Feelin' Inside  

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7/5/2006 6:13 pm
Feelin' Inside

My personal greetings to the millions of submissive men everywhere. I am Mistress Janero. I may be new to this grand site, but I am far from new to my chosen lifestyle. I have long auburn hair, with a classic face highlighted by my bright red lips. I seduce men into becoming my slaves when they have never considered the idea. My legs are long and beautiful, I cross and uncross them when I'm out in public. My weapons of choice to allure helpless men? High Stiletto Heels. I also wear silk stockings with black garters, easily seen at the top of my slit to the waist, tight leather skirt. That just adds to the fun. My Heels of choice are six inch black stilettos. So thin and sharp you could cut yourself looking at them. I have found that there are three things you can be certain of in life, not two. Death, Taxes, and the Higher the Heel the more you own the man. Taking total control from the beginning works for me. Most women fail to understand this. Pity.

I will usually go into a bar with a slave as my companion. One of my male slaves wearing normal male clothes. However, underneath his outer clothing, he is wearing my frilliest panties and seamed stockings, along with a cockring. His penis I tape tightly back under his ass. He can feel everything female clinging to him underneath, yet his cock can't get into a forward position, or harden itself free. I do this for his pleasure, and because I love to do it.

I always choose the bar stool most visible to others. I allow my slave to watch as I work the men around me and it makes him tremendously excited. The more his cock hardens itself, which it never fails to do in my prescense, the more his pain increases as it strains itself against my tightly wrapped tape. Ever hear of a sprained dick? I have seriously sprained many, or they have sprained themselves. Everything depends on how you look at it. This treatment is considered a reward for having pleased me continuously. I also allow him to sit next to me, another honor.

I attract attention immediately, the moment I walk in. Most men, the ones that see me enter, watch me walk all the way in through the bar and sit down. Already, I own them! I order a drink for myself and my slave, then I slowly cross my sexy silkened legs. I reach down and slip a stiletto heel off one of my gorgeous feet, and then adjust it back onto my foot. Then I apply more bright red lipstick to my moist seductive lips. I do this openly at the bar, so that all the men may watch me. Now I have the attention of my lust filled admirers. I love these special nights out!

I relax and take a few sips from my drink. Then I turn slowly around on my barstool, exposing my luscious legs with their six inch Stiletto Heels.

All male eyes are glued to me, some females as well. As I cross and uncross my legs, their attention never falters. My slave lights a cigarette for me, it's such an enticing prop. I inhale the first drag deeply, then let the smoke drift out slowly from between my bright red lips. Men begin to pass by me trying to act unintentional, when it's to look at me up close. They act like bumbling idiots! I love that. Then one or two get up the nerve to ask me if I'd like a drink. Soon I have a circle of men around my barstool asking all about me. Anything I say at this point only enchants them. I continue my sexy movements, pulling them all deeply into me.

"Do you like my new High Heels?" I ask them. Then I raise one of my slender legs so they can all comment on them. I watch their faces staring, each one of them stunned by my offer to openly gaze at my leg and my six inch Spiked Heel. It's probably the closest they've come to something that sexy. I know at that moment, which men in the crowd are most submissive.

"They are absolutely beautiful." says one. "The sexiest Heels I have eaver seen," says another, and so on. I ask one of them, named Phil, if he'd like to touch them? He stutters for a moment, then answers. "Sssure, I'd love to!" I make my slave leave the barstool next to me. He can stand there in pain with the rest of them. I nod down at the stool, "Sit Phil." He obeys, of course. All the other men stand watching in awe. I'm used to that. Phil sits down and I place my legs and Spiked Heels in his lap. He gets hard at once. "Now run your hand over them, Phil, tell me how they feel to you."

Phil is almost cuming in his pants, another move by me and he will. He gently runs one hand over the shiny leather part of my shoe. He is completely enthralled! "Now, slide your fingers up and down the long heels, Phil, you'll be surprised how sensual it is."

I press the back of one heel down into his crotch, then begin moving it slowly back and forth. I can feel the size of his cock growing against the side of my Heels through his pants!. The rest of the men around me are speechless, wishing they were embarrassing themselves on the barstool. That's the price of being shy about your feelings. There was not going to be any turn taking, I had picked Phil to ride the pleasure to the end.

I teased him more, as some of his semen began to wet circles in his pants. I dug the heels in harder, "Do you like that Phil, doesn't it make you feel good?"

"Ohhh yes! I love it. I feel wonderful, I can't believe it!" He was helpless at this point. I leaned over and whispered into his ear. "Now, Phil, I want you to come in your pants, I want you to shoot your whole load inside of your pants. Are you listening to me Phil? I'm telling you to cum while you rub my heels, right here in front of everyone." He started rubbing my Heels just as hard as he could, and beginning to lose all control. "Come on baby," I whispered again, "that's the way I like it, your big hard cock cumming all over my sexy Spiked Heels." Phil jerked rapidly a few times, then he relaxed and moaned. He continued shaking for a few moments, with his cock still pressed beneath my High lethal Heels. The front of his pants were stained more than I thought they'd be. Not one of the men watching thought it was funny. They were horny and amazed, and all of their cocks showed clearly through their pants.

I placed Phil's hand on my upper thigh, between the garter and the stocking top. I pressed his hand against the flesh of my leg. I had turned my back on the rest of the voyeurs, so I could talk with Phil privately. "Phil," I asked, "do you like being told what to do?"

"If you tell me to."

"Absolutely anything Phil?"

"If I was with you I would do anything you said. Really, anything. "

"Do you have a little High Heel fetish? Do you absolutely love and worship my spiked heels Phil?" I blew smoke in his face, then I pressed my red lips against his neck. "Well, do you?"

"I always have," he stuttered, "I just never got the chance to let it out, you know, never experienced it for real!"

"Well, I tell you what, Phil." I pulled a card out of my bag and handed to him. It had a Beautiful Spiked Heel on it, in sillouette. My address and phone was on the card as well. I gave him time to look at it, he was still a little overcome.

"You will have all your fantasies fulfilled for real, all of them, by me! Be there by seven thirty tomorrow night, I don't tolerate lateness!"

All the men were still there when I turned around to leave. Their cocks were on their shoulders, looking left out and ignored. "Next time you see me," I said to them all, "be the first to worship my legs and Heels." Then, while in the process of getting up from the barstool, I uncrossed my long legs again and pushed them straight out in front of the men who wanted me so badly. "Too bad," I said to them, "it could have been any one of you." I kissed Phil on the ear, "see you tomorrow night Phil." Then I grabbed my voyeuristic slave by the hand and we left for my home together.

"That was astounding, Mistress Janero, I came inside of the tape!"

"You did WHAT?" I yelled.

"I'm sorry Mistress, I thought you'd understand."

"I understand what's going to happen to you when we get home, you little slut! You did not ask me for permission to cum."

"I'm sorry, Mistress."

"Save your repentance for when we get home, you little bitch!" Nothing else was said.

"I'll be needing you tomorrow night," I instructed him. "At seven, sharp. Don't be late, you have to dress for this one. I hope your ass is in good shape, for your sake!" Then I reached down and grabbed his little balls as hard as I could. He was squealing loudly in pain. "Shut up, you whore." He did, right away. But there were tears in his eyes. "Sissy!" I called him. But I knew he loved it, and I knew he would worship me forever." ~

Next Session: "Phil Cums for his Fantasies."

"Until next time, ask to lick my Heels if you see me." Mistress Janero.

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3/22/2009 12:43 am

I like this.

Ladies, my dick his ALWAYS available, let me know when YOU want it for a good ride.

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