Never close your lips to those whom you have opened your heart  

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Never close your lips to those whom you have opened your heart

Adrienne Stephenson was a young, sexy housewife living on her husband's horse farm. Adrienne's husband, Paul, was a strict disciplinarian, and would punish is wife with various bondage methods. They had two daughters, Amanda and Heather, who were blonde like their mother. The girls were six and four years old, respectively. Paul was a hobby carpenter. Unlike many men who build tables, chairs, or shelves, Paul would build torture machines and place them in his wife's "punishment room" atop the main horse barn.
"Adrienne!" Paul called to his wife late one night, after he found that she had gotten into his XXX movie collection. "Get your pretty little hiney in the bedroom, NOW!" Adrienne knew better, but she still whined and pleaded with her husband. "I was only going to give you a strapping, but now you're really gonna get it!" Adrienne knew what that meant. "...really gonna get it." meant the dreaded riding crop. Adrienne hadn't gotten the crop in over two weeks, but now she had done it.

A few moments later found the poor home maker laying on the King size bed in a black and red, lace lingerie. Paul entered the room, and closed the soundproof door (we can't have little Heather and Amanda hearing this). "Bend over, there." Paul said, indicating a wooden bench with a western style saddle draped over it. Adrienne took her position on the bench. Paul came up behind his wife and pulled down her see through panties. No matter how little protection it offered, Adrienne was never allowed a covering for her ass during a punishment session.

Paul grasped the horsewhip, and Crack! Crack! Crack! A scream escaped the young woman's mouth. "Nooooo! Don't whip me, pleas-" She was cut off by another Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! "Please Stop!" Just then, the door creaked open. Heather and Amanda stood in the doorway with amazed expressions on their faces. Apparently, the thunder and lightning outside had frightened them. "What are you doing to mommy?!" The younger girl screamed. Paul laid down his whip, and moved over to his daughters. "Mommy has been a naughty girl." Paul explained, "Remember yesterday, when I grounded you two off of your bikes for not cleaning your room?" Both girls chimed in, "Yes, Daddy." Well, what I'm doing to mommy is a punishment, just like that." Paul had every intention of starting to spank his daughters, but the question was when. "I think it's time you learned to take your punishments like big girls now."

"NO!" Screamed Adrienne. "You were going to wait until after Amanda's birthday!" Paul yelled at his wife and silenced her with another Crack! of his crop. Amanda's birthday was in a couple of weeks anyway. "Just sit here while I finish teaching Mommy a lesson." Paul said to his daughters, and turned back to Adrienne.

Finally, when Adrienne was done, he told his daughters to bend over the bench as their mother had done, with their jeans and panties off. Paul then demonstrated what would happen to them, if they were ever naughty again. Whack! Whack! Paul whacked his daughter's asses with his hand. ,"Eeeagh!" screamed Heather and Amanda together. "This is the only way you will be punished from now on, no more suspended privileges, no more groundings, just... Whack!" Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Paul continued, alternating the tiny, now pink asses. Paul subsided, and commanded Adrienne to retrieve his strap, and paddle. She sat on the bed defiantly. Paul did the task himself, and assured his wife that her turn was not over. Paul positioned himself behind the two bottoms, and smacked both their asses with one stroke of the paddle. This paddle was leather, but laminated, and stiff, with little flex. It also had thirteen holes drilled 3/4 of the way through, designed to bunch the tender flesh of a female's lower ass, an cause even more pain. Smack! The girls were really screaming now. Smack! Smack! Smack! Paul laid down the paddle and grabbed the crop. (Adrienne beginning to find herself surprisingly damp at the sight, until she remembered Paul's promise of more to come.) Crack! Crack! Paul gave his daughters a final two good strikes with the whip, again simultaneously. Paul then proceeded to lift the half-naked girls off of the bench, setting them painfully down in a sitting position on the bed, and commanded them to watch as he continued whipping his wife...

The next day, Paul went to work early, as he did every morning. Although there were no crops on the farm, it was still a lot of work. Adrienne worked around the house as always, and the girls played in the backyard, being careful not to touch their ripe red asses. All was well, until the next week...

While Paul was out, the girls were playing tag, and despite their mother's warnings, ran through the den. As Amanda rounded her father's huge oak desk, she slipped, sent Heather flying over her, and into Paul's Harley Davidson model. "Uh, oh." Amanda said to her sister, worried. "Remember what daddy said about playing in here?" "Yeah," said Heather, "he said he's spank us again!" The girls decided that if they carefully set the model back together, Paul wouldn't notice. He never looks at it anyway.

Later that day, Adrienne was dusting Paul's den, and bumped the same model! She thought that she had broken it, and did the same foolish thing her daughters had. When Paul came home, he discovered the model immediately. He lined up the suspects, and announced that if someone didn't confess, they would all get double. To Paul's surprise, all of them confessed at once! "Well then, to the barn!" The three females were led out of the house, down the laneway, up some steps and through a wooden door. The room they entered was blanketed with hay strewn on the wooden floor. It had various machines, and looked like a dungeon with wooden walls. "This is where you will be punished tonight, ladies." Paul announced. Paul wasted no time in leading Adrienne to one of the machines. He placed her face-down on a padded bench, and tied her down. Paul then lowered a wooden contraption until it hung a few inches above her back. He took great pleasure in pulling Adrienne's tight jeans and panties to the floor.

The contraption had a small, wooden roller with a strip of soft leather wrapped around it once. Paul positioned the roller right behind Adrienne's naughty ass crack. Paul pulled an iron pin from the roller, and it spun with amazing force, sending the leather flying into the pretty bottom. Snap! Paul quickly reset the roller. Snap! Adrienne couldn't remember a worse punishment recently. Paul was pleased as she screamed. "Aaaarrrrggggrrhh! No... please... not again!" Snap! While his wife was whining, Paul had reset the machine again. Snap! Paul laid the leather to Adrienne four more times, and then released her. She fell to the floor, not even bothering to clothe herself as she cried.

Paul scooped his terrified daughters up and stripped them naked. The girls were then secured to another machine. This one had two long, whippy canes on pivots at either side of a low table. The canes were made to spring towards the table by two mechanisms made of wood and steel.. This machine was designed especially for Amanda and Heather. Because the girl farthest from the pivot would be whipped much worse, two canes, to be used in alternating repetition were installed.

