If love is like an ocean, then I just fell overboard  

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5/29/2006 5:19 pm
If love is like an ocean, then I just fell overboard

As my flight neared it's final destination the anticipation of what was awaiting me began to significantly mount. I had been away from my Master for several days and knew he would be as eager as I to reunite. I only hoped that the wetness I was feeling between my legs would not become visible to the other passengers through the back of my dress, knowing I had no panties on to help prevent this from occurring.
The moment I disembarked from the plane and saw him standing there, even more handsome than I remembered, all other thoughts and fears left my mind. The only thing I knew at that moment was that I belonged to him, heart and soul, and nothing in the world, aside from his happiness, mattered to me. I practically ran into his outstretched arms, drawn to him as if by a powerful magnet. He held me tight, kissed my lips tenderly and I knew I was 'home'.

The drive to the apartment seemed to take an eternity. We chatted lightly about the business trip I had just been on, holding hands all the while. I was anxious to get home so I could take my place kneeling at his feet and serving him, therefore I could hardly concentrate on the words we spoke. Once we arrived and carried in my baggage I immediately took to my knees in the middle of the livingroom floor, placing my clasped hands behind my head and positioning myself in the appropriate submissive stance.

As my Master silently approached me my heartbeat quickened. When his hand gently touched my head and stroked my hair, my breath caught momentarily in my chest. Who would have thought that the simple presence and light touch of a man could create such a euphoric feeling - But my Master definitely possesses this ability. At that moment, as countless times before, I thanked God for blessing my life with this special man.

"I missed you Little One. Did you miss me too?" he asked in his soft voice, the voice that melts my resolve each time I hear it.

"Yes, Sir. I missed you terribly and am so glad to be back with you," I replied.

"That's good, Baby. Daddy's glad you're back, too," as he continued to stroke my hair. "I'm sure you'd like to freshen up after your flight, so I put out a fresh towel in the bathroom and your robe is laid out in the bedroom." I smiled to myself, thinking how considerate he is. "But first, I want to give my little girl a 'Welcome Home' spanking. Would you like that?" he said with a grin.

My smile broadened, so happy to hear him say this. "Yes, Daddy, I would like that very much. I have SO missed your spankings."

"Very well, then," he said as he walked over to and sat down on the loveseat. "Come here, Little One, and bend over my knee."

I immediately crawled over to him and up over his legs, eagerly looking forward to the feeling, once again, of his hand across my backside. Slowly and methodically, knowing full-well how eager I was, he raised my dress up to the middle of my back. He took great care to gently rub my buttocks for a moment then, without warning, administered the first smack. I jumped and gasped, then said, "Thank you Daddy!" Again and again his hand came down forcefully on my ass, and each time I flinched. Quickly the pain turned to pleasure and I became lost in a world all my own - that place where only he can send me.

I could feel the heat from my skin burning beneath his hand. When he moved his hand seductively between my legs and inserted two fingers into my dripping wet pussy, the heat traveled through my entire body. Faster and faster his hand moved in and out of me, and faster and faster my breathing became. Before long he inserted his thumb into my exposed ass - That was all I could take! "Ohhh!... Daddy...I'm going to...cum! May I please...cum?" I managed to request.

"Yes, Baby! Cum for Daddy! Cum hard!" he exclaimed, increasing the speed with which he was moving his hand.

My whole body began to tremble as wave after powerful wave of orgasm ran through it. I tensed so much I nearly fell off his lap, but his strong hands held me safely in place. After several moments of recovery time he pulled me up to his chest, looked deep into my eyes, then leaned down and kissed me passionately. "You have pleased me, Little One. Welcome home...welcome home," he said quietly.
Part 2

After showering I sprinkled on a bit of baby powder (Master likes that scent on me) then proceeded to the bedroom and put on my pink, satin robe - his favorite one. As I tied the belt around my waist I walked into the livingroom where I found my Master lounging in his recliner, wearing only his robe - the soft, terrycloth one that I love somuch. I knelt at his feet once again, then wrapped my arms around his thighs and placed my head on his lap. He began to gently stroke my hair and back, which sent my heart soaring. "I sure did miss you, Sir," I whispered softly.

"Did you really?"

"Oh yes, Daddy, very much."

"How much, Baby?" he asked with a playful smile.

