Second Turn  

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7/5/2006 6:23 pm
Second Turn

The sun beginning to rise in the early morning of September, you lie still reflecting for a moment, on the past and what the future may hold for you. You turn your head and look up to view the beautiful woman lying on the bed, long raven hair, thick, full lips, the darkest green eyes you ever saw. You were given permission to sleep at the foot of the bed, on the floor. Such a kind gesture and a privilege , an honor. It will be six months soon, the end of your trial period, wondering if she will contract you as her slave. You have tried hard to please her, learn her ways, her wants,her desires. Looking back, it has been such a short period of time and you want so much more. To be loved, needed and wanted, used for her every whim, you want the stability of that contract.
After the trial period of six months, comes next a two year contract, next a lifetime contract, branded, owned, never to be released. You have wanted this for so long, have searched and searched finally finding this raven beauty. You both get along remarkably, so much in common, laughter common among you both. Along with this two year contract, your chastity device comes off, sex is permitted with this beauty or whoever she chooses for you.
You haven't touched yourself in almost six months, sitting down to pee, Mistress washing you and replacing the lock again. At some point you have become accustomed to it but now, with the thought of what is to come in two days is overwhelming, so close, so close. Now the urges have resurfaced, your cock aches, the
urge to touch gets increasingly stronger and at this very moment, it is almost unbearable. Mistress hasn't milked you in four weeks, will she today, oh god, I need this release. You wonder for a moment, "should you be so bold to beg her for release today"? No, you are too close to that big decision, you dig your nails into your thigh, hoping the pain takes your mind off these urges. Soon, you will have to take position between your mistress's legs. She requires to wake with your nose in her crotch, once she stirs, you must lick until she has had enough orgasms. You have never experienced a woman like her. She has endless sexual urges, she cums tremendous amounts and her endurance is remarkable. It has been so difficult for you , the endless hours of your licking, your tongue aching but now you long for those times, you relish in them..

You arise, get the bottle and pee in it, you are not permitted use of the bathroom unless mistress gives you permission which doesn't happen too often.. You watch your useless cock as it fills the bottle half full, you replace the cap. Mistress usually expects me to drink it for breakfast. You hate it, the strong taste of first morning urine, but for her, you will do anything. You climb quietly between her legs, you gently spread them, placing your nose in her sweet mound, not moving, no matter how long it takes. It's especially difficult this morning though, your cock throbbing anticipating being unlocked in a few days. Anticipating what the future may hold for you. You glance at the clock, you have been kneeling between her legs for an hour now. She is sleeping in this morning. Your endurance has increased through this training and you are pleased with all of your accomplishments, accomplishments you never thought was possible. Mistress is very strict, a sadist, hard to take most times, always testing your limits, pushing you further, making you want more and more and wandering why later in reflection. You have come so far with her. You adore and love her, totally devoted to her, you never want to leave.

You feel her stir..........

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