1-11 I Wanna Be There  

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6/8/2006 4:51 pm
1-11 I Wanna Be There

Wanna know my New Year’s resolution? It’s the boring question that goes around this time of year, but my answer this time, this year, is far from that.

Lose weight, I’d say, as usual, as I’m a 12 and I’d love to be a model 8 again like in my university days. Unfortunately, I love to cook, and eat, and so it’s very difficult to achieve.

However, this time, I’m going to do it. Lose weight, I’d say aloud, but I’ll add silently in my mind, so I can become a slut. A never-say-no slut, the kind that doesn’t give a fuck about the looks of a man, the size of his wallet, his sense of humour ‒ none of that matters, because all she wants is the dick. And why do I have to lose weight to do that? Simply because I want to look good while I slut around, because most men prefer the anorexic look these days and a slut is all about pleasing men.

Strict dieting, lots of exercise, and six weeks later, I know I’ll be an 8. Then I’ll go down to a bar and get my first man. He’ll either be the first one who tries to pick me up, or the meanest looking one I can get. Given a choice, I’d go for rough and mean any day. I don’t want a gentleman, I want the guy who’s going to take me out of that bar, fuck me in the nearest dirty alley, shove me down on my knees in a garbage-strewn floor, pound his cock down my throat and tear my ass up and cum on my face.

He isn’t going to ask, he’s going to take. I’ll never say no and he’s going to despise me for it and grind me further into the dirt.

He takes me home and I suck his cock on the way - in a taxi or bus, even the tube if he wants. And I’ll do much more too, just say the word. Fuck some bystanders? Ok. Crawl on my hands and knees and bark like a dog, hump his leg, oink like a pig and beg him to piss on me? Ok.

Never say no is going to be my motto. Although I do worry if they want to do it without a condom, not for the pregnancy risk because the thought of becoming a knocked up slut is a huge turn-on, but the disease thing. Men don’t want to fuck a diseased whore and that, that would be a nightmare. No more fucking!

Once inside the door, he strips me, tears them off. He grabs hold of my nipples and jigglesmy big tits as I kneel on the floor, waiting, cunt wet and desperate. Then his stinking socks are stuffed into my mouth, his underpants pulled over my head, and I crawl over to the toilet with him whipping my ass with his belt all the way. He shoves my head into the toilet, my face just above the water, and lowers the lid over me. His belt is flying then, hitting me all over, welting all the flesh he can reach, and I squeal and twitch and wiggle my ass but it’s all nicely muffled by the socks and the toilet bowl.

His dick spears into my ass without warning, and my head goes under the water. My hands which had been submissively by my side reaches frantically for a hold, and I cling to the toilet, rocking back and forth with his thrusts and face dipping into the water but no longer in danger of drowning. He won’t like that, and pull my hands back and tie them together with his belt, and now his fucking speeds up and get harder and I’m fully under the toilet water and choking and struggling to get just a brief gulp of air. More water go in than air and it’s a lost cause. I black out.

I wake up and I’m tied to the headboard. My wrists are spread wide, and my ankles are tied to them, leaving me completely exposed. His socks are gone, as is his underwear, and I find myself wishing they weren’t ‒ they had both provided, wierdly, a strange sort of shield. He stands before me, completely naked. He has a paunch, big fleshy arms, and coarse black hair all over, but it’s the dick that catches my eye ‒ big and drooling, a menacing cuntbreaker. My mouth waters at the memory of it ramming into my mouth, I want it again, I want more.

But he hasn’t had enough of beating me, and the belt in his hand comes crashing down and knocks the breath out of me. It lands on my cunt, and my hips flinch up, like I want him to keep hitting me. He laughs, slams it down again and again and I’m whining and wriggling and trying so hard to keep from crying out. I can take pain, but he’s not holding back and my cunt and thighs are turning black and blue and blistering right before my eyes. When I let out my first scream, he cuts it off quickly with a hand strangling my throat. He decides to take pity on me and whip my tits instead, and hand still strangling me silent, my boobs bounce around wildly under his flurry of blows.

