1-09 Get Here  

sexyasianangel70 38F
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6/8/2006 4:45 pm
1-09 Get Here

There is no mistaking it .His voice pierces the dark. Calling me should I go or stay hidden behind His chair. Fear is taking hold . But I know He will be upset if I do not come to His call. What will He do if I don’t go to Him. His voice startles me He is now standing over me. Leash in hand. I should have come to my Master’s call. The disappointing look on His face brings me to tears. He clips the leash to my collar. Then for the first time I see it . The whip hanging from His belt. he pulls hard on my leash . The words echoing lond and clear ’come my pet’. I follow on shaking hands and knees. He leds me to the room that hold no bands . Inside this room the carpet is thick under my hands. The smell of leather overwhelms me. Then out of know where the crack of Master’s whip and the screams of a wounded animal can be heard in the room. Then another crack again and again the crack can be heard. Then silence is the only thing that can be hard is the slaves sobes as she kneels at her Master’s feet. Then the silence is broken with His words ‘you should have come to me my pet” . steel in darkness I feel the pull on my leash. Master leds me to His bedroom and for the first time the world is not in total darkness. The leash is removed. Lying in Master’s bed in the strong arms that punished me for my wrong doing. His voice is heard in my ear soft but clear” You can never hide from me my pet” . then the fear is gone . For the fear was in not going to Him. I drift to sleep in the arms that punished me. I feel no fear. I feel safe and warm in the strong arms that punished me.

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