sexy_swimmer69 31M
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6/20/2006 7:43 pm

Well, I just watched the movie Crash today (I know it's taken me a while to watch this movie). It was a very powerful movie. I couldn't believe how well made the movie was. As I was watching it I wondered how easily these situations could have been avoided. If only people could see pass the racisim and sterotypes that go along with it (although maybe this is to optimistic of a view since racisim and sterotypes are deeply ingrianed into people's minds and are very hard to let go). Or if people considered what other's could be going through, a little compassion could have gone a long way (for people who know a little philosophy Kant once said that we should treat people as an ends in themselves never merely as a means to an end). However, as the movie ended it showed that it is a never ending circle of fear and hate that permeates throughout our lives and until we confront it the problems seen in this movie will never be solved. If you haven't watched this movies yet I would highly recommend seeing it.

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