I looked up into his eyes as a smile shot across my face. "May I show you, Daddy, please?"

"Yes, Little One. Show me."

I enthusiastically hugged his legs with gratitude then set about my task. Slowly I parted his robe, revealing the beautiful, naked body which is my Master's. Hungrily Iowered my head and engulfed his cock while grasping the base of it with my hand. It felt so good having him in my mouth and he tasted delicious too, I couldn't help but moan in appreciation.

As my head bobbed up and down in unison with my hand, he reached into the top of my robe. He pinched my nipples, twisting and pulling them, making my moans grow louder. "Yes, Baby, such my cock! Let Daddy fuck your sweet little mouth! I want to fill it with my cum!" As he talked I continued to enjoy my treat. "Ohh...Little One...that's it! Yes! Suck me harder!" I did as I was told as he thrust himself deeper into my throat. Soon I felt his legs tense, a sure sign that he was about to cum. Knowing this, I increased the tempo with which I was sucking, hoping he would give me his precious load. Moaning loudly and leaning back in his chair he fired a torrent of cum into my waiting mouth. Oh, how I had missed the taste of his cum and it was apparent by the amount he gave me that he missed having my mouth, too. To clean him, I gently licked the bit of cum off his balls that I had lost, then proceeded up the sensitive underside of his shaft and around the large head. Mmmmm....so good! I looked up at him with a contented look on my face, smiling. I must say that, by the look on his face, he was rather satisfied too. He reached down to gently touch my cheek and said, "You are such a good little girl. Daddy loves you very much."

"I love you, too, Daddy."

"Now, Little One, I want you to go wash up because I know you must be very wet, then meet me in the bedroom. I have a special treat for you tonight."

"Yes, Daddy, as you wish." My curiosity piqued, I hurried into the bathroom to do as I had been told. When I walked into the bedroom he was standing there completely naked. What an exciting sight that was! He was smiling that handsome smile of his, so I could not help but smile back. He then raised his hands to my face, carefully placing my blindfold on me: When he wants me to wear my blindfold I know I'm in for an intense experience!

He led me over to the bed and helped me to lie on my back. "Okay, Little One, you know the position I want you in." With that, I spread my legs wide and raised my arms above my head, outstretched toward the sides of the bed. Swiftly, he went around the bed placing cuffs and restraints on each of my limbs, leaving me spread-eagle and totally vulnerable.

I could hear him rustling a bag for a moment, then there was total silence - The only sound I could hear was the rapid beating of my heart. I could sense he was still there with me, probably eyeing me carefully, but had I no clue what I should expect next. Soon I felt the bed shift between my legs as he knelt there, then I felt a sudden searing pain on my open pussy as his new crop came crashing down on it. I let out a series of cries as he struck me several more times. I squirmed futily in my bonds, not knowing if I was trying to avoid the strikes or meet them better. I lost track of how many times he struck me, or how long it lasted, but I was well aware of how wet I was! As suddenly as the blows had started, they ended. My mind was totally lost in that area of subspace where I love to travel. Knowing that's where I was, and wanting to bring me back safely, he lay down between my legs and began to lap at my pussy and nibble on my protruding, sore clit. This man is so skilled at eating me - I don't know which one of us enjoys it more (I'm sure it's got to be me!). I returned gradually, as he intended, and thanked him for sending me on my erotic journey.

Without a word, he slid up on top of me and with a quick thrust he entered my aching pussy. We both let out a loud sigh and remained still for a moment, enjoying the sensation of this first contact. He soon began to move his cock in and out of me, slow and deep at first, then increasing his speed and force with a vengeance! He was SO hot! And he fit me SO perfectly! He apparently wanted to prolong his inevitable ejaculation, so as he neared that point he would slow down. Eventually he released me from my bonds and told me to turn over onto my stomach. I did so, and as he crawled back on top of me he said, "You know what's coming next, don't you, Little One?"

"Yes, Daddy, I believe so."

"Do you want me to do it?"

"Yes, please, Daddy. I want you to fuck my ass," I replied softly.