Paul Pulled back one of the canes, cocking the device, and let it snap back at the tiny asses. Whip-ip! The cane made a peculiar sound as it hit Amanda slightly later, and harder, than her sister. Heather felt the sting as well though, she screamed as loudly as Amanda. "Eeeeagh!" Amanda begged Paul to stop, but he just moved to the other cane, and let it rip. Whip-ip! Back to the first cane. Whip-ip! Whip-ip!, Whip-ip! Whip-ip! Each girl felt the strong end of the cane three times. Paul undid the straps that held his daughters in place, and they jumped up and bounced around the room, rubbing their sore asses. Paul left the room with nothing more than a final smack on Adrienne's red behind.

A few months later, Adrienne decided that she was entitled to spank her daughters like Paul. While Paul was a work, she found Heather and Amanda fighting over the ownership of a particular doll. Instead of waiting for her husband's return, she took matters into her own hands. She took them to her bedroom, where Paul kept his riding crop, and told her daughters to undress. They fearfully complied. Adrienne took a length of rope from the kitchen, and tied her four year old daughter to the bed with her tiny ass sticking high in the air. Amanda was told to watch as her mother took the horsewhip from the night table, and whipped her sister. Little Heather screamed and screamed, but Adrienne didn't let up until she was satisfied with her youngest daughter's bright red ass. She then flipped the bound girl over still tied to the bedpost, and spanked her hairless pussy before untieing her. Heather cried in the corner of the room while mommy tended to the naughty six year old. After Amanda was in place, Adrienne again let loose with the whip, making the little behind very sore. After the slapping of the older girl's pussy, Adrienne released Amanda, and the two girls went to their room.

The girls were fearful of what would happen to them if they did not respect Adrienne's wishes about not telling Paul about the incident, but two days later, the girls fought again. This time, Paul was home. He went to take down their panties, and discovered the damage his wife had done. Paul then got a full account of the whipping from his daughters. He approached Adrienne with the little girls in tow. "I see you decided to take matters into your own hands without bothering to consult me," he said. "I thought..." Adrienne started to reply. Paul ended that with "That's the problem, you shouldn't have. I am not going to punish you Adrienne" "What?" She was startled.

Paul informed the three females that Adrienne would be her daughter's "little girl" for the next week, to be punished as necessary. "Any uncooperative gestures by you, Adrienne, WILL be reported to me, and I will make you very sorry." Adrienne didn't respond for a few seconds, she was dazed by the announcement. The girls were equally surprised, but just smiled. Adrienne protested, and begged, but Paul had set his mind. "The first punishment will occur tomorrow, while I am at work. Amanda and Heather, you will teach mommy a lesson for going over my head. Adrienne, if the girls decide to use any machines in the barn, you will comply to whatever they say." Adrienne protested some more, but that only caused Paul to get angrier. "If your new mistresses decide to punish you without the aid of a machine any time this week, I realize that they are not yet big enough to do so effectively, even with a whip. Girls, I will remedy that problem. Get up early tomorrow." With that Paul went downstairs to his workshop.

Paul made two canes, one for each of his daughters. These were not ordinary canes. They were coated with a flexible, highly conductive material, except for a rubber handle with a switch set into it. With each cane, came a plug for an electric socket to provide power for the implement of punishment.

Early the next morning, Paul showed his daughters their new weapons. "These are what you will use to beat your mother. They are called "lightning rods". Now, this is a responsibility, not to be taken lightly. I do not expect you to torture mommy for no reason, only if you think she has been a naughty girl. What she did to you is reason enough for one good beating, but any further punishments will require adequate cause. Understood?" "Yes, daddy".

When Paul had left, the little girls decided to give Adrienne the punishment for whipping them. Adrienne was reluctant to submit to her young daughters, but her fear of Paul's warning was enough to make her cooperate. She tried to persuade Heather and Amanda not to beat her, but they wouldn't listen. The girls decided to try their new toys right away. They made Adrienne strip completely naked and get down on her hands and knees. Using an extension cord to extend the range of her "lightning rod", Amanda climbed up on the back of Adrienne, and flicked the switch that brought a hum to her weapon. With a loud "Giddyap!" the girl slapped her mother's pretty behind with the cane. It wasn't by any standards a hard slap, but the shock that the bent over beauty received caused her to scream. "Owww!" Adrienne got the idea, and started to crawl.

Heather followed her sister, and her new "horse". The younger girl turned on her "lightning rod", and smacked her mommy's large breasts with it. Even at four, she was taught about the sensitivity of a woman's breasts by observing some of the punishments given to Adrienne by Paul. The tortured woman was really beginning to scream now. "Please girls! I'm sorry I whipped you! Stop!". Heather had by this time gone around back of her mommy, and brought the electric cane sharply up between her legs, causing Adrienne to stop whining and start to cry out.

Eventually, the girls switched places, and Heather got to ride for a while. Amanda had fun with Adrienne's breasts and pussy now. Finally the crying "pony" was left to weep by her giggling daughters.

During the following week, Heather and Amanda followed Adrienne around all the time. Whatever room the were in, the girls plugged in and readied their lightning rods. As hard as she tried, Adrienne couldn't escape being tortured once in a while. Two days after the first beating, Heather and Amanda were bossing Adrienne around, and when she stumbled and smashed a large stack of dinnerware, they were right there.

Amanda remembered an old wooden chair from the basement that had a large crack in the seat. Heather helped Adrienne undress while Amanda went to get the chair. When Amanda returned, she tied her mother to the chair with a length of rope she found in the kitchen closet. When Adrienne was secured to the chair (which was up to the kitchen table), the girls placed her big, round breasts on the table. Amanda took her cane, and slipped it up through the crack in the chair, and in between Adrienne's ass cheeks. Amanda explained that Heather would whip Adrienne's tits, and every time she made a sound, Amanda would switch on the punishment implement under the bound young woman.

Amanda sat on the floor, hand on her switch. Heather tuned hers on, and smacked her mommy's pretty breasts. Adrienne jumped, but didn't call out. Heather kept beating the tits, and Adrienne struggled not to scream. Eventually, she gave in. "Eeeeee!" Amanda took her cue, and switched on the cane. This made the woman scream louder, and do the girl didn't turn the weapon off for a full ten seconds! When she finally did, Heather started in again. Adrienne made a muffled shriek and was answered by more pain in her pretty ass. Heather and Amanda continued to tag-team their mother up to, and beyond the point where she simply squealed at every single attack.

Adrienne was good for almost the whole rest of the week. Finally, on the last day of her daughter's rein over her, she slipped up again. She didn't think Amanda and Heather were watching, but they were, from the tree house Paul had made for them when she lit up a smoke behind the main horse barn. Paul had strictly forbid her to smoke when she once tried to start, and her daughters knew it.

