Part 3  

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Part 3

Chapter 11
As soon as the door shut behind us, I knelt down to Christi's bare feet and slipped a pair of ankle cuffs on her. I connected them together with about a foot and a half of chain.

"What are you doing?" she asked. "You realize that you don't have to keep me in chains."

I looked up at her face. "Yup. And I don't have to keep you naked either. But it's much more interesting." I rose from my knees and connected the leash to her collar. I gave it a tug and she stumbled forward, ankles straining at the constricting chain. She had to take short steps with her ankles
connected as they were.

"Damn this is hard to walk like this. Can't you take it off me? Please?"

"It is supposed to be hard to walk. That's the point. You better get used to them, we have a long walk ahead of us. Be glad I haven't put you in high heels."

"Where are we going?" as she stumbled along behind me, trying to keep her balance with the cuffs restricting her to short steps and her hands cuffed behind her robbing her of balance.

"I think we should go to the mall. What do you think?"

"I don't think anymore." she sighed.

She had some real trouble with the hobble while going down the stairs, but she somehow managed. The strain in her muscles as she carefully made her way down seventeen flights was worth seeing, though I doubt if she appreciated it. But she knew better than to complain.

After exiting the building, she began to hobble towards the Jimmy. But I grabbed her by the handcuffs on her wrists and guided her towards the street.

"We're going to walk to the mall?" she asked incredulously. "Like this? I'll never make it." She was almost winded already.

"Would you prefer to crawl?"

She looked down at her still sore knees, and I saw her feel the palm of her hands. Tears formed in her eyes and she quietly shook her head and began her slow barefoot journey towards the mall.

I enjoyed the quiet, the still warm day, and lost myself in thought. I had no idea what we were going to do at the mall, but I was quite sure we'd be able to think of something. Christi tried to talk to me a number of times but I simply ignored her, content to watch her bare body struggling with her bonds, trying to move as quickly as possible towards her destination. The sound of her bare feet moving against the hot pavement, her soft breathing with her efforts. Moving around the littered roadway.

Occasionally, I could see her shoulders shaking as she quietly cried while walking in front of me. I suppose that she still wasn't quite used to being so controlled. Having no will, no way to strike back. Having to obey every command, like it or not. Forced to commit incest. Forced into lesbian
acts. Forced to come to grips with her feelings. Hating being dominated, but having no choice.

Hell, thrust into a world where time had no meaning. Everything so strange. Naked and constantly humiliated in front of a complete stranger. Without clothes or freedom for about nine hours according to my count. Forced into humiliating bondage. Having to let your captor tie you up with no rhyme nor
reason. I think I'd cry too, if I was in her position.

After a couple of hours of slow walking, I got tired. I called Christi to a halt. She thankfully sat down in the middle of the road. I leaned down and removed the cuffs from her wrists, pulling her arms in front of her and re-cuffing them. She shook her arms and looked up into my face. She was grateful for something as simple as having her hands bound in front of her.

"Thank you," she whispered, shame flushing her face. She began to massage her sore feet with her bound hands. Working the ankle cuffs into a more comfortable position.

"We'll take a car the rest of the way. Wait here."

She lay back on the asphalt and closed her eyes. She looked almost peaceful like that, stretched out nude in the middle of the road. Cuffs on her wrists and ankles, eyes closed. Resting. Conserving her strength.

A bit up the road, I found a car; a BMW, with two women in it. Probably in their late twenties.

This was going to be a bit of a challenge. If I simply restarted time for them, that car was going to leap forward and before they could realize what was going on, would hit the truck fifty feet or so in front of them. Judging by the speedometer, the car should stop if I could manage to get the brakes applied in time.

Leaving the front and the back of the car immobilized in time, I re animated the center. I quickly opened the driver's door and waved the gun at the driver. A nice looking redhead.

The confusion was evident in her face. One second she was driving her car, next second the world was stopped and some crazy guy was waving a gun in her face. I guess she thought, irrationally, that it was a car jacking.

"Please, take the car."

"Come on ladies, out of the car."

Bewildered, and not quite realizing the danger, they both stepped out of the car. The other woman was a little older than the driver. Brunette. Alright figure.

"Wh-what do you want."


I could see confusion set into their faces. Their eyes locked onto the handgun.

"Liz ... er ... Elizabeth Gerrard."


I held out two pairs of handcuffs.

"Ladies, can you please put these on."

"What? You're crazy."

"Be that as it may, but I am not afraid to use this gun."

"I'm not putting those things on until I know what is going on," the woman named Catherine spoke up.

I let off a shot into the air. I vaguely heard a soft cry from the direction of where I'd left Christi. The women in front of me both screamed.

I pointed the gun at Liz's head. "Now, unless you want holes in your pretty body, put those things on. Behind your back." I tossed the cuffs at her feet. She hesitated, but bent, picked them up and struggled to get them closed around her wrists behind her back. I heard the ratchets catch through the still morning.

I pointed the gun at Catherine and tossed the second pair of handcuffs at her feet. "Put them on."

Catherine was a bit more defiant. She shook her head and just stared back at me. "I won't put them on and be defenseless. You'll have to shoot me."

I just shook my head. I walked forward to Liz and grabbed her around her throat. I pointed the pistol at her temple. I could feel Liz shaking in my grip. I heard her voice, trembling in fear.

"P-Please Cathy. D-Do what he says. Jesus."

Catherine glared at me, and slowly, hate in her eyes, bent down and picked up the cuffs. I heard them snap shut behind her back. To be sure, I had Catherine turn around so I could see the cuffs. They looked a bit loose, but they would hold her.