With the wetness from my pussy lubricating his cock, he slowly started to enter my ass. I gasped from the initial pain and held tightly to the sheets, trying to endure it. Inch by inch he continued further inside me, giving me time to get used to it. "Just relax, Baby. The pain won't last," he said with obvious concern in his voice. Finally he was all the way in, then began to withdraw. The pain was rapidly subsiding as he pushed back inside me, and when he sensed I was alright he began to really fuck me hard! I began lifting my ass to meet his thrusts until neither of us could wait any longer. "Cum with me, Baby! Cum with Daddy!" Simultaneously we began to explode, when he quickly pulled out of my ass and shoved his rock-hard cock into my pulsing pussy: There is nothing quite like the feeling of my muscles contracting around his shaft as he fills me with his hot fluid!

We continued to lie there awhile, with his arms wrapped around me, then he rolled off next to me. I cuddled up to him and kissed him passionately. "Thank you, Daddy. That was so beautiful," I said with tears of joy slowly forming in my eyes.

"You're welcome, Little One. It was my pleasure," he said softly as he kissed my forehead. He wrapped me securely in his arms and we both drifted off into a deep, contented sleep. What sweet dreams I had that night, knowing I was safe and warm, back in the arms of my Master, where I belong.
Part 3

The next day, which was Saturday, was filled with doing my chores around the house and running errands with Master. Later in the day I found out that he had made reservations at our favorite little Italian restaurant and requested our usual booth - the most secluded one in the place. As I got ready that evening I couldn't help but wonder if Master would be in a playful mood: Just to be on the safe side, I wore a dress with thigh-high nylons and no panties, knowing he would be pleased if I was properly prepared for him.

When we were shown to our table, I slid into the booth first and he sat next to me. After he ordered our dinner we were chatting, when he put his hand on my thigh and began to caress it. So no one would notice, he slowly placed his hand under my dress and began moving it higher up my leg. I spread my legs to accommodate him and soon he was fingering my pussy: He knows how nervous this makes me in public, but he also knows how worked up I get. "Shall I make you cum right here, Little One?" he whispered teasingly in my ear. I could not respond verbally as he worked his fingers in and out of me, while seductively nibbling at my neck. He felt the distinct shivering of my body as my orgasm drew near. "You want to cum, don't you," he said quietly. My eyes closed and I leaned my head back, still unable to speak because I was trying not to make any noises which would alert the other patrons to our activities. With increased force he pushed his hand deep inside me, then commanded me to cum. "Cum, Little One, now! Cum hard for me!" Before he even got the last word out, my body convulsed with an earth-shattering orgasm. Right away he held me close to him with his other arm until my body had calmed down, then softly said, "Good girl. Very good girl." I leaned my head over to rest on his shoulder, totally exhausted. He lifted his saturated fingers to his mouth and licked them clean, then kissed me, allowing me to taste my own juices.

After eating our delicious dinner and returning home, he allowed me to wash up and head to bed early. He knows how tired I get after cumming so with that, combined with the glass of wine I had at dinner, I was ready to sleep. Before turning in for the night I kissed and hugged him tenderly, then thanked him for the lovely evening.

Several hours later, not even aware that he had come to bed, I was awakened by Master's sensuous touch on my inner thighs. Instinctively, but still half asleep, I spread my legs for him. He proceeded to massage my delicate flesh for several minutes as I lie there enjoying the attention. Before long he crawled down between my legs and began fingering my pussy with great skill. My mind was reeling with ecstasy, then I felt him nibbling on my clit. "Ohh...Daddy!" I exclaimed. "Thank you!" For the longest time he continued to finger and eat me until I was begging him to let me cum. He said nothing, but increased his efforts on my pussy, which was indication to me that I had his permission. In just a few more moments my body shuttered once again with an intense orgasm. Though I had already released, he did not let up. The feeling was so fantastic, he was driving me crazy! I tried to move away from his mouth but he grabbed my wrists and held me firmly in place: He knew he could make me cum again and he was determined to do so! In just a matter of moments I came once more, with my hips bucking up and down frantically!

Quickly he knelt between my legs and lifted them up onto his shoulders. With a forceful thrust he buried himself to the hilt inside my pussy, his balls slamming against my ass. Several times he rocked in and out of me, grasping my wrists again. Opposite of what he had done last night, he suddenly removed himself from my pussy and impaled my ass in one swift motion. We both yelled out as he hit home and filled me with his pulsing cock and hot cum!

With both of us utterly worn out, he collapsed on top of me, his softening rod still inside me. We fell fast asleep, dreaming of our wonderful life together. This was certainly a weekend that neither of us would soon forget!

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