The girls snuck around the corner of the barn, and confronted the surprised woman. Adrienne stuttered, and knew the jig was up. Heather took the cigarette from her mother, and told her to kneel down, and take off her top and bra. When she complied, Heather took the cigarette, and dabbed it quickly, so as not to leave a mark, on her mother's nipples. Adrienne squealed, and Heather threw away the smoke.

Adrienne was taken up to the punishment room. She was placed in a machine that had a bench with a small version of the strap-on-a-roller device she had been punished on before, between her legs. This was obviously to strap the young woman's pussy. This made her very afraid. When Adrienne was tied down, her daughters went to the roller, and pulled the pin which set the leather to snapping down between her legs. "Aaaarrggrrrhh!" Adrienne screamed. Snap! Snap! Snap! Heather and Amanda were merciless with the punishment.

After six Snap!'s, Adrienne was released, and guided to the machine where the girls were whipped before, the one with the two canes. The girls took the canes from their holders, and replaced them with their "lightning rods". After Adrienne was tied to this machine, the rods were plugged in. They weren't activated until the mechanism was cocked, so as not to sting the little girl's hands as they pulled the canes back. Both canes were let to whip Adrienne's beautiful backside at once. Whip-ip! The sting of the canes themselves was bad enough, but the shockes that they gave added to the pain. "Eeeeeaaagghh!" Adrienne screamed loudly, but the girls had already reset the contraption. Whip-ip! More screaming. Whip-ip! Whip-ip! Whip-ip! Adrienne was sure she could take no more when she was finally released.

To Adrienne's dismay, her daughters were not finished. Adrienne's poor breasts were fed through two large holes in a board which sat on a stand in front of a bench. Adrienne was made to painfully sit on the bench. In front of the board, there was a contraption that could slide across a rail, from hole to hole, that included a short whip which swung from a spring loaded mechanism. Amanda and Heather used the contraption to torture their mother further. Adrienne cried out at the first Snap! of the whip on her left breast. The machine was slid to the right tit, and yielded a similar result there. Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! The girls decided they were finished, and put a clothespin on each of Adrienne's tortured breasts. Adrienne wasn't allowed to clothe herself again. When Paul got home, Adrienne asked him to let her get dressed, but he sad that he agreed with his daughters, and said she would remain naked until the next morning.

Amanda and Heather grew into two very sexy teenagers. They were also mischievous. Amanda was 15, and her sister 13, both very well developed for their age. One day, they decided to cross the fence, head down the road (which they really weren't supposed to do), and play tag in farmer Janson's corn field. They didn't really notice, but they had ruined many of Mr. Janson's stalks. Little did the girls know, Janson himself was watching from an oak tree not 50 feet away! When Heather and Amanda returned, they did their chores, and watched TV. When Paul came home, he told them that he had a talk with Mr. Janson. They were horrified! Paul dragged them up to the barn, where he was anxious to try out a new machine.

Once in the punishment room, Paul bade Heather remove her jeans and panties, while he untied the red bandana she used to cover her breasts. He made her sit on a wooden chair-like object, which she was strapped to tightly. Paul pulled the seat off of the chair, leaving Heather's ass suspended in mid air. He then turned a great crank on the side of the machine, which tilted the chair forward, until Heather's sexy backside was pointed up on an angle about shoulder height.Paul then selected a leather paddle, a strap, and a riding crop and laid them down on a table. He then moved to the wall directly in front of his daughter, and took a rawhide bullwhip down. No girl on the farm had ever been punished with the bullwhip, they thought it was just for the many threats of it Paul had voiced, but he was not bluffing now.

The table that held the instruments of torture was placed directly in front of heather, and the only thing that drew her attention from it was the first Whack! of Paul's hand on her bare behind. Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! "Nooo, daddy, ow!" Paul stopped spanking his daughter's beautiful ass, and strode in front of her to take the paddle. He positioned himself behind the sobbing girl, and Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Heather's bottom was really beginning to get some colour now, Paul thought, as he obtained the strap. Snap! Snap! Paul only whipped his daughter two times with the strap, deeming what she still had coming enough. Paul cropped the girl like a work-horse. Crack! Crack! Crack! Then, he uncoiled the dreaded bullwhip, right in front of Heather, watching her face. Amanda was beginning to get aroused, and almost smiled before she realized she would be in her sister's place in a few minutes. Paul stood behind the dark-pink ass of his daughter, and let the leather rip. Whip, Crack! Heather screamed "Eeeeeeee! Stop, please!!!" Whip, Crack! Whip, Crack! Whip, Crack! Paul stopped, and returned the bottom to the chair. Then turned the crank which set Heather upright, and painfully down on the hard wooden seat. He then released her, and she continued screaming until he spanked her again.

Paul then beckoned Amanda to the seat. She hesitated, and Paul actually had to force her to undress, and sit in the machine. "That's worth some extra punishment." Paul announced. The girl was strapped in, and the seat removed. The crank turned, and placed Amanda's shapely hiney in position. Paul commenced with the Whack! Whack! of his hand. Paul was always careful to spank closer to the thighs than the lower back, it was more effective. Then, Amanda got just a taste of the paddle's Smack! Heather thought this unfair, but she dared say nothing. The older girl was strapped with the same Snap! Snap! as her sister, but was again spared more than a single Crack of the horsewhip. But to Heather's delight, there was a reason for Paul's mercy. It didn't stop Amanda from screaming bloody murder though. "Daddy! Please not the whip! I'll be good! I promise!" Paul would have none of it. He took the bullwhip by the handle and proceeded to give the girl the punishment of her life. Whip, Crack! Whip, Crack! Whip, Crack! Whip, Crack! Whip, Crack! Whip, Crack! Whip, Crack! The eldest daughter got seven shots from the rawhide. Amanda was released, and the girls were left in the barn to compose themselves.

Paul decided that the farm was becoming too much for himself, Adrienne, and the girls, so he would get a farm hand. The young woman who came to live with them was Tracy Blankin. She was a sturdy girl, smaller than Adrienne, and almost as pretty. Tracy had long, light-brown hair, and a very tight ass. Paul thought of how he would enjoy keeping her in line...

One day, Adrienne, Tracy, and the girls were working in the west horse barn. When they were finished, the four females left, and neglected to close the insulated door. It became very cold that night, and Paul's prize thoroughbred was found to be ill in the morning. "Oh are they gonna get an ass-crackin'!" Paul said to himself as he tended to the poor horse.

