I Have Waited So Long  

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7/5/2006 6:34 pm
I Have Waited So Long

Bitch was speeding down the darkened road,the music loud and pumping. She was horny and wanted to fuck. Her pussy was swollen and wanting. she had gone out thinking she could find some action but it was 2 am and no luck.she was on her way home but she wanted to cum so badly.she pulled over at the side of the road and turned off her car. she opened the glove compartment and took out the vibrator that she kept for these little moments.
She never wore panties so she lifted her skirt and opened her thighs.her pussy was wet from her own imagination and ready.she leaned back into her seat and turned on her toy.it slipped in and out and over her clit.her eyes were closed as she played with her pussy.There was a tap on the window and her heart skipped a beat.

There was the cops. shit! He motioned her to roll down the window.she was afraid to make an quick motion so she left the vibrator inside of her cunt.How embarassing.

"Hello officer."

"Ma'am are you having some trouble"?

"No officer".

"Please get out of the car".

He could see that her skirt was around her waist and her tits were a bit exposed. she got out of the car and when she stood up the vibrator slipped to the ground.

"Ma'am are you drunk"?

"No sir".

"Come here to the back of your car please. Do I have permission to search your car "?.

"Yes, you do".

Bitch straightened out her skirt and top while he searched her vehicle.he came back with her purse and the vibrator.

"Ma'am what is this..? he held up the toy.

"oh just something i carry with me for emergencies".

"were you having an emergency tonight?"

"actually i was ,Sir." she smiled .

He stayed straight faced. "put your hands on the hood of my car please." her ass was exposed a bit as she did as she was told..her mind w s racing. i cannot get another ticket and i cannot go to jail. He was doing something on the computer in the car.Then he came out.

"Put your hands behind Your back please"..she was silent. He took the handcuffs and put them on.she was crying quietly.He leaned her over the hood of the car.."you are under arrest for lewd conduct. you have the right to remain silent." as he said this he started to search her, His hands moved over her shoulders and under her arms around to her breasts, which he squeezed."you have the right to an attorney." His hands moved over her naked ass and down her thighs. "if You cannot afford an attorney,one will be provided for you."His hands gripped the back of her ass tightly. Then he yanked her up and took her to the back of the squad car.He opened the door and told her to get in.As she bent to get in her ass and pussy were again exposed and he took the vibrator and slid it back into her now dripping cunt."You need to keep your belongings,"he said matter of factly. Then he closed the door and drove off.She was crying in the backseat. not daring to address the fact that he had felt her up. she looked at him as he drove. Late forties, sharp features,straight as an arrow. The car stopped in an alley. He came around and pulled her out roughly.she looked around. it was her apartment. He led her in handcuffs to her door. she still had on her pumps and the skirt was still hiked up to show her ass and her tits were loose. she was so embarrassed and hoped that she was not seen by neighbors.He took her keys from her purse and opened the door.He pushed her inside roughly and she stumbled into her own apartment.

"what in the hell are You doing!"

"Taking care of Your emergency,bitch"!

"What are you going to do"?

"Be quiet"... He went into her bedroom and came back with more of her toys.."You're a freaky black bitch aren't you"?. She still had on the handcuffs. Her pussy was amazingly wet.she could not really believe that this cop was now in her apartment and about to be nasty with her. He put down the toys and came over to her and took off the cuffs."You are a pretty little black slut" he said as he took a tit in hand. "It's been a long time since i had chocolate". Bitch could not think straight but her pussy was on fire.He had taken his pistol off already and was was opening his buckle.Bitch showed no resistance as he took out his cock and slipped it between her lips.The vibrator was still inside her and she reached and turned it on as she began to swallow his cock."You are nasty, aren't you" ? he said as he removed his shirt.she began sucking, wetter and wetter as he stood over her holding his cock at its base. There was a knock on the door.."open the door bitch".. he said.."i called a friend".

She got up and opened the door as he stood there stroking his cock.Another cop."Get back over here bitch my dick is cold". the two friends greeted each other. "Her pussy is all lubed up for you".The first cop told her to get up on the couch and show her ass to his friend. she raised her ass for inspection and felt a whack from one of her paddles.Then another. "i think she likes white cock". "Yes i do" . she sucked the first cock while the other slid into her cunt. she was in heaven. she got even hotter as they both became more excited calling her dirty bitch and cocksucker and slut. They switched several times and fucked her the way she had needed. They came on her face and ass but did not let her wash up. "Get us a drink bitch"..she got up and .."no,no,no..on our knees and crawl so i can see that black ass".They both sat watching her stroking their cocks until returned and mixed their drinks.she was made to suck each of their cocks until they had finished the drinks.Then she was taken into the bedroom.They took her own rope and tied her to the bed. But what they did was tie her so that her ankles were above her head and her ass and pussy were exposed. "You were very bad tonight" said the first cop "so i am going to have to punish you for that.i can't just let you go". He took the leather belt that he had from his uniform and stroked it across her ass and exposed cunt.

She felt the dried cum on her face as she tried to relax. "What a pretty black cunt you have".Then without warning he whacked her with the belt.Her ass lifted off the mattress as the second cop laughed. "Please, please, that hurts" she said. "I know it does ,bitch"...and then another whack was laid.She was crying. The more she begged the harder he whacked and she kept begging.He finally stopped and got up between her legs and began fucking her.He pumped his cock into her slit and wrenched the tips of her nipples."Ahhh.. yes. what a hot fucking bitch you are" . the second cop was standing close jacking off as he watched his friend fuck the tied up slut. Then the first cop gripped the base of his cock and poked it into the tight asshole of bitch. He reached and covered her mouth as she screamed with pain .He loved that. She licked the inside of his hand as he worked his cock inside of her asshole. The second cop came in his hand as he watched. "I am going to fill this ass with my cum and then you are going to clean up.. understood bitch ? Untie her".. he growled to his friend. He pumped his cock into her ass tip to base holding her tits. "Work your clit slut and cum while i fuck this hole". bitch worked her clit as he fucked her ass. She began her orgasm and he felt it as her assring gripped his cock..she stiffend and bucked a little as she came. He pumped and growled into her, milking himself into her. He fell back and she crawled between his legs and cleaned his cock with her mouth. The second cop left while she was cleaning up his cock. she laid between his legs exhausted. He rested a bit and then told her to get his things.

She dressed him herself and walked him to the door. "Thanks baby" he said. "As usual you were great. See you in a couple of weeks. I'll call you". He kissed her sweetly and left.

The life of a slut isn't easy, but somebody's got to do it.

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3/18/2009 10:29 pm

I like this; I’m hard as a rock.

Ladies, my dick his ALWAYS available, let me know when YOU want it for a good ride.

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