I walked Liz over to the car and used another pair of cuffs to secure her to the steering wheel. She had to stand with her back to the car to accomplish this.

Catherine was still glaring at me. "What the hell do you want with us. Let us go and we'll not tell anyone about this. Take the car and go."

I ignored her. I grabbed her arm and marched her towards the side of the road, the gun jammed into her ribs. She dragged her feet a bit, but allowed me to separate her from her friend. There was a sturdy tree growing by the side of the road here. I walked her to the tree. I tossed a length of
rope over a sturdy branch, allowing it to fall to waist level. Catherine was beginning to get nervous.

I wrapped the end of the rope around the chain holding her wrists, checking that the handcuffs were tight. They were. Then I used the other end of the rope to pull her hands up behind her back. She grunted, and eventually ended up bent at the waist to relieve the pressure in her shoulders.

"Why are you doing this?"

"Because I want to," I decide to reply.

"You can't leave me like this."

"Why not?"

"My shoulders hurt."


"Oh God. Please let me go. Let us go."

I left her to struggle with the cuffs while I went back to see how Christi was doing. She was still lying in the road, hidden from the BMW by a number of intervening cars and trucks. I gently shook her shoulder and she awoke with a start.

"Oh my god, it wasn't a nightmare." She pulled against her cuffed wrists and wiggled her ankles. "I heard a gunshot. You killed someone didn't you?"

I smiled at her. "I could tell you anything and you wouldn't know the truth. But no, I didn't kill anyone. Yet."

"You took someone else. Like me. Didn't you."

"Nope. I took two."

Christi groaned. "And you want me to have sex with them I'll bet."

"Actually, I just came back to see if you were OK. You looked pretty tired."

"I can't believe that you care."

"I need you perky for the mall." I grinned.

Christi groaned. "What are you going to do to the ones you took?"

"Don't know yet, I'm going to convince them to take us to the mall in their shiny BMW."

Christi lay her head back gently on the pavement and closed her eyes again. "I don't have to walk in these chains anymore?"

"We'll see."

"I feel sorry for them. Don't hurt them too much OK?"

"No promises. I'll come back for you when it's time to go."

I heard her sigh and watched as she fell asleep in front of me. That pavement must have been uncomfortable, but I guess she'd been through worse.

I rummaged through the pack that was beside the sleeping, and chained, beauty. I picked up a few things and wandered back to my new acquisitions.


Chapter 12

As I approached Catherine, she twisted around, arms held high to look at me sullenly.
"Let me out of this right now."

"If you don't shut up, I'll leave you there for the night."

"What are you going to do," she asked me while eyeing the equipment that I had brought from where Christi lay.

"Teach you that it is a lot better to obey me, than to not."

"I put on the damn cuffs for you, like you asked, and they're killing me. I wish I hadn't."

"Your arms are going to be the least of your worries." I stepped towards her with the shears from the hardware store. Her eyes went wide and she began to shake.

"What are you going to do with those? Get away from me ..."

She was wearing jeans, which I began to cut away. Her foot came up and tried to kick at me. I pressed down on her back increasing the pressure on her shoulders until she cried out.

"Any more kicks out of you and I'll pop your shoulders out of their sockets and leave you here. Understand?"

Sobbing, she managed to get out a nod and "Alright, please."

I gave her a little shove to get the point across and then released her. She continued to cry quietly, but she sighed in relief as the pressure was alleviated.

I stepped back and cut out the waistband of her designer jeans. Cut down the legs and slipped them off.

Her crying abated, "You are going to me aren't you? You didn't have to cut those off you know, you could have just taken them down. They're damn expensive."

I just about laughed at the absurdity of it. This woman, thinking that she is about to be , worrying about the cost of the jeans. I just shook my head and reassured her, "I'm not going to you, at least not the way you think I am. But you just might do some things that you didn't think you would."

"Please let me go."

I slipped the scissors under the thin material of her panties and cut them off her; exposing her to the world. She tried to press her legs together to prevent me to removing the thin material, but a quick jab in the ribs solved that problem.

"What are you going to do?"

I picked up a thin branch off the ground and showed it to her.

"I'm going to spank you with this."

"Oh my God. You have got to be kidding. Wh-Why?"

"Because it pleases me."

"It pleases you to hurt me? What have I ever done to you?" I could see her desperately trying to get her wrists out of the handcuffs.

"However, if you want, we can make a deal ..."

"A deal?" I could see a light of hope in her eyes. Maybe I would just her.

I tested the branch, whistling it through the air. Her eyes went wide. I brought it down, without warning across her bare ass. Her eyes widened as the sound of the blow reached her before the pain. I saw the determination begin as tears sprang to her eyes, but she didn't cry out. It wasn't a particularly hard stroke.

I crouched down in front of her and looked into her tear streaked face.

"A deal. You willingly strip the rest of your clothes off. Then we walk back to the car. You cut the clothes off your friend Liz. You make love to her breasts. Then you use this branch that would have spanked your ass red, to whip her bare breasts, giving her, ohhh, eight strokes."

"Oh God. You know I can't do that."

"Oh, but you will, one way or the other."

"Please have mercy. I can't. I can't. You can whip me until I can't take it anymore, but I can't do that to my friend. Her breasts? My God, are you an animal? Do you have any idea how much that will hurt?"

"Alright, have it your way. When you want me to stop, just let me know."