The four culprits were herded into the punishment room. Tracy had never seen this place, but had been told about it by Adrienne. Tracy had been fortunate enough only to receive hand-spankings in her first two weeks on the farm. "You're new, so I'll demonstrate before starting with you." Paul announced to Tracy. "Amanda, Come here!" Amanda came. Paul stripped Amanda totally naked, and tied her, face down, on a bench in front of a machine that reminded her of the first spanking machine she and her sister were punished with.

Much like the dual-cane machine that sat in the opposite end of the room, this one had one major difference: the canes were replaced by two long, soft leather straps! Amanda was already very afraid. Paul cocked both of the whips, and then pulled a cord which set one of them to punishing the older girl. Crack! Amanda had barely enough time to utter the beginning of a squeal, when the other one cut into the sensitive part of her ass, at the fold of her thighs. Crack! Paul quickly pulled the arms back, and reset them. He pulled the first cord, and then only left enough time for the first whip to drop away before letting the other one go. Crack! Crack! Paul quickly reset the machine, and, Crack! Crack! Paul gave his daughter four more Crack!'s , and untied her.

Tracy was becoming very frightened at what he might do to her, if he did that to his fifteen year old daughter! She did not have much time to ponder though, Heather was soon nude, and strapped to the bench. Crack! Crack! "EEEEEEEEE" Crack! Crack! "Nooooo, plea-" Crack! Crack! Paul gave the younger girl her four final Crack!'s, and released her.

Now do you see how things are done around here, Tracy? Tracy was barely able to mutter a hesitant "Yes, sir." before she was made to take off all of her clothes, and directed to bend over, and grab her ankles, with her legs spread apart. Paul spanked her naughty ass in this vulnerable position for a few minutes. "Now for your real punishment!" Paul led the farm hand to another machine, with a similar bench. She was tied to it. Paul grabbed a riding crop hanging on the wall, and Crack! Crack! Crack! A scream escaped the young woman's mouth. "Please stop!" Crack! Crack! Tracy had never been whipped before. Paul laid down the horsewhip, and strode in front of the terrified woman to take the dreaded bullwhip from the wall.

She gasped "No, you can't!" "Well, I'm going to" Paul shot back at her with a Whip, Crack! Whip, Crack! of his whip. "Eeeeeaaaggh! Noo, I'll be good!" "I hope so" Paul said. Whip, Crack! Paul left it at three lashes, and threw the whip to the floor.

Paul then proceeded to take two small, wooden arms from the machine's sides, and attach them into two fittings. He than placed the arms together, and inserted them between Tracy's ass cheeks. He turned a small wheel that drew the startled girl's cheeks apart! Paul then reclaimed his horsewhip, and cropped the bound beauty vertically down her exposed crack. Crack! Crack! Tracy continued to yelp, but that didn't stop Paul from giving her the three more she deserved. Crack! Crack! Crack! Paul released the woman, and she hopped away from the machine trying to rub the inside , and fold of her ass, simultaneously.

Paul then summoned Adrienne to take off her denim vest. He than removed her bra, tweaking her nipples hard. She cried out, but that only caused Paul to return for another round. Adrienne was ordered to bend over, as Tracy had done. Then, Paul personally pulled down her tight cutoff jeans, and lace panties. Adrienne was spanked for a full three minutes, and then tied to the same machine Tracy was punished by. Paul gripped the crop, and Crack! Crack! Crack! Paul silently mused how this crop wasn't as effective as the one he kept in the bedroom, but It definitely got the job done. Crack! "Ahhhhh!" Crack! Paul took the bullwhip, and smacked his wife's ass with it coiled up for effect. It worked. Adrienne pleaded , but Paul answered only with Whip, Crack! Whip, Crack! Whip, Crack! The bound woman continued to scream, but Paul just employed the wooden arms. He took the horsewhip, and whipped Adrienne Vertically. Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! "Please! I'm done!" Paul remanded her with an extra Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

Paul released his wife, and lined all four of the naked females up on the floor, on their knees. They were ordered to bend over, but keep their backsides in the air. More for his own satisfaction than their punishment, Paul spanked them with his hand for a few minutes. He then strode to the door, turned and said "I trust all of you've learned your lesson." He then left, and all four of the punished jumped up and began to rub their sore backsides.

Paul's strictness was so, that the female subordinates would occasionally get each other punished accidentally. Naturally, tension began to grow between them, until they eventually began to get each other spanked on purpose!

One after forgetting to clean one of the horse stalls, Amanda tried to blame her sister for it.
Unfortunately, Paul found out, and gave her extra work for the next day. Even though Paul secretly enjoyed the young ladies fight, he felt it had gone too far. He showed up at the barn Amanda was cleaning, as she was finishing up. "Amanda, I know what you tried to do," informed Paul, watching his daughter's face. "Take your clothes off."


"Just do it!"

The young teen undid her belt, and let her jeans drop to the floor, she stepped out of them, and finished making herself naked. Upon Paul's instruction, Amanda laid face down on a pile of hay baled in the corner of the barn. Paul walked in front of her and acquired a horsewhip from its position hanging on a post. Amanda had been whipped many times before, but could still not take her eyes off of the implement of torture until it struck her ass. Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! "Eeeeaaa!" She squealed "Not again!" Crack! Crack! "Grab your ass cheeks and pull them apart." "But" Crack! Amanda got the message and did as she was told. Paul wasted no time in delivering the first vertical Crack! down her ass crack. Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

Amanda tried to say something to curse her sister, but then decided against it. Paul waked back
into view, he had a leather paddle. It wasn't like the one he used in the bedroom, it was really a very wide, short strap on a wooden handle. It was black, and about five inches wide, and twelve long. Amanda braced herself as Paul walked back behind her, and continued to smack her pretty bottom. Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Paul kept on like this until she had had ten. Paul informed his daughter that she was to remain unclothed for the rest of the weekend, and that he would be back shortly to finish her off with a spanking.

Paul came back after a short while, and told Amanda to bend over. Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! "Please, stop!!!" Paul continued until the moaning girl had been spanked twenty-seven times. He left, and Amanda sunk back to the hay, ignoring the pain caused by the hay digging into her soft tits.

