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A funny song

My Wife

My life's in jeopardy
Murdered in cold blood is what I'm gonna be
I ain't been home since Friday night
And now my wife is coming after me

Give me police protection
Gonna buy a gun so
I can look after number one
Give me a bodyguard A blackbelt Judo expert with a machine gun

Gonna buy a tank and an aeroplane When she catches up with me
Won't be no time to explain
She thinks I've been with another woman
And thats enough to send her half insane
Gonna buy a fast car
Put on my lead boots
And take a long, long drive
I may end up spending all my money
But I'll still be alive

All I did was have a bit too much to drink
And I picked the wrong precinct
Got picked up by the law
And now I ain't got tome to think

And I'm oh so tired of running
Gonna lay down on the floor
I gotta rest some time so
I can run some more

She's comin'!
She's comin'!

Written and produced by The Who in 1971

Written by Bassist John Entwistle of The Who after he had gotten in an argument with his wife and took the dog out for a walk in the woods!

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