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Forever boy

"You will be taken to a place of execution where you will be put to death in a manner prescribed by law..." the judge had sentenced Laura {last name deleted}. The sentence was worded to mean one thing: the electric chair. After sentencing, Laura was remanded to our custody to await the outcome of her appeal. After 6 months, the appeal process was completed: she was turned down. Her time had come. The consensus was there had been enough dilly-dally over the death penalty, Laura was guilty, she was a habitual offender and while her execution would not deter others, it would certainly deter her own habitual behavior. She should have paid this price years ago.

Laura was a pioneer of sorts. Since her most recent arrest and conviction, the process had been streamlined: appeals of others would now be disposed of more quickly, and the number of executions would increase to the point where the prison population would be actually decreasing. Overcrowding will become a thing of the past. This is not only because of the expedited appeals process, but also because of a new technological innovation called the Reduction Chamber, which Laura experienced upon her intake in January. Liberals call it "assembly line" justice; but justice delayed is justice denied. Twenty-second century technology had made it virtually impossible to execute an innocent person. Laura will be the first woman electrocuted under our new death penalty reform law.

At five feet six inches and very proportional (see above), Laura was in solid good shape. She was blessed with a beautiful face, washboard tummy, pencil thin-legs, sultry green eyes, and silky sandy blonde shoulder length hair. She belonged on a fashion runway, but it was her demons that brought her to Death Watch Cell No. 2. These thoughts were on my mind as I passed the threshold of her cell to inform her that her appeal was denied and a date had been set. She looked like she was going to compliment me on the dress I was wearing, but after one look at my face she knew what was coming. "They're going to do it?" she said. “Yes darling.” I said. “When?” she replied. Flying through the condemned woman's head were unattached fears she couldn't comprehend. She hadn't prepared herself for this; nothing made sense. In some weeks, or maybe even days, the court would set another date. "When?" she asked. "In a few hours" I said. "A few hours? Oh, my God,, God, no!" The woman stopped, stared at the wall and quietly cried. “The court doesn’t set new dates Laura” I deadpanned. “We don‘t do that anymore, remember? So you are out of options” I told her. She nodded sniffling. Recovering her composure she said, “Okay Warden, I understand. I’ll be alright in a minute.” After what probably was a full minute she asked, "Well, anyway, I guess you have to prepare me for my barbecuing, right? “

"No, Laura."

"What do you mean, no?!" she shouted.

"No barbecue. We won‘t burn you honest. I promise we will take good care of you."

“Are you really going to electrocute me, Warden?” she said innocently. She still didn't quite understand. "Yes, I'm afraid so," I said. “It looks like you will be the first. You beat Gina. She‘s next after you.” She shrugged her shoulders then stared at the floor silently for awhile. Then she started panicking.

"Oh, God. I don't think I can take it...walking into that chamber and sitting in..." “Yes you can dear. I’ll be there through the whole execution to make sure it goes perfectly” I said stepping close and touching her face. She began to cry again. She was terrified of dying by electricity. I hugged her. “Come on Laura” I whispered, “let’s get you ready. “ She nodded her head nervously. There was no escape. When she was younger she said, she had accidentally placed her fingers across the prongs of a simple lamp plug as she was inserting it in a baseboard outlet. She received a shock for a split second that nearly froze her with fear. Shortly she would receive over two thousand of volts for a few minutes... It was unthinkable.

"How about the governor?" asked Laura. "Surely she doesn't want to electrocute a woman." "Not a chance Laura. “ I said, “You were turned down about an hour ago. She refuses to intervene. She said she doesn‘t discriminate in any way. The law is the law." After a long silence the condemned woman asked, ready?" She knew before an execution we have to test the generator, the chair, assemble the witnesses, etc., etc. etc. “Everything is ready except you. Now come on dear.” I said motioning her forward.