Heather was really angry with Tracy and Adrienne, because they had ditched some barn work, and then told Paul that it was her responsibility! Paul dragged Heather to the top of the barn, and before she had a chance to protest, she was naked, and being strapped to the wooden roller machine that she had seen Adrienne whipped on years before. Paul was anxious to try out a power increasement he had added to the machine. This was as good a chance as any. After heather was properly secured to the machine, Paul set the leather, and pulled the pin. Crack! The poor girl screamed in agony. "Eeeeagh, No!" Crack! Crack! "Please not-" Crack! Three more Crack!'s cut her off. The apparatus was then lifted, and Paul quickly untied her hands, and told her to spread her ass cheeks like her sister, while he went to get the crop. Crack! Crack! He horsewhipped the bound girl down her ass crack. Crack! Crack! Heather continued to scream. "Aaaarrrggrrhh!" Crack! Crack! Paul told his daughter to release her ass, and he proceeded to spank her until he was sure she could take no more.

Paul eventually found that the barn duty was indeed Tracy and Adrienne's job. They were also taken to the punishment room. Paul had a new machine. He personally stripped Tracy of all her garments, and tied her face down on a long narrow bench. Two wooden arms pried her ass open, and a wheel with eight thin whips around it's circumference was centered vertically behind her bottom. Tracy began to plead with Paul, but he silenced her when he turned a crank which set the wheel spinning! Crick Crack Crack Crick Crick Crick Crack Crack Crick! Went the whips as they lit the girl's asshole on fire. "Nooo. Please make it stop!" Paul listened not, and kept turning the crank for a few more seconds. Tracy was then released, and directed to bend over, spread her legs, and grab her ankles. Paul spanked her mercilessly with his bare hand. When she was finished, it was Adrienne's turn. Paul bared his sexy wife, and tied her down in the same fashion he had Tracy. The arms were used to pry her cheeks apart, and the punishment began. Crick Crack Crack Crick Crick Crick Crack Crack Crick! Adrienne was used to the feeling of leather on her bare behind, but nothing could prepare her for this. "Pleeease! Stop! I'll be good!" Paul continued turning the crank for a while, and then released his wife. Adrienne was to bend over for her spanking too. Paul spanked her as hard as he could forty-two times. She screamed, yelled, and as a reward, she and Tracy were to remain naked for a whole week! Paul Then proceeded to line the two women up side by side as he toyed with their breasts. He would pinch one of their nipples, and lift her whole breast up by it. As it hung there, he would take his free hand and slap it across the bottom of the pretty tit.

Taking away one of his girl's clothes was a favorite punishment of Paul's for over acting during a spanking. They were all a very nice sight, especially with a pink ass, or abused nipples on display. Baring them in front of the others was also a source of humility for the naughty girl in question.

One day, Paul decided that his subordinates were getting away, unpunished far too often after having been naughty. So, he thought, who better to know what was going on behind his back than them. Paul discussed the idea with Adrienne. "Adrienne," Paul said, "I'm going to give you a great responsibility." Paul was positive that he would get no objections, because he knew well the tension between the females. "I am going to give you the authority to whip, spank, paddle, or smack the other three in my absence."

Adrienne was ecstatic. "Of course! I-"

"But," Paul interrupted. "If you overuse, or underuse your power, you will join the naughty girl under my crop!" Adrienne attested that she would not fail in her new duties.

Paul then announced the decision to the others, who groaned disapproval, but knew they could do nothing. Paul also informed Tracy and his daughters that either Tracy, or the girls would be given the same responsibility for the other as Adrienne had been given over them. A contest would be held to decide the holder(or holders) of the responsibility.

The four ladies were led to the punishment room, and Tracy, Heather, and Amanda were stripped naked. They were led to a machine where they were each tied to their own bench facing a wooden plank with six holes in it. The female's breasts were placed in these holes, and adjusted to be in the right position. A rope-lock mechanism hung above each set of nipples peeking though the other side of the board. There was a rectangular tube that ran from each rope-lock to the platform on which the tips of the breasts sat. Paul spanked the three bound beauties to soften them up, then explained the contest. "You will all be given rope to bite down on. The other end of this rope will be attached to these wooden blocks," Paul held up a wooden block that fit exactly in the tubes. "If you open your mouths to scream, the blocks will drop, pinching your nipples against the platform," he paused and smiled as he tried to guess which girl would give up first. "If Tracy screams first, she will fall submissive to Amanda and Heather. If either of the girls does, they will be under the power of Tracy."

He looked at the nervousness in the three females eyes and gave them their ropes, and hung the blocks in the tubes. He then commenced with the contest. With a fairly long riding crop, he whipped the three bound females in order from least to greatest age. Crack! Crack! Crack!

Adrienne was finding this enjoyable, but was also a bit puzzled at why Paul had let her observe this,
he never let any of them watch a punishment in which they were not involved. She then realized that he knew she would be seeing a lot of their naked behinds getting swatted in the future, by her own hand! She was extremely pleased. Crack! Crack! Crack! Went the seventh round. The ones tied up were trying for all they were worth to hold the blocks in place. each girl was afraid of the block's effect on her hard nipples, but moreso of what her competitor or (competitors) might do to her in the future. Crack! Crack! Crack! Finally, At the twenty-sixth round, Tracy made a muffled sound. Not very loud, but enough that it forced her to loosen her clench on the rope enough to let the wooden block fall the fifteen inches to her waiting nipples. The block was fairly light, but was moving fast enough to cause her serious pain.

Paul announced his daughters as the winners, and smacked their bottoms once more with his hand before taking the ropes from them, and releasing them. He and Adrienne left the barn, and the girls decided to play with Tracy for a bit before untieing her...

For two weeks, Adrienne searched for a reason to use her new power. Eventually, she got her chance. The girls and Tracy were being rude. They didn't help Adrienne clean the house when asked. They were being generally naughty. Adrienne had had enough. She ordered them to strip to the waist, and marched them to the barn in their panties. It was winter, and by the time they reached the punishment room, all three sets of nipples were hard and cold. "Come, Heather." Heather came. Adrienne shoved her youngest daughter onto a whipping bench, and tied her down. She then pulled Heather's lace panties to her ankles, and started with a hard, leather paddle.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! "Owwww Mommy! Please stop!"

Smack! Smack! Smack! Adrienne spanked the helpless girl a total of twenty-three times. Then, she moved straight to the bullwhip. Whip, Crack! Whip, Crack! Whip, Crack! "Aaaarrgrrh!"

Three more followed. Adrienne let her daughter up, and gave her a sharp smack on the ass.