My cunt is so wet and achy, I’m squeezing and humping the air and dying for his cock.

He finally decides to give it to me, and his cock is right up my cunt, banging away ferociously and the bed is squeaking and creaking under the onslaught. My head knocks repeatedly against the headboard, and my neck is all scrunched up as he squashes me. It’s hard to breathe, and everything hurts, and then his hands come off the headboard and close around my tits. Titflesh bulges around his fingers and the pain is deep and hot and he’s using them as handles to tug me against him as he slams in. I’m too contorted and bashed by his big body to make much of a sound apart from some squeaks and grunts banged out of me, but the headboard is making some serious racket against the walls and I think about the neighbours, what they must be thinking, and it makes my cunt drip even more.

“Whore!” He shouts, right into my face, and I think ‘yes please’. I want to be a whore, get paid £10 for a skullfuck, £20 for my cunt, and £30 for my ass. I want him to be my pimp. “Slut! Pigshit stupid bitchcunt!” A hand lets go of a tit and starts slapping my face. He spits, and I blink the phlegm out of my eyes. “Open your fucking hole!” My mouth opens obediently. He hawks noisily again, and I feel sick at what he was about to do, then he spits the yellow phlegm into my mouth and my stomach lurches. But I keep it in my mouth, keep my mouth wide open for him to see. “Disgusting pig! Taste it, keep it in your mouth, let me see you taste it.” So I swirl it around my mouth, let him see me savour his mucus, and blink off more spit that lands on my face. “Swallow my snot, you worthless piece of shit!” I swallow.

His hands come around my throat, and I’m struggling to breathe, wheezing, and he’s fucking me so hard my cunt feels ready to tear apart. Black spots appear, and I’m going to pass out again. But suddenly his hands are gone, and his dick, and he’s sitting on my tits, shoving his cock into my mouth. My head bangs against the headboard, thump-thump-thumping so fast I’m dizzy with the impacts and the speed and the dick stuffing up my throat and his pubic hair stuffing up my nose. My thighs cramp, his full weight is on me, I want to see his happy face but all I see is his big hairy belly thudding into my eyes.

He roars, cum spurts out of my nose, leak out of my dickstuffed mouth. He relaxes, dick still in me, and I can see nothing as he leans sweatsoaked against my face. I can breathe a bit now his dick is soft, and most of the cum has left my nose. My cunt though, is still dying for more cock.

I’m untied, and my limbs flop down. He drags me down the bed and sits on my face, his cummy sweaty balls over my nose and eyes, and he slides his ass back and forth languidly, enjoying his afterglow, giving me a whiff of his asshole as he rubs it over my nose. He bounces lightly, shoving my nose more into his hole, and I lick his balls, taste the salty sweat and try to ignore the shit stink of his hole. He turns around, and he stuffs his balls inside my mouth, and I feel my cheeks bulge with the size of them.

He looks down at me, smiling meanly, his dick soft and wet on my nose. “You look like shit, a fucked out slut, but I bet you’re used to that.”

Actually no, but I can’t say that as my mouth is crammed full with his balls. I’ve been a good girl, almost virginal, until now. I’ve had at most three sex partners, and never for long.

He rubs his dick all over my face, cockwhips me a bit, but it’s nothing too harsh. He’s still sated from his cum and I wish I were. “Suck my ass.”

I don’t want to but I do. He lifts his balls out and sits back down with his hole over my mouth. My tongue licks his hole, and my stomach reels at what I’m doing. I try to ignore the taste but it’s impossible, especially as he has me stick my tongue inside his hole and wash it out. He’s moaning, rubbing his ass on me, bouncing on my face, and I peer through the sweaty hairy balls and fat dick flopping over my eyes to see his content and happy face. It makes me feel good to see that, and I just can’t help wondering why it took me so long to become a slut when it’s all so obvious it’s what I’m meant to be.

His fat ass bounces harder and harder and my face virtually disappears inside his crack, and not surprisingly, he suffocates me with his ass and the next time I wake up, it’s morning.

