The Weakness In Me  

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5/22/2006 5:55 pm
The Weakness In Me

Justine was barely twenty when Roland had taken her and carried her away to his castle. She was a lovely girl with lucid blue eyes and auburn hair. Her skin was smooth and fair as ivory, her flesh soft and well molded. She had lovely arms, long slender legs, a narrow waist and broad hips - an hourglass figure. But what were truly alluring were her buttocks and her breasts. So large and soft, yet so firm that they made any man’s mouth water.
There were four other girls, all in the age of twenty to thirty, though none as beautiful as Justine. They were all slaves who worked at Roland’s counterfeit press and also satisfied him in whatever way he ordered. The girls lived in individual cells around a large grotto. There was a large horizontal wheel in the center, which was the prime mover of Roland’s press. Every morning at six the girls were chained to the wheel, whence they commenced their task of rotating it. At midday they were allowed two hours of rest to have their lunch and relax. But at two they were tied up again and forced to work till night.

They were mostly naked not only because of the heat but much rather to be in a better way of receiving the stripes of the bullwhip that their master often came to lay on. In cold weather they were supplied with a pair of trousers and a waistcoat so tight to the skin that their bodies were nevertheless just as well exposed to the blows of a man whose pleasure was to thrash them.

One summer morning the girls were woken up early and led out into the open where Roland stood with his attendants in front of his stables. Stepping forward with his cat-o’-nine-tails he announced, “I am going on a business trip. I shall be away for a month. In the meantime my attendants will be your masters. And as a parting wish I will whip you now.” The girls were made to kneel down and bend over. Then Roland whipped each girl twenty times on her back. After this he let the other girls off for their daily work but retained Justine, for he was not yet finished with her.

He ordered her to be tied to a wooden post. When that was done he proceeded to flog her breasts with his bullwhip. He relented after a hundred lashes. By that time her boobs had swelled up and her engorged nipples had become erect. Unable to ignore the lure of her soft protruding cherry like flesh, Roland sucked on her nipples for a while.

Then he produced two long copper wires. In each wire he made a small loop at one end and threaded the loops over her aroused nipples and pulled them tight. Sharp stabs of pain shot through her as the wires sank into her soft flesh. He pulled on the wires with all his strength to ensure that the loops did not slip over her nipples. Excruciating pain struck Justine as her large mounds of mammary flesh were dragged up with the wires. Assured by her shrieks of agony that the wires tight enough, he attached the other ends to the harness of his horse. Then mounting his horse he urged it forward till the wires were taut. Turning back he ordered that Justine’s breasts be now tightly bound to the post by two laps of barbed wire.

Justine could well guess what inhuman torture her breasts were about to go through. The horse would drag her breasts forward by the wires attached to her nipples while the barbed wire would hold back and cut into her flesh. As she mentally fortified herself for the suffering, two laps of barbed wire were wound tightly around her breasts and lashed to the post. The metal barbs painfully pricked the skin of her breasts from all sides.

Satisfied that everything was perfectly set, Roland spurred his horse with his stirrups. The horse darted forward and Justine’s tender breasts were dragged out by her nipples. Simultaneously, the metal wires tightened further on her nipples while the barbs sank more and more into her flesh. It seemed to her as if her nipples were being pulled out by pincers while her breasts were being bitten by a monster. She cried out in excruciating pain that sounded music to Roland’s ears.

As the horse pulled more the pain increased until she couldn’t bear any further. The young elastic flesh was stretched to its limit. Restrained at the top and bottom by the barbed wires and pulled from the middle by the nipples, Justine’s breasts were horribly deformed. Gradually the barbs began to pierce the taut skin and enter her mammary flesh. Blood began to dribble down her boobs while the nipple reins still held firm. Thoroughly excited by her full-throated cries, Roland began to flog the horse mercilessly. The tortured horse began to give savage thrusts to break of its shackles and the resultant force vent itself upon Justine’s breasts. All the barbs sank in to the fullest extent as her flesh started to bulge out between the wires.

The pain got so blinding that Justine thought her nipples would be torn off any moment. Just then, at the thrust of the horse, the wire loops slipped off her nipples and the horse rode off with its master, leaving poor Justine’s boobs horribly impaled with barbed wire and her nipples throbbing like hell. As she was untied from the post she felt so drained of energy that she slumped on the ground. But she was given no respite and put back to work immediately.