When she called Tracy, she actually fought back against her mistress! Adrienne's superior strength won out, and Tracy was tied down with a promise of a serious penalty for that stunt. Adrienne pulled Tracy's panties clean off, and started horsewhipping her. Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Being a female herself, Adrienne knew exactly the tender spots at which to strike the poor woman. Thirteen Crack!'s later, Tracy was ordered to split her cheeks for another ten down her ass crack. Adrienne smacked Tracy with her open hand as she untied her. Amanda put up a fight as well, but in vain.

Adrienne was very angry. She expected better from her eldest daughter. Amanda was first spanked with the paddle. Smack! Smack! Smack! She recieved fifteen of those. Then, Adrienne took off her belt, and whipped poor Amanda with it a dozen times, each time, it made a satisfying Snap! Then, the inhumanely long riding crop was loosed on her spread ass. The horsewhip Adrienne had chosen was over four feet long! It was never intended to be used on anything but a girl's behind. Paul had made it himself, and lit was far too long to be of any use while riding a horse, but very useful for one of his naughty females. Adrienne left the barn, and commanded the three punished females to run around the barn once in the cold with no clothes on whatsoever before returning to the house.

Later that month, Heather and Amanda caught Tracy watching TV. when she was supposed to be cleaning the stalls in the second horse barn. They helped her to undress, and pinched her nipples. The guilty party was then ordered to bend over the leather couch on which she had been sitting. Heather told her sister she had a good punishment thought up, so Amanda didn't argue. She patiently waited for a few minutes. When Heather returned, she had a box of heavy clothespins, a wooden paddle, a pot lid, a short string, and a bullwhip. Heather tied the string to the clothespins, and then to the pot lid which laying on the floor under Tracy's dangling tits. Amanda began to see the plan, and clamped one of the clothespins on each of Tracy's nipples, causing her to shriek. If Tracy moved an inch during her punishment, one of the clothespins would snap off, causing great pain.

Amanda watched her younger sister paddle the bent over beauty. Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! After about twenty, or so, Amanda plucked the slave's own belt from her jeans on the floor, and strapped the moaning woman. Snap! Snap! "Noooo!" cried Tracy, "I'll be good" Snap! Snap! Snap! Another seven Snap!'s followed. Then, Heather appropriated the bullwhip, and walked in front of Tracy, who was sobbing loudly. Heather watched Tracy's expression as she uncoiled the whip. "Not the whip!" Tracy begged "Please not the whip!"

"We are going to whip you right on your pink little asshole!" Tracy was shocked when Amanda flattened out her ass cheeks, giving Heather a perfect target. Heather went back behind Tracy and started with the first Whip, Crack! Tracy thought she was going to feint. Whip Crack! Whip Crack! Tracy screamed. Whip, Crack! Then, the tortured girl reared up and the left clothespin snapped off! "EEeeeeaaaggghh!" Tracy couldn't believe the pain. As an act of cruelty, Amanda smacked her breast before replacing the clothespin, and taking the bullwhip for herself. Heather took her turn holding the pretty ass apart, as Amanda let the leather fly. Whip, Crack! Whip, Crack! Tracy was screaming again. Whip Crack! Whip, Crack! Heather then tore off the clothespins, and made Tracy lay across her lap with her feet on the floor. This thirteen year old girl was going to spank a thirty-two year old woman like a small child! Tracy was humiliated. Heather spanked with the strength of a farm girl however, and Tracy was caused great pain. Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! The young girl spanked her slave twenty times, and then gave her older sister a turn. Amanda was much stronger than her sister, and when Tracy was over her lap, caused her to howl like a little girl. Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Amanda spanked her only fifteen times. The girls then went to watch Tracy clean out the stalls. Naked. In winter. They admired their handiwork, and her curves.

Heather and Amanda were becoming sluts in the extreme. It was not rare for them to play with each other's naked body in their bedrooms. Unfortunately, they were sadists, and neither of them masochists. This often left them unsatisfied with each other.

It was finally decided, one morning when their parents were otherwise occupied, that they were Tracy's mistresses, and that that entitled them to do what they wanted to her. They stormed the woman's bedroom, where she was sitting on her bed, reading a sleazy novel. The young girls ordered their slave to undress, and when she refused, undressed her themselves.

At about this time, Adrienne came back to the house for some water, alone (she thought). She heard odd noises from Tracy's room, and went to investigate. What she saw, peeking her head around the door jamb, made her very aroused. After watching her daughters torment Tracy for about twenty minutes, she walked in.

"What has Tracy done now, to deserve this?" Adrienne demanded. Unable to come up with a lie quickly enough, the girls fell silent as Tracy moaned "I haven't done anything!" And she cursed her young tormenters. What Adrienne said to that bewildered the other three females.

"Well, I hope you're having fun." And she left, with no more than a hard smack on Tracy's pinkened ass.

About four steps down the hall, she was intercepted by Paul, who told her that he had been watching everything for more than ten minutes. "Don't believe how irresponsibly you handled that! Remember what I said about underuse of your position?!" Adrienne wasn't sorry that she let her daughters torture Tracy without a reason, but she felt she would soon be. Paul told her to wait naked in the barn for him. She left, and began to undress.

Paul then proceeded to rescue, to Amanda and Heather's dismay, Tracy. He ignored their excuses, and told them to join Adrienne. He told Tracy to be clothed, and that she did not deserve to be treated like that. Paul announced to her that she was now in authority over his daughters, to do what she felt was needed, when needed. He also told her that if she wished to repay the girls for this incident, he would make sure that, it would be overlooked by him and Adrienne. When Paul left her room, Tracy jumped up and danced around her room, not even bothering to take off any of the twenty or so clothespins that covered the more sensitive parts of her body. She thought of the feeling of spanking, beating, and whipping those two young beauties, whenever she could get away with it! In the punishment room, Paul found Adrienne, Heather, and Amanda sitting naked on various contraptions. He called Heather over to a very strange looking table. It had to deep niches cut into it, obviously for a girl's breasts, and was only long enough to hold her from the waist up. A humming aluminum box rested under the table, with two black tubes running from it, to the table, right under the niches.

Paul forced Heather to lay with her breasts in the holes, and she found that they were filled with water, extremely cold water! The humming box was a refrigeration unit, and kept the water cold enough to make Heather squeal as her nipples touched the liquid. Paul strapped her to the table, and then strapped her ankles to metal rings on the floor, about four feet apart. Paul went to retrieve a long cane, and a riding crop while his youngest daughter moaned. Thwip! Thwip! Thwip! "Noooo, Pleas-" Thwip! Thwip! Thwip! Thwip! Thwip! Thwip! Thwip! Thwip! Paul dropped the cane, and ignored the screaming girl, as he untied her hands, and told her to spread her ass cheeks. She knew that that was not a command to which she should argue, and complied, being as careful as possible to avoid the red lines on her shapely bottom. Paul took the horsewhip, and Crack! Right down Heather's crack. Ah, the old fashioned horsewhip. She screamed as did they all when the crop kissed the tender inside of their asses. Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Paul stopped, (he didn't want to mess the sexy girl up too badly, Tracy would probably prefer to do that herself) and released Heather, who went to a pile of hay to moan.

