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5/21/2006 4:58 pm
Boy you turn me on

As they entered the club, Mistress D and angela saw several people milling around the first floor in varying degrees of undress. Angela had been to this place before and mentioned it to Mistress D early in their relationship. It was a sex club, a place where people could indulge any sexual fantasy in anonymity. Tonight, was the night they would satisfy one of those fantasies that they both shared. It would stretch the fabric of their relationship and test the strength of their love and angela's devotion to Mistress D.

Mistress D stopped angela. "Assume the position slave", she said. Without hesitation, angela gracefully lowered herself to her knees at Mistress D's feet. Mistress D produced a black leather collar from her bag with a silver tag affixed to the front, which read, "Property of Mistress D". She held it out to angela. Angela immediately leaned forward, placing her lips to the collar and kissing it. Mistress D then pressed her lips to it and sealed it with her own kiss before fastening it around angela's neck. "Who are you", she asked angela. "I am angela, devoted slave to Mistress D, the keeper of my heart and soul", angel replied. "Come slave", Mistress D said as she turned on her knee-high leather boots with the beautiful spike heels and headed deeper in to the club.

Angela followed two steps behind Mistress D. As they toured the ground floor, they saw several different theme rooms. One was a medieval setting, one a prison cell, one a cozy upstairs private area. Then they came to a set of stairs leading to the lower floor. Angela knew from her previous visits, this was the most active area and would be filled with horny men looking to get their lusts satisfied. As they entered the lower floor, they could see an area in the center of the floor, which was surrounded by chain-link fencing. Inside the area was an assortment of BDSM furniture and appliances. There were several people in the fenced in area playing. The sound of whips and crops being used to sear into flesh permeated the air.

There was an assortment of different areas on the lower floor with a variety of themes. Each had a bed of some sort and all were crowded. Each one also had people playing sexually in them and an assortment of people surrounding them watching the action. They entered one room with a bed and a medical exam table. "We will start here", said Mistress D. She walked to the exam table and lie back on it, spreading her legs into the stirrups. Without a word, she nodded at angela and the unspoken command was understood. Angela knelt between Mistress D's thighs and looked up into her eyes, with a pleading look. "Please Mistress, may I serve you", angela asked in a docile quiet tone. Again, Mistress D nodded at her slave. Angela slowly began kissing Mistress D's inner thighs, working her way toward the perfect pussy before her. She knew exactly how to please her Mistress and all the subtle touches and nuances of her sexuality. After a time, Mistress D grew impatient at the slow, teasing progress her slave was making. She grabbed angela's hair and raised her face, then slapped her. "Eat me bitch! This isn't our bedroom and we aren't here to be lovey dovey", Mistress D yelled at angela.

Angela was dazed. She had always satisfied Mistress this way, and she had never seen Mistress act so harsh and pointed. She quickly began licking and sucking at the folds of Mistress D's pussy, dipping her tongue inside. She knew how to make her cum quickly and thought that might be the best way to ease her ire. Her lips closed over Mistress' clit and she sucked lightly at it, her tongue swabbing the sensitive nub. Mistress D responded to her ministrations. Her hips undulated and humped against her slave's lips. She was in a different world tonight. She was here to satisfy one of her dark, hidden desires and nothing would stand in the way of it now. Angela was merely preparing her for a night of raw sex, and not all of it was to be with her slave. As angela attended to her pussy, Mistress's thoughts turned to all the hard cocks roaming the halls of this club, some in the very room they were in now, watching the action. She smiled at several of the men watching her and licked her lips.

Angela slid one of her long slender fingers inside Mistress and began rubbing her special spot inside as she increased the intensity of her tongue action. Soon, Mistress was grabbing her head and pulling angela into her pussy as her orgasm began to sweep over her, wracking her body with the intense contractions. "Yes! Suck me cunt. Eat my pussy, get it ready for a nice hard cock", she said to angela, knowing how the words would both sting and stimulate her. The crowd gathered around was moaning its approval and making comments. As Mistress D finished her orgasm, she rose and told angela to follow her. They exited the room and went to the ladies' room. When they entered the restroom, Mistress held angela close and began to speak to her. "Angela, I want to be sure this is what we both want. Once we do this we cannot take it back. I love you very much, and this is something I want to share with you. But, once you say ok, I will refuse to feel guilty about it later if your feelings change. So, this is your chance to stop it now. Look in my eyes and tell me if you want to continue".

Angela knew this was the moment of truth. They had talked about this fantasy a hundred times. She knew also that it might be hard to accept, but inside herself, she knew she could not deny Mistress her pleasure. She was her slave, her property and was devoted without exception to seeing to her happiness. "Yes Mistress, I am certain. It is my duty to attend to all of your needs". "No slave, tell me if this will please you too. If it is going to hurt you inside, we will not go farther". "It is what I want also Mistress. I want to watch you be pleased beyond what you ever have and to share in it with you. I want to clean you after they are done pleasing you", angela replied. Mistress held angela tight for a moment, then looked into her eyes and kissed her softly and lovingly. "Well then, let's go and enjoy our night slave".

