A sexual fantasy of mine  

sexy_thang1985 31M
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4/20/2006 9:27 pm
A sexual fantasy of mine

My fantasy would be to have sex with a woman on the beach. The sun would be setting, and we would sitting on the soft sand watching it go down. Then we would start kissing and rubbing up on each other, feeling the warmth of our bodies pressed up against each other. Then, I would start taking off her clothes until she was fully naked, her bare skin touching the soft sand, and then I would lick her pussy with my soft, warm tongue and then slowly insert my finger into her warm, wet pussy. After pleasuring her for a while, she would undress me and she would slowly work her way down to my cock, now hard and throbbing with anticipation. She would slowly start licking it up and down, teasing me a bit. Then she would start sucking it a bit, still teasing. Finally, after a bit of teasing, she would slowly take my big, throbbing cock deep into her tight throat. I would really get into it and tell her to do it again, and she would do it, and while deepthroating my cock, she would gently squeeze my balls, and work her way down to the very sensitive area between my balls and ass, and she would massage that area. Then, she would play with my ass a bit, teasing at first. I would then turn around, bend over, and she would lick my ass with her soft, wet tongue. She would make it so warm and wet, and then, after relaxing my ass, she would proceed to get really kinky and start gently sticking her finger in it, and while doing that she would be stroking my cock off. I would get very close to cumming, but I would instruct her to stop. I would take a quick break so that I could prolong the pleasure. Then, I would start licking her ass, and while doing that, I would gently insert a finger or two into her tight ass. I would have some lube with me and I would lube her ass all up. Then, I would slowly stick my big, thick cock up her tight warm ass. She would beg me for more, and I would give it to her, and while fucking her ass, I would rub her pussy, giving her multiple orgasms. I would proceed to fuck her ass and rub her pussy into I just couldn't take it anymore, and I would pull out. After I pulled out, she would turn around, and I would jerk my cock off, and while jerking my cock off, she would finger my ass and open her mouth for a huge, gushing cumshot. She would swallow it all, and after that hot intimate sexual encounter, we would lay there cuddling in the sand. I know, I'm a romantic...hehe, but I'm a kinky romantic.

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