“Since you are the first, you have a choice.” I said sitting down. “What?” she said incredulously. “A choice of what chair you wish to sit in.” I responded. “I don’t believe this!” she said taking the seat next to me. I produced a manual and began to explain to her the features of each of the several electric chairs we have. She chose Chair No. 2. Nicknamed “Big Daddy” it is made of Texas Live Oak (pardon the pun). It was originally made by the prisoners, has been in use for years and has been completely refurbished. I instructed one of the guards outside the cell door of Laura’s choice, and she relayed this information to the execution team, who immediately began final preparations and tests. One of the tests involved placing each electrode in a plastic drum filled with salt water, turning on the full current, and watching how, in a very short time, the saline solution boiled. The generator had been run every day, and was running today continuously even as we spoke. In the background was a dull, quiet hum not much louder than a refrigerator which caused the lights to occasionally dim, further terrorizing Laura. She and I did manage to pick out the optional electrodes she desired (1 each breast, 2 abdomen, 1 upper inside of each thigh). These would be attached in addition to mandatory electrodes (2 head, 1 neck, 1 base of spine, 1 vaginal, 1 anal and 1 each ankle). I explained to her that the more electrodes used, the more complete the current flow, which meant the quicker the execution and the less chance of flesh burning. I again relayed Laura’s choice of electrodes to the guard outside, and she passed same along to the Chamber.

"Will you be there?" she inquired. "I‘m the Warden, Laura” I replied. Of course I‘ll be there." I wouldn’t miss it, I thought. "Oh, yes, please. Can you walk with me down the Last Mile" she said. "Yes, if you want me to. It's not really a mile, you know." I said. "No. I suppose not." "More like a few yards." "Oh no" she said, now more desperately.

At that time the Senior Corrections Officer, Debra {last name deleted}, appeared. "Do you know what's going to happen to you Laura?" she asked. "I...I think so." She replied.

"At the risk of sounding cruel..." Debra began…"When..." Laura interrupted. "12:01 am..." "Tomorrow?" Laura asked in shock, still not believing what was happening. "Yes. In the electric chair." Laura looked at her watch. "Less than four hours." "Yes. There's not much time. "Be strong, Laura..." I told her.

By the way, I was going to tell you..." Debra said. "What?" Laura said. "In this state, they want you leave this world just as you came in - unclothed." "I'll be executed....without any clothes on?" Laura replied. "That's the new way here." Debra retorted. "Oh, my God, that's...that's...that's actually kinda kinky!" Laura said giggling. Her smile was coming back. "Whatever it is," assured Debra, "it's the law. Naked as a newborn." “Well at least I don’t have to decide on what to wear” Laura said smiling more broadly. Her old sense of humor was coming back. I couldn‘t resist saying “You’ll look hot Laura”. “Thanks a lot” she replied. She then complimented me on the red chiffon dress I was wearing. “I can see right through it” she said. “You‘ve always known how to look good” she purred. I smiled and winked. Debra wore the look of envy and stormed out of the cell.

Laura still had a great figure, was still stunningly beautiful, had pretty features, a nice ass, firm breasts, and great skin. She'd always prided herself on taking such good care of her beautiful blonde hair which, even in prison, she'd managed to keep away the advancing gray. In a few hours we will run current through all this beauty and she will be destroyed. What a sin! I thought. “Oh, my God“, she thought, “my hair...they'll shave it all off!” “Only down there Laura.” I said pointing to her prize. She covered up, smiled and turned away sheepishly.

Debra figures, if you're going to execute someone, terrorize 'em, and the chair did just that. Ever since Debra had seen a picture of Laura during her trial, a very attractive woman indeed, she used the thought of her getting the chair as a masturbation fantasy. While incarcerated Laura would tease Debra nonstop but never allowed her to touch. [Debra had a much easier time with Gina who was very obliging]. Debra would hold her imagination until orgasm was imminent then fantasize about the current hitting Laura and she'd experience multiple orgasms. Now the real thing would occur and she'd see the real Laura as the current raced through her. This was almost as big a day for Debra as it was for Laura. I was more controlled. Laura had rebuffed Debra; but not I. “When the times comes Debra,” I whispered in a secure room, “control yourself and focus on your job”. I then informed her that she would have the duty of clicking the “EXECUTE” button on the computer screen in the control booth. Debra’s eyes fluttered. She kissed me deeply. I told her not to tell Laura.

