liked just being in the presence of my Master's vegetable love as it grew larger than nations..

I heard a male voice in the background, not a lesbian flick then, I heard that familiar unzipping of zippers as he unleashed his cock on the two blonde nymphs.. Now I was jealous of them, as I heard them sucking and the man groaning I wanted nothing more than to suck the cock of my Master, take it into my mouth and swirl it, lick it up and down and play with it. I wanted to give my Master all the pleasure my mouth was able to give him. Truly, then, I am a sex slave, my heart jumped as I realised this, and I must have been staring as I imagined the perfect blowjob because he looked at me and said "You may". What glorious words! Immediately I leapt forwards and took the whole thing into my hands. I gently kissed its head before licking it and taking it into my mouth. I was obviously taking too long about it because he put his hand on my head and pushed me all the way down. His cock hit the back of my mouth and made me gag a little, but he would not let me up, and I wanted to make up for my mistake so I held on, working it with my tongue, French kissing his dick. I think he was enjoying it because he took his hand off my head and leant back into the seat, to continue watching the film. I wondered, is that guy on the movie getting better head than this? I doubt it somehow, although he does have two mouths feasting on his cock, well I'm sure I'll be able to arrange that for Master, I'm not sure if he'd allow it though, I haven't really been good enough to merit being allowed to lick out women again yet..

Ah I stopped concentrating, he's looking at me sternly again, so I quickly have to make it up to him else he might not let me suck him off again! I take it out of my mouth and begin to suck on his balls. I stroke them a little, keeping one hand running up and down his shaft, and blow on them, and lightly flick them with my tongue. Yes, this is doing the trick, he closes his eyes, and my heart skips a beat again, I keep on doing the same thing, and then I notice his balls start to tighten, so I get in position at his head, mouth wide open, and I start to pull him off. Faster and faster until, there, he goes and sprays his load onto me. I feel its sliminess hitting my face and I collect as much as I can in my mouth. His erection starts to go limp so I hurry to take it into my mouth to clean it all off. Once I've made sure that none of his seed is left on him, I look up to my Master, mouth open, in expectation.


I comply, although I do allow a little time to savour the saltiness. There is much left on my face, and a look from him tells me he wants it to dry there. The movie continues on, although he has lost much interest, so I ask if I should pause it for now. He says yes, he needs a little break. He sits back down again, and then it comes, he needs to clean his pipes, and I get to wash down my cum with urine. I take hold of his floppy penis and aim it towards my mouth. The flow starts and I catch it in my mouth, I have to be careful not to spill any as this is a white sofa and a white carpet, and he'll be sure to check afterwards. I squeeze on his penis to tell him to stop to let me swallow, and then I continue. Finally, he is relieved and I suck the last of the urine off him.

I glance up at him, to ask if there was anything else he wanted, although really I wanted to offer myself to him, I was aching for attention, but he knew this too well and was ready to deny me any release whatsoever. He reached between my legs as if to say thank you, but no, he was teasing and retracted his hand.

"You desperate slut, you may suck off my feet if you must suck something"

He's right, I am desperate to suck him, I'm a cock whore! I move down to his ankles and start to suck his toes, one by one, imitating what I'd done to his manhood on his toes. Well, this is a little demeaning, I thought, and right then, he said "Well this is nice, perhaps we should do it more often, how bout next time we're in the park I get you to suck my toes again? You wouldn't mind would you? You wouldn't get embarrassed?" My arousal rocketed, just imagining that scenario got me nervous and horny. Something about me must have given me away, because he decided to give me a little release..

"OK then, go fetch the big butt plug, and the clothes pegs, and the crocodile clips come to think of it. You know what to do with them, don't make me bother with it all, oh and bring me another beer."
"Yes Master"
"Did I say you could talk? Screw the clothes pegs, just bring the crocodiles."

I went upstairs, found the butt plug and inserted it into my anus. I loved that stretching feeling, I looked around and say no-one was watching and I took it out again and returned it, ooh.. nice. Before I could stop myself I'd starting fucking myself with this butt plug. Harder and harder I sodomized myself, and my hand starting reaching down to my neither regions when..

"What the hell do you think you're doing? I told you this is MY night, not yours, not for a desperate cock-whore like you to be getting fucked up the ass.. Not tonight, you have to wait for such treats.. And you wanted to me to let you lick out women! Not going to happen if you carry on being so desperate for cock!"

He flipped me onto my front, grabbed a load of golf balls and began inserting them into my ass. One, two, three, four, five, these didn't give me that lovely stretchy feeling, just filled me up and make me feel all bloated. Six, seven, eight. My god, that's all I can take! He tried to add another, but saw that I was filled up and just got out the cane instead. My eyes began to water in preparation for this corporal punishment, I hated the cane, and he knew that perfectly well.

Ten strikes later, my ass was on fire, my belly felt full with all those balls, my face was starting to itch from all that cum, and to finish it off, he put on those crocodiles clips he promised, stuck on my nipples. He knew I could never normally last more than a minute with those on. Well it looks like I might have to last a little longer tonight.

He led me downstairs, and sat me down in the same position I had been just half an hour ago, he had obviously recovered from the blowjob, because the porno was already on and his penis was swelling.

"And again" he said. My heart leapt, he wasn't that mad! He's going to let me suck his cock again! And I did, and he came, but this time it took him a whole hour to recover, which he spent the whole time playing with my clips and seeing what other little tortures he could find me.

Ahh, I thought, as I swung there, suspended from ropes on the wall, no matter how hard he tries, he can never help giving me the attention I need. And so I spent the night there, cum dripping from every orifice, clips attached to everything sensitive, and a flaming hot ass. I love nights in.

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