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sexwyounow 50M
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4/13/2006 9:57 pm
my vote

I see that Senator John McCain may run for president next election. If he does he has my vote. At least he has balls! I don't vote on a straight ticket. I vote for whomever I think can get the job done and take care of this country. The lord knows we have had our share of assholes in the White House lately. Where are the Presidents of days past who had balls, courage and conviction?

I also see that Newt Gingrich (Nitwit Newt) is back in the political picture again. This is the same man that tried ti impeach President Clinton and in the process he brought himself down when his own dirty laundry was aired. It seems that he was having extra martial affairs LMAO ROTFL.
Good ole nitwit Newt!!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

All those assholes on Capitol hill should all take a good look at their own lives before they start to pass judgment on others.

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