Never passing by an opportunity to tease, Laura asked Debra "Is this your first?". "With the chair, yes it is.” Debra said. "Well, hang in there and you'll get through it alive; I sure won’t” Laura said, trying desperately to break the tension.

Nevertheless, it was obvious and pressing in on everyone. The Catholic priest tried to break it by asking if he could spend some time with Laura. Everyone left the cell and he gave the usual pre-execution prayer, communion, absolution, and assurance that the prisoner's sins were forgiven and she would go to heaven.

Laura’s execution was set for 12:01 a.m. on June 28, 2105. At 8:30 p.m., she started her preparation. She was stripped and showered with the assistance of female corrections staff. She also had her long blonde hair styled so as to expose her neck. Her neck and private areas where then shaved and waxed to give good electrical connection and to eliminate a fire hazard. As she was being shaved I said, “Laura dear, we are going to electrocute you, not burn you at the stake.” She smiled at me weakly. Her facial expression then suddenly changed to one of sheer excitement as she screamed and squirmed in the attendants’ grip as her private areas were vacuumed clean of all hair clippings. After she was done, the attendant who just finished hosing Laura said, as the vacuum was whining down, "Laura, I pray for you. God forgives, you know." "I know" she sighed. The attendant then finished gathering up all her equipment and started out toward the cell door as Laura caught her sleeve. “Thanks for the trimming, it was unlike anything I’ve experienced.” The door slid open and the attendant, as though unable to speak, walked out.

Laura’s final meal consisted of MacDonald’s take out: hamburger, fries and a chocolate shake. “Maybe the shake will help cool me down after its all over.” she joked. “I think not.” I replied. “Your electrocution will be unlike anything you’ve experienced.” Her face dropped. She knew I had been eavesdropping on her conversation with the attendant.

After dinner, Debra returned. It was about 11:20 pm. There were 41 minutes to go. "A few other things," Debra said. "Yeah what?" Laura asked.

"One all fours" Debra ordered pointing to the floor.


“On all fours, Laura.”

"A butt plug electrode. It's something that we insert in your rectum with a brine sponge so you don't lose control. It will also feed in current."

"I'm not gonna..."

"Oh, yes. When..." Debra said smiling. She was about to say, "when the juice hits" but she corrected herself to say, "when I throw the switch and it happens, you'll have no choice."

"Oh my goodness. Okay. Can I see it first?"

Debra then produced the plug for Laura to examine. “But it’s all clear plastic? How will it feed….”

“It’s an acrylic plug Laura.” Debra said, “The current will be feed into you by the chrome strips on the side. See?”

“Oh.” Laura said dejectedly. “The sponge has also been soaked in saline solution which will increase conductivity” Debra added gratuitously. I could tell Debra was really enjoying herself.

Uncomprehending, as events flew faster than she could keep track of them, Laura squatted on all fours on the cell floor. From her bag, Debra removed a tube of KY and surgical gloves. “This is a great conductor.” Debra said referring to the KY, “and it prevents flesh burning too.”

“Gee thanks for being so humane.” Laura retorted with her ass in the air.

"Spread your legs a little, honey" Debra commanded.

Laura complied as Debra generously applied KY to the plug, spread some of the jelly over her opening, and inserted a gob inside. Laura spread as ordered, with the aid of Debra’s left hand. With her right hand, Debra skillfully inserted the sponge with her middle finger, followed by the plug. Debra then continued pushing the plug up to the point where only the wire lead was hanging out. Laura looked at me cross-eyed. I couldn’t resist, “Laura, you think you’re cross-eyed now, what until…..” …we get you all hooked up and ……… Unable to speak, Laura responded with a sassy look and a middle-finger.

"Okay, you can get up now," Debra said.

