Standing On My Own Again  

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5/22/2006 6:02 pm
Standing On My Own Again

She was standing in the dark parking lot waiting for Him in the place He had told her to. Why He was making her stand out here and wait for Him to pick her up was beyond her…she could have waited in her car for Him, but she learned long ago…never question His directions. Impatiently she looked at her watch…8:15. He had told her to meet Him here at 8:00, where the hell was He? Could He have forgotten? He had been working a lot of hours lately…it was possible. Frustrated, she started across the lot towards the pay phone to call Him. When she had just about reached the curb, a man dressed all in black with a black mask covering his face, stepped from behind one of the parking deck columns and grabbed her arm… wrenching it behind her He pressed a sharp knife tight against her throat, daring her to utter a sound. Shocked, she stood motionless. “What do you want from me? Here… take my purse if it’s money you want.” She stated with a shaky voice. The man laughed a deep-throated laugh that made her shiver. “Just do what you’re told and you won’t get hurt bitch! Understand?” his voice low and menacing. “Yes, I understand” she whispered. Her heart pounded so hard, she thought it would jump from her chest. “What a good little slut” he chuckled against her ear. He pressed himself against her backside so she could feel his erection straining against his pants, and she shivered.

Suddenly, he shoved her forward and shouted at her “Move Bitch!” all trace of amusement gone from his voice. Stumbling, she moved forward, the knife still pressed tight against her throat as he guided her with rough little shoves and very few words. He led her to an old beat up car towards the back of the lot. When they stopped and he had opened the car door, he shoved her inside, her head bumping the top of the car door and her hip smashing against the steering wheel. She started to scramble to the opposite side of the car towards the door as the man slid into the seat beside her…quickly he caught her by the arm, hauling her up tight against him and wrapping his arm around her throat…once again bringing the knife back dangerously tight against her throat. “Don’t try anything stupid bitch!” he ground out “Be the good little cunt that I know you can be, and everything will be fine…understand?” Terrified now, the tears streamed down her cheeks and her throat closed up tight. All she could do was nod in agreement with him. “Speak Bitch!” he shouted at her. “OK” she snapped, not realizing she had spoken so harsh until the words were out. “NO” he stated firmly, wrapping his hand tightly into her hair and snapping her head back roughly. He leaned in close to her ear and growled harshly “When I ask you a fucking question, you will answer me with a yes Sir or a no Sir.” He gave a firm tug on her hair and bit into her shoulder causing her to groan loudly. “Got it Bitch?” “Yes Sir” she whimpered. He chuckled low in his throat again, and slowly released his grip on her hair, the knife never having moved from the base of her throat. “We are going to take a little ride now” He stated in a low threatening tone, his eyes searching her face intently, “Do not move an inch or utter a peep or I promise you that you will pay for it dearly.”

Relaxing his hold on her somewhat, but not letting her go, he turned in his seat and started the engine. Slowly he pulled out of the lot and started down the highway. She closed her eyes tightly, her mind racing…she was trying hard to think of a way to escape as the tears slid silently down her cheeks. She had never been so frightened in all her life “Dear God, what am I going to do?” she thought to herself. She felt the car pull to a stop after they had driven for a while. Slowly she opened her eyes and saw that he had pulled into a motel where the doors are on the outside and you park right in front of the rooms. He turned off the engine and leaned towards her, one hand pushing her thighs apart roughly, as he slid the knife beneath her skirt with the other. She doesn’t move a muscle, her body paralyzed with fear, not knowing what he might do. She feels him slide the knife beneath the waistband of her panties, slicing through the thin material, them moving to repeat the movement to the other side. Jerking the panties away from her body, he holds them in front of her face and tells her to open her mouth. Scared half to death, she follows his orders and he stuffs the panties into her mouth. “Wouldn’t want anyone to hear you scream now would we Bitch! That would spoil all the fun I have in store for you” he laughed low in his throat again, the sound sending shivers down her spine. In one smooth movement, he pushed open the car door and slid out of the car, grabbing her hair and pulling her towards him. She groaned low in her throat, and tears filled her eyes once again…she knew she was at his mercy and there was nothing she could do.