As they exited the restroom, Mistress D started surveying the crowd, looking for an attractive man with a nice cock. It was not long before she spied the one who was to be her first conquest of the night. He was tall, blonde, rugged, but not overly muscular. He had been in the room earlier watching them together and she remembered his smile. Grabbing angela's arm, Mistress D whispered to her: "he will do nicely for our first one. Go and tell him your Mistress wishes to play with him and bring him to me in the room with the door on it". "Yes Mistress", angela replied. As angela approached him, he smiled again and said hello. Angela knew Mistress was not long on patience and just came straight to the point with her new acquaintance. "Mistress D would like to play with you and wants to sample your cock", she said with a bit of shame and a hint of a blush. Her eyes instinctively looked to the floor. "Oh, and is Mistress the pretty blonde you were with earlier" he asked. "Yes, we are here to fulfill a fantasy of ours and she wants you to be the first of several cocks she uses tonight." "Well, let's not keep her waiting then, shall we", he replied. Angela led him to the room where Mistress D was waiting. As they entered the room, she was sitting on the bed, her black pvc skirt riding up her beautiful creamy thighs. "Lock the door slut", Mistress D said to angela. Angela hurried to comply with the order then took her place on the floor beside the bed.

As the mystery man walked toward the bed, he kept his eyes on Mistress D, and then spoke. "I see your slave likes to watch. I can see why. I am sure she cannot satisfy you like a real man can. We can dismiss her if you like and have some real fun". A spark of anger flashed over Mistress D's face. "Let's get something straight right up front. We are not here because you are a wonderful lover. Angela satisfies me better than any male alive. You are here because I intend to use your cock then watch you disappear, and nothing else. Now, can you handle that or not"? He looked shocked at Mistress D's candor and her remarks. But, still, she was a truly beautiful woman and he wanted to have her even if it was only once. "That is fine with me. I am sorry, I didn't mean anything by it". "Don't talk, just do what I say", Mistress D said to him.

"Angela, get his cock ready for me", Mistress said as she watched intently. Angela turned to the man and reached up, undoing his pants and lowering them along with his underwear. He was average sized, not huge, but respectable and responding nicely. As she rose to unbutton his shirt, his cock continued to rise, rubbing the front of her pvc shorts. She smiled to herself, knowing what was to come. As she finished undressing him, Mistress D smiled. "Good girl, slave. Now, get him wet for me." Angela blushed as she looked at Mistress. She had never been with a man in front of Mistress and was unsure of Mistress's command. She reached for her purse to retrieve the tube of lube there, but Mistress stopped her. "No slut! Use your mouth to get him wet. We both know you enjoy that". Without another word, angela slowly lowered her mouth to his cock, licking it lightly, teasing the head. The cock jumped at her attentions and he moaned out loud. "Angela has a marvelous mouth as you can see", Mistress said to him.

When his cock was slick and wet with angela's saliva, Mistress spoke again. "That is good enough slut, now kneel on the bed next to me and watch as he services me with his cock. It is what you have begged for all along. Now it is time to make it come true." As the male approached Mistress with his hard wet cock, she stopped him and said "sorry sport, safe sex only for me. Angela, dress his cock properly for me." Angela had a look of confusion on her face. The fantasy they had discussed was for him to cum in Mistress so angela could lick it out after. Seeing the confusion on angela's face, Mistress again spoke. "You will get to taste your reward later slut, but we cannot risk our life together for this fantasy. Now, put the condom on his cock so he can fuck me and do it now"! "Yes Mistress", angela replied. She pulled the condom from her purse and slid it down over the hard cock before her. "Good slut. Now, put his cock in my pussy." How humiliating, Angela thought, having not only to watch, but also to help a stranger fuck the woman she loved with all her heart. But, it was Mistress' wish so she could not refuse. She grasped the hard pole of flesh and pulled it toward Mistress's hot wet slit. As the head entered, Mistress let out a loud moan. Without direction the man pushed forward, burying his cock deep inside. He started fucking Mistress with a slow, deep motion, filling her then retreating. Angela sat transfixed at what she was seeing. A tear formed in her eye. Her Mistress was actually doing it. She was fucking someone else. Mistress D reached out with her hand and grasped angela's and pulled her to her. "I love you slave", she whispered in angela's ear. At that, angela felt a sense of warmth flood her. Suddenly everything was ok, and she could feel her own clit stirring in her panties. Mistress pulled angela's face down to her breasts and told her to nurse them while she rode the cock. Looking up at the stranger, Mistress then said to him, "Now, fuck me like the stud you claim to be. Show me how hard you can use your cock".

Hearing this, the man began to pound fast and hard into Mistress's pussy. God, it felt good. Her body was responding and was on fire. "Yes! Fuck me hard", she screamed at him. Angela was biting Mistress nipples, knowing that was her trigger spot and that it would make her cum on the cock in her. Soon, Mistress was shaking and losing control as her whole body succumbed to the feelings coursing through her. As she started to cum, her pussy contracted on his cock, milking him of his seed. He groaned and slammed his cock deep inside, holding it there as he shook from the tremors of his own orgasm. Angela stopped her ministrations long enough to look up at the man, watching his face as he expelled the last few drops of his cum. When her spasms had subsided, Mistress looked at him and said, "We are done. You can leave now". As he withdrew his cock, angela could see the condom was distended at the end, full of thick white cream. "Slave, take his condom off, but save it, don't throw it away", Mistress D said. When angela has retrieved the condom, the man dressed quickly and exited the room. "Lock the door again slave", Mistress ordered. Angela locked the door and returned to her Mistress. Now, assume the position slut". Angela lowered herself to her knees wondering what was to come.

"I think you earned your first reward tonight my love. Open your mouth", Mistress said as she held the condom. Angela opened her mouth as Mistress held the full rubber over her mouth and slowly, worked the cum out of it so it dripped between Angela's red lips. "That's it, drink it all for me slut. You will have a lot more of that tonight".

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