"Eeeuuu, that feels...stuffy up there." Laura said breathing heavily.

"I'm sure it does, but you'll be glad it's there."

Sure, Laura must have thought, when the 2000 volts hit me, I’ll be glad when I don't have an accident. Like I have to live with the embarrassment!

Standing, naked, Laura looked good. The curves on her hips and around the sides of her still-firm breasts were nicely accented. It was too bad such a lovely-looking (albeit evil) woman was about to be electrocuted. She sucked in her tummy, threw back her shoulders, and lifted her breasts. In the chill of the cell, as she stood naked, the nipples were erect. So were mine as I left her. She wanted to say something smart like, "what the best dressed woman will not wear to the electric chair," but couldn't find the words. In any event, protocol dictates that the executee leave this world naked. In Laura’s case, that was a real treat for all those who would be watching.

At 11:45, I returned with two guards and the cell door slid open again, one last time, at my order. It was time. One guard on each side took Laura by the arms. "No, please don't" she pleaded. "Please. Allow me the respect and dignity to make this walk unassisted and to seat myself. Please?" "Sure," I said. The guards let her go. We walked away, Laura leading, priest following. Laura appeared to be terrified like never before. Moments later, she was just outside the door of the room from which she would never leave alive. As Laura entered she saw Debra in the control booth wearing an expression which said, Come on in and have a seat. We've been expecting you. The humming sound which had been torturing Laura’s mind all night now became louder and she realized what it was - the generator that powered the chair was located on the other side of the wall near the control booth. The chamber was much warmer than the cell she'd just left and, even in her nakedness, she was perspiring. Good, I thought, that will be a good conductor too. Maybe we can get this over quickly.

There, to her right, not 10 feet away, and up 12 inches on a wide platform, was the big, awful, three-legged killing machine called, “Big Daddy“. Chair No. 2 had been polished to a high gloss for the occasion. Flapped to the sides were thick, wide, dark brown leather straps. She saw the foot of the thing had fixtures for both ankles and more straps. Above the top of the chair there appeared to be a steel collar. Next to the chair was a stand on which a bowl of warm saline solution rested in which some sponges floated. Witnesses and journalists were behind the one-way plexiglass windows which surrounded the front of the chamber. Everyone waited until Laura walked to the chair, stood there a minute in her nakedness looking at its terrible deathly reality, then turned facing the witnesses. In perfect posture, she threw her shoulders back and her breasts lifted, nipples erect. She fixed her hair and quickly admired herself one last time in the reflection. She was lovely in this final moment. I was informed later that some of the male witnesses became aroused at her fine curves, round bottom, and full breasts and had erections pressing at their trousers. [How typical of men. Although I have to admit my nipples were firmly erect and pressing against my dress. It’s a good thing I wore a nice white bra and slip underneath.]

For a moment she tried to see if she could identify any of the people gathered to witness her electrocution. After a few moments at this she then backed to the awful thing and sat down. Her bottom skin felt odd as her soft tush made cool contact with the highly polished oak seat. The phrase "hot seat" struck her momentarily. Debra now approached her victim and began to hook her up while Laura looked at her with a pleading look in her eyes. First, Debra bent Laura over so that a pasty electrode could be applied to the base of her spine. Then kneeling carefully, as though fitting a shoe, Debra lifted Laura's right foot and placed it in an ankle restraint, secured in one of the sponges and strapped the restraint tight, before doing the same on the left.

