Green Astronauts  

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7/5/2006 6:29 pm
Green Astronauts

Slut 36 had spent a terrifying, painful, and humiliating day displayed at Madame Desalle’s slavegirl sale. She had been obscenely displayed naked and tied spread-eagled to a bed. She had been constantly mauled and examined by countless women. She had been whipped many times just to hear her scream and she had
been masturbated time after times to the point of utter exhaustion.. Dried cum had covered her nude body. The slut realised that she was nothing. She was not a living person but merely a sex object ,a thing to be bought and sold, to be used for women’s sexual pleasure and their lust to inflict pain and suffering on her body. Slut 36 was a slavegirl She was dressed as the disgusting slut she was.
Slut 36 had new owners. She now belonged completely to a married couple who had utter control of her and owned every inch of her body. They could do whatever they liked to her and they had absolutely no interest in her safety or welfare she was just their nude slut. The couple had so little interest in her or her safety that they had bought the slut as a present for their daughter’s 19th birthday.

This girl who was called Susan was a spoilt, very cruel and perverted sadist and was impossible to control. She had been expelled from university for her demented, perverted and sadistic attacks on other girls. Her parents thought that if she had her own slavegirl to abuse and violate the attacks on real girls would stop. No one cared what happened to the slavegirl. That is what slavegirls were for. The unfortunate slavegirl bought and chosen for this was slut 36!

The present, slut 36, waited alone and shaking with fear for the girl to claim her gift. She knew she must somehow please her new owner. She knew her nude and beautiful body was about to be violently and dreadfully abused. She knew no one would save from this appalling fate. She knew she had absolutely no rights or protection She was nothing at all but a sexual object a plaything for a spoilt, sadistic and perverted girl. She sobbed and shivered in fear as she waited, Slut 36 was more frightened than she had ever been.

Slut 36 gasped in fear as she heard her unknown Mistress approaching. She moaned in humiliation as she realised Susan was not alone. She had brought a group of her friends to watch the destruction and utter humiliation of her latest gift..

Slut 36 got to her feet ,and as she had been taught, lifted her skirt and with head submissively bowed awaited her new young Mistress. The group burst into the room and Susan glared with lust at her present. "Happy birthday Mistress Susan please use and abuse my body it is your’s to do what you like with it" whispered the slut. "Get that fucking skirt higher you little slut my friends want to see your panties. They want to feel your pussy. They want to feel how wet a slut gets when she is aroused" snapped Susan. Slut 36 blushed deep red with shame never had she felt so worthless, never had she felt such a slut She was truly a slavegirl, just a sexual plaything to these perverted girls. , but she knew she must obey she yanked the skirt even higher. "Yes my Mistress" she sobbed "Please enjoy and abuse my pussy, watch and feel how wet I get" All hell then broke loose for slut 36 as the giggling girls roughly played with her pussy they laughed as the slut moaned with humiliation as her pussy responded to the abuse. She squirmed and panted as she felt her love juices begin to flow. She screamed as the girls found her erect nipples and cruelly twisted them. She sobbed with shame as they pulled her blouse off her shoulders exposing the straps of her tiny camisole and bra. The girls were now out of control as they tore at her clothing. "Stop it’s my turn now" purred Susan. Slut 36 moaned in terror and tried hopelessly to hold her torn clothes over her body. She cowered in fear as Susan approached her latest plaything

"Yank your skirt up, right up slut let me see what is mine" roared Susan. Terrified the slut pulled her skirt up as far as she could. Her already damp panties were revealed. "Yes Mistress Susan I will obey please don’t hurt me" sobbed slut 36 in fear "Oh I am going to hurt you very much" said Susan and her probing hand
explored the slut’s pussy Slut 36 moaned again as her poor abused and sore pussy was attacked again. "shut up slut I am going to strip you now. I am going to see just what I have been given as a present" snarled Susan. Slut 36 was not prepared for the violence of the girl’s stripping her skimpy garments from her body. She shrieked in hopeless terror as her clothing was simply ripped from her body. The slut was sobbing as the violent ripping did not stop until she was utterly nude before these girls. Susan stood back, and as she had been taught slut 36 opened her legs put her hands on her head and obscenely displayed her naked body to her Tormentors the little slut is well trained Susan" said one of the girls. Now that the slut was entirely nude, Susan moved in again and violently raked her nails over every inch of the slut’s body. Slut 36 screamed in agony as Susan’s nails continued to violate her body. She twisted in a useless attempt to escape the nails.

"Please don’t Mistress, please stop I beg you" she pleaded.

"I’ve heard enough from you slut" said Susan as she stuffed the slut’s panties in her mouth and gagged her.

Slut 36 became demented she had never been gagged before. She looked with wide staring eyes as Susan slipped a chain around her neck and dragged her into a cell

"It is time for some bondage slut" she said. The girls roared their approval Slut 36 shook her head in fear as she was flung down on a bed and tied spread-eagled , nude and available for their pleasure Slut 36 sobbed in humiliation and submission as her new young, cruel Mistress and her perverted friends gathered round her.

Slut 36 knew real fear at that moment. What would happen to her naked and defenceless body.

The slut struggled desperately in her bonds, tears filled her eyes, she screamed no, no through her gag. As the girls abused her young body, they ran their nails all over the slavegirl’s body. They whipped her. They rubbed their nude breasts over her. They abused her entire body with the hair brush. They cruelly twisted the slut’s nipples. Slut 36 was by now sobbing helplessly though her gag. Never had she known such humiliation as the constant abuse of her naked body by this group of girls. But it was about to get worse. "OK girls let’s make the little slut cum for us" said Susan. Slut 36 shook her head in horror. She heaved in her bondage. "No, no please no not that, not here" she pleaded through the panty gag. Susan grinned in sadistic pleasure as she moved once more to the slut’s pussy. This time she didn’t stop her abuse until slut 36 gave a final heave, a gasp of humiliation and her cum once again covered her quivering body. The girls looked down at their submissive slut. Slut 36 looked up in defeat at the grinning girls. The slut knew there would be more to come. Much more.

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I like this; I’m hard as a rock.

Ladies, my dick his ALWAYS available, let me know when YOU want it for a good ride.

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