I’m confused, because I don’t wake up in my bed. I don’t wake up in any bed. I’m on the floor with my rug over me, and for a minute I wonder if I had drunk so much last night that I hadn’t managed to climb onto my bed. It’s cold and hard and I struggle to get up, except I can’t. My hands are tied behind me and they are tied to my ankles. My cunt wets up as I realise I’m hogtied and my memory hits me with everything that had happened last night. Suddenly the cold hard floor and the dirty rug don’t matter, I’m hot and dying for a fuck.

I wriggle around and try to look up at the man on the bed, but he’s deep under my duvet and I slump back down and wait for him to wake. It’s a while until he does, and the cold has seeped through and I’m shivering when he finally grabs a hold of my hair and tugs me up. I squeal, and his hand squeezes my throat and shuts me up again, and with the hand around my throat and a fistful of hair, he pulls me onto the bed. It’s painful, but at least I’m on the warm bed and likely to get a good fucking again.

“Open up, bitch!” He whacks my face with his cock and I open my mouth eagerly. I love the taste of cock, love the stink of a man’s crotch, and a fat slimy cock plugging up my throat feels like the most natural thing in the world. Then he starts pissing and I’m choking, shocked and disgusted, but I swallow the piss anyway. It tastes horrible, and stinks, and he lifts his cock away from my mouth to show the stream as it lands in my mouth, a strong brown yellow stream. I want to throw up but I keep drinking his piss.

“Keep this last lot in your mouth,” he says, and he’s playing with his balls and watching greedily. I open wide and stop swallowing and soon there’s a pool of urine. I can feel it sloshing around as he moves me, untying me and arranging me flat on my back. He lifts my legs up and over my head, ties them to the headboard. “Hold on to the rails, don’t spill the piss.”

I hold on to the rails and watch as he settles between my legs, his dickhead pushing against my shithole, his eyes fixed on my pisspool of a mouth. He fucks my ass like that, staring at the piss sloshing about, as I desperately try to keep it from spilling over against his hard and fast fucking. Some spills out, of course, stinging my eyes and trickling down my face onto the bed. My jaw is sore by the time he pulls out and cums all over my face, into my nose and blocking up my only airway until I manage to blow it clear, into the pisspool.

He grins, slaps my ass. “Stay put, cunt.”

I stay there, mouth still open and full of cum as well as piss now, as he takes a shower. He sings loudly, and badly, and again the thought of my neighbours hearing the crude song, hearing it come from my flat, makes my cunt ache for dick.

He comes back dressed, and throws my mobile down on the bed. “Swallow when I say you can.”

And he leaves and I wait there, jaw really aching and sore now, face sticky with cum, the taste and stink of piss making me retch.

The mobile rings an eon later, and I fumble desperately to answer.

“Let me hear you, whore!”

“Unghh,” I say, through the urine in my mouth. It seems to be enough.

“Swallow, say thankyou.”

I swallow and say thankyou. He laughs, hangs up.

I lie back in my cumsoaked and piss-stained bed, breathe in the stink of his cum and piss and sweat, and finger myself frantically until I finally get my orgasm. It’s not enough and I hump my pillow until I come again and again and again. I’m a slut, god, such a fucking slut, a dirty whore to be used and abused, fuck me, beat me, use me up and throw me away with the rest of the garbage.

Slut wish: Whore

It wasn’t long before a man thought I was a real whore. I don’t know why I was so surprised, considering the way I have been dressing and acting in the bars. Shortest skirts, just barely covering my bum, the highest heels, lots of make-up, my amazing friendly attitude to all the men. Want to grope me? Please do.

Tonight, I had on a tiny clingy red dress, low neck to show off my cleavage, and an even lower back showing flesh all the way to the rise of my bum. The hem just about covered my bum, standing, but when sitting down, not much was left to the imagination. Waxed smooth cunt, barely covered by a red thong. Red-brown crocodile boots, knee high. And my hair in bunches with little flower clips here and there. Bright red lips, sucking now and then on a lollipop. Child slut, that was the look.

