My Forever Prince  

sexyasianangel70 37F
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5/11/2006 6:08 pm
My Forever Prince

Our love continues as an enchanting tale of long ago, seeing into our souls, we sense the deja vu of Camelot. You forever empower me to be just who I am, but encourage me to be more because you see my whole potential. You've made me your queen, and I cannot wait for the day to be in your arms forever! This distance shall be short lived for deep within we know that all obstacles shall pass and our souls will be one!

I love you with my whole existence, my whole life and nothing in the world can take that away! You've created a secret mental palace, a fantasy that only WE can reach within our dreams. You are my paradise, my safe-haven, the security and stability that I have longed for. I love you, my sweet prince!

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