White Russian Galaxy  

sexyasianangel70 37F
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5/21/2006 5:54 pm
White Russian Galaxy

Doms at work
subs at play
that's how we begin this brand new day.
Subs try so hard to follow the rules
with collars and freshly shaven mounds
they cast their eyes upon the ground.
Infractions come one by one
subs wish they would go unprovoked
but Master makes a mental note.
When darkness comes
and the kids tucked in
Master displays a devilish grin.
Master binds his sub up tight
clamps and ropes securely tied
blindfold applied to hide the eyes.
Rump raised high up in the air
infractions made now time to pay
Master ties sub down to make her stay.
With whip in hand
Master sees, sub tied in place
on bended knees.
First one swat and then another
eyes turn wet with tears
but her face displays no fear.
She counts out load one by one
her excitement grows
until she cums.
Sub thanks her Master for every blow
rosy cheeks and inner glow
pleasure high but eyes cast low.
Debts now paid
ropes released
In Master's arms sub falls asleep.

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