I began to systematically whip the defenseless bare ass in front of me. I watched in fascination as the skin welted from the branch. I was careful to begin slowly, not break the skin, work her up to the pain of the whipping. She gritted her teeth, and though her eyes watered from the pain, she refused to cry out or beg me to stop. It took thirty strokes before she couldn't take the pain any more. The last stroke must have caught a particularly sensitive spot. A small cry escaped her lips. Both she and I knew that she was going to break. She couldn't take much more of this. Her legs were already beginning to dance with the pain. Pulling against her bound arms and wrists.

I continued to whip her ass, occasionally landing one on her upper thighs. Finally, a scream escaped her lips.

"Ahhhhh. Jesus. It hurts. Mercy. Stop. Please stop. For the love of God, stop. You are going to kill me."

"Would you like a rest?"

"Argh. Yes. Please stop hitting me. Please."

I held my next stroke. I ran my fingers over her ass. There were welts and very red skin but the skin hadn't broken yet. She squirmed at the touch. The heat generated was from her bare ass was incredible. I couldn't believe that she had stood there this long without breaking.

I gave her five minutes while I sat in the grass watching her struggle with the handcuffs, unable to touch the burning surface of her behind. Crying.

"Are you ready to continue?" I asked from beside her.

"Please. Don't do this. Let me go."

"Are you ready to do what I asked?"

"To Liz? I can't. Think about what you are asking."

"Alright then." I gave her another stroke.

"Arggggghhhhhh. I can't take it anymore. You are tearing me apart."


"Jesus. It hurts. Please. Please. Okay. I'm sorry Liz. Okay. I can't take it anymore. I'll do it. You bastard. I'll do it. Will you let us go afterwards?"

"Beg me."


"Beg me to allow you to kiss and whip Liz."

"You bastard. You cocksucking, pig. Never."

I raised the branch.

"Goddamn you. Alright. I'll do it. Please let me abuse Liz. Please let me strip her and kiss her beautiful tits. Let me whip them until she screams. You son-of-a-bitch bastard."

"That's better, now was that all that hard?" I asked sweetly.

"You goddamn motherfucker."

"Now, now."

"I'm sorry. I'll be good. Just don't hit me again. Please."

"Alright. For now."

"Will you let us go after I've tortured my friend? Please?"

"I have another task for you, but just one, as long as you behave."

"God. I'll behave."

I released the rope holding her hands up. They fell limply across her back. She immediately tried to feel the damage to her ass, completely unaware of the show she was pulling on for me.

I released her cuffs and she stood there docilely rubbing her welted ass. I was kind of surprised that she didn't make a move to attack me.

"Strip," I order her.

"Please don't make me do this."

I sat there silently waiting. Her hands shook as she removed her pullover and dropped it to the ground. She stood there in her bra and shoes. I just motioned for her to continue.

"Please. Let me keep my bra. Haven't you seen enough?"

"I'm not going to ask you again."

Her hands shaking as she reached behind herself, thrusting her breasts forward and unclipped the undergarment. It dropped away from her chest, exposing her breasts. She looked at me expectantly; wondering what I wanted her to do next. I pointed at her feet.

"My shoes? You're going to make me go barefoot as well?"

I nodded. Shaking her head, she kicked off her shoes. She wasn't wearing any socks. And she stood in front of me completely nude. She didn't even try to cover herself.

I pointed the gun at her and had her march in front of me back to the car. Liz was still where I'd left her, chained to the steering wheel.

I unclipped the connecting chain allowing her free from the car. Her eyes were scared as she took in her friend completely nude. I could see that she was unbearably curious about what had happened. Why Catherine was nude.

"What are you going to do to us?" she asked quietly.

"Catherine, here, is going to remove your clothes. And you are going to let her."

Liz just looked at Catherine with fear in her eyes. Catherine just nodded.

"Are you going to me?"

"No, you might be just a little uncomfortable afterwards, is all."

She looked at Catherine who just shrugged.

"I heard you hurting Cathy." she stammered. "Are you going to hurt me? Please, I'll do anything you want. Please don't hurt me. Please let me go."

"I am not going to hurt you," I wasn't lying. Catherine was.

"Now, I'm going to uncuff your wrists. I want you to stand still while Catherine undresses you, all right?"

Liz numbly nodded. I walked over to Catherine and had her put her hands behind her back. She obeyed, frightened to do anything else. I slipped the cuffs that were previously on Liz onto Catherine.

"Now, Catherine, I want you to completely undress Liz."

She whispered back. "You are such a bastard. I'm gonna kill you if I can."

I smiled back at her and prodded her forward with the gun.

Catherine had a lot of trouble getting the clothes off Liz with her hands bound. At some points she even had to use her teeth. Quietly cursing me under her breath. Eventually, Catherine managed to strip everything off Liz except for her shoes. I decided to leave them on her. For now.

"Okay Liz, I want you to lie down on the road spread eagled."

Liz, too frightened to anything else, mindlessly obeyed, stretching out her long limbs above and below her, stretching her body out to its fullest extent. I unlocked Catherine's hands and had her use rope to hold Liz outstretched on the road.

"Catherine, make love to her tits. Now."

"Please don't make me do this. She's my friend. I'm not lesbian. She's not either. Please."

"Would you like to go back to the tree?"

Liz just closed her eyes and mumbled something. Perhaps a prayer.

Catherine, beaten, crawled towards her friend's chest. She used her hands and tongue to caress the bare breasts of her friend. It certainly didn't look like they were enjoying it, though Liz was beginning to breath a little harder and her nipples were certainly hardening.

