Part 6 of Dream  

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6/22/2005 1:20 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Part 6 of Dream

Male : I feel the spasm in my cock as it leaves the tip and drains into your mouth
Male : I see it dripping out the side of you mouth and my cock as u keep sucking and licking me.
Male : My cum laced on your lips
Male : I have your head in my hands feeling through your hair as I watch my cum drip from your mouth
Male : u keep it up till I cannot take it any longer
Female: hehehe
Male : as I settle down you come lay next to me, I ask if I can have a kiss after all that and you look at me with a small smile
Male : I move to kiss you and you meet me as our lips touch and I can taste my cum on your lips
Male : we lay together rubbing each other as we glow
Male : my cock still hard as a rock, our breathing returning to a more normal pace
Female: mmmmmmmmm
Male : I feel your hand rubbing my cock as we lay together
Male : u look at me and ask if I am ready for more
Male : u move over me and rub my cock you legs on each side of me, my cock just in front of you
Male : u have both hands on me rubbing and pulling a bit. I tell you I am v safe but will wear a rubber if u like
Male : u ask me if I am sure and I say yes I am, and you move over my cock sliding it right in deep inside you
Female: mmmmmmmmmmm
Male : u move your hips slow in a roating motion on me as u ride my cock
Female: mmmmmm
Male : i can see it as it slides between you lips as u pull urself up and down on it
Female: hehehe
Male : I reach up and cup your breasts as you get to moving and griding into me
Male : u r pussy feeling so tight around my cock
Female: mmmmmm
Male : I slowly lift myself up and roll u down to the bed and take over the motion as I keep sliding into you and we turn to a missionary position
Male : u have your legs pulled back as far as you can
Female: mmmmmm
Male : as I start pounding u r pussy as hard and fast as I can
Male : pulling out to the head and then back in as hard and fast as I can move
Male : u r pussy forming around my cock with each stroke
Female: mmmmmmmmm
Male : pounding pounding and pounding into you
Female: YES YES
Male : I love the gasp sound you make as I hit the bottom of you on each stroke
Male : your breasts bouncing with each impact of our bodies hitting the end
Male : u push me back and get on your knees and push your ass in the air
Male : and say fuck me from behind

Part 7 of Dream

Female: hehehe
Male : hurry up and get it back in me
Male : I come behind you and rub my cock up and down your wet pussy and feel I shiver as I go over the opening and back across
Female: mmmmmmmmm
Male : I feel u push back into me and pull my cock into your pussy as I rub it through on the next stroke
Male : u push back hard and force me deep
Male : I feel my balls slap u
Male : as I have ass in each hand and we start to move into each other
Male : slamming hard
Male : I move my hand to the crack of your ass and pull you apart
Male : watching as my cock slides into you
Male : wet with out cum
Male : our
Female: mmmmmmm
Male : my balls almost sore from fucking each other so hard
Male : I spit down on your ass and rub it into your tightness
Male : I rub my thum across your ass and feel you shiver
Male : I slowly push it in as we continue fucking my thumb sliding into your ass
Female: mmmmmmmmm
Male : u moan as you feel the rhythm go with my thumb in your ass and my cock fucking u hard
Male : I can feel it go in and out of you with my cock as my thum is ramming you hard as well
Male : we get to a fever pitch as we are both on the edge of orgasm
Male : I feel you slump down a bit as you move a hand back to play with your pussy
Male : we are both moaning loud now and moving as fast as we can
Male : my balls tightening as I scream I am cumming
Male : I feel you hand go back to my balls and pull on them as I ram into you as tight as I can and hold you there into the mattress
Female: mmmmmmmmmmm
Male : I feel you bucking and moving both of us trying to get my cock as deep into you as possible
Male : both screaming and panting
Male : both of us feeling our energy drain as well fall together onto the bed
Male : my cum dripping from your pussy
Male : my cock wet from your orgasm
Male : we lay there continuing to pant and smile
Male : as we lay there I move down to your pussy and start to lick a bit
Female: mmmmmmmmmmmm
Male : tasting our cum
Male : licking you and tasting what I have been dying to for so long

The End

SexyMac25 30M
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8/17/2005 4:54 am

umm... that was a long ass reading, but i loved it.

SexyMac25 30M
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8/17/2005 4:55 am

oh yeah,

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