Don't Forget Me  

sexyasianangel70 37F
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7/5/2006 6:25 pm
Don't Forget Me

Tossing and turning, i throw the damp, tangled sheets aside, the cool breeze from the fan immediately chilling the hot skin of my body. Thousands of tiny goosebumps appear, causing me to shudder as my nips swell into hard, aching buds of need.
Shivering, my hands grip my breasts harshly, trying to relieve the frustration and longing. Pushing my swollen flesh together, forcefully pinching my nipples, i have lustful thoughts of You and O/our few times together. i grasp my right breast in my fist, yanking it up to my flushed face, shoving the hot, needy flesh into my mouth, greedily sucking and biting the hard, tender knobs.

Growing wet between my legs, my hand lowers to my drenched cunt, searching for the large, swollen center. Closing my eyes tightly, i imagine Your fingers inside of me, sliding, seeking. As my fingers find their target, slipping easily inside, i hear the door of my bedroom open.

The sound of phantom feet reaches my ears, my mind whirls with confusion. Terrified, i strain to see who has crept into my bedroom, while attempting to remain totally quiet. Slow, heavy breathing the silence. i hear the unmistakeable sound of a belt being unhooked, the rustling of undressing adding to my terror. As i open my mouth to scream, a large, heavy hand cuts off the sound, transforming it into an ineffectual whimper.

" Sssshhhhhh, princess...not a word.", i hear in the darkness, as the hand moves away from my mouth, and begins stroking my damp hair. Afraid to speak or move, i remain still, my own breathing raspy, my heart furiously pounding.

Cruel hands kneed my breasts, painfully, pinching my nipples that are so tender from my own earlier playing. Jerked up by my breasts, i cry out in agony, as i am harshly raised to my feet, then forced to my knees by my hair, now wrapped around that hand. My head is forced upward, my mouth made to engulf an enormous, stiff, swollen cock, causing me to gag, reflexively. Hands on the back of my head force my mouth to accept its length repeatedly. My throat finally opens, my tongue hesitatingly explores, as i begin to enjoy the sensation of my throat being completely full.

Greedily licking and sucking this wonderful cock, i realize that my terror has disappeared and i don't hesitate when He turns around, leans over and presents His asshole. Slowly tracing large circles around the puckered flesh, i continue licking, kneeding His buttocks as i hone in on my target. Slowly, gently, i ease my pointed tongue into His hole, inhaling the enticing scent of Him. i gingerly grasp His cheeks with both hands, pulling them apart so i can plunge my tongue in as deep as possible. As i press closer, i twirl my tongue inside of Him, causing moans of pleasure that cut through the near-silence of the darkness.

Without warning, He turns around abruptly, pushing me to the carpet, the tender skin of my back abraided by the rough texture. Grasping me under my knees, He forces my legs widely apart, plunging His cock into my drenched cunt, His weight pressing down on me, briefly, as He finds His stride.

Over and over, He rams into me, bruising my flesh as He harshly grasps my breasts. My legs encircle His back, as i greedily try to pull Him even deeper inside. As we move together, i feel a familiar warmth spreading slowly throughout my body, beginning from the center of my being, growing hotter, and more insistent as it radiates outward.

He forces me to my stomach, pushing my head down, pulling my ass into the air, my heat totally exposed to Him. i am helpless and vulnerable as He rams into my glistening cunt from behind, rapidly pulling almost entirely out of me, then plunging in deeper than humanly possible.

As we explode together, His molten jets of jism mingle with my own juices, completely filling me, as we are carried to unimaginable heights of pleasure. Such total and complete satisfaction washes over the both of us, as we lay together, exhausted and blissful.

The first light of dawn appears through the curtains of my bedroom window. i am cruelly jarred awake as the incessant buzzing of my alarm clock invades my head. Eyes still half-closed, i slowly roll over, my hands reaching for Him, puzzled, as my frantic searching yields nothing. As i awaken completely, clutching my sodden pillow between my legs, a lone tear slides down my cheek, my heart and body aching with longing, as i realize that i am once again the prisioner of fantasies of YOU.

Acampbelllongman 29M
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3/21/2009 1:49 am

I like this; I’m hard as a rock.

Ladies, my dick his ALWAYS available, let me know when YOU want it for a good ride.

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