Finally, I gently gripped Catherine's hair and pulled her back from her task. Liz moaned a little and pulled against the ropes holding her down. I handed the thin branch to Catherine. She looked at me with pleading eyes, "Please, for the love of anything holy, don't make me do this. She'll hate me
forever. It'll kill her."

"What's happening," asked Liz from the asphalt below us.

"This bastard is making me beat you."

"Oh. Why?"

"Because he gets off on it. Liz, honey, he wants me to beat your breasts."

"Oh God."

"Please don't make me do this. Do it yourself if you have to, but please not me."

"We could go back to the tree if you like ..."

"You are a cold bastard, you know."

"Cathy. You can do it. Hit my breasts. I can't take hearing you on that tree again. I'll survive. Please."

"It's going to hurt a lot."

"I know."

As she brought down the first stroke she turned to me, "I'm going to kill you, I swear it. Somehow."

The first stroke marked the top of the bound woman's breasts.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh. God that hurts."

"I know, honey."

The next stroke caught her across the middle of the breasts, making a mark just north of the nipples.

Liz took in a very sharp breath and let out a blood curdling scream. She thrashed against the ropes, so wanting to protect her sensitive breasts.

"Please no more. It hurts. God it hurts."

Catherine looked sick as she brought the instrument of both their torture back down across the breasts eliciting yet another scream from her friend. Catherine collapsed at that point, crying and holding her friend's breasts for her. Sobbing. Both of them. Such a simple thing. Just a branch.

Liz managed to gasp out, "Please, it hurts so much. Why? How much more?"

I decided to let up with this. Liz was going to pass out if we continued this much longer.

"Just two more," I decided.

"Please, can I rest for a moment."

I nodded, walking a short distance away from the crying women. In a couple of minutes I wandered back, and Catherine glared up at me.


Liz just nodded her head looking up through tear filled eyes.

I watched as Catherine laid another stripe across the bottom of her friends breasts making them shake, and getting another scream out of Liz. Her voice was beginning to fade.

"Last one, across the nipples, Catherine."

"You have to be joking."

"Not at all."

"Please Cathy, just finish," hoarsely from the shaking girl on the pavement. "Please."

Catherine sobbed a bit, but brought the branch down hard, slashing across her friends sensitive and erect nipples.

The pain in the girl was almost palpable. Her breasts exploded in agony too great to describe.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Jesus. Christ. Please no more. Argh. Uhhh. I can't take any more. My tits. Hurt. Please. I'm begging you. No more. Please."

Catherine turned around suddenly and swung the branch at me. I easily ducked it, and caught her wrist on the follow through. Catherine gasped.

"You just earned your friend another one."

"Noooooooooo. Please no more. I'll do anything. Just don't hit my tits again. Anything. . Me. Hit my thighs. Hit my stomach. Just no more on my tits. Please. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Please. No more. My tits. Jesus. Christ. Please. I'm begging you. Catherine. Do what he says. I can't take any more. Please. Oh. God. Please."

Catherine, who I'd forced to give her friend that last blow, collapsed in a heap on the ground sobbing. Liz moaned on the ground.

I walked across and released her right wrist, immediately she cradled her marked breasts. I released her left wrist as well, and left her ankles bound. She cradled her beaten breasts, rocking and moaning.

Catherine didn't even resist as I pulled her arms behind her back and slipped the cuffs on her. I used another set on her ankles securely binding her on the ground.


Chapter 13

Leaving the two tormented females, I wandered back to my original prize. Christi had managed to curl up on her side to sleep. Her bound hands and ankles didn't seem to bother her ability to sleep, nor the hard pavement upon which she was lying.
I woke her with a gentle slap to the breast. She didn't jump as I'd expected, but rather just opened her eyes and stretched as best she could.

"How long?"

I was bewildered by the question.

"How long have I been asleep," she clarified.

"No idea, maybe an hour or two."

Groggily. "You just interrupted a great dream."


"Yeah, I wasn't here. I had clothes on. I wasn't in chains. And I hadn't even heard of you. I slept in my comfortable bed, not hard pavement." She looked up at the sky, "I couldn't have slept that long. It's still morning."

I just looked at her. "Have you forgotten?"

"Oh God. Time. It takes some getting used to. Are you ever going to restart the world?"

"When I'm ready. Come on, on your feet." Christi groaned and struggled to get to her bare feet. The chains making the journey difficult. I reached down and handed her the pack. "Come on, we have a ride waiting."

"I'm wearing the chains. I'm naked. I'm the girl. And you make *me* carry the pack. To make it worse what's in the sack? Equipment that you are going to use to torture me. Ironic. Can we please take off this silly thing on my ankles. It's hard to walk."

I looked at her. I couldn't tell if she was kidding or not. She almost certainly wasn't about the ankle cuffs.

"Well, its either you carry the pack like I ask, or I can whip your tits until you beg to carry it. And the ankle cuffs stay on until I take them off you. The whole point is that it is harder to walk."

Christi gulped. "I'm sorry. I'll carry it. I'll carry it. And I'll be happy to wear the chains as long as you want. Just don't hurt me. Please."

I led her by her leash towards the BMW. She walked as best she could behind me.

I heard her make a sharp intake of breath as she saw the crying girls by the BMW. Christi whispered to me, "What the hell did you put them through?"

"I played with them a bit."

"God. Did you ever. Thank-you for not including me," she was serious.

"The one holding her breasts, that's Elizabeth. The one in the cuffs is Catherine."

