its getting hot in here  

sexy_ricki 35F
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7/11/2006 3:54 pm
its getting hot in here

one night my apartment felt very cold....I realized that the heater wasn't working. I turned it up to the hottest setting and sat there shivering for about an hour hoping that it would warm up, but it didn't and I finally decided to go visit my neihbour Alex to see if his was working, I was so cold I couldn't bear to take off the blanket that I had wrapped up in, so I just walked out into the corridor wrapped in it, and knocked on his door. His heating was fine, but being good at fixing practical things, he said that he would come and take a look at mine. I sat watching him, noticing how toned and lean his back and shoulders were. Then he said he had gotten it working again. I made him a drink by way of thanks, and he sat on my bed to drink it, rather then takin git back to his place. Then I noticed he was shivering a bit, after all he was only wearing a t-shirt. What the hell, I thought, and took his glass and put it on my nightstand. Then I unwrapped the blanket and straddled his lap, then wrapped it around us both. As we kissed, sharing our body heat, I couldn't help but thinking that it felt ultra-kinky to be feeling each other up under cover like this, neither of us could tell where the other's hands were going to end up next. I am not quite sure how Alex managed to free his cock without me hearing him unfastening his zipper or feeling the movementof his arms in such a confined space but suddenly there it was, standing up so stiff it was right up against his belly. I curled my fingers around it and started jerking it gently, using my thumb to concentrate on the spot on the underside where the head connected to the shaft, feeling his entire body twitch as I massaged it. Alex meanwhile, was running his fingers up over my thigh and under the hem of my t-sirt ans was, I think, both surprised and very pleased to find that my pussy was naked under it. I was already wet, and as he plugged me with what felt like three fingers, my juices dribbled out and ran down over his hand. It got harder and harder to keep the blanket around us, but it didn't matter. The room, being small, was heating up nicely by now, and like I said, we'd managed to warm each other up too. I shrugged off the blanket and raised my arms. Alex took off my t-shirt, sucking first one nipple and then the other as he did so, then paused, looking up appreciatively at my naked body. I can be a realy show off sometimes, and took a couple of minutes over playing with my own tits, squishing them together, rolling my nipples (slick with saliva)in between my fingers, then licking and sucking on each one in turn, tasting his mouth on them. As I moved around on top of him, I was aware of his hard-on pressing and rubbing up against my slit. It was too hard, too tight against his stomach for my to riggle onto without using my hand, so I reached down and, after giving the shaft a playful squeeze, I guided the tip of it to my cunt opening and then sunk down on it in one smooth movement. As I bounced up and down on Alex's prick, I started talking dirty, telling him to fuck me hard, to suck my tits, to shoot his wadinside of me. He settled for playing with my boobs, squeezing them and tweaking my nipples, and pulling me forward at the perfect angle for my clit to rub up against his crotch. I ground my pussy hard against his rough pubes, but he still climaxed before I did, jizzing deep in my cunt. But he didn't leave me hanging for long. Almost as soon as he'd pulled out of me, he spread the blanket out over the bed, then laid me down on it. he dipped his finger in his glass, and then smeared it over my clit. I squirmed with pleaseure as the alcohol made my sensitive skin tingle, and then even more so as he bent down and licked it off me slowly. Every so often he'd stop and apply more of the liquor to my clit, until, finally I put my hand on his head, letting him know that I wanted him to keep on eating me out until I came. Within seconds, I was having one of the most powerful orgasms I'd ever experienced, thrusting my pussy hard against Alex's lips as my cunt muscles rippled around the tip of his tongue. Whether I get wetter then other girls I don't know, but Alex swears I came so strongly he got a little gush of my pussy juices in his mouth.
Damn I have gotten so wet just thinking about this again I need to go and fuck myself

rm_motornut 52M
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7/11/2006 4:20 pm

And it has made me so horny and hard that i have to wank over your story. I wish i was Alex in there with you. You are so HOT


7/12/2006 7:35 am

Love the imagery, and the imagination..... A girl who talks dirty, wants her cunt fucked hard and is able to actually say it, is one of the biggest turn ons...... The only thing missing from your story, is a tongue teasing ur tight little ass and u reaching around to open your cheeks more for better access.......

A sexy woman, who deserves all the sex she needs.......


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