Amanda was up next. She had larger breasts than her little sister, (who's titties weren't small either, even the younger's breasts were bigger than many grown women's) and they slid into the water with the same reaction as Heather. Upon securing Amanda, Paul took up the cane once more and started. Thwip! Thwip! Thwip! Thwip! Thwip! Amanda held out longer, but ultimately cried out as loudly as her sister. Thwip! Thwip! Thwip! Thwip! Thwip! Thwip! Thwip! Thwip! Thwip! Paul released Amanda's arms, and told her to display the target, Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Amanda was downright bawling when she was finally released.

Adrienne had her hands tied to a beam in the low ceiling, so that she could just touch the ground with the balls of her feet. Paul used nipple clips to attach small weights to his wife's breasts. She yelled until he smacked her ass with his hand and told her harshly to be quiet. Paul whipped the woman with her own belt. Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! "Eeeeeaaagghh! Please Pau-" Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Adrienne was then spanked, screaming, with a leather paddle. Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Since Tracy would not get a crack at Adrienne, Paul felt he should give her a full thirty whacks with the paddle. Paul finished with the Cane, which left six red lined across her already coloured ass with a Thwip! Thwip! Thwip! Thwip! Thwip! Thwip! And the Crop. Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

When Adrienne was let down, and the weights were removed from her tits, Paul spanked her breasts with the lifting by the nipples and whacking the underside method Paul left the barn, and then the others, when clothed, followed.

Tracy was very happy with the new arrangement of her having power over the girls. It was as it should be, those little bitches were about half her age. They had no right to violate her! Since Paul had told her she could take her own revenge on the little sluts, she decided that she had better not disappoint him.

She waited for about a week, to let the young slaves think about what she might do to them. And think they did, they went almost mad waiting for Tracy's payback. Finally, it came. The three were working in the east barn. Adrienne and Paul were not on the farm, they were off buying feed somewhere. Tracy straightened up and announced that then was the time to show that she was now in charge.

Tracy personally stripped Heather and Amanda of their clothes, and then took them both, in turn, over her knee for a spanking, as they had done to her. Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Went Tracy's hand on Amanda's lower ass and inside of her thighs. Tracy spanked her for a few more minutes, then laid Heather on her lap. Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Heather began to moan, but that didn't slow Tracy at all. When the spankings were finished, the girls were commanded to go get a small, light carriage.

The carriage they brought weighed almost nothing, but Heather and Amanda were sweating with anxiety when they returned. While they were gone, Tracy had gathered two sets of equipment used to tie small ponies to such carriages. Tracy fitted each girl with the works, including reins, which were tied, to nipple clamps, and announced that she was going to drive them around the farm, and then to the punishment room. Both girls voiced protests, but were silenced when Tracy put bits in their mouths.

The girls were secured to the carriage, and then Tracy went back into the barn and came out, a few minutes later, in a cowgirl outfit, holding a braided buggy whip. She mounted the wagon, and told the girls to get down on all fours, and start crawling. They did, slowly, then more quickly when the reins were snapped against their naked bodies. Tracy rode around the farm on her slut-drawn coach, occasionally snapping at her two "ponies" asses with the whip. The girls weren't getting very tired, because they were strong, and the waggon was designed to put as little strain on a race horse as possible, but that left the only distraction the painful Whip, Crack! of the whip on their bare hineys.

At long last, Tracy's vehicle reached it's destination, upon which she pulled on the reins, causing pain to all four of the breasts they were connected to, and called out. "Yee, haw! Woah, girls." She dismounted, but couldn't resist another round of Whip, Crack!'s first. She disconnected Amanda and Heather from the wagon, and they stood up. Tracy led them up the stairs to the dungeon keeping the reins taught.

Inside the barn, Tracy moved to a machine she had seen used on Adrienne once. It wasn't really a machine, but a holding stand for a girl while she took a punishment. Heather first, was tied, face up, to a single, padded bench. Her legs were then spread, and pointed up to the ceiling, from which they came to hang from leather nooses. Her nipple clips were removed, and a peculiar wooden board with two large holes was situated so that the ends of her breasts stuck through.

Amanda was told to wait while Tracy pussy spanked the younger girl for about five minutes! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Heather began screaming and yelling, and didn't stop when the whacks did. Tracy then took the whip that she had used in the carriage, and cracked it across the board over Heather's chest. Enough of the pretty breasts were poking through the large holes for the whip to lick at. "Eeeeeaagggh! I'm sorry, Tracy! Please stop!" Tracy paid no heed, and continued with eight more Whip, Crack!'s. Tracy took off her belt, which was a particularity nasty weapon because it consisted of braided leather thongs, as opposed to a single leather strip. Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Heather screamed and screamed as Tracy whipped her little bottom, already pink from the spankings given her earlier.

Heather was finally released, and Amanda took her place. Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! After the initial pussy spanking, which left the older girl sobbing, Tracy took up the buggy whip. She was a very attractive sight, wearing tight leather pants that excluded her panty-clad bottom, and a small leather vest with tassels, and no bra, holding the whip with a menacing smile. She did not look very good to Amanda however, as the whip cracked across her breasts. Whip, Crack! Whip, Crack! Whip, Crack! Whip, Crack! Whip, Crack! Whip, Crack! Whip, Crack! Whip, Crack! "Please, Sto-" Whip, Crack! Whip, Crack! Whip, Crack! Tracy's belt came across Amanda's ass as had it her sister's, hard, and quickly. Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Amanda had given up on screaming, and was just laying there, moaning, sobbing, and jumping at every Snap!

Amanda was then released, and Tracy told her and her sister to take her back to the barn where they started with the carriage. So, the reins were again attached to the punished breasts, with a lot of pain, and Heather and Amanda gave Tracy a ride back to where their clothes were. They would not be allowed to wear them though, until the carriage was replaced, and their work done. Tracy was satisfied.

Paul always made his women dress in tight jeans (very short cutoff in summer), lace underwear, and something along the lines of a denim vest (or less, if she so chose). Of course, in winter, they were allowed to wear full tops. That was when Paul was home. When he went away, Adrienne owned the farm.