The girls had worked till noon when Albert, the man in charge, came down. “I have an announcement to make”, he said. “From tomorrow onwards we shall select one of you each night to come and serve us. We will start with Suzanne, Anne, Ruth, Justine and finally Mary. After this the cycle will repeat.” So saying he was about to go away when Justine tripped on her chain and fell on her face, her massive boobs crushed beneath her. The abrasive ground opened a few of the cuts she had received from the barbed wires in the morning and a little blood began to ooze forth.

This sight kindled Albert’s passions and he decided to torture Justine again. Yanking her up by her hair he said, “ God knows how much you have suffered today Justine, but I am going to have to whip you again.” Grasping her full breasts with both his hands and kneading them, he said, “I can’t help it, you know! Your breasts simply clamor to be constantly tortured.”

The other girls were let off for their lunch breaks while Justine was kept chained to the wheel. Her hands and feet were bound and fixed to one of the handles on the wheel. Albert waited awhile gazing intently at the proud carriage of her boobs protruding outwards from the plateau of her ribs, enticing him to let go of all his inhibitions and wreck his every whim upon them, unheeding of all the brutal pain they has undergone and all that they were about to experience now.

“You are such a delightful creature, Justine!”, said Albert before he took up the bullwhip and began to flog her tits furiously. Her young elastic boobs joggled under the ferocity of the lashes while their delightful movement egged him on to hit harder. The vigorous whipping opened all the cuts and her breasts began to bleed in good measure. Justine’s screams echoed in the grotto while tears of pain flowed like torrents from her eyes. But Albert was relentless in the merciless persecution of her boobs. Occasionally he would stop to suck and chew upon her engorged nipples, or to splash some water onto her breasts when they became too bloody. After an hour of such tremendous whipping Justine’s tits were a deep cherry red all over and the pained as if they were on fire.

But Albert was not finished with her yet. “You are such a delightful combination of a beast of burden and an object of pleasure that I can’t let go off you!”, he said. The other girls were allowed the afternoon off while Justine was given a short break to eat her lunch before she was chained to the wheel again. Metal wires were again fastened to her nipples and tied to a handle while her hands were bound behind her. She had to turn the wheel like that, pulling by the nipple reins attached to her breasts. Albert stood nearby with the cat-whip and brutally lashed her whenever she stumbled or slowed down.

The obedient sweet slave that she was, Justine suppressed the excruciating pain in her breasts, especially her nipples, and mutely bore the severe floggings as she turned the wheel like a dumb animal. Albert was so titillated by her unquestioning submissiveness that he forced her to work well after nightfall, until inspite of all the ruthless whipping she couldn’t turn the wheel anymore. She simply didn’t have enough energy left.

The day’s torture had taken heavy toll of her breasts, specially her nipples. Strangled by the nipple reins they had been deprived of any blood supply during the past six hours or so. Now, as her bonds were untied the circulation returned to her nipples at a rush causing blinding pain. Justine could take it no more and sank down to her knees moaning in anguish and clutching her boobs in a vain effort to dispel the pain.

This sight rekindled Albert’s cooling passions and he immediately jumped upon her grabbing her tits from behind and started to molest them vigorously. Oblivious to the sufferings of the girl beneath him, he grasped her nipples between his fingers and alternatively pinched and pulled on them. Then laying her flat on her back he proceeded to suck and chew on them. He paid special attention to bite at the base of her bloated nipples where the nipple reins had sunk into her flesh, so that he could impose the maximum pain. He then withdrew his mouth and looked at her gorgeous udders for a while. Their inviting redness inflamed his passions even more and he began to slap her breasts with open palms. First he struck lightly, but as his passion overwhelmed him he struck with mad lust, as if his life depended on it.

By the time he had slapped her tits to his satisfaction, he had a raging hard-on. Then slipping off his pants he straddled her aching boobs and thrust his engorged penis into her mouth. Her breasts bulged out painfully as they were squashed under his weight while he, grasping her by the hair, began to pull her head to and fro, ramming his thick rod into her throat. Thoroughly shattered though she was, she licked and sucked at his penis as it ran in and out of her mouth, in order to satisfy her master’s passions to the best of her abilities. At long last, Albert’s passion came to a head and the flood of his semen exploded in her mouth filling it with hot sticky cum. This she drank down and licked his shrinking member clean before releasing it. It was only then that she was let off for the day.

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