From the first moment I sat down at his table, he was right in my space, his hand stroking up my thigh without a second thought. I spread my legs a little, just to help. He grinned, and barely a second later his fingers were pumping in and out of my cunt.

Then he asked what the parameters were. Strange way to ask for a date, I thought.

“See if we like each other, go from there.” I was finding it quite difficult to think, what with his fingers and his lips at my neck and I’d never known my neck could be such a hotspot.

“Don’t be so coy,” he said, nipping me sharply. “How much for an hour?”

Cluebus. I juiced up so fast my head spun. This was one of my kinks, one I’d never had the nerve to go through with before and all I had to do now was say yes and live it. Live the life of a whore. I shivered.

“Ticklish?” he whispered, thinking it was from his breath in my ear. He pinched my clit. I flinched, gasped.

“No,” I breathed out, eyes flutttering and voice shaking as he shoved more fingers in. “Hundred.” And just like that, I’d done it.

“Expensive. You worth it?”

I panicked. Was it too expensive? I had no idea about the going rate of whores. Was he going to refuse? Now that I’d made my mind up, I was so turned on I couldn’t bear it if he didn’t follow through. The seat was going to be slimy with cunt juice as it was.

“Try me and see.” I humped his fingers as discreetly as I could, but there were people looking our way and I knew it was nowhere near discreet enough.

He mulled it over, looking into my eyes and pretending deep thought. I relaxed a bit at that. We were going to do this. He was going to be my first john.

In the cab, he had me on my knees with his dick in my mouth. “Just keep it warm, don’t suck.”

It was still soft, and I was a bit insulted by that, but it meant I could take most of it in without too much discomfort, and keep it warm. I was so turned on, so humiliated, my mouth just a place for his cock. It must have lasted a good 20 minutes, him just relaxing back in the cabseat and me on the floor trying to hold steady as the cab drove us to my place. My jaw was aching quite a lot by the time it was over.

My make-up must have been all smushed, crotches are sweaty places, and the cabbie sneered as I got out. My face flamed in shame.

“Get me a drink,” he said, flopping down on my bed. He made no move to undress. I poured him a generous serving of JD, handed it over. “Put some music on, striptease.”

Striptease. I’d never done one in my life.

“Move your fucking ass!” He shouted, and I hurried over to my cd collection. My heart was thudding. I didn’t want to fuck this up, and just like that my mind was on pleasing my john. It wasn’t really different from the way I treated all the men lately, just only the paying part, and as soon as I realised that, I wasn’t so nervous anymore.

As the music started, I started dancing. It was just like in the clubs, except ‒ I slid my dress up to my waist.

“Yeah, baby, spread those legs, spread those legs.” He was laughing, clapping mockingly. “Let me see some humping.”

I pulled my dress to just under my tits, fucked the air for him, one hand stroking my cunt whilst the other spanked my ass.

“Tits out, shake those tits!” I took them out, shook them, squeezed them, licked my nipples. “Give me your panties.”

I threw it over, and he took a deep sniff, grinning wide. “Nothing better than a wet whore. Come here. Say ahhh.” He stuffed the red thong into my mouth. “Say thank you.”

“Thank you, sir.” It was distorted, but that was the point and he laughed, waved me on regally to keep on dancing.

My dress was just a belt around my waist now and I shook my tits and wriggled my ass as much as I could. I squatted down a few times, legs nicely spread to give a good view, fingers pumping my cunt.

“Shove some fingers up your ass.”

I bent over, looked back at him and humped my ass back on my fingers.

“Suck them clean, lick away all your whoreslime.” I licked, sucking each finger clean, making it look like I enjoyed it. I loved the taste of cock, not cunt or ass.


I almost ran over. About time. I straddled him, and he grabbed hold of my tits and rubbed his face in them, mouthing and licking and biting. It felt so good. My hips were wriggling on his lap, my cunt happily grinding against the rough cloth of his jeans and the hard lump of his cock.

“Sit on my dick, get my dick out, get that cunt on my dick!” He was breathing hard, spanking my ass to hurry me along. I didn’t have to be told twice. I was so hot and so wet and I just slid down easily on his hard, hot cock. “Bounce, bounce, look at those fucking tits go! Faster, bitch!”