The thought was like ice water being thrown on her…as soon as her feet hit the ground she twisted away from him trying to free herself from his grasp. He tightened his grip on her hair and quickly dragged her to the door, unlocked it, and shoved her roughly into the room causing her to stumble and fall hard on her hands and knees to the floor. He slammed the door and approached her, his eyes glaring furiously. “Very stupid to fight me you little whore!” He growled at her, yanking her to her feet by her hair. She closed her eyes tight and bit down on the panties gagging her to keep from crying out, she felt the hair being pulled hard until she thought he would rip it from her scalp. Finally getting her on her feet, he pressed the tip of the knife into the hollow of her throat and spoke to her in a calm, even voice, “Be good and I won’t hurt you, you fucking cunt…be stupid again and who knows what I might do, understand?” He pressed the tip of the knife harder into the soft hollow at the base of her throat to make his point, and she understood perfectly what he meant. Since her mouth was full and she could not answer, she nodded slowly, her eyes glinting with anger and fear. She was so terrified even through her anger. She thought she would pass out… Her whole body trembled and her knees were weak.

Trying to regain her composure, she looked around the room, and for the first time realized he had prepared for this. There were restraints already attached to the headboard, and there were candles lit all around the room, casting an eerie glow on the walls. “Strip” he ground out, bringing her attention back to him. Shivering and taking a deep steadying breath, she reached up to unbutton her blouse, but her fingers shook so bad she could not work the buttons through their loops. Angered by her slowness and inability to do such a simple thing as remove her blouse, he stepped forward and slapped her hands away. Grabbing both collars of the blouse, he yanked hard…the buttons tearing off and falling to the floor as he tugged it from her arms. Quickly he brought the knife up between her cleavage and with a flick of his wrist, sliced through the material of her bra, exposing her breasts to his licentious gaze. He dragged the tattered remains from her body and growled at her, “take the fucking skirt off… NOW Bitch!” Quickly she lowered it from her body and stepped out of it, kicking her shoes off at the same time. She wanted to be ready to run at the first opportunity, not caring if she was naked or not, her only thought was to escape this lunatic. Trembling, she stood before him naked and exposed, her chest heaving as her breath quickened and her eyes wild with fear. She could see his eyes beneath the mask roving her naked flesh, and when he reached out to touch her, she shrank back away from his touch. She saw his eyes narrow angrily just before his hand reached out and slapped her hard across the face, snapping her head to one side, causing her cheek to sting and her ears to ring, his handprint welting up on her tender skin. “ DO NOT PULL AWAY FROM ME AGAIN!” he shouted, and pushed her back against the bed. Quickly straddling her waist, he tugged and pulled her body into position on the bed, pulling her wrists up to bind them with the restraints attached to the headboard. After making sure they were tight enough for her not to escape, he pulled a blindfold from his pocket and leaned close to her face, “Now the fun begins my little slut, time to see how fast you will show me what a little whore you really are”

He brought the blindfold up to her eyes and tied it tightly around her head, plunging her into darkness. Softly she whimpered, her head spinning. She felt him move from the bed and heard the unmistakable sounds of clothing being removed. She listened closely, following his movements in the room, straining to hear what he was doing. He stopped at the foot of the bed and her heart pounded hard against her chest. She felt him place his hands on her ankles and begin trailing them up her legs… pushing her thighs apart steadily. She started to resist him, but immediately froze and forced herself to relax against his roaming hands when she felt the cold steel of the knife blade being pressed against her stomach. “Good girl, very smart” he whispered as his hands traveled up the smooth skin of her inner thighs, softly stroking and massaging as he opened her…exposing her completely. When his fingers reached her sex, she took a deep breath trying to calm herself, she heard him chuckle, “see there, all wet for me aren’t you, you little whore” She felt the heat rise in her cheeks, and was mortified by her bodies response to his touch. She knew she was indeed wet… soaked… her body hot and wanting, even though she was repulsed by his touch. “Okay whore, I’ll take the panties out of your mouth if you promise to be good” he laughed. She nodded her agreement and he reached up to remove them, just before he pulled them from her mouth he stopped and leaned close to her ear, the knife once again pressed tight to her throat “Just remember, one sound and I might just slice your fucking throat” Slowly he pulled the panties from her mouth and she took a deep breath and licked her lips, “yes Sir” she said softly, her voice trembling. “Good” he laughed and covered her mouth with his own as his fingers pressed deep into her wetness.

