her pleasure...  

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4/4/2006 11:48 am

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her pleasure...

...his lips probe hers, begging for a deeper kiss, as his hands start working their way across her warm, lightly tanned skin. his fingers find her nipples, and pinch each of them lightly, pulling on them as she groans in pleasure. she kisses him deeply in appreciation, raising her hips in anticipation of his touch. her legs spread open, revealing a pink, very wet pussy begging for his attention.

his hands stroke down her legs, and back up again, with fingertips gently grazing across her swollen lips. she bucks toward his hand, her body begging him for what she needs. he pulls away, loving the control he has over her.

his lips move down to her tits, sucking on her hard nipples. she gasps, her breath catching in her throat. "oh god..." she needs him, wants him...her body aches to be touched, to be used, to be filled...

suddenly a finger grazes across her clit ever so lightly...almost a breeze...and another moan escapes her lips.

"please," she begs as the need grows within her. she loves so much to be teased, but longs to be filled...

suddenly hands and face switch places and he is again pinching her nipples...harder this time. she feels the sting of pain in her throbbing nipples, and arches her back toward him...he pulls...hard this time...his hot, wet tongue gently flicks on her clit and disappears. she grabs his hand, trying to move it down to her honey hole. he pulls away...she must not have control.

he begins to suck gently on her clit, working his tongue over her most sensitive spot. she bucks against his face...needing more. finally he moves his hand down, stroking her thighs. he pulls a finger down her slit. It is instantly soaked with her sweet wetness. she knows her job...he offers his finger to her, and she eagerly sucks it clean. she loves the sweet taste of her love juices.

he returns his finger, this time probing deep into her while he sucks the juices from her clit. she grinds down on his hand, begging him to fill her up. he adds a second finger, then a third. she can feel her lips spreading to accomodate him. she spreads her legs wider, wanting...needing...to be filled. his hand works her pussy, harder...spreading her open for his pleasure.

suddenly he stops and gets up. "no, no, no...please...please don't stop," she begs. he kneels down next to her face and shoves his throbbing cock in her mouth. she lubes him up with her mouth as he returns his hand to her slippery cunt.

she works him hard and deep, just as she was taught, while he pleasures her...pushing her to her limits...refusing to let her cum. her lips move along his shaft, tasting him...licking the tip of his cock, tasting his sweet nectar. she can tell he is getting closer. She can feel his cock pulsing in her mouth. she goes deep, taking as much of him as she can...oh how she wants to stuff her throat full of him...suddenly, he starts cumming, his sticky jizz sliding down her throat...and finally, he allows her to have her pleasure, too...his thumb probing her ass as her entire body convulse in orgasm...

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4/4/2006 5:40 pm

I think I'll print this out and add it to your growing wish list. Making notes .... making me stay awake ....

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4/6/2006 2:34 pm

This blog made me so excited I had to take things in my own hands.


4/30/2006 11:23 am

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5/10/2006 4:40 pm

and finally, he allows her to have her pleasure, too...his thumb probing her ass as her entire body convulse in orgasm...

but he's nowhere close to being done with her. her orgasm, strong and deep, was just the beginning for him. he grins as his cock slips from her mouth, a trickle of his cum left on her lips.

"turn over", he says.

she looks at him, not sure of what he has in mind. he sees the question in her eyes.

"turn over", he says again.

she hesitates for a moment but then complies. rolling over she can feel the cold of the hotel comforter against her nipples. the slick coolness of the blanket chills the front of her warm body. the contrast causes goosebumps to rise on her flesh.

as soon as she's settled, he covers her body with his. she can feel the hair on his chest tickle her back. his strong legs straddle hers. his wet, semi-hard cock comes to rest between the cheeks of her ass. he hears a content sigh escape from her lips.

he lowers his head, bringing his lips to the back of her neck. gently, every so gently, his lips touch the sensitive skin on the back of her neck. she shivers against him. slow, gentle kisses up to her hairline, back down her neck and across her shoulders. another shiver.

"that feels good", she says.

"shh. don't speak", he whispers into her ear. she can feel his hot breath against her neck.

his hands move to her arms. he presses down on her arms, pressing his chest against her back, gently pinning her to the bed. his legs open slightly and move outside her legs. his feet cover her calves, holding her legs in place.

he slowly begins to slide his still slick cock up and down between the cheeks of her ass. it dawns on her what he is going to do, and how at this moment, she cannot stop him. nor does she want him to stop.

his lips return to her neck and shoulders. he's more aggressive now, taking little nips at her flesh between kisses and licks. his cock is growing harder between her cheeks.

she shudders with each lick, with each kiss, with each nip. her excitement is growing again. she feels her hips grind up against his now hard cock - hoping to make him harder.

