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5/30/2006 2:40 am

Ok! I'm thinking AGAIN!

With all this technology at our fingertips does it really make our lives more convenient?
I don't think so.

Computers are supposed to make work less hectic and save paper. I still see piles of paper and when the system goes down we are all fucked until the techno genius gets there!

Now you have to put your time in a computer and everything you have done for the day. By the time I get done with all that bullshit I have wasted an awful lot of time that COULD have been productive!!! I accidentally put my time in wrong at a place I used to work at so my boss fixed it.
Next day this young punk Engineer (Who went to college and read books for four years and is 15 years younger than me and does not have a lick of common sense) is accusing me of altering my time on the computer so I says to him I made a mistake and my boss made the corrections so my boss and him argue about WHO is AUTHORIZED to override the system. I got my two cents in to this punk. I told him his department was a complete mess (Which it was.) He got all red in the face and didn't know what to say!

It was not the fact that he was younger than me. It was the fact that he accused me before finding out the story. (I still stand by my comment that he went to school for four years and did nothing but read books) Any idiot can do that!

A few years back my father tried to pay for his car at the transmission shop and the computer would not accept his card because a main frame TWO states away went down. He left and started walking home and the owner had to get in his car and track him down

CELL PHONES: Is it really necessary to be arguing with someone when you are PUMPING GAS??????? What happened to a grocery list? I see people in the grocery store on the cell phone asking what everybody wants.

Is it really necessary to have a camera on your cell phone? Is it really necessary to have access to the web on your cell phone???

I can't tell you how many times I have had to make an evasive maneuver because some dumb ass was talking on their cell phone and they were not even aware that they almost killed me.

Seems to me that with all this technology we are becoming very lazy. We are relying on machines and computers way too much. I wonder how many kids in school right now could do mathematics with a pencil and paper!!!

Computers and technology have not made our lives easier they have made our lives move at extremely fast rates which is why we are stressed out all the time. Computers have made our lives more complicated.

My sister and her husband where on vacation a couple of years ago and they were in Pennsylvania and wanted to stop by. I said no! (I said this because her husband is a COMPLETE ASS HOLE.) So guess what? He gets out his little navigator thinghy and next thing I know they are at MY PLACE. WTF? I don't have any privacy anymore.

Does everybody know how cheap it is to get someones private information? Pennies on the dollar!!

Technology SUCKS!!!!!

Oh!!!! One more thing. We are getting to the point where we can have our little wars and not have people involved!!!! Blow the shit out of countries without casualties. Makes a whole lot of sense!!! Guess they think that would be more civil!!

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