Liz looked up at the sound of my voice, her eyes widening as she saw Christi leashed and collared behind me. She hadn't even untied her own ankles yet.

"Please let us go."

"Soon," I promised. Soon she wouldn't even remember her ordeal. I turned to Christi and removed her handcuffs. She stood silently rubbing her sore wrists. She had been in those handcuffs for a long time. I motioned for Christi to throw the pack into the car, which she did.

"Christi, remember Kimberly? I want you to lash Liz's breasts the same way that hers are, okay?"

Christi knew better than to argue, so walked slowly forward, the ankle chains still impeding her, and knelt down beside Liz.

Liz looked at her realizing what was about to happen. "Please, no more. My tits are still on fire. I can't take any more. Tie me up. Do anything you have to, but please, not my tits. Please. You're a woman. Have mercy. Please."

Christi whispered, "I'm so sorry. I know they hurt. I'll be as gentle as I can, if he lets me." She looked over her shoulder at me. I nodded. Christi, on her own, bent and gently kissed Liz's breasts, trying to comfort the shaking girl. But in the end, she began forming the cruel rope bra that I had demanded. I couldn't tell if this was turning her on or not. All I knew was that Liz wasn't enjoying it at all. But I could see that Christi was being as gentle as she could around the sensitive flesh.

Catherine was beginning to pull at her chains hearing her friend crying. I bent down and gathered her up into my arms. This chained naked woman.

"What are you going to do with us now. Please."

"Nothing more to hurt you. You, I'm going to put out of the way in the trunk. Liz is going to drive us to the mall. That's all. Then, I'll be out of your life."

"In the trunk? Why?"

"To keep you out of the way. And as punishment for the branch trick."

"But you made me hit Liz again for that."

"I'll punish as I see fit."

I called to Christi to pop the trunk. I remembered to free the back of the car from its time freeze before Christi could pop the trunk. Christi, glared at me, but I had a helpless nude woman in my arms. Christi dropped the rope wrapping of Liz's exposed breasts and leaned into the car, popping the trunk
from the inside of the car.

"Please don't do this to me. Not in the trunk. I'll do anything. I swear it."

"You'll let me whip your tits?"

"Please no. The trunk. I'll be fine in the trunk," she backtracked quickly.

I unceremoniously dumped Catherine into the trunk, knocking the wind out of her. And quickly closed the lid. I could hear her crying softly in her confinement, but I knew she'd be alright.

By this time Christi had wrapped Liz's breasts in rope. They bulged unnaturally and Liz winced with every small movement. I reached out and traced a finger across the swollen flesh. I knew that it was taking every ounce of will power not to pull away. I could see the lines of pain on her face, but to her credit, she didn't cry out.

I reached down and released her ankles from their bindings. Liz immediately brought her legs together and tried to find a position to minimize the strain on her bound breasts. I had her hold out her wrists and used handcuffs to bind them together. Christi resigned, held out her hands as well and accepted the cuffs back.

This was going to be one of those times that I had to take a bit of a risk. I left the two women kneeling on the pavement outside the car. If this didn't work, then their misery might just be over. If I crashed the car, trying to get it out of the traffic flow, then I might have to return to the beginning of this adventure and try all over again. I couldn't trust one of the women to do it without panicking. I slipped behind the steering wheel. Planted my foot on the brake full force. Concentrated on freeing the front of the car from the time freeze and felt the car pull forward with its lost momentum. As the brakes caught, I heard Catherine thrown against the front of the trunk, and cry out in terror.

In a flash of molten rubber, much smoke and some sheer luck, the car stopped barely inches from the frozen truck in front of it. I turned off the engine and motioned Liz and Christi to make their way over.

The girls struggled to their feet. Liz having trouble keeping her sore breasts still against their ropes. Christi simply having trouble with the ankle hobble. They tried to help each other and made their way over to the BMW.

I was out of the car by this point. "Liz, you drive. Christi, lie down in the back seat."

Liz climbed behind the wheel. Christi crawled into the back seat with some difficulty and curled up. I slipped into the back seat with Christi and positioned her head in my lap. I idly played with her right breast as she began to fall asleep again.

Christi mumbled, "You really ought to give Liz some pointers on driving. Us women aren't used to driving without clothes, and handcuffed. I almost killed us earlier. That wouldn't be good. Not to mention her slight breast distraction." Just before she fell into a deep sleep.

"Okay, Liz, slow and steady. You aren't used to driving in traffic like this and especially with handcuffs."

"I've driven in handcuffs before."


"One of my old boyfriends used to like tying me up."


"Yeah. We once went for this long drive with me in handcuffs. I can do it. Where do you want to go?" No asking for the handcuffs off. No whining. Just "I can do it." Either she'd lost her will or she was simply really scared. Probably the latter.

"Hampton Mall. No rush."

"Can we please loosen my tit ropes? Or take them off? Please? My tits are in agony and every bump ... I've done everything you asked. No complaints. I won't ask for anything else. I'll do anything else you want. Please."

"I'll think about it."

She sighed and tears sprang to her eyes as she tried to cradle her breasts with her arms. Liz began crying softly to herself. Had to ask permission to untie her own breasts. Doing everything that was asked of her. And still not having enough control. I let her sob to herself for a while and then I

"Listen, I'll loosen the ropes after you drive halfway there. But don't rush, the last thing we need is an accident. Where's the halfway point?"