She tried hard to remain still, to show no response to him as he stroked her, his mouth moving over hers…kissing and sucking at her tongue and lips, his teeth nipping at her tender lips…moving down and biting at her neck. Her body tingled and she willed herself to think of things to distract her from his expert hands. It was almost as if he knew exactly what she liked…what would turn her on…what she would respond to most as his hands and mouth continued to stroke and tease her body. He knew when she had lost the fight by the soft moan that escaped her lips and the shudder that went through her body. He laughed evilly, and whispered in her ear “I knew you would respond, I knew because I could see what a little whore you are…aren’t you vel?” “Yes Sir” she moaned softly, hot tears of shame escaping from the blindfold. “Tell me Bitch! Tell me you’re a whore and beg me to fuck you!” She shook her head no and sobbed, biting her lip. He grabbed her nipple and squeezed hard, twisting it cruelly “TELL ME!” “I’m a whore” she choked out, the tears flowing freely now. As he positioned himself between her thighs, he twisted her nipple again “and what do you want you fucking whore!” he screamed at her. “I want you to fuck me” she ground out between clenched teeth, angry and humiliated, knowing that her body did want it, though her mind screamed no. “Again Bitch” he laughed harshly. “I’m a whore and I want you to fuck me”, she whimpered. Savagely he pushed into her wetness, pressing himself deep, feeling her tighten around him as her breath caught in her throat. He fucked her hard and fast, slamming into her over and over, causing her to gasp and moan low in her throat. Just as he felt her body tense and begin to tighten around him, right on the brink of orgasm…he stopped…holding himself motionless, still pressed deep inside her. “ MMmm feels good doesn’t it Bitch?” he laughed cruelly.

Stung by his laughter and humiliated for actually enjoying what he was doing to her, she twisted her body trying to get away from him “Get the hell off me you fucking bastard” she growled at him. “No, no, no” he laughed as if chastising a naughty child, and pressed the knife against the topside of her breast. Immediately she froze, panting for breath, instinctively knowing not to push him. “What do you want from me?” she cried, her tears once again escaping to soak the blindfold. He leaned down and nipped at her neck chuckling softly, “That’s easy vel, I want all of you…but right now I want you to admit what you want, beg for it like the little whore you are” She realized then through her haze of fear, that he had called her by her name for the second time and she shivered. “Who are you?” she cried. He laughed at her again and pressed his hips forward, causing her to gasp. “Tell me” he whispered softly in her ear, “beg me” “No” she said and shook her head. Again he reached up and grabbed her nipple, twisting it harshly. “Tell Me,” he said more firmly. She whimpered and said in a broken voice, “I’m a whore.” She heard his grunt of approval as he began to move inside of her again…pounding her…tormenting her by making her moan in pleasure. This time as he sensed her nearing release…he pressed the knife into the top of her breast making a small cut and hearing her scream out as he did…her body shaking and trembling as she came hard against him.

Slowly he lowered his head to her breast, his tongue snaking out to lick the blood from her skin. Not satisfied yet, he bit down on her tender flesh and sucked hard, drinking her in, as his body tensed and he came deep inside her. Her back arched and she screamed, pulling at the restraints as her body shuddered beneath him…riding out the most intense pleasure she had ever experienced. When his body collapsed on hers, and she lay panting beneath him, he moved himself up and his mouth covered hers…kissing her deeply. She could taste the sweet coppery taste of her own blood on his tongue as he ravished her mouth…kissing her with so much love and passion that it overwhelmed her. As he broke the kiss, he whispered in her ear “You’re my whore aren’t you vel?” Finally her confused mind recognized his voice and she relaxed in his embrace…she smiled softly and answered him confidently, “yes Master, I am You’re whore” He chuckled and reached up to remove the blindfold. As the blindfold was removed, she looked up into the eyes of the man she loved heart, mind, body, and soul…her Master. He smiled at her and kissed her as he released her arms from the restraints and she wrapped them around Him and kissed him tenderly. “I love You Master, and I am You’re whore…I am anything You wish me to be” she said soft but clear…knowing she was safe and loved.

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