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5/21/2006 4:55 pm
Hit my ass

"Happy birthday Patty." My friend Gloria said to me as we stood side by side, under the hot water of the community shower in the locker room at St. Margaret's College. A small private Catholic College in San Diego County. It was my eighteenth birthday. Gloria was two months older than I was. We were inseparable buddies. We had grown up together, gone through grade school and high school together.

In fact many times we were taken for twins or at very least sisters.

We were both natural blondes. Both stood almost the same height I was 5ft 6 Gloria was 5 ft 7. We both had athletic bodies. In fact we change and exchanged clothes and dates.

We both were excellent swimmers and we had just completed tryouts for the swimming team.

Our bodies dimensionally were similar. My breasts were 34B so were Gloria's. I had a 23 inch waist Gloria was 24. I weighed 118 lbs Gloria weighed 121 lbs. We even both went to Aerobics class together 3 times a week. Our big secret was that we were both virgins.

Quite possibly the only two from our high school graduation class. Here at St. Margaret's there were probably lots of virgins as this school was a great recruiting school for the Sister's of Charity. An order of Catholic Nuns.

The girls at school here came from all over the country. It was a free school for Catholic girls who had been recommended by their parish priests and nuns, who showed potential for becoming nuns.

Gloria and I had been raised as very devout Catholics and attended Mass regularly. Yet we were active in High School social and sports. We both were on the high school swimming team and both cheerleaders for the varsity football team. We both had steady boyfriends in our senior year. Just contrary to school tradition we did not surrender our virginity in the back seat of a car.

We shared a room at a boarding house close to school. Both of our families were grateful that we were on free tuition.

They would have been very hard put to provide either of us with a college education. We dressed and started walking toward our shared room. Neither of us had a car. As we were walking along a cargo van passed us and pulled to the curb maybe 40 feet in front of us.

Neither of us paid it any heed. The van was familiar to us and had a local florist's insignia on the side panel.
As we walked past the van, the side door slid open and four men hopped out. They grabbed us and at knifepoint forced us into the van. We kicked and screamed and were quickly gagged.

Our hands were cuffed behind us with police handcuffs. Our ankles were tied together. We were told, "Just shut up and everything will be all right." I doubted that.

We were taken to a warehouse. We were each placed in the trunk of a separate car. My car drove away and I was in the trunk tied and gagged for several hours.

Finally the car came to a stop and the trunk was opened. Two new men I had never seen before lifted me out.
They looked Hispanic. I knew they must be, they were speaking to one another in Spanish. I knew enough Spanish to understand that was the language they were speaking but they spoke too fast for me to understand what they said.

Another car pulled into the large hanger type building and another girl was taken from the trunk of that car.
We were both placed in chairs side my side. We were both cuffed and gagged so we could not communicate.
Two more cars pulled in and again a girl was taken from each trunk. They were also cuffed and gagged and made to sit in chairs near us. Three more cars pulled in next. This time one of the three girls was Gloria. We looked at one another but that was all we could do. She and the new two were also cuffed and gagged. Each of us was sitting in a chair.

I was scared to death and I'm sure the rest of the girls were also. The Spanish speaking guards were talking and slow enough so I understood that there were six more cars coming and then they would take us all someplace.

Now I was in complete panic. However I could not scream, yell, kick or fuss in any way. There were now seven of us girls here and six more in route, which would make a total of thirteen. Not a very lucky number for us. The six cars arrived one at a time and now all thirteen of us were cuffed and gagged.

It was a hanger. We were at a small dark airfield. Location unknown. We were loaded on a two-engine propeller plane. It had a low roof. I had to dip my head to walk down the aisle. Each of us was placed in a seat and the seat belt was fastened. In addition a long leather belt was placed around our breasts and fastened in back of the seat. This made us sit up straight and we were even more securely locked in place.

There were four men and two women acting as guards. There were twenty seats. All but one was now occupied. Another woman got on a pulled the door shut behind her.

