Burning Benches  

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5/22/2006 6:05 pm
Burning Benches

As she stands there nervously waiting, she can feel His eyes roaming across her naked flesh. She shivers, fearing yet anticipating what He has planned for her. Carefully she tests the ropes binding her…she is standing in the middle of the room, her arms extended above her head, pulled tightly so that she is barely touching the floor, her bound wrists attached to a hook in the ceiling directly above her. Her eyes are blindfolded, and she feels totally helpless…at His mercy. She hears His footsteps circling her, and she can almost imagine the look of concentration on His face as He studies her helpless form. “Oh god what is He going to do” she thinks, “can I really sustain what He has in store for me?” As the thoughts are running rampant through her mind, she hears Him chuckle, “nervous pet?” He asks. “Yes Sir” she softly whispers. She is so nervous she can feel her entire body tremble, then she feels His warm hands make contact with her skin…carefully rubbing the warm oil into her chilled flesh, softly stroking, touching her intimately, readying her for what is to come. She knows He is not going to be as easy this time as He has been being…for He knows she is ready to increase the intensity, He has been slowly and steadily building her endurance and tolerance and tonight He was going to test those levels.

She feels His warm breath against her cheek, close to her ear. “Are you ready love?” He whispers. All she can manage is a softly choked out “yes Master”. He gently kisses her lips and she feels Him take a step back.

The first stroke of theflogger sends delicious shivers of shock through her body. Slowly He circles her, the flogger kissing her pale skin in a steady rhythm, the lashes becoming more and more intense until finally she moans low in the back of her throat as the tails of the flogger wrap around her leg and bite at the sensitive flesh of her inner thigh. He steps closer, His hands tracing the redness left behind. Slowly He strokes her, building her up, taking her higher. She feels the warmth rushing through her, her body singing. She is amazed by the trust she has in Him, by the complete and total way He can control her, with no more than a softly spoken word or a disapproving glance. Never has she felt so cared for as she does when He is near.
She feels Him move away once more, and then she hears the swish, thwack as the flogger is taken to her once again. This time He is more concentrated on His task, the flogger coming down in precise patterns against her skin…He begins across the shoulders, moving downward across her back and buttocks, then to the backs of her thighs, down to her calves. Slowly He works His way around her, pausing to position Himself by her side…then He begins softly against the collarbone, then down to strike more severely across her breasts, downwards across her stomach to the tops of her thighs.

The flogger biting into her tender flesh, leaving a trail of light welts in its path…she moans and whimpers as the warmth flows through her. Her skin tingling and slightly burning everywhere the tails have landed. He brings the ends up sharply between her legs to lick at the pink folds of her sex, causing her to cry out softly, “Oh my God!” Over and over He brings the tails up to lick at her flesh until her body is ready for sweet release. He drops the flogger and steps close, His hand wrapping in her hair to jerk her head back as He sinks His teeth into her neck. His other hand coming up between her legs to stroke her clit, to pinch and manipulate it until she comes hard against Him, softly crying out His name. As He releases her from the bonds that hold her, she wraps her arms around His neck and He cradles her close, whispering encouraging words in her ear. He kisses her lips softly and whispers tenderly, “you passed your first test love”. She smiles at Him through her fading tears and whispers, “Thank You Master, I love You”.

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5/23/2006 3:57 am

That was really hot... Thank You!

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5/23/2006 7:41 am

Your description of this encounter is so wonderfully graphic . I ache with desire for it to be my turn !

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5/23/2006 10:08 am

you are a seductive lil cumdumpster arent you?

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