Laura’s feet were spread a good 18 inches apart, providing a view straight up Laura's thighs for Debra who now gasped, as if she were becoming sharply aroused. Laura suspected this and almost said, "have a good look, sweetie. It's okay with me. You can have your cheap thrills." But she didn't. She just thought it. Debra remained there and focused on the next step of the procedure: hooking up the lead from the anal electrode. She later confided to me that she did however allow herself the pleasure of taking in a deep breath through her nose to smell the musky, slightly sweaty fragrance of the frightened woman. Debra then turned and picked up the vaginal electrode, an acrylic plug identical to the anal one, as well as the remaining sponge from the bowl. Out of view in the booth, Debra put the plug in her mouth and then coated it with KY. She then began to coat Laura’s insides with KY and they made eye contact. “Just like before Laura,” she said. Laura’s eyes all affright appeared to say Please don’t kill me. Debra’s eyes said You’re mine, as she moved her fingers around inside Laura. As Debra attempted to lift up Laura with her finger, Laura’s eyes rolled and closed as she exhaled nervously. She was smiling. A little last pleasure for the condemned, I thought. Aren’t we humane. Debra took her time with her fingers inside Laura and I didn’t mind. I don’t think Laura did either. Debra then buried both the sponge and plug deep inside Laura, who closed her eyes, craned her neck to the right and opened her mouth wide to let out one final sigh. One pasty electrode was then applied to the upper insides of each of Laura’s pencil thin thighs in accordance with her wishes.

Slowly Debra got to her feet and fixed the wrist straps. Then she applied two pasty electrodes to Laura’s tummy, picked up the abdominal strap and then reached across her tummy and buckled it. Before applying the chest strap, Debra took a minute to admire the condemned woman's breasts then gently, with her left hand, lifted the right breast and applied some KY to Laura’s nipple with her right index finger and thumb. Laura sighed, moaned and then softly closed her eyes. “I think she is releasing again Debra”, I said stroking and spraying Laura’s hair with some water for conductivity and to prevent it from standing up when the current was applied. She then applied some KY to a clear acrylic plastic suction cup electrode and fastened it to the right breast. She then repeated this procedure on the left. Debra then brought the chest strap from right to left as she looked into Laura's eyes. Laura looked back at her, not minding that the woman who was about to electrocute her was still fondling her breast. Once buckled, the chest strap somewhat supported her breasts like a leather bra. Laura’s breasts now jiggled with her every breath. Even on the cusp of electrocution, the condemned woman's nipples were erect. "Is that too tight?" Debra asked. "No. It's quite all right." Laura said softly. They're going to electrocute me and they want to know if I'm comfy! she thought.

A pasty electrode was then applied to the base of Laura’s neck. Two pasties were also applied to her forehead above her beautiful green eyes. After inspecting all connections, straps and buckles, Debra walked to the control booth and began clicking away with her mouse to begin the electrocution cycle that would snuff out Laura. I walked out about 5 feet in front of Laura and began to read her the death warrant. I couldn’t help but notice her pink pussy lips between her nicely spread legs which now held the vaginal electrode so snug in place. "You are paying the ultimate penalty for being a habitual offender of the crime of Immoral Turpitude in this State. Are you aware of this?" “Yes”, she replied weakly. “For your first offense you were miniaturized for 6 months. For your second offense, you were miniaturized for 12 months. For your third offense, you were placed in cryostasis. For your fourth and final offense you will be electrocuted for you are beyond rehabilitation” I intoned. She swallowed deeply. “Do you understand this?” I asked.

“I guess so”, she replied.

“Have you anything to say before sentence is carried out”, I asked.

“Yes. Let’s get on with it, please,” she said.

"Very well." I said stepping to one side. Debra approached one last time and fastened a brown leather suede strap around Laura’s head and cleated it in place to keep her eyes from popping out. "No. No wait please. I want to see..." she said. Debra stopped, looked at me and said, “Well Warden?”. "It's okay with me," I said, "it's her execution." Debra then applied the neck collar, ball-gag and chin strap without further complication.

Debra then returned to the control booth and clicked the mouse a few more times. She then pulled the lever to engage the chair’s generator, as the computer monitor instructed. Laura waited nervously. By now she had been seated and strapped in the chair nearly fifteen minutes. Debra then clicked the “EXECUTE” button. One relay closed, then another and another and then a servo motor started to whirrrrrrr, whirrrrrrr, whirrrrrrr, whirrrrrrr, WHIRRRRRRR, then ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! For a powerful millisecond a sheet of white as bright as an atomic flash filled Laura’s eyes as the current raced through her!

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