Steady, As She Goes  

sexyasianangel70 37F
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5/19/2006 6:47 pm
Steady, As She Goes

With ease Lord Draco pinned Countess Sarah to the floor. Callused hands
pulled at cropped tresses of black and yellow hair.

Draco used his hips as a wedge against Sarah's thighs. As he entered her,
Sarah placed her wrists on his shoulders. Unbeknownst to Draco, the countess
wore a unique pair of kid gloves, for stitched along the hem of each glove
were tiny barbs made of metal and whalebone.

As Draco eased his cock to the hilt, Sarah drove her wrists down. Blood
droplets became streaks.

"You will be poisoned upon withdrawal."

"Honey bee?"

Sarah grinned. "Wasp."

Draco froze.

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