Such a small thing. She managed to stop crying long enough to struggle and start the car. It was like Christi when I moved her hands from behind her back to her front. Completely broken. I'd have to remember that. Liz might come in useful later as well.

"The Shell station on Beare Road, I think. Thank-you sir."

I took a quick mental note of the mileage.

We made a slow way towards the mall. Liz was a careful driver. Not attempting to engage in conversation. Probably afraid that she would get into more trouble for talking and lose any chance of getting the ropes loosened.

As we passed the Shell station, I had her pull over. I had her get out of the car and kneel on the road. Christi slept through this all in the back seat.

Liz knelt still, though I could see that she was in pain. My loosening of the ropes probably caused blood to rush into the tissue causing a fair bit of discomfort for the naked girl. Tears formed, but didn't spill
over. She gasped as the ropes were released.

I prepared to put the ropes back onto her.

"Let me know what's comfortable."

"Please, sir, can't we not put them on. My tits are so sore from that awful whipping Catherine gave me." I noted that she hadn't blamed me though I was certainly the driving force. She and I both knew that. "I'll do anything you want. Please?"

"My dear, I want to have you in breast ropes. But I'll try and make it comfortable for you."

The tears spilled over, but she resigned herself to the discomfort. At least it wouldn't be as tight as Christi made it. I had told Christi not to play light because she felt sorry for her fellow captive.

She raised her cuffed wrists above her head, allowing me easy access to her naked breasts. I carefully wound the soft rope around her body, only gently squeezing her breasts with the rope. She gasped at the touches but didn't complain. I'm not sure if she was afraid to complain about the tightness or
whether it was simply comfortable enough to stand.

I briefly toyed with the idea of punishing Christi for making the breast bondage on Liz too loose, but decided only to use that if necessary.

Liz through her tears whispered, "Thank-you" before climbing gingerly back behind the wheel and waited to resume our trek.


Chapter 14

I climbed back into the back seat with Christi. She stirred in her sleep but didn't wake.
"Okay, Liz, on to the mall."

After a while, Liz announced that they had arrived. I must have dozed a bit myself. Christi awoke and sat up. I toyed with the idea of punishing her for sitting up without permission but satisfied myself with chastising her. "Wasn't my last order to lie down in the back seat?"

Her face didn't register comprehension, not quite understanding why she wasn't allowed to sit up. But after a brief glance, and a look of worry, quietly lowered herself back to the seat.

"Park up near the door."

Liz drove through the crowded parking lot and parked up near the entrance to the mall. The mall was reasonable crowded. Lots of cars. Lots of people. After we'd parked, I ordered Christi to get out of the car. She struggled with the chains binding her, but managed to crawl out of the car.

I leaned forward over the seat and used another pair of handcuffs to secure Liz's wrists to the steering wheel.

"Why?" was all she asked.

"Because I might need a ride later."

"You said you'd let us go. Is Cathy alright?" she was crying.

"I'll let you go if I decide that I don't need a ride."

"Please let us go. We didn't do anything to you."

"I know. Christi and I are just going into the mall for a while. You want to come?"

She quickly realized that she probably didn't want to come along and shook her head. "Please, can't you let Cathy go? I'll stay with you if you need a hostage. I'll do whatever you say. You can even tie my tits up tight again. Please."

"My dear, I can do whatever I want to both you and Catherine. Whether you want it to happen or not." Tears began to fall from her eyes again. "But I'll consider letting Catherine go. If you promise to cooperate with me. And you'll allow yourself to be punished for her leaving."

She cried a bit more but nodded. "I'll do anything you want." She sounded completely defeated.

I finished cuffing her to the steering wheel and stepped out of the car.

I cracked a window for her, since she couldn't do it herself and left her quietly crying behind the wheel.

I walked around the car to find Christi on her knees on the asphalt beside the passenger door. Her subservience surprised me, but I'll admit, her demeanor cut off most thoughts of punishing her. Hard to punish someone so willing to please.


She obediently held up her wrists. I unlocked the steel bands which had held her so long. She idly rubbed her wrists, "What are you planning to do in the mall?"

"Oh, I have some ideas."

"I'll bet. Do they include me? Should I be getting my tongue ready?"

I just smiled and she groaned.

"Hands and knees."

"Oh please don't make me crawl again. You have no idea how humiliating it is."

"But it is fun to watch."

"God." she began to crawl. Her ankles still in the hated ankle hobble made the journey extremely slow and probably more painful for the naked woman at my feet. But we took our time.

Hampton Mall is a smallish strip mall with mainly clothing stores and specialty boutiques. My real reason for coming here was the specialty adults only store near the far end of the mall. We moved very slowly up the main isle of the mall. I could tell that Christi was feeling the roughness of the tile floor against her hands and knees, but I forced her to continue that way, despite its slowness and despite her repeated requests to walk "normally."

Finally, after I had ignored her for some time, she had given up and resigned herself to the fact that she was going to crawl, like it or not.

I forced her to crawl the entire length of the mall, crawling around frozen people. She must have been getting used to the idea that she could be crawling naked, chained through a mall and that nobody was going to notice except her captor.

We arrived in front of the adult store and I saw her look up at the sign and groan.

"Not more toys."

"Yup." I opened the door and let her crawl in. "To your feet."

She looked up at me in amazement, she had been crawling so long. She didn't need a second instruction, but scrambled to her bare feet. Since her hands were uncuffed, it was much easier on her to rise this time.

I glanced around the store. Magazines. A female cashier. Two customers. One browsing through the movies. Another female checking out the vibrators. Shelves of sex toys.