The first time Paul left for more than a day, was in late spring. He was to be gone for over a week. After she had seen him off, Adrienne retreated to the bedroom. She had been preparing for his trip for a while now. She went to her locked chest, and removed the three leather slave's costumes she had made for the other three to wear, and her own domme's costume. The slave outfits each were of black lace and leather. They had three main pieces. The bottoms were like panties, but had a large piece missing at the bottom of the ass, and down the whole pussy, and had leather tassels hanging down around the leg holes. Adrienne was inspired of this by an outfit Paul had recently forced her to wear. The tops let the wearer's nipples show easily. Her own costume consisted of long black boots, and two other pieces similar to that of the other outfits, but which did a mockingly better job of covering her. The other difference was that Adrienne's getup had a loop at her left hip, where she carried a three foot long cat o' nine tails, and a hook at her right, which held a coiled five foot long single whip.

Amanda, Tracy, and Heather were sitting on the couch when Adrienne emerged in her new attire. Adrienne had the long whip in one hand, and the slave's costumes in the other. She adopted a sly smile, and cracked the whip against the floor. "Put these on." She commanded, as she threw the leather garments to the floor.

Tracy was quick to respond. "Paul won't allow that, and you know it, " she said smugly. "Paul is out of town, and has left me in charge. Now do as I say!" Adrienne was enjoying the worried looks on her subordinate's faces as they scooped up their new clothes, and began to head for their rooms. "No, no," Adrienne said. "You may change here."

Adrienne sat in an armchair fingering her whip, as she watched the three beauties strip When they were in their slave's attire, she informed them that this was to be the dress code when Paul was not home. Adrienne led the group back into her bedroom. She went to Paul's toy chest, and retrieved six nipple clamps. She found that she shuddered slightly when she remembered the times they had been used on her, but the feeling quickly passed, at the realization that she would be on the other end of the torture this time.

The three skimpily clad young ladies proceeded to moan, plead, and shriek as the clamps were applied. Adrienne explained that Tracy was being punished for the dishes she left undone the previous night. Heather and Amanda were just being introduced to the new changes around the farm. Adrienne made them lay on their backs on the bed with their legs spread wide. She tied their hands together, behind their heads, and their ankles to rings on the floor which were the result of one of the many times Paul decided to "play" with his wife or Tracy.

With the slaves bound, Adrienne began to play with their clits, making the area between their legs increasingly damp. She then selected one of Paul's straps, and whipped the girl's pussies with it! Snap! Tracy screamed. Snap! Then Amanda. Snap! Then Heather. Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Adrienne really did love this sense of power. Adrienne took the cat from her left hip, , removed the nipple clips from her subjects simply by six quick tugs, and whipped the three across their exposed breasts. They howled for mercy, but Adrienne gave none.

Adrienne then untied all of them, remembering to replace the nipple clamps, and told her daughters to watch while she took down Tracy's bottoms, and spanked her. Tracy was bent over on the floor in ten seconds. Adrienne told Amanda to fetch a paddle for Tracy's naughty bottom. Amanda went to Paul's toy chest, and retrieved a particularily nasty one. It was wood, and was perforated with inch wide holes all over. Adrienne smacked her daughter's bum with her hand as she was handed the paddle. She then turned to the lovely sight of Tracy's ass, and actually saw it perform a defiant wiggle! Adrienne could not stand for that, and brought the paddle down on it as hard as she could! Over and over. Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Adrienne let Tracy lay there on the floor, and led her daughters from the room.She told her youngest daughter to take off Amanda's top, and hold the clamped right breast up. Adrienne took off the clip, and told Heather to smack the breast. Heather delightedly complied. And the older girl started to curse and swear at her sister. This did not slow Heather down, however, and she was commanded to start on the other breast.

Tracy had replaced her leather panties, and made it to the door in time to watch the girl's roles be reversed. Amanda received the same verbal assault as she gave her sister the nipple-spanking of her life. Adrienne removed all of the nipple clips, and told the three tortured beauties to get to work on their daily chores, they had the whole week ahead of them.

When Paul returned from his trip, he was informed of Adrienne's... odd... behavior. He ruled that the dress code would be her responsibility in his absence, and that beating Tracy was justified by the undone dishes, but whipping Heather, and Amanda for no reason was inexcusable. Paul ordered Adrienne to the barn, and told his daughters to follow. They were puzzled, but since they had done nothing wrong, (they hoped) it should be okay. Maybe they were going to get to watch! They both brightened as they discussed his possibility, and how nice it was to be wearing real clothes, as they walked to the barn.

Paul had built a new machine, and was pleased that he had a chance to test it. First, it had a short bench, on a stand, which propped one end up so that it sat at an angle about thirty degrees to the floor. The same restraining straps that Paul installed on all of his creations were present. On either side of the bench, there were two poles that stood straight up, and had stirrups hanging from them about four feet off of the ground. A wooden box laden with buttons and switches was fixed to one of the poles. A cord ran from the box to an electrical outlet in the corner of the room. Two wires ran from the box to a contraption that hung below the high end of the bench, which had a short strap on an even shorter stick.

Paul took off his belt, then Adrienne's and used them to tie one of her arms to each of the poles. She had to stand bent over the top end of the bench, putting her in a most becoming position. Paul stood back and said, "Girls, help Mommy undress." Amanda and Heather were shocked! (pleased, but shocked.) And Adrienne started to protest. Paul signaled her to shut up with a sharp smack on her ass with a riding crop he had picked up. The girls gladly stripped their pretty mommy-and mistress-of her garments.

When Adrienne was naked, and her nipples well pinched by her daughters, Paul released her. He then commanded her to lay on the bench. With some difficulty, and help from her husband, Adrienne was finally strapped to the bench with her ass and legs hanging over the higher end. Paul took hold of her ankles, and directed them to the stirrups, placing them above her tits, but spread to the sides.

Paul then positioned his daughters about five feet behind his lovely wife's ass. He proceeded to press one of the many buttons on the box, and the strap flew out from under Adrienne's back, and snapped down her entire ass crack, even managing to catch a bit of her exposed pussy, as Paul had designed it to. He pressed and held another button which mechanically drew the arm back until a click was heard. Wha-Crack! Paul let it go again. Wha- crack! Adrienne began to yell. Wha-Crack! Wha-Crack! Wha-Crack! Wha-Crack! Wha- Crack! Wha-Crack! Wha-Crack!

When Adrienne had gotten ten lashes from the machine, Paul opened the top of his control b

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