"you want this don't you", has asks.

"oh yes."

"you need to feel this way, for me to use you, to use your ass this way, don't you?"

"oh god yes."

with his hips he pulls his cock from between her cheeks and places the head at the entrance to her wet pussy. his hands hold her arms, his feet holding her legs, his lips still working her neck.

"tell me", he says.

"please", she says. "please, i want it inside me."

she moves her hips to catch the head of his cock inside her opening. he groans as her wet lips suck at the head of his cock. she smiles.

with his the head of his cock just inside her lips, he begins short, quick strokes of just the head of his cock into her pussy. her hips push back against him, trying to get more of him inside her. he can feel her muscles trying to grab him, trying to pull him in deeper, to fill her.

he smiles now, knowing his pleasure is so close. his teeth bite into the flesh of her shoulders as he growls and buries his full length into her. he notices how wet she is, how he can feel her juices flow out of her and bathe his cock. he holds himself inside her for a moment, flexing only his cock, feeling her pussy contract around him, enjoying the feeling but knowing where he is going next.

with only his hips, he pulls himself from her pussy. the wetness of her hole covers his cock, making it shiny in the light. he pushes himself up on his knees. he looks down and sees her ass moving up, trying to find that cock again, his cock, and pull it back inside her. he slowly lowers himself back down on her but this time, aims his cock for her ass. the tip of his cock finds her puckered ring.

"do it. please do it."

without a word he pushes forward, the juices of her pussy lubricating her dark hole. the head of his cock pushes against her tight opening. her hips move up slightly, pushing back against him, helping him enter her ass. the head of his cock pops past the ring of her ass. she groans into the pillow now, still pushing back at him.

he uses more of his weight and more of his cock slides into her ass. it is impossibly tight he thinks, wondering if she can do this. just as the thought clears his mind he feels her push hard against him, and just like that he is buried in her ass. she's breathing heavily, moaning into the pillow.

the tightness of her ass, and the response of her body has him close to the edge already. seeing her taking him, all of him, deep into her ass, causes him to tremble above her. he pulls his sensitive cock back and thrusts into her ass. he releases her arms.

she reaches back with both hands and pulls the cheeks of her ass apart, opening herself to him, inviting him, silently begging him to fuck her ass. his hands against the bed beside her shoulders, he does just that. he begins to fuck her ass with slow, fluid strokes.

"no. you don't need to be gentle", she says. "you won't hurt me."

"i won't last long if i start to pound you my pet. your ass is begging me for my cum. i can feel it."

"then do it. don't wait. fill me, fill my ass."

he thrusts faster, feeling himself rapidly approaching the edge. he can't hold off very long, and he really doesn't want to. he wants to bury his cock, bury his seed, deep inside her willing ass. he wants to claim her ass with his cum.

he does. hard. deep inside her. she groans loudly feeling the hot pulse of his seed flow into her bowels, feeling him empty himself in her ass. she squeezes her ass, helping him cum inside her, milking his cock, draining his cum. her fingers dig into the flesh of her ass. the pain, the heat of his cum, the weight of him pushing against her, all cause her cry out.

he's empty now, but still inside her. she can feel the last of his throbs. her ass is hot with his cum, hot with his heat. she looks back over her shoulder at him. she smiles.

he smiles back at her. he leans forward and gently kisses her cheek.

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5/31/2006 10:26 pm

damn that was a great response, to sexy kitten's beautiful upskirt pic



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6/8/2006 2:46 pm

hey, kitten. we seem to be in the same boat. my wife is away until saturday morning. maybe we could play together. I'm just down the road from Walton. i'm on yahoo as mrkenbruemmer if you'd like to get in touch with me. lustfully yours, mrken

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7/4/2006 10:05 am

Glad to see there's a woman on here who knows how to describe exactly what she wants. You're story line had me stiffening in record time.(lol) Plz feel free to contact me for cybersex whenever you need it or.......

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7/13/2006 10:40 pm

love to help you out great ass I do comedy here in the tristate area always looking for new fans and playmates.robbins.jason atinsightbb.com

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luv 2 help u

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