Christi's eyes widened.

"Have you ever been in one of these stores before?"

"Naked and chained? Or just normally."

I just gave her a withering look. She actually smiled and almost laughed.

"No. In either state. Though I've often wondered what one was like inside."

"Well, here's your chance. I want you to pick up some stuff for me."

"Like what?"

"Well, some bondage movies."

"Big surprise."

"And some vibrators. Different sizes. You need the clerk to help you?"

"Please no. I think I can do it on my own," the thought of her naked and chained and having to ask the clerk to help went through her head. Not to mention how I might convince the girl to help.

Christi wandered off to complete her task while I wandered over to the magazine rack and picked up some bondage related magazines. I wandered over to the B&D racks and picked up some leather cuffs, chains, padlocks, a riding crop, some extra steel cuffs, a leather hood, some nipple clamps and various other interesting items.

I threw everything in a bag and wandered back to Christi. She had an armful of vibrators, all different sizes and shapes. She was just looking through the movies.

She turned as I approached. "I'll bet you want the rough and type as opposed to the gentle and kind ones."

"Pick up a couple of each." I held the bag open for her choices.

She dumped the vibrators into the bag. I saw her shudder as she saw the stuff that I had already placed in it. The nipple clamps were on top.

She quickly chose a couple of videos and tossed them into the bag as well.

I looked at her and without me even having to say anything, she simply held her wrists out. I locked them together with the handcuffs and watched as she twisted her wrists a bit to find the most comfortable position.

As we walked out of the store, I began to talk to her.


Chapter 15

"Our goal here is to find a family somewhere in this mall. I want a reasonably attractive family. Father. Mother. Two daughters. Not too young. Sixteen at least. I want you to help pick them."
"What are you going to do to them?"

"You'll find out in good time."

"Nothing they'll enjoy I'll wager."

"Don't know. But I doubt it."

"I'm not going to enjoy it either, am I?"

"Don't know. But I doubt it."

She groaned. "Just please don't make me do anymore lesbian things. I really hate that." She wiggled her tongue for emphasis.

About halfway down the mall, Christi reluctantly pointed out a man in his late thirties standing in a women's clothing store. What appeared to be two daughters were frozen looking through the racks of clothing. There was a family resemblance. The two girls looked to be late teens. The man looked
extremely bored.

"I really wanted a mother as well ..."

"Maybe she's in the dressing room. Jesus, I can't believe that I'm helping you."

"I guess it won't hurt to find out. That guy looks a bit bored anyway."

"I'm sure you'll help him with that."

I just smiled and left Christi standing in the middle of the mall, and walked into the store to get a closer look at my victims. I wandered into the dressing rooms and sure enough there were two women in
different rooms. The first didn't look promising. A girl of about twenty seven or so just about to pull off her sweater. I toyed with the idea of starting up time and using her, but decided to continue. The next room had a trim woman of about thirty-five ... maybe forty in the middle of dressing. She
stood there, motionless with a pair of slacks in her hand, bent down to slip them on. She had a top, still on the hanger. She was only in her bra and panties, having kicked off her shoes to slip on the pants. She bore some resemblance to the girls out in the store, but not as much as the man.

Only way to find out for sure was to take them and ask.

I wandered back out into the store. Christi had moved into the store, but I decided not to chastise her for leaving the spot I'd left her.

"Well?" she asked.

"Maybe. I'll wake up the daughter and ask. But I need you out of the way for a moment otherwise she'll really panic."

"Damn, what are you going to do, tie me up in another store?"

"Not this time, though that doesn't sound like a bad idea. You like books?"

The odd comment threw her and she was wary. "Some books."

"It's alright, I was just going to give you some time off. You can go browse in the book store next door until I need you."

Her face registered complete disbelief. I'd been treating her cruelly for so long, she couldn't believe it.

"Go on, before I change my mind and chain you up in a change room."

Without another word, she walked out of the women's store with her shortened steps. A smile playing along her lips as she looked forward to some private time.

I considered how to best get the family into my control. Probably through the youngest daughter. She looked to be about sixteen or seventeen. I walked up to her. Trim. Well developed chest. Pretty face. She was currently walking towards a rack of evening gowns.

I brought out the gun and pointed it at her chest, concentrated and brought time back into focus for her. Her momentum threw her forward and almost into me. To her, it would have appeared like I'd just appeared out of thin air.

She made a startled gasp and looked around. The world around her was completely frozen, except for her and I. Her eyes traveled to the gun leveled at her and then up to my face.

"Uh hello," she began calmly. "Where'd you come from." Cool girl.

"Just dropped in." I waved the gun at her. "Care to sit down?"

"I guess." Her eyes on the gun.

"What do you want?" she sat down in one of the courtesy chairs.

"Your name first."

"Jane." Nothing more.

"Well, Jane, that your sister over there?"

She nodded. "Why isn't she moving? What's happening."

"World's frozen." Not much of an explanation, but she didn't have to know all the gory details. All she needed to know was that I had a gun. And she was aware of that. Her eyes hardly left it.

"What do you want with me?"

I ignored her question. "That your father?"

"Uh huh."

"Where's your mother?"

"Change room."

"Your sister's name and age?"

Her eyes still on the gun. "Elaine. She's nineteen. I'm seventeen." she volunteered.

"Okay, Jane. I need to keep you out of the way for a few minutes. Will you let me tie you into that chair?" I slowly reached down and pulled some rope out of the bag I'd put at my feet.

"Are you going to hurt me?"

