Day 2 - Toys & Oral Sex  

sexxylillexi 33F
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6/9/2006 9:25 pm

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6/13/2006 9:11 pm

Day 2 - Toys & Oral Sex

Today I order myself a few toys...i couldnt believe the number of vibratiors there were to chose from.. It was a hard decision but i finally settle on the Rabbit- the one that was shown on sex in the city. So i wonder who from here will be my cyber/phonesex partner when I first try it out.

Today i was quite busy reading my emails all 189. It got to a point that if you didnt send me a pic with your email.. I didnt read just to many of them..

I also got on AdultFriendFinder im and chatted with a few men. Nothing wild yet it was just hi how are you type of chat..well one wanted a lil farther then that and I hope that me and him chat again, but no steam sexual chat.

I did ask one guy if he like oral and he told me yes i like it performed on me ... But I have never given oral and never would. He said how could a man put his mouth there . I was shocked and thought maybe this guy isnt serious. Hes like omg what comes out of the vagina is disqusting... I told the dude hey i have finger myself and tasted my pussy and i got to tell you its pretty dam sweet he told me that was disgusting. I told him maybe he really like man..

I must have a man that loves pussy...and will let me sit on your face any time..

So guys tell me your feelings on eating pussy. IF you dont do it why... If you have limits what are those limits.. and maybe tomorrow i will answer the question all guys seem to ask Do I Swallow

DougInCincy86 48M

6/9/2006 10:50 pm

Lexi, I love to eat pussy. Love it. Start slow, just the tip of my tongue, gently caressing up and down the outside of your slit, barely tasting your sweetness as I trace the line of your outer lips. Licking and sucking your inner thighs, letting my finger brush your swelling clit, licking and kissing your stomach, feeling it quiver on my mouth as I slide down and kiss yoru clit, slowly, gently, feeling it get firmer against my lips. I slide my hands up your body, caressing your soft, smooth skin, as I start to slowly but a little more firmly circle your clit. You moan, Mmmmmmm, as my tongue flicks your hard little clit, your pussy already starting to get wet, and I whisper, "God, you taste so sweet, Lexi." I start to stroke your clit with the flat of my tongue now, slowly starting to fuck you, feeling your hot, wet little pussy as you start to thrust your hips in rhythm with my tongue fucking your slit... God, you are getting so slick, and I slide a finger up and slowly insert it inside, inch by inch, slowly, deeply, my tongue starting to lick you a little harder now, looping, circling, swirling on your clit, your whole body starting to writhe, breathing getting deeper, faster, I moan into your pussy, "Oh baby, so sweet, tastes so fucking good." You start moaning louder, "Yes, oh God, Doug, yes, right there, lick me there ... mmmmmm ... God .... suck it Doug, suck my clit," and I do, sucking you deep into my mouth, licking and sucking it, fingering your tight little pussy.... "Cum on my mouth, baby, I want to taste your sweet cum," I moan, as I plunge my hot tongue deep inside your hot cunt. You moan loudly now. I take your hand and put your sexy hot fingers on your waiting clit, and you start to stroke it so good, fingering your clit while I fuck your pussy hard and deep with my tongue, my hands sliding under your hot ass, lifting you off the chair, you start thrusting your pussy hard into my mouth, fucking it, God, Lexi, so fucking good, rubbing your pussy. You start to moan, "Oh God, baby, oh fuck I'm gonna cum!!" "Cum on my mouth, Lexi, cum all over it baby, I moan and start to lap at your pussy and clit furiously, my tongue and mouth fighting with your fingers to get at it. You start humping hard, then slide your hands up your body to your tits, grabbing and pincing your nipples as you scream, "Oh God, I'm cumming, I'm cumming all over your mouth!! Oh fuck!!" My mouth hungrily devours your sweet, gushing cum, lapping you up, mmmmm, fuck Lexi, sooo good.

No limits when it comes to eating pussy Lexi - could do it all night and day long.

dickey9699 42M  
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6/10/2006 12:07 am

Just sent you an email, but I figured I should reply to your blogs. This guy you were chatting with...the one that didn't like eating pussy, well I agree, he's probably gay and likes cock. My first sexual experience was eating pussy. A buddy in HS told me that if I went down on a girl I'd be addicted...guess what, he was right. My first girl, that's all she'd let me do. After that, I wanted to fuck, but if a girl wanted me to go down on her I was happy. I was taught well with my next girl. She was definitely experienced and knew what she wanted. She taught me the proper way to please a woman. Ever since, I can't get enough. That's the first thing I try to do when I get a girl naked.

By the way, my favorite thing in this world is when a woman thows me down on my back, straddles me, moves up my chest and sticks her pussy in my face.

Lexi---if you want to have some fun with the new rabbit, or just sitting on my face (damn...can you imagine the combination of the two) then get in touch with me.

rm_ResqU24hrs 51M
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6/10/2006 4:51 pm

Hi Lexi! I could (and have)go down on a hot woman's pussy for hours. It is really intense if she squirts when she cums, squirts all over my face and to taste her as she cums. Finger fucking a hot pussy while licking and sucking a hot clit does it for me as well. Lexi, glad you love to masturbate! How you enjoy your new sex toys and that they make you cum hard! My one fetish is watching, listening to a woman masturbate, nothing hotter then to see a hot sexy woman make herself cum. Then as she is making herself cum, I jack off all over her hot pussy, stomach and tits! The best!ResqU24hrs

raka69fun 39M

6/11/2006 1:55 pm

I placed the coment on the wrong blog (sorry new to AdultFriendFinder) but here it is again...

That guy who told you he does not like to eat pussy is a freaking gay, why you waste your time with someone like that when you love when your pussy is been eaten by a pussy maniac.
I never thought I would heard somebody say that does not like to eat sweet pussy. I just love to eat pussy, in fact, i have a girlfriend, the first one to have an orgasm when we started was her, I just licked that pussy like a freaking candy. I am just a crazy pussy eater and I just love it. Nothing turns me ON like the taste of a sweet pussy and to know the receiver is moaning when I licked her pussy. If I could I will be walking around with a pussy stuck on my tongue I just love it.

Bye sexxylillexi, your newlly NO. 1 Fan...

rm_wannaseeall 45M

6/13/2006 7:36 am

Hey darlin.... Wow... what a dick that guy was... he was not even being selfish, just plain stupid, I get sooo hard eating pussy!!!
I love to eat pussy, there is nothing I would like better than to feel your thighs quiver against my cheeks.... To have you sit on my face while my hands explore your sweet body.... to lick your pussy while you bend over on your knees, lick frm pussy to ass and back... roll you onto your back and work your tight clit with my tongue while I finger you.... to 69 with you, eating your pussy with your sweet ass in my face...mmmmmmmmmmmm I would eat pussy before penetration any day.... I want to taste your sex Lexi.....Ladies first !

rm_apac2004 47
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6/28/2006 9:25 am

Lexi, I can't believe that guy would say something like that! After seeing your pics, I would love (LOVE) for u to sit on my face and cover my face with your juice! And if I had never eaten pussy in my life, your pics would make me WANT to!!! Much love sexy! Al

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