He was leaning back on his hands, watching me bounce madly. His eyes were fixed on my tits, helping them along with a slap now and then, even though they were flopping around hard enough to be painful.

“Squeeze that cunt, harder! Come on, you useless whore, earn your fucking money!”

I squeezed my cunt muscles harder, bounced on his dick faster, stuck out my chest more. He was slapping my tits, one then the other, on and on, side to side, harder and harder and it hurt so good.

“Let me see your panties, let it hang out, bite it with your teeth, pull your lips way back.” He tugged my cheeks back to help, pushed my lips away from my teeth and gums. I blushed a brighter red seeing in my mind how stupid I must look. I kept bouncing on his dick, red thong now bouncing in time from my mouth.

“Get off.” I got off, legs wobbly. I needed to come so badly. “Grab your ankles.”

I yelped as he shoved his dick up my ass with one quick thrust. His fingers dug into my hips as he slammed in again and again, and I was so glad I had got into the habit of lubing my ass before going out.

“Move over to the mirror.” I started to straighten up. “Did I tell you to get up, you stupid cunt?” He slapped my ass hard. “Get those hands back on your ankles and move, bitch!”

I shuffled over to my full-length mirror, bent over with my fingers wrapped around my ankles and his dick still in my ass.

“Look up.”

I couldn’t look up much, and I knew better now then to let go of my ankles, so all I could see in my mirror was my wrinkled forehead and eyes and the red thong hanging down. He started slamming into me, fast and hard, and all I could do was hang on for dear life. My forehead banged against the mirror a few times, but he changed his grip and nicely stopped me from getting knocked out.

My shitchute burned from the fucking he was giving me, I couldn’t breathe properly all bent down double, I felt stupid … and I loved it. My cuntjuice was just trickling down my thighs.

“Yeah, bitch! Riding your whore ass!” He was spanking my ass and cursing me, and I had to shift quickly to stop myself falling into the mirror now that he was holding me up with only one hand. “You my pony, bitch?”

“Yes, sir,” I answered through my clenched teeth.

“Say it, you stupid cunt!” His hand slammed down on my ass, his cock thrust in brutally. I hit my head again in the mirror.

“I’m your pony, sir.”

“Ride your pony,” he grunted out, both hands back on my hips and fucking harder. It was really starting to hurt, I needed more lube in my ass. “Keep saying it.”

“Ride your pony, sir.” My voice was shaking so much from the fucking, and distorted from the panties in my mouth, but clarity wasn’t what he was asking for. He just wanted to hear me do as I was told. “Ride your pony, sir.” I kept saying it over and over.

He came hard, cursed, spanked my ass one last time and pulled out. “Stay put.”

I was bent over with my ass the tallest part of me, holes red and open and leaking cum and cuntjuice. Through my legs, I watched him go into the bathroom and shut the door. I coul have straightened up, but I didn’t. There was the fear of what he would do if he found me disobeying, but more than that, it was simply because I do as I’m told. I like doing as I’m told, and no matter how depraved the orders are, I love it and I wish I had just listened to my cunt earlier and done this years ago. Submissive slave sluts like me can’t be content living any other way.

The toilet flushed and he came out, his shirt in his hand. That was the first time he had taken any clothes off, whereas I … actually, technically, I still had all my clothes on. My boots, my dress even if it was just a red strip around my waist, and my thongs even though it wasn’t where it was supposed to be.

He stripped completely and settled on the bed. He couldn’t leave me like this. He did. For about half an hour he talked on the phone, sometimes taking photos of me and sending it out to whoever was on the other end. My whole body must have flushed red in embarassment and still I didn’t move. My cunt dripped even more.

“Come here, bitch.”

I nearly stood up, but I stopped myself in time and instead waddled over in the same position.

“Good cunt,” he said, reaching down to pat my head. I felt ridiculously pleased at the praise. “Fetch my socks.”