"No." I sort of lied, well, I wasn't going to hurt her for a while yet. And not at all, if everyone cooperated.

"Alright. My brother ties me up sometimes. I guess I don't mind as long as you don't hurt me."

"Your brother? Is he here as well?"

"Nope. Didn't want to do any shopping today. Lucky him."

I moved behind the chair and had her place her arms behind her. Quick as lightning, as soon as I was behind the chair, she leapt out of it and began to run. I sighed and mentally narrowed the time bubble around her until she began to slow. Finally, at a complete stop, I casually wandered over to her and stood in front of her. Jammed the gun into her ribs and re animated her time.

Her startled scream echoed through the silent mall. To her it had seemed like I instantaneously moved to her from the chair.

"Shit," she mumbled.

"Next time you try a stunt like that, I'll knock a hole in you the size of New York. Be clear about this. You can't hurt me. You can't get away. And I will hurt you if I have to."

I could see the fear in her eyes. The calmness had almost left. But I watched her struggle it back in control. I could almost imagine what she was going through. Alone. A strange guy with a gun. Wanting to tie her up. Of course, she was going to try and escape. I marveled at her self control. Most other women that I'd confronted like this panicked pretty quick. Liz. Catherine. Kimberly. Linda. Christi.

But Jane was the first that actually tried a bold escape.

Jane sat back in the chair and put her wrists behind the chair without being asked. This time, I lashed her wrists together as she sat calmly. I moved around the front of the chair and lashed her ankles to the chair legs.

She squirmed a bit, "You don't have to tie my legs you know. Where am I going to go?"

I ignored her and brought the gun up and pressed it into her temple. I felt the poor girl shaking in fear as she felt the gun against her head. I concentrated and all of a sudden the man and the woman
identified as Elaine came to life. I felt Jane pulling against the bonds.

The father almost immediately saw me. "What the hell ..." The sister turned to see what the problem was. I doubt if either one of them noticed that everyone else was frozen.

I remarked casually, "Don't do anything stupid."

The father mumbled, "Don't do anything stupid, hell." And began to move towards me.

I whipped the gun up from Jane's head and pointed it at his approaching chest. "Sir, I would suggest that you stop. You won't be able to help your daughter if you're dead ..."

This stopped him. The sister had frozen as soon as she saw the gun in my hand.

"What the hell d'ya want. Let my daughter go. How ..."

"What I want, is for you to understand the situation. If you don't do what I say. And exactly what I say, then I'll be forced to shoot one of these pretty girls."

"Daddy ..." the girl named Elaine whimpered from behind a rack of clothes.

"Now, nice and slowly I want you to leave the store. Go out the concourse and sit down on a bench." He didn't move. "Now." I waved the gun back at Jane, tied in the chair. She whimpered.

The man still didn't move. But Jane spoke up in a voice a lot clearer than I would ever have been able in her position. "Please Daddy. Just do what he says."

The man, watching me the whole way, backed very slowly out of the store. Reaching behind him, he sat down on the bench but watched what was going on in the store with feral eyes.

"Elaine. I don't want to hurt you, but I need you do something for me. I need you to go tie your father to that bench. I need him out of the way. You know how to tie knots don't you?", I said in a voice that shouldn't carry all the way to the concourse.

Elaine just stood still and whimpered.

I heard the waif under my gun whisper to me, "Then why did you unfreeze him?" A sharp one. She was catching on already that I was controlling the freeze. And that I was up to something. "Elaine is kind of hopeless with knot tying. You haven't played cowgirls and Indians with her. Let me do it. I've
learned a lot about tying knots from my brother. I've been in them enough. The little bastard. Just don't hurt anyone."

"Elaine, come here."

"Elaine hesitated, but began walking over to me and her bound sister.

Jane concerned asked, "You okay?" from her chair.

Elaine just nodded.

"Come here. Sit beside your sister."

I heard from the concourse bench, "You bloody bastard. Leave them alone. Do whatever you want to me."

I thought to myself. Doing whatever I wanted to the father would be sooo not fun though. I ignored him but kept one eye watching him. He didn't move from his bench though, I guess scared for the safety of his daughters.

"You see your sister, Elaine, sit like that."

Elaine frightened, moved her arms behind her and crossed her wrists. She gasped as I wrapped some cord around them and tied them off. Same thing with her ankles.

I debated going to tie the father myself, but decided that he might make a move if I was close enough. No sense having to start this adventure over again. I already had the girls.

"Okay, Janie. I'm going to untie you. You go tie your father to the bench. And I will check if he's tied tight. If not ..." I just let the comment hang.

Jane shook off the ropes as I untied her. She picked up the pieces as I followed her out of the boutique and into the concourse.

The father was livid. "Now what?"

"Jane is going to tie you to the bench to keep you out of the way. I want you to let her."

"What the fuck is going on here," he motioned to the motionless people throughout the mall.

"Daddy, he can freeze and unfreeze people. Please do what he says," Jane answered for me.

"The hell I will."

"Daddy, listen to me. He has Elaine tied up in the store. I tried to get away, and he caught me without even trying. That gun is real. Trust me. It doesn't matter what you do. If he doesn't just kill you, he'll freeze you and do whatever it is he wants to me and Elaine anyway. Please just let me tie you to this bench. It doesn't matter. And I'd feel better if you weren't frozen and were here for us. Please."

A really sharp one.

The father sighed and relaxed somewhat.

"Goddamn it okay. But you had better not hurt my daughters or I swear I'll find some way to kill you."

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