The engines started and the last woman picked up a microphone and addressing us in English said, "We are going to take a short flight together." "After we are airborne we will remove your gags and allow you some water to drink." "There will be no talking." "Anyone who talks will be stripped and gagged again and forced to ride the remainder of the flight nude."

She went on, "Cooperate with us and your journey will be comfortable." "Give us any problem no matter how minor, and you will be so uncomfortable for the next few hours you will wish you had cooperated."

I took note of the girls. They all had several things in common. We were all blondes and all seemed to be under twenty-one. All were also very pretty. I was not being braggadocio. Many told me that Gloria and I were extremely beautiful. Now I'm not sure that was such a good thing.

The plane took off and true to their word the gags were removed. We were still secure in our seats cuffed and strapped in and seat belt in place.

A sports bottle with a bent straw was passed. The same straw was offered to each girl. Each took a long sip without comment. No one doubted the ruthlessness of our guards.

The water tasted good it was cold and my mouth was dry from the gag. I looked at my seatmate but did not say a word nor did she.

The flight lasted at least an hour or perhaps two. Time is so hard to judge when you're bound and have no reference.

It was dark out but it had been getting dark when we were kidnapped. I could think of no other word to describe what had happened to Gloria and I.

The plane landed with out any announcement from our English-speaking guide. The entire guard staff rose and starting at the rear of the plane. Took the girls off the plane one at a time. The gags were now back in our mouths. When I was taken off there were still two more girls to go.

As I deplaned, I was led down a stairway that is synonymous with boarding and unloading aircraft. I was taken to another hanger type building and the first ten girls who deplaned were sitting in chairs still bound and gagged. I was placed in a similar chair and the last two girls were brought in and seated one at a time.
It was eerie. I'm sure that all of us were in a panic. Not to mention I needed to pee and I'm sure at least a few others needed too also.

The female who had acted as hostess aboard the flight, announced, "We are going to take you the toilet one at a time." I could almost feel a sigh of relief from my fellow prisoners.

One by one the girls were uncuffed and led by a female with a man in attendance for security I supposed. The gags were not removed.

Each girl was given a chance to relieve her bladder and intestines if necessary. The female went into the commode with her. The man at least had the courtesy to stay outside. The female allowed each girl too wipe herself and then recuffed her for the walk back.

The process took long as each girl was secured back in place before the next was taken. Next our hostess announced, "You will be fed now."

I was starved but hadn't even thought of food. I was too uncertain of my situation to be able to think of food or appetite.

Our hostess again announced no talking and keep your hands in plain sight at all times during the meal. We were led to a large table and our gags and handcuffs were removed.

A collar similar to a dog collar was placed around each of our necks and the collar was fastened to the chair we were sitting on.

No one could move more than an inch or two as the leash was tight onto the collar and our sitting on the chair did not allow us to move the chair.

The food was a large plate of rice and beans with some meat strips. We were also given a glass of milk each. We were told if we wanted more food or milk to raise a hand, not to speak.

There was no silverware on the table at all. I guess they did not trust us with tools. We were forced to eat with our fingers. It was messy, but the food strangely enough was tasty.

A few girls did raise their hands for more food and almost all raised for more milk. It was quite a sight. After dinner, if that's what it was. We were taken one by one to the restroom to wash out hands and face and tinkle again if needed.

Three new people came into the hanger. One was a short oriental man. The other a man carrying a doctor's bag and the third was a woman in a white nurses uniform complete with regulation nurses cap.

Both the doctor and the nurse were Hispanic. All of the conversation between our guards to date had been in Spanish. They talked very low and rapidly and I could not catch more than a word or two. I did manage to hear examination.

One by one the girls again were taken into another room. This was a lengthy process. It was a good 30 minutes for each girl. We all sat there cuffed and gagged waiting for each girl to return.

Finally it was my turn. I was taken into a room that had a long table in it. I was released from my cuffs, but not my gag. I was told, "Strip." I hesitated and I was slapped really hard across my face. I was told, "Strip" again.

I did without hesitation but with lots of embarrassment. I tried to cover my vulva and breasts with my two hands.

The nurse said, "Up on the table." She had a strap in her hand so I hastily complied.