I waddled back to where his clothes were, on the floor. On the floor. I looked at the socks, wondering how to do this. I spread my legs, wider and wider, trying to get my mouth low down enough to get his socks, I tried squatting, but no matter what I tried, it just didn’t work. He was enjoying himself, laughing and clicking away taking pictures.

“You can crawl, hands and knees. Say thank you.”

“Thank you, sir.” I grabbed his socks with my mouth, ignoring the smell, making sure to keep my panties inside still and crawled back to him. He held my chin, reached for the socks ‒ and pushed them in further, hitting the back of my throat. I gagged but didn’t pull away.

“Fetch my boxers.”

I crawled back to his clothes, found his boxers and crawled back. I expected it this time when he stuffed them into my mouth too. My mouth was feeling pretty full and dry. I wish I’d had a drink before this.

“You’ve got a big facecunt, handy for a whore, eh? Or did all the cocks you suck bash it bigger for you?” He slapped my face. “Huh?” Slapped me again, harder. I got tears in my eyes. “Answer me, you dumb bitch!”

“Uh uh.” It was a muffled mumble, exactly what he wanted.

“I think your hole can take a bit more. Fetch some of your panties from the bathroom.”

The only panties in the bathroom were the dirty ones, and I crawled there resigned to tasting more of my cunt. Worse than my cunt, days old cunt. There really wasn’t enough space in my mouth to fit them in but I cheated a bit and used my hands to make them stay put long enough to get to him.

“Good girl,” he patted my head again, his fingers pushing the underwear further into my mouth. It felt like it was going into my throat, gagging me and making me gag. “Cute. Now, get me some tights, stockings.”

There was no way I could get them in my mouth, but I crawled over to the drawers and looked back at him. He grinned. “Fine, use your paws. Say thank you.”

“Uh uh uh.”

He pulled one stocking over my head, letting most of the length flop over on top. My eyes felt weird, trying to blink under the tight fabric. The other he used to gag me, tying it off tightly at the back.

“And now the finishing touch.” He got a pen from my bedside table and grabbing my throat, pulled me up enough to comfortably let him write across my tits. Whore. It was more humiliating than I could have imagined, to actually have a man do all these things to you, instead of reading about similar and fantasizing, and I needed to come desperately. “All done. Say cheese.” He held his camera phone ready.


“Use your face and your tits to get me hard again.” I crawled onto the bed, rubbed my stockinged and gagged face against his cock and balls, then my tits, and back to my face. I kept going back and forth until cock hard and dripping precum, he threw me onto my back, hands on my ankles and my knees either side side of my tits. I cried out as he thrust in, completely unheard through my gag, right up my ass, slamming away fullspeed from the word go. I wasn’t complaining, I was too busy coming and coming. I’d managed to hold off coming until now, trying to be a good whore who waited for her john to get his fill first, but I just couldn’t anymore.

He spurted on my face, the stocking covering giving a whole new feeling to the familiar experience. I couln’t just blink away the cum on my eyes, they stayed, white and thick, sticking firm to the fine netting. He groaned, squeezed off the last drops of cum under my nose, and once again, took pictures.

“Sorry, cunt, only worth fifty.” He grinned, waved the cash in front of my dazed and cummy eyes. “Your money, honey, let me put it in a safe place for you.”

He shoved it up my ass, and I flinched but he held me firm as he used the pen to push it in deep. I closed my eyes, my cunt aching again in need.

“Say thank you,” he said, slapping my ass to get my attention.

“Uh uh uh.”

“Play with yourself while I get dressed.”

I did, gratefully, shoving my fingers in my cunt and twisting my tits. Then I realised he’d left the pen in my butt and dug for it, then used it as a dildo whilst the other hand shoved in and out of my sopping wet pussy. So good, this was so good. I’d been well and thoroughly abused and ‒ it had been so very, very good.

When I came to my senses, he was gone. I lay there, making no move to take off the stockings and gags, or to take out the pen or the money in my ass. I lay there with whore marked on my tits and fell alseep completely satisfied, my fingers tracing the letters.

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I like this; I’m hard as a rock.

Ladies, my dick his ALWAYS available, let me know when YOU want it for a good ride.

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