1-17 I Like To Teach The World To Si  

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6/8/2006 5:03 pm
1-17 I Like To Teach The World To Si

Sighing, I dropped my babydoll jammies on the bed and walked, naked into the bathroom, where the shower was steaming up the mirror. Slender arms reach up and undo my hairclasp, sending auburn tresses cascading down my back. Sticking my tongue out at the mirror's image, I turned, pulling the white lace curtain back and slipped inside.

Leaning my face into the warm spray, I close my eyes and think of him. Slowly, I turn to lean against the cool glass blocks, my body's heat sighing at the comforting coolness. I drop my head back as my hair teases my ass, soaking up the warm water. Twisting my hair over one smooth shoulder, I lean down to pick up a bar of french milled soap, lightly scented, and slowly soap one long leg and then the other.

My hands move between my legs, laving my pussy and then up over my belly, leaving a wet, soapy trail of fragrant suds. Closing my eyes, my hands move over my breasts, leisurely soaping them, rosy nipples hardening to the touch. Turning, dropping my hair down my back, leaning into the water's streams, caressing my body again as I rinse the soap off.

My hands slide up the shower wall, body stretched and elongated, ass sticking out, long legs spread, full breasts thrusting forward. My eyes closed, I hear a small noise and feel him slip into the shower with me, his strong hands running down my ass and legs and then up my back, where he takes my hair and pulls my neck bare, leaning in to bite my neck gently.

My back arches to his touch and his other arm slides between my legs, his fingers seeking my wet cunt. Gasping softly, my ass pushes against him involuntarily. His hard cock presses against me and he slips it between my legs, rubbing its soft head against my clit. Low moans come from my throat as my hands press against the wet shower wall.

Soft bites and licks alternate as he nibbles on my neck, my shoulders, my back, as one hand finds my breasts, hanging slick and full, teasing, rolling, tugging on my nipples. My cunt moistens as my breathing deepens and my moans continue. Wrapping one hand in my hair, pulling my head back, his hard cock slips into my pussy, his other hand pulling at my hips. He thrusts deep and hard and then slows down, rotating his cock inside of me while I hang, my body helpless to his touch.

He pauses and I moan softly. He pulls harder on my hair, my back arches fully as his hand meets my ass with a wet smack. My eyes close in exquisite pain, my soft, wet mouth opening as his hand hits my ass again. If it was possible, I pushed my ass back farther, begging for more. His cock grinds deep into my pussy, his hand slapping my ass, the outside of my thigh and wrapping his body over me, slapping at my nipples. I cry out with pain and pleasure. His fucking and spanking confuses my body, never knowing where the pain ends and the pleasure begins. Slipping back and forth over that line, over and over again.

His cock pumps into me as my body tightens. He whispers into my ear as he fucks me hard and deep, “Release.” Like a good little slut, I came immediately, hard and loud, my legs turning to jelly, my face pressed against the cool, wet tile. Seconds later, he filled my cunt with his hot, sweet cum.

Trembling with the strength of my orgasm, with a soft cry of anguish, I felt his cock leave me. Leaning over me, he gave me one last nip on my neck as he slipped out of the shower. Tears streamed down my face to feel him gone from me and I wept unabashedly, the cool water mixing with my hot tears. Minutes passed and as I regained my strength, I turned off the water and turned to pull back the curtain. I gasped, for he was there, ready to wrap me in a soft, white towel, pulling me to him and leading me to his bed.

Candles gave off a warm glow and soft music played as he lay down with me, holding me to him and stroking my face gently whispering a lover's sweet words in my ear. Sinking into that soft, precious slumber of the lucky, I slept once again in his loving arms.

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6/11/2006 9:44 pm

Ich lebe in Deutschland / M√ľnchen und du?

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6/14/2006 2:55 pm


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6/16/2006 10:13 pm

Dam,your hot.I know you dont have a problem getting attention.Wow you look good post pics with your face showing your really cute,

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6/18/2006 5:51 pm

yes i luv to use my tongue and pamper u

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6/18/2006 8:20 pm

whore...come to melbourne, australia...i'll teach u a thing or too about being a whore...

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6/18/2006 8:25 pm

vc e uma gostosa

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estas lindisima

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6/21/2006 5:11 pm

porque no me escribes, bom-bom

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6/24/2006 7:21 pm

Really HOT. I would love a shower like that, you are a sexyasianangel.

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yes yes yes !!!!!!! yiu are very hotsexy i like ! thanks .........fredandvivi

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you are soo sexy

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dear sex goddess, i wish i could eat you for hours, before i push my hard dick as far as possible in your wet pussy...i might relocate in singapore because of you !

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I like this; I’m hard as a rock.

Ladies, my dick his ALWAYS available, let me know when YOU want it for a good ride.

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