The doctor and nurse worked simultaneously. The doctor listened to my heart and lungs while the nurse took blood pressure and pulse. The nurse shoved a rectal thermometer into my anus while counting my pulse beat. She removed it and noted my vital signs in a chart.

The doctor spread my legs and gave me a gynecological exam. He said in Spanish, "Another virgin." "The recruiters did good." "All are real blondes." "Four out of the ten I have examined so far are virgins." "The virgins will bring a much higher price."

I worried now, "Price?" "Were we to be sold like slaves?" I was allowed to dress and returned to my chair in the large room. I was cuffed again. My gag had never been removed. I wondered why they didn't check teeth?
The last three girls were taken in to be examined one at a time. I could see daylight now through a skylight in the roof. We had been up all night.

Now the oriental man addressed us. "You will be boarding a ship shortly for a nice cruise." That stunk to high heaven. Now I was really worried. As long as I was in the USA I felt I had a chance. What I didn't know was that I was in Central America right now in fact in Panama. I knew it felt hot but lots of America was hot. We were loaded into a bus. It was like a small school bus. The bus was driven to a pier. There was a large ocean going steamer tied up at the pier. It sure wasn't a cruise ship.

All of the guards were still with us. Now the oriental man seemed to be in charge. Ten men in uniform came down from the ship. Each of them had a pistol in a holster.

The oriental man said, "You girls go with these men and they will show you to your quarters." "None of the men speak English so just follow the directions." With that he gave orders to the men in some language I didn't understand and they escorted all of us girls up the gangplank. The oriental man handed the female guide a briefcase and said to her in Spanish, "Thank you well done." He followed us up the gangplank.

We were all seated in a large wardroom. We were all still gagged and cuffed. The oriental man addressed us and said, "We are getting under way now." "Once we are about an hour at sea you will be freed of your gags and cuffs." "That way if you jump overboard you are sure to die of drowning at sea." We sat there speechless as we were still gagged. We felt the ship moving away from the pier and out to sea. After a time, the oriental man removed our cuffs and allowed us to remove our gags. It was quite a relief to all of us to have those gags out of our mouths. None of us spoke. The oriental man pointed to a refrigerator across the room and said, "There are cokes and bottled water in there help yourselves." He went on, "Go ahead and talk, just don't all shout questions at once."

I went and got a coke from the fridge. The oriental man told us, "One at a time come sit here and give me your information."

I went first, he asked, "Name and address?" I told him no since lying about any of this. "He said the doctor said you were a virgin, is this true?" I said, "Yes sir." I thought politeness might help some.

After he finished getting information from all thirteen of us. He told us, "We are sailing to the island of Macao."
"There you will be sold as slaves to the highest bidder. Five of you are virgins you will bring a very high price." "From Macao your owner will take you to his home either in Hong Kong or Mainland China." "You were all selected because you are young and blonde." "Blondes are very much sought after in the orient."

"If you are lucky you will be bought by a wealthy man who will treat you well and keep you as a concubine."
"Some of you unfortunately, will be bought by bordello owner's where you will be sold many times a day to be used as sexual objects by men who always wanted to have intercourse with a white woman, being American and blonde makes you that much more pleasurable."

We all shuddered. This was beyond our wildest imagination. We were at sea eleven days. The conversation between us was one of dejection and a lot of threats that we would kill ourselves rather than be sold into a life of sexual servitude. The girls where from different parts of the country but mostly Western USA. Myself and Gloria from San Diego, Two girls from UCLA. Two girls from UC Berkley all seemed to have been taken on campus on the way home from college. Two from Oregon. Three came from U of Arizona and the final two from UNLV. All of us had one thing in common besides being blondes we were all cheerleaders.

The ship finally docked and we were cuffed and gagged again. This time we were tied one to the other in a straight line. A noose around my neck was attached to the girl's neck in front and behind me. We had been allowed showers on board but we still had on the same clothes for twelve days now. The clothes stunk even if we were clean.

We were marched down the gangplank and into a waiting